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on August 21, 2012
I have very mixed feelings about this program.

I love the fact it can solve so many math problems. It is capable of finding the answer to pretty much any solvable math problem from elementary through high school Statistics and even Calculus. It even displays graphs. This makes it an amazing tool for checking my kids' math homework problems. I am shocked that this can even exist on my Kindle. I can read a book and check my children's math homework from one device! WOW!

Another great benefit of this app is that it is independent of the internet. It is based on the Mathway web site's process that is run by Bagatrix software. However, the Mathway site requires an internet connection. I turned off the wi-fi on my Kindle Fire and was still able to find an integral in the Calculus section. This app does not require a wi-fi or other connection in order to work. You can literally take your cell phone to the kitchen table (if your kids are doing their homework there) and check answers on your phone.

The only reason I took off a star is that it advertises the fact it can show step-by-step solutions, but that is NOT part of the free application. I do not mind this at all, but it is a bit of an advertising "trick" to show the steps in the images for the free app, but then not offer those features.

Parents may also be concerned about the possible use of this app. If your kids only have to give answers on homework, it is entirely possible to get this program to give all the correct answers to their homework assignments. Then, the test scores will be awful if the kids haven't really learned the topics. The bigger concern, though, has to do with the available purchase. If you pay anywhere from $7/one day up to $60/year, you can get not only all of the problems' answers, but also all of the steps to get the answers. This can easily make it so kids with access to this program would not need to really work anything out on the very practice homework designed to help them learn the material.
Then again, this could be a good program for students who did not understand the problems in class. They could use the paid upgrade to see the steps for solving one or two problems and then be able to complete the rest of the work on their own once the process is understood.

Overall, this is an amazing mathematical program. I tested it without logging in and was able to get answers to all the subjects listed, from finding volume and surface area of shapes such as cones, to finding logarithms, to finding the sqaure root of a negative number. (It returned "i.") Later, I used a free trial day (I happened to find it on the Mathway Facebook page-I'm not sure how long it lasts) to see the steps and found that I needed to log in, but was then able to see everything from the proper formulas to use to the steps for plugging in values to the reasoning behind the particular formulas used. So it appears that you need an internet connection & a paid upgrade to see all of the steps. If I wanted a tutor, this might long as I didn't leave my 13 year old son around my phone when he was working on his math homework.

I will definitely keep this app for checking homework, but I will not let my teens use it unless they can show me they have finished the work and just want to check their answers.
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on January 14, 2013
I'm a senior in college (business major) so take my opinion for what it's worth. I've had math courses every semester, and this app WILL save your bacon when you're up against the wall. You simply input an equation using the program's language (examples can be provided within the app so you know how it's supposed to look) and the app simply gives you the answer. You have to pay money to see the steps, so if you have a class where you have to "show your work", you might have to do the problem anyway, but even then this app is useful for checking your work.

The best thing is that Mathway uses a natural display method of input. You simply (for the most part) just transcribe the equation into Mathway and press the button to get the answer. This makes is much better than other calculator apps that you have to pay for, and don't even give you the option of showing you the steps.

The app does everything up to statistics, which is perfect for me, since that's as far as a business degree goes. If you're an engineering student, there are probably more advanced functions that you'll have to do on your own. There are many specialized functions such as finite mathematics (i.e. linear programming, simplex method optimization, etc.), and finance (mortgage and interest calculations) that can't be done using Mathway any easier than they could on a standard calculator. However, this is a great app for non-specialized math problems. However it's not the end-all-be-all, because you'll need other calculators/apps for specialized problems.
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on November 18, 2012
This app really helped me finish my two back to back math classes from my BA. You can just put in your problems and it will give you the answers. If you want the play by play for the problems you have to pay more but the overall answers were free.
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on January 4, 2016
Amazing app that allows you to complete different math problems, from basic math to advance operations. You just need to know how to input the information correctly otherwise some problems will not register. There is no fee for just the answers, and there is a monthly fee to show you the steps need to learn and obtain the answers. You might want to consider paying the fee, for additional help and to actually learn what you need to do. Between this app and (for all your calculator needs for free), my son is passing math. I'm telling everyone who has a child in school and is struggling with math about this app. It is a Godsend.
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on May 18, 2014
As a person who relies on user reviews, I did not find many users at the college level leaving reviews so I decided to leave mine. I found this app to be a good tool, as a college student I was able to do most of my algebra homework with this problem solver. After testing out other apps I found that Mathway continues to give the correct answer, I did not need to purchase the item for the problem explanations, but I am comforted by the thought that if I do need to purchase it the future I can just pay five bucks a day if need be.
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on July 4, 2014
This is the best site for answering Algebra problems. i needed something to help me with my placement test and this app is just about perfect. It allows you to plug in the math and gives you the answer to your problem. If you need to see how the problem was solved, you have to buy the addition to the app; which is charged by the day, week, month, etc. It is up to you haw long you want to be locked into a payment cycle. I would have given this five stars if I did not have to sacrifice money for the more extensive program.
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on November 2, 2015
This app is an absolute life saver!! It has EVERYTHING you need to pass your challenging math classes. All the way up and beyond college math. So glad I found it. I could not have passes without it. The app is free, and it's amazing free, but if you need to actually see how the problem is solved, pay extra for the premium.
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on September 25, 2014
First off I am a university student who is taking a calculus 2 class as part of my math minor. Overall I find mathway useless. It is overpriced almost as much as my textbook. It has trouble doing complex calculus problems meaning it isn't able to solve them. It can't even solve any arc length problems. Or volume integral problems. It is probably useful up to precalculus problems if you are willing to pay but when you start calculus you may find that it isn't as great as they promise.

My suggested alternative options to mathway
But I will add this, if you don't want to pay and have trouble understanding math concepts. Then try khan academy, it is like an online class but completely free and there really isn't any subscription requirements besides setting an account. They offer a few examples and have practice problems. There is also math.stackexchange, you post a questions others will try to answer it. It is a good source but sometimes your question may not get an answer since real people answer it and your question may not be related enough to others questions. But it is another free tool. Also if you need help there is always the best tool, ask for help from your teacher. If you are in a university visit your professors office hours, they set aside those hours because they like math so much and helping others pass their class. And all their attention is focused on you. If you are in high school same applies, raise your hand and ask why they did so and so in this problem or how did they get this and this and this.
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on June 29, 2014
It is a helpful app and paying for it is worth the money. being able to see how the problem is done step by step is useful. It just makes it too easy to cheat on homework though so be careful of letting your kids use this app.
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on October 10, 2013
I'm a pre cal/trig student in high school and I don't always bring my text book home, and recently my internet was down, and I forget what something is, so I just go into mathway, and it usually has the definition. It's great. Also it's good to check yourself with, and helps great with showing you how to work the problem not just giving you the answer.
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