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Size: s3 caseColor: Navy BluePackage Type: Standard PackagingChange
Price:$16.99+ Free shipping
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on May 22, 2013
Well I'm not going to go over all the good things about this case because it does exactly what it's supposed to...drop, dust, water, crush proof. Only slight problem I noticed is when you're actually on a call. Imma try to explain best I can...for all you with a Galaxy S3 should know what I mean. Ok so normally when you're on a call the phones proximity sensor detects when you have the phone near your ear/face and turns the screen off so you don't accidentally press buttons and what not. But when you take the phone away while still on the call the screen turns on again and you see all the in-call options like speakerphone, etc. Now the reason for 4-star rating. Apparently when the Otterbox Armor case is installed and you get a phone call the sensor activates and turns the screen off immediately whether or not if you have the phone near your ear/face or away. This becomes a problem because first of all, you can't end the call because none of the buttons work, so you have to wait till the other party hangs up. Second of all if u need access stuff like internet, photos, etc while on a call you can't because the screen stays off and the buttons don't work while on call. My first theory which is probably is correct is that the built in screen protector is not flush enough to the sensor and/or since the front of the case makes the sensor recessed it blocks or interferes with the amount of light the sensor receives. So far I found 3 ways to remedy this: First, take phone calls outside when its daylight cuz outside its bright enough to detect when phones not near your face. Second, use a Bluetooth or headphones during a call, this leaves the screen on, or Third if inside building or home rush to a nearby light or window and put the front of phone close to the light, this will simulate that the phone is away from your face and turn on the screen momentarily then once on, quickly press the speakerphone button then the screen will stay on. So far I haven't reported this issue to as this is where I ordered my case. I could just have a defective one or this could the issue with all the case, I dunno. I'm just waiting to see if anyone has this problem yet. I took some photos and the digital camera actually picks up the IR sensor light which u can see... it actually stays on even when not on a call. I will post the pics on here.

UPDATE::: Ok several hours after posting this and tinkering with some settings on the phone i found the in-call setting to turn off the proximity sensor. This completely resolves the problem. So now when im in call i just tap the power button to off/on the screen manually. No biggie...easy fix to have the ultimate protection of the Armor case :):):) Updated to 5-Star as well. :)

5/30 UPDATE: Contacted Otterbox on 5/23 about this issue and as of today i have brand new one just shipped out via FedEx....apparently others have reported this problem too and the replacement fixes this issue. The thing is...its not really a big problem cuz doesnt affect the protection performance at all. So i just gonna keep this as a backup case. :) Otterbox Warranty Service is the best!!! No Hassle Fast Service!!
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on August 20, 2013
This case arrived before my phone and being a techie I jumped right on testing it. I figured, even if it doesnt work for water it seemed like a sturdy case.

Filled the sink with water and put stuff on top to sink it down. Left for 30 min..... NOT ONE DROP OF WATER IN IT! Well worth the $!
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on August 10, 2012
1. Inexpensive full protective case.
2. Easy to put on and take off (lay the screen shield on the S3. Then slip into the silicone rubber part of the case one end at a time. Finally slip the polycarb part over the volume keys then power button side). Easier if you leave off the screen cover which I do (see cons).
3. The belt clip is easy to use and seems like it will last awhile. The belt clip portion is click rotate-able (0, 30, 60, 180 degrees - default position is in portrait 90 degrees).
4. The cutouts for the buttons, camera etc. are well done. The buttons are all fully functional and are not too stiff etc.
5. There are silicone covers for both the headphone jack and microUSB. They work well and you can fit a regular headphone jack in without needing to cut the polycarb or the silicone.

1. The screen cover, while fitting nicely, isn't that clear. It has a iridescent grainy look which is very distracting. Pictures look horrible and you have to zoom into websites more to be able to read the text. You can forget about looking at reminders on the full page calendar widget - you'll need to open up the day/week to be able to read it. The cover being plastic I knew was not going to be as easy to glide your finger over as the phones gorilla glass, but it is not as smooth as the Zagg screen protector I have on my other phone. You also need to push harder than Zagg and of course the phone glass...
Edit: Kept this protector on while waiting for a screen protector and browsing the Internet is a major pain...
2. The dimpled polymor backing on the back of the polycarb shell is too similar to the polycarb touch vs the silicone layer. It is okay to the touch, but while not being quite as slippery as the polycarb, it is much more slippery than the silicone. Don't think about putting it on your car dash and expecting it to stay put on a 5mph turn. I wish it was made out of the same silicone that first goes around the phone, but that also may be less impact resistant vs the polymor if the phone is dropped. Also, the polycarb looks and feels like plastic.
3. There are some mold lines on the sides of the polycarb, not bad enough that you have to file them down (very minor),but you may want to. There are also some heat marks above the flash/camera area. Not enough to get rid of the case, but looks a little cheap.
4. No kick stand. I miss this on my old phone and some other S3 cases have this built in (see below for brand).

Overall thoughts:
If you don't care about the belt clip, get the non MAXX version instead (no belt clip or plastic screen protector).
Or if you rarely plan on taking the case off the phone, then the Seidio Active Case (they have models with belt clip and kickstands or without) is a good choice. If you take the case off a fair amount, the corner tabs will break off and don't buy white on the Seidio as the color will change over time.
I will keep this case and just buy one of the screen protectors (below). May also get a rubber dash mat.
Screen protectors: Skinomi, Zagg, or ArmorSuit (All supposedly very similar though I have only used a Zagg before).
Edit: I am getting the Skinomi screen protector as my friend did on his S2 and it is quite nice and only $9 instead of Zagg's way overpriced full body one (Zagg's non full body doesn't even cover all the front glass).
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on August 27, 2012
I am currently very pleased with this product. When I first got the S3, the guy at the Sprint store suggested I get an Otterbox Defender or some other robust protector. I am familiar with the Otterbox brand, but there was no way I was going to pay $50+ at the store. The very same day I got my phone a friend told me about some other brand with rubber edges that is rated from like a 15 foot drop. When I started searching for Otterbox on Amazon, I saw a blue case with rubber edges that cost less than the Otterbox and was in blue! I saw it was the Ballistic SG Maxx, saw it was cheaper than the Otterbox Defender, read the reviews and was convinced.

The Galaxy S3 is an amazing and beautiful phone, but it does not feel very sturdy. I am clumsy and the S3 feels like it will shatter on impact if I were to sneeze on it too hard. The Ballistic SG Maxx takes care of that easily. It has four layers of protection which may sound like a lot and like it may totally roid out and bulk up your phone too much, but the thickness it gives the S3 is very welcomed and comfortable. The big, rubber edges are perhaps a tiny teeny bit bigger than they need to be, but they do not get in the way and I like the way it makes my phone look like its been working out or wearing some cool, futuristic armor. I feel I can comfortably drop my phone from 15ft and it can fall on any side, including the face, and it will be very well protected...not that I'd start throwing my phone on the ground for no reason. And then there's the belt clip...which just perfectly ties this product together. I enjoy my Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Big Macs a bit more than I should so I have a few extra pounds...ah what the heck and let me be honest; I'm fat and have gotten used to wearing my phone on my hip. The belt clip, although it may look too big at first, is not. My love handles totally don't get in the way and I can get to my phone with ease, but if i do get much fatter, I might have to start lifting the folds to get to the phone.
Is there anything wrong with the SG Maxx? Not really. There a few minor complaints, but they don't detract from how good this product is overall. One little concern I had, and another reviewer mentioned this, is that although the screen protector is sturdy and doesn't interfere with the touch screen, it kind of makes the screen look a little grainy. The other complaint I have, which is a first world problem, is that the belt clip does not have a kickstand like the Otterbox Defender. The Otterbox also costs anywhere from $3-$7 more (or even more depending on how greedy the seller is) so I don't think a kickstand is worth that much.

In conclusion, finally, Ballistic SG Maxx is freaking awesome. I give it five very well deserved stars. And it comes in blue, so that makes it extra cool, but Amazon has no option for a sixth star.
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on November 20, 2013
Excellent case love the color. To hard for my kids to get off which is great Not worried about my 2 year old breaking my phone.
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on July 20, 2012
A high five has to go for the FAST shipping!

Ok, so the case arrived today. This case feels and looks great. I wouldn't worry about dropping my phone (Which I do a lot) with this case. It fits tighter than my 8th grade gym shorts would on me today.

If you are like me, then you really didn't want a bulky case for your beautiful, new, thin and light Samsung S3. After a week or so, reality sets in. Without a case, it is slippery and fragile. Sure, this case (Like any other) will add some bulk but not enough to make it obnoxious.

When I first looked at the pictures, I was worried that the "Bumpers" on the corners were going to be huge. Thankfully, they don't stick out as much as I thought. The phone includes a soft rubber cover and the hard plastic shell sits on top. The rubber corners are raised ever so slightly from plastic shell but it is perfect when you hold it. This is where you will find that your fingers will rest when talking. It is very comfortable and natural.

The hard shell appears smooth but has a good grip. In the photos, the back looks like it is made of rubber but is a hard plastic that also gas a good grip. I like the black back section because a white back would probably get scuffed up sitting on my desk all day. Again, this case feels great in your hand. I uploaded some pics for you to see.

The buttons are covered by the rubber case part but they are very easy to use. I saw another review on this case, of another color, and someone complained buttons were hard to push and they ended up cutting the rubber part out. Unless they had the case on backwards, I have no idea why they had problems.

I also like the looks of this case. The last thing I wanted to do was to put a black case on my white phone.
review image review image
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on July 21, 2012
I love the way this case looks because it is lots of fun and gets some great comments, however the rubber silicone does not stay on the phone very well and often comes off when I take it in and out of my pocket. If I could get this same design in a case that would stay on a little better I would.
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on August 19, 2013
For ultimate phone protection you can't beat this case. It's extremely rugged and durable which is what I wanted. I went in to this understanding that this protection comes at a price. However, I didn't realize that this would reduce the functionality as much as it had. Most importantly, no one can hear me when I use the phone microphone. I've tried reinstalling the case multiple times in case things weren't lined up perfectly. Nothing has helped. I have to use my bluetooth headset in order for anyone to be able to hear me. The home button is ridiculously hard to use. It requires an extremely hard press to function. The two front "soft" keys are also difficult to use. If you have big hands, good luck getting a finger in to one of the little cutouts to utilize the soft keys. You also need to realize that this case is HUGE. You will get comments and strange looks from friends.

If I could sum up my experience in one sentence, it would be: "When you throw your phone against a brick wall due to frustration, the phone will come out unscathed."

EDIT: 12/27/2013

I read that other people were having similar issues and that they got replacements from Otterbox. In some cases the replacement cases improved audio quality. I contacted Otterbox and in a few short emails, I had another case sent to me. For the most part, there is no change. People still have a very hard time hearing me. It's gotten to the point where if I'm not wearing my bluetooth headset, I don't even bother answering the phone. Too bad. I will say that Otterbox support is very good...friendly, professional, and helpful.
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on August 15, 2012
The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a fantastic phone with great specs (except for their pulling the 4-core processor). However, after watching the drop test on You-Tube pitting the S3 against the Apple iPhone 4, and HTC One, I knew that I needed some serious protection for my new S3.

After comparing a number of alternatives, I chose the Ballistic SG Maxx, which is now a bargain on Amazon since they dropped the price.

A bare S3 weighs practically nothing and is as lithe as a ballerina. Put 'er in the SG Maxx and she's ready for the real world -- and a 15 foot drop. The case nearly triples the thickness and may nearly double the weight, but, to me, it's neither too heavy nor too thick -- it just feels solid -- and secure. (Not much different from my S1 in a simple TPU case.)

With the SG Maxx you get what they call four layers of protection:
1. Soft shock-absorbing gel surrounds the sides and back of the phone, molded to fully cover the On/Off and Volume controls, with hinged tabs for the ear-bud jack and micro-USB connector, an a couple of small holes for the mics.
2. Molded into the corners of the case are much firmer shock-absorbing pads, which protrude enough that when you set or drop the phone face down on a flat surface, the screen never gets close to it.
3. A solid, molded screen protector slips over the front of the phone with its edges tucked under the gel liner. I was afraid that this very thin, but very solid piece of plastic would interfere with the touch screen, but it doesn't. Cutouts allow for the primary control button, speaker, and camera.
4. A hard case snaps over the gel liner and holds everything together. A textured layer of very dense gel is molded onto the back of the case for a good grip and extra shock absorption. Holes in the back reveal the rear camera, flash, and speaker.

Additionally, you get a very solid belt loop case, into which the phone very easily and securely snaps -- face in, so the screen is fully protected. The solid, spring-loaded belt loop allows the case to be easily removed, but seems like it would never come off accidentally.

I'm sure that it's still possible to destroy the phone by smashing the screen hard enough against the corner of a table, or dropping her into a toilet; however, I'm convince that my lithe ballerina now has enough protection to protect her from most of the dangers with which life is fraught.

The only complaint I have about the case, is that the hinged tabs that are supposed to protect the ear-bud jack and the micro-USB connecter, never quite fit and always protrude a little. Other than that, the case seems perfect.
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on July 30, 2012
I have to completely agree with the other reviewer of this Balistic Case. The phone fits snugly into the gel skin and the outer shell. One of my main concerns with the SG3 was dropping it due to the slick back cover of the phone. I usually carry my phones in a slip case such as a Proporta that contains a sheet of aluminum in the case to help protect the screen from damage. With the SG3 I don't have this concern since the screen is made up of Gorilla Glass and is incredibly resistant to not only scratches but to damage during normal, daily use.
I was also concerned that the outer corners would be large and cumbersome but they are actually relatively small but protrude enough where I think they will help absorb some of the shock should the phone be dropped on a hard surface.
I have a few other cases that I have purchased and that I will be returning since the Balistic case does work so well. One of the complaints I have with the other cases is that they interfere with the use of the "home" button on the phone. Since the "home" button is so close to the edge of the phone any type of case that has a large lip near it will hinder normal use. In the case of the Balistic design this is not an issue.
This is a well designed case and really does outperform others that I have bought.
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