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on November 29, 2011
I've had Bagellini products in the past & like the product. I've been looking for a cross body bag big enough to handle my life, yet not too heavy, and in a nice neutral color that doesn't *look* like nylon... it's got to handle some bulky items like smart phone, hardcase wallet, wraparound sunglasses, water bottle... I finally thought I'd found the bag! But there are NO zippered pockets here. A gal's got to have a deep closeable pocket inside for a collection of small makeup-type items, and to keep them clean and organized... nope, not in this bag. And while the "stuff" pockets on the outside are handy, they should at least have a little Velcro spot to keep them closed enough for stuff to not fall out when you dump the bag on your car seat. The little wristlet that comes with it is a GREAT idea for a big bag like this, but it does not fit a smart phone - at least, not a Droid. I had such high hopes for this bag - I've been shopping a long time. So close, yet so far!
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on July 22, 2011
I purchased this bag recently when it was a Gold Box deal through Amazon. While the sale price was the big draw to purchase it in the first place, I am pleased enough with the bag to recommend it to others even when it may not be on sale. It was a steal at the Gold Box price, and it would be a great value at its full price as well.

What I Love:
- Sturdy and well-crafted. All of the stitches are still holding strong (no frays)and the pockets and zippers are well-constructed. The strap is not unlike a seatbelt fabric which may not be the most attractive, but it definitely is going to carry a lot of weight without snapping.

- Bright interior lining. (I bought the charcoal color that has a bright magenta interior that just pops). It's fun and pleasing to the eye.

- Long shoulder strap. This was a must for me when I was looking for a new purse -- I like being able to put my purse over my shoulders to keep my hands free and bag secure.

- Outside pockets. These turned out to be more convenient than I thought they would be. It is great to have lots of pockets/compartments in a bag. It's even better to have lots of ACCESSIBLE pockets/compartments on a bag.

What I Like:
- Thoughtful components like the key fob, lipstick holder, credit card slots, etc. I took the included coin purse out of my purse because it took up too much space in there, but I do like the coin purse and may use it separately, or put it back in when it could be handy.

- The option to turn the back pocket into a "sleeve". I haven't used it this way yet, but I could see it being handy when traveling.

What I Could Do Without:
- The material is "crinkle nylon" which seems like it would be water-resistant (at least that is how it is advertised). I haven't had to test it out yet. While it's definitely not unattractive, it does give the bag a more casual look. I don't mind it, but it did look a little different from what I had expected based on the pictures on Amazon.

- The bag is smaller than what I had expected based on pictures. Yes, I saw the dimensions listed and drew a picture in my head based on that, but it still was smaller than I expected. It is large enough to hold a good number of items, but when I think of a hobo bag, I think of something much larger. Still, I am able to hold all of my necessities and then some in it (i.e. wallet, iPad, phone, small notebook, pens, chapstick, tissues, Tide pen...and that doesn't include what I can put in the outside pockets.

Overall, I recommend this bag as a casual, daily purse. I am even considering getting another in a different color!
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on July 7, 2011
I got this bag for the gold box deal for a little more than the half price. Love the material, which is very light-weight and sturdy, and you can wipe off the dirt. So many pockets are helpful while traveling, and love the outside bottom zipper to access the stuff in one of the outer pockets. What's not in the pictures is the inside of the other side. I posted a pic so you can see, but it has cell phone pocket and a pocket, and 2 pen holders. Your stuff will be totally organized in this bag!!
review image
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on January 22, 2015
UPDATE #2: BOUGHT A NEW COLOR. SAME REVIEW. LOVE THIS BAG!!!!! I now own the cherry blossom (pink), apple (red), olive (greenish brown), and the black (not purchased from MMP Living, found used elsewhere in great condition). The apple is the newest bag and the hardware is different, I added a picture of that. It does not change my review of the bag, only causes me a teeny bit of an issue because I clip a d-hook w my cars keys onto my bag and the hook won't fit through the buckle. It does not change things for me, as this buckle looks far sturdier than the old. I will make it work because of my love for the bag. REGULAR REVIEW BELOW: Awesome bag. Like other reviews, it does not have any zippered pockets inside. But, the 4 outside pockets work well for me. It does come w a small detachable bag inside which I use for an extra phone charger battery, cords, and a couple of makeup items. If needed the pockets on both ends I use for a standard or slightly larger water bottle. (I have learned a 32 oz. nalgene with a koozie on it will fit in the pockets, just taking up some inside space) Good for days at the zoo w my kids. Otherwise the front/side pocket I use for reciepts and the back/end pocket fits a checkbook/pocket calendar.(where I would place the water bottles if needed) I do not use the 4 inner credit card pockets at all, but they seem useful. I use an incredible bulk wallet by mundi, they offer this wallet on amazon, often in colors that match the baggallini line. I do use the two pen slots and small inner pockets for hairbands on one side and a small flat notepad in the other one. The bag is strong, durable, and washes off easily. The strap is sturdy and long enough for a crossbody style. That is how i wear the bag daily. I use this bag constantly, it is my forever bag. Perfect bag for me, will buy from MMP Living again and always pleased w Amazon!
review image review image review image review image
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on August 6, 2012
I bought this while pregnant at a discount store on a whim, not even realizing I would end up using it as a diaper bag. I used it since then as my regular purse and it worked out great toting around stuff back and forth to the hospital when my baby was in NICU (brought my pump and bottles). It holds a lot, with the 3 outside pockets, inside zippered pocket and main compartment ( know most people complain that there isn't an inside zippered pocket, I may have gotten an outdated version of this bag because mine does have it). I put this bag away thinking I would need a larger, more complicated diaper bag. Having gone through three and being unsatisfied, I pulled this one back out to see if it would work. Like a charm! I don't like to carry a ton of stuff, but I am able to fit the following with ample room to spare - water bottle, baby bottle, cell phone, keys, large zip around wallet purse thingy, extra baby formula, wet bag, diapers, extra large and padded changing pad, diaper cream, diaper powder, small case of wipes, pacifier holder with 2 pacifiers, extra onsie, pen, lip balm and other little extras for me. This leaves me room for a small blanket and some toys too. I am able to put all of the diaper bag contents in it but with more accessibility than before - thanks to the lightweight and flexible design. What I like most about the bag are the outside pockets to easily slip my phone and keys into, that it zips up, and the one shoulder strap that can be adjusted to fit cross-body. Excellent design. If they took this bag, increased the size just a little and added an extra zippered pocket on the backside, as well as insulated bottle holders on the sides, it would be the holy grail of diaper bags. For someone who only wants to tote around the necessities, this is perfect.
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on August 18, 2014
Like some other reviewers, I really wanted to love this bag. I was looking for a travel day-pack that would be dressier than most travel bags (which are usually pretty casual - and for a good reason). I thought that Baggallini bags were the way to go as I really liked their appearance. After researching ALL Baggallini bags, I chose this one. I now wish I had paid more attention to the negative reviews. :-(

When it arrived, I was pleased to see that the side pockets for water bottles did not stick out (as they do in many other bags), so the bag looked very "neat". Well, it turns out that there is a price to pay for that look. :-) The bottles will "bump out" into the interior space, making it much-much smaller and - given the depth of the bag - making it very hard to find anything in it. And if you have only one bottle, the bag becomes very unbalanced. Plus, the strap is very rough - and not only on bare skin - but also when wearing thin clothes.

In addition, it does not hold its shape which is quite annoying and unattractive. When pretty full, it starts looking like a cheap grocery canvas bag.:-) BTW, it doesn't take much for it to get over-staffed - just the usual things one brings for site-seeing, like wipes, sun-screen, hand-sanitizer, phone, camera, wallet, sunglasses, change of clothes for a child (which I had in a quart-size ziplock bag), etc.

As reviewers mentioned, the bag does not have a zippered compartment. I thought I could solve the problem by ordering Baggallini trio bags (a set of three zippered pouches in different sizes). The largest of them is the most useful one and fits the Hobo bag nicely - if there are no water bottles. Otherwise, it gets "squished" and hard to open or take out. Altogether, it is NOT a good day-pack for travel.

I am puzzled about what this bag was designed for. It is too deep for being an everyday purse - unless you have to carry a sweater to work daily or something like that. I wouldn't want to carry anything heavy in it (like a lot of papers or books - a rolling briefcase is much more suitable for that). Its design suggests that was meant for travel but it is way too small for a "personal item" to take on the plane when going on a longer-than-one-day trip as you would probably want to maximize your carry-on space, especially with airlines now charging for checked-in luggage.

I purchased this bag in one of the colors that were on sale (really nice color, btw) and I cannot imagine paying $80+ for something that looks and functions pretty much like a small $10 beach bag (which wouldn't hold more than one towel and one swim-suit). So, my search for a "perfect bag" continues as this bag is definitely not "it" - despite my high hopes. :-(
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A close relative of mine has the Espresso colored Hobo Tote and can't say enough good things about it. During a recent visit I took the opportunity to grill her about it and handle it a bit. It seems exceptionally well made and sturdy, and is large enough to hold most things a woman might want to put in a purse and then some. The straps are strong, the stitching tight and the lining hardy. It comes with a good sized coin purse that you can secure in the tote, as well as handy outer pockets, one zippered. She likes the Baggallini Tote not only for its utility, but for its understated elegance. It is an attractive bag that doesn't call attention to itself unlike some gaudy designer bags. My wife said that if I ever decided to buy her a tote bag, then a Baggallini Hobo would be one that she'd like to have. So noted! :)

~ Kort
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on January 24, 2016
This is an awesome bag! I do wish there were zippered pockets in the inside but I have a purse insert organizer already.
So one of my favorite things about this bag that I don't think people realize - you can unzip that bottom zipper and put it over your roller board's handles... Great for travel. Plus how many purses have a big outer pocket for a water bottle?
I forgot to mention - this bag has a pouch that can be attached inside the bag which can fit a passport. The pouch can be unattached and you can turn it into a makeshift wristlet. There's also a mechanism to hook your keys inside the bag.
review image review image review image
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on July 18, 2012
This is a very cute bag and a perfect size, BUT as other reviews stated, NO zipper pockets inside or out, plus the outside pockets gape open if anything that is not flat is put in them. Only two small open pockets inside as well. I had ordered this bag in two colors, but both are going back. The coin purse is 'nice,' but I don't need another bag inside my bag to dig for - I need more pockets inside and at least one that zips closed. The credit card pockets concept is flawed in that the credit cards do NOT stay in place (they get knocked out easily) so you'd end up digging for them as well. Hope Baggalini will redesign this bag to make it more functional.
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on October 2, 2013
This bag won in a competition of about 6 bags, some Baggallini and some not. This won because it is the lightest of it's size (by far). Plus the open plan inside allows the greatest flexibility of contents. The bag is soft, which means it conforms to the shape of your body when carrying. The strap is wider than some meaning it does not dig in. The zipper has small teeth where other bags have big sharp ones. People have complained about the lack of a secure interior zippered compartment. I have remedied that by carrying a wallet tethered to the interior by the key clip. A picpocket would have a difficult time extracting anything tied down. The provided small wallet on a leash is convenient to use for the amount of cash one needs for a day or less. The open pockets on 4 sides are great for items which can be quickly accessed, but are not particularly valuable, ie water bottle, umbrella, guide book etc. I did sew on snaps to two of these pockets so that they do not gape. This is a small sacrifice for an otherwise great bag!
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