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on July 27, 2014
As I started reading this book, I wasn't sure if I was going to want to read it through to the end. I started rather depressingly and then begrudgingly got interesting. I found I had to keep reading this book, as I wanted to make sure the main characters would survive. Some didn't and the story got even more intense. The strange got stranger and the ending was a relief.

As I had already downloaded the following book, I had to debate whether or not I could cope with the stress of reading that one as well. In the end I did.

This is not a book for the faint hearted. It gets gruesome in places (many places), but, in the end, it was worth the effort. This author writes very well. His style is a bit different. He has an interesting way of looking at life. I decided to give this book 4 stars.
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on December 6, 2012
I am more into sci-fi than horror and felt the listing was a little misleading. . The premise, that WWII soldiers find something mysterious and decades later are hunted down for it was intriguing. Also, the book was well-written and kept my interest. However, in the second half it was too much like a zombie plot, complete with excessive gore. The resolution at the end was occult mysticism rather than the pseudo-science and technology of sci-fi. Horror fans should like it much more than I did.
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on February 11, 2012
the title of Langlois' debut novel never really gets around to making sense, but other than that, we have a very well-written, twisty horror novel.

Abe is a WWII vet, and just about ready to die. his wife and most of his buddies have already passed on, and he's not particularly connected to the modern, fast-paced, electronic world. for all that he's withering away on his remote farm, though, Abe isn't an old man: his special-ops team once stumbled onto a dark ritual in war-torn Poland, and he's never aged a day since. the man responsible for that evil ritual was never caught and seems to be active again, so Abe is jerked out of the twilight of his life and back into battle.

rather than retreading some existing horror mythos of vampires and demons, Langlois comes up with a rather original flavor of horrible monster for our heroes to tangle with. bad guys are juicily bad, but the good guys are complex and flawed, and it's easy to care what happens to them. pleasantly surprising, most of the silly genre cliches are avoided, and as an added bonus no cliffhanger ending to set up a sequel! with a muted, dark cover looking a whole lot like John Jude Palencar's work, this is a very well put-together book, especially for something apparently indie-published.
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on October 5, 2011
When I received a gratis review copy of this book I was totally unprepared for what I was getting. The description makes it sound like a thriller, while some of the reviews describe it as fantasy. In reality, this is a very well written horror story. It reminds me quite a bit of the Hellboy movies & comics, only with human protagonists instead of the BPRD. If that description excites you, then this book is well worth your 2.99. If not, read on and I'll try to explain more.

First I have to say that this e-book's level of polish is a real breath of fresh air. It is well edited and has a nice graphic design. I suppose that's not really relevant to how much I enjoyed this book, but after reading so many indie kindle books full of typos and with no design implemented I really appreciated the professional polish.

The plot involves a WWII soldier who has been supernaturally gifted with strength and a long lifespan. Set in today's world, the still young soldier - Abe - finds himself faced with an old enemy bent on revenge and armed with some deadly supernatural assistance. The characters are well drawn and the writing is smooth and clear, explaining things easily and drawing you forward without calling attention to itself. Vivid is the word that comes to mind.

I'm not normally a fan of horror stories or I might have given this a 5 star rating instead of 4, but despite my distaste for the genre, the writing sucked me in and demanded I find out how things ended. If you like the genre I think you'll be very happy with this tale of the supernatural.
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on April 22, 2012
What a delightful experience to read a novel with a mere handful of grammar/punctuation errors in the entire book; having well-drawn characters with dimension and integrity; set in beautifully described contexts; and having a plot to keep you mesmerized until the final chapter. It's not often I read far into the night because I just cannot put it down, but "Bad Radio" was one such experience.

It's rare to be able to give a book a solid 4 stars. A little too much repetition of some elements, and, at the end, a frustrating series of paragraphs describing in far too much detail, iron catwalks and plywood platforms and so forth, in the final fight scene. The climax of a book like this is not, in my opinion, the time to digress into an extended description of the setting.

Excellent book; highly recommended.
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on April 6, 2012
I really enjoyed this novel; from start to finish, Langlois takes the reader on a breathtaking roller coaster ride, battling evil in its most heinous form as it attempts to take over the world, one town at a time. Abe Griffin is an amazing character, and I really enjoyed his depth and perception as he attempts to restore peace to the world, save his squad and, once again, all of humanity.

This story begins with Abe, an elderly man trapped in that of a 30 year olds body, never aging, contemplating suicide after the death of his wife. Having severed all ties, he's ready to take the next step toward eternal rest, but the world has other plans for Abe, and when the granddaughter of one of Abe's surviving comrades comes calling, he is quickly sucked back into a world he gave up on long ago.

This fast-paced read is extremely gripping and hard to put down once started. There is a feel of constant danger all around as the main characters, Abe and Anne, settle themselves to fight against the "bait bags," relatively normal looking humans filled with worms, given superhuman strength, and evil to the core. While the descriptions of these enemies are indeed disgusting, they are the perfect enemy, and as Abe and Anne put two and two together, figuring out the source of these grotesque enemies intent on destroying them and all mankind, the story comes sharply into focus. I really enjoyed this novel and was especially intrigued by the story behind Abe's immortality and lack of aging, though on occasion I found myself a little confused. However, that is no fault of the author at all, but rather because I was reading so fast and I missed important information. I was so wrapped up in the story that I had to literally force myself to slow down and reread for clarity in order to understand it all; it's that engaging, and I highly recommend this thrilling novel to all.
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on April 15, 2012
What an imagination this author has! I've never read anything even remotely like it. How often does something completely new come along in this genre? It seems like everything's been done, but here's proof there are still unimagined tales to be told.

The pace of the story was perfect. There was enough time for character development in between gory action scenes, and the characters are great. Okay, maybe a little stereotypical, but not totally, and they really fit the story perfectly. This is the kind of story that makes you CRAVE that melodramatic villain you roll your eyes at in other settings, and the same goes for our hero and the damsel in distress.

This book uses gore, humor, love, history, melodrama, sincerity, physics, wit, zombies, monsters, and stereotypes; it throws all that in a blender and somehow ends up with a truly entertaining and creepy story you can't put down. It's a very fun story to read.

I want to give it 5 stars, but I can't ignore the errors. There are tons of comma errors, and the author has an annoying habit of changing tenses randomly. It's the middle of a paragraph, everything in the entire chapter has been related in present tense, and suddenly past tense pops up to remove the sense from a sentence. There are typos here and there, but the biggest grammatical issues are the commas and random tenses.
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on March 1, 2014
I have been trying to do a few things these days. I have three books going at one time - a physical book, a digital book published by a traditional publisher (though it could be a small press), and a self-published book. There have been some stinkers along the way (in all formats), but Bad Radio is not one of them. I cannot believe I picked this book up for free. Just looking at the cover you can tell that a lot of care was taken in producing the book. The title even has a ring to it that is sometime lacking in a self-published book. It isn't all about the cover, though, it's about the writing, the story, the care in editing. Michael Langlois succeeded in all of these areas. The story is well-developed in both plot and character. Our hero is likable, capable, but flawed. He's a physical superman, but he has some definite issues upstairs. The female lead is no shrinking violet herself, and there is a good rationale behind it. It's left some scars, but it also keeps her alive in some very trying circumstances. Even the characters with smaller parts, like Henry, are very well thought out. The author knows his characters.

Lovecraft would have applauded much of what is contained in the pages of this story. I found the "Bad Radio" much easier to enjoy than a Lovecraft story, though. While there is definite threat, and a strong sense of "Crap, how are they going to get out of this mess?", you know that the characters are going to fight to the end to end the evil, and they're not going to end up writing their memoirs from the inside of a padded cell.

There are a couple of spots where I felt the description got a bit purple. It was almost as if someone had advised Mr. Langlois that he needed to get heavier into describing the color of the sky and the way it made the character feel, and things just got a bit out of hand. These spots are rare, though, so don't let that scare you off. The monsters inside the story might, but that is a whole different thing.
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on January 8, 2012
Solid book with strong Lovecraftian overtones (in case the cover didn't give it away). The mystery was mysterious, the horror was horrifying, the heroes were (generally) heroic. The author's explanation for why the supernatural can exist without being obvious was refreshingly clear and succinct, catching the imagination and allowing for further extrapolation. Good writing combined with unique ideas makes it a gripping read from start to finish. I would strongly recommend picking this one up if you like urban fantasy, horror, thrillers, or good books.
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on May 31, 2015
Dooms day beginning during World War II. Possession by eal like larvae. A murderous rampage by a maniac that wished for revenge because of the atrocities of the war that destroyed his family.. After a blood bath in a sacrificial pool of blood the hero of the story achieved immortality, rage and a facilitator or rescuer of the world. Friendship , valor,
and all honed from the experiences of a special platoon of American soldiers dealing with the supernatural. Good read with a unique story line.
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