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The arena is just the "Playing Field". You will need either a 3 figure starter pack or the Battle Brawler pack (6 figures). Finding it in the stores is a matter of luck and timing. Target and Kohls are your best bets. Occasionally Walmart gets it. The mall is low yield. If all else fails, buy it from a marketplace vendor here but you will pay from 1.5 to 4 times retail. Some are 10 - 20 (i.e. $40 to $100) times retail if the figures are rare. Colors and types of characters are a matter of preference. Special characters can have anywhere from 400 to 500+ G (higher strength). Depending upon your budget, you can get 2 different starter sets ($10 each), the arena ($30) and a special ability card set ($3).
Nov 12, 2008 by Eagle Vision
People DON'T block G level with tape, manufacturer does. If you bought 3 packs yourself you should've seen that. To me 16 pack for $170 seems OK price, considering that you will get several rare/very rare ones, each one of each would cost you $20-$30 if purchased separately. So let's say you got 6 rare ones with average cost of $25, this is $150 right there. And then you get 10 regular ones for basically $20 extra. Seems like a great deal to me.
Sep 30, 2008 by Buy 4 Less
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