Customer Reviews: Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography
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on January 28, 2009
Barack Obama, the unauthorized Biography -
This book is a must read for the world. I caution all readers that first one should not draw conclusions about a person based upon what another has concluded, but take the content of the book to understand just what exactly is happening to the human society and existence in the Global Economy. This book if read and comprehended will give illumination to the reality we must now face and understanding how and why it is happening. Caution number two, do not read this book for reasons of racial diversions. Read this book to understand how our nation's leaders are selected and how they receive financial backing to put into operation the edicts of the elite.
This book is entirely accurate when it says that we have just exchanged one megalomaniac for another. The difference is extreme in population manipulation, but such extremes are necessary and required by the elite to conduct their operations. It is how the elite control and manipulate their power, influence, and control over world resources.
A very frightening part of this book is that it was written before Barack Obama took office. Now as President of the United States the edicts and principles of the elite to keep control are effectively being systematically put in place. It is precisely as they ordained. George W. Bush was a puppet and their ideology was secured. Barack Obama is a puppet and the elite ideology is now being activated. The motto of the elite is to Divide and Conquer. This motto is and will be the greatest weapon of any power control. Consider the division between conservative and liberal. There is the division of Democrat and Republican. Once again is the division between races. The constant blaring of issues of blacks, slavery, and segregation is again rearing its ugly head when finally the melting pot of America thought it was finally over. This is the plan, and it is working to keep us divided. The ideals of the elite are being forced upon the American people. We stand helpless except for our intellect and the power we have en masse.
The book also reveals that in selecting this racial issue for the Presidency the elite financiers now control the most dangerous individuals that could upset their plans for a socialistic financially controlled world government. The most dangerous group to the elite is civil rights. The civil rights movement is not about race, as Dr. King explained. The civil rights movement is about equality and understanding regardless of race, religion, gender, or age. If we were to truly be free we needed to intellectually free our society of all this limiting and constricting bonds that continue to enslave us. As a united front of civil rights it would be the only thing that could stop the divide and conquer. This is why Martin Luther King Jr was murdered by the elite. Martin Luther King Jr was dangerous. Martin Luther King Jr was uniting all in the understanding of equality. Robert Kennedy was murdered because he was a choice of the masses. The masses would be dangerous if the division was lost. This could not be allowed, so a Black POTUS it had to be financed and elected. That election had to be biased by race, not equality.
Sadly, I do not believe that George W. Bush or Barack Obama even have a clue as to how they were and are being manipulated. Both men are surrounded with the walls of servants of the elite financiers. They have both been raised, indoctrinated, and brain washed by the elite financiers they are completely out of touch with equality and government as it was meant to be. Now that he is President, Barack Obama will be isolated and brain washed even more, regardless of his own individual thoughts. Just like GWB he believes he is doing the right things.
Another valuable part of this book is the role his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, played in his life. This part of his life has been downplayed for several reasons. One reason is her connections with the Ford Foundation. It clearly shows the ties and connections of people believing what they do is helping and are programmed to believe Foundations are for the better good of society. In reality foundations are used strictly for control and information hunts to keep the population in control.
It had bothered me immensely why President Obama played down his white mother and focused on his black father. This book delves into the Stanley Ann Dunham the Obama presidency does not want you to know. President Obama used his father as an example of affirmative action to produce a PhD from Africa, but says nothing of his mother's achievement of a PhD as a single struggling working mother. President Obama says nothing of the work she did in Indonesia and Pakistan. He says nothing of her service to this country and her diplomatic connections. He allows people to think of her as sweet apple pie mom. In reality she was a strong willed mother he decided to alienate. It brings into focus the absolute political moves he made to get power. One of these moves was to separate from a white woman and marry a black woman to keep his credible black identity with minorities including the black voters. A white woman at his side mother or wife would have been suicide in politics. This shows he does not love and is incapable of love for a person or nation. Barack Obama is a typical politician. It is about the glamour and power. We are foolish to believe it is about us as a people.
We may be unable to control what is happening, but we can voice our understanding of it for the future. The Law of Heaven will always be the most powerful of forces. In the election of 2012 I caution all Americans to stop listening to propaganda of the media. I suggest the next candidate should be elected by the masses based upon the candidate the media does not endorse. The candidate to be elected should spend the least amount of money in campaigning. The candidate elected should show a solid action platform. The candidate elected should not use rhetoric and buzz words.
Please read this book and take from it the valuable information it contains. This is an unbiased volume of reality as the world of politics is truly run.
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on July 15, 2010
I bought this book thinking it would provide some explanation why Obama has repeatedly sold out the progressives who worked their butts off to get him elected - with his trillion dollar giveaways to Wall Street banksters; his refusal to restore habeas corpus and other constitutional rights; and his failure to end the massively unpopular wars in Afghanistant and Iraq, to close Guantanamo, to end CIA rendition, to support genuine (single payer) health reform, to promote a stimulus package to help the unemployed and people losing their homes - I could go on and on. Imagine my astonishment when I discovered the book was published in November 2008 - and was actually a prediction of what we could expect from our current President.

While some aspects of the book are purely speculative - namely those related to Obama's psychological make-up - Tarpley raises other, well documented concerns that should be getting more public attention. First he examines closely the individuals and corporate interests that backed Obama's run for Senate and later for the president. Eighteen months into George W. Bush's presidency, the public had a pretty clear idea of the corporate interests backing him - with Halliburton and other oil companies, Kellogg Brown and Root, Blackwater and other defense contractors at the head of the list. The mainstream media has led us to believe that Obama won the election based on millions of $5 Internet donations. This simply isn't true. Like Bush, Obama has financial backers who have been grooming him for some time for the presidency - and he clearly champions bills and policies that promote their interests.

The second really important issue Tarpley brings out is the role of so-called left leaning foundations and think-tanks (some funded by the CIA and some funded by reactionary corporate interests) that serve the specific role of putting a lid on spontaneous grassroots and populist political activity. As a long time activist, I am particularly sensitive to this issue after witnessing a deliberate campaign by some of these "liberal" think tanks to infiltrate and shut down a large and vocal single payer movement that pressured Clinton to introduce a universal health care bill in 1993. The late activist and legal researcher Sherman Skolnick first alerted the activist community to the activities of these "liberal" foundations. Skolnick warned us to "follow the money" - specifically to take a close look at where so-called progressive media (such as the Nation, Mother Jones, Ms Magazine, Democracy and Noam Chomsky - the same ones who excoriate Ralph Nader and the 911-Truth movment) derive their financial support.

The issue is particularly important in relation to Barrack Obama. We are led to believe his only occupation after leaving law school was "community organizing." However it was never the type of organizing that arises spontaneously from community issues and needs. It was always in the employ of one of some so-called liberal foundation - which as Tarpley describes in great detail, engage in community organizing that is designed to suppress genuine dissent. This is done through a combination of benevolent social engineering, the pursuit (deliberately it seems) of half-baked initiatives that never succeed and exhaust and sour people on the very idea of activism, and deliberately playing different interest groups (men, women, blacks, Jews, young, old) against one another. I happen to know this is all very real because I dealt with several of these so-called liberal foundations during my 20 years as an activist in Washington State.

The third, and most important, issue Tarpley brings out is that the Republicans are seriously underestimating Obama in labeling him a Marxist or socialist. A true Marxist or socialist is virtually penniless (except for $5 Internet donations). Obama has some very wealthy and powerful "liberal" social engineers (former national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Soros among others) backing him. People who have openly declared that democracy is somewhat unwieldly in trying to grapple with the major problems the US currently faces - and are recommending the US would be better off with a more totalitarian form of government. This definitely isn't Marxism or socialism - it's fascism. Tarpley analyzes Obama's early influences and writing in extensive detail. There is no mistaking the clear transition that occurs from soft Marxism - to a world view that parallels that of his financial backers.

This is a definitely a very scholarly work compared to Tarpley's earlier books (911 Synthetic Terror and the unauthorized biography of George Bush the elder). One that I will definitely need to re-read to fully understand his Tarpley's views on Francois Fanon, Herbert Marcuse and Karl Marx (who he feels had a defective class analysis because he received a subsidy from the British Foreign office to trash Russia). I know I will definite use it as a reference as the saga unfolds of the real masterminds who are pulling Obama's strings.

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on October 6, 2008
Judging a book by its cover might be a good start in this review of Webster G. Tarpley's book Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography. The fine cartoon by Tarpley & Azar is no mere metaphor, for it correctly depicts the fact that the `chosen one', Obama, has successfully destroyed the essence of the Democratic Party towards the people of this country as exemplified by the mission of FDR and the New Deal towards `The Forgotten Man". Yes the Democratic donkey has collapsed under the weight of the egotistical puppet Obama and his entourage of Foundation funded terrorists, racists, politically connected crooks, diabolical warmongers, corrupted Democratic Party officials and ultimately the Wall Street swindlers, all who must be examined in context of the present world crisis in order to understand who Obama really is.

Written in an accessible and compelling style, Tarpley has written a unique book that transcends the nihilistic impotence of the left and the reactionary myopia of the right, by reviving a form of historical analysis informed by an all but lost tradition of the United States of America: our historical mission to fight the specter of oligarchy's twin evils, the tyranny of the one, and the tyranny of the many, mob rule. Obama, as will be discovered, combines the worst of both into a particularly insidious combination that is duping the masses with slogans and politically correct identifications as he dangerously divides and polarizes the people of America for his masters.

As the world financial system disintegrates, there is a reason why Barack Obama has been chosen and funded by Wall Street, Soros, and others of the international financial elite. As such the only way to understand Obama is to understand his handlers like the insane Strangelove Brzezinski and those outlets of elitist oligarchic control, the Foundations best typified by the Ford Foundation. Serving as money distribution agents for the intelligence communities, such an influence by the foundations Tarpley demonstrates in detail, as the one very constant in the life of Obama. Foundation influences from his mother on to his association with the Weather Underground terrorists Ayers and Dohrn and the insane racist message of Black Liberation Theology funded by the Ford Foundation.

By itself, Tarpley's expose on the true nature of the Weather Underground, as agent provocateurs against the legitimate peace movement is one of the keys to understanding what went wrong in America in the 60's makes the book a value for such unique analysis. By working to destroy not only the peace movement, but the civil rights movement and the labor movement in America, movements that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was actively bringing together is to understand the method of evil that continues with violence and racism that Ayers and Dohrn celebrate to this day with the protection of the establishment typified by the New York Times.

As a man who ultimately does not know who he is, this is the tragedy of Obama and America potentially, where his great talents are wasted by the very decadence of those around him and the doctrines of political and philosophical nihilism violence that surround his upbringing. Obama's own celebration of his alienation and privileged victimization has been engineered into a compelling egotistical aggrandizement that has spawned a very dangerous mass movement based on empty slogans.

Behind the slogans lies the reality of policies that in essence represent a terrorist attack against the working people of the United States and mission to uphold certain self evident truths. Obama was chosen, because his own desire to become someone embodies a synthetic mythology of hope and unity that is betrayed by the policies of economic austerity and privation that he becomes the politically correct salesman to seduce and polarize Americans into the next phase of imperialism and economic fascism.

Yes the book is a hard hitting dissection of not only Obama, but America and our own selves. Rather than merely exulting in dissecting the pessimism of the bitter Obama, this book rather serves a very optimistic function, for the astute reader who can come to this with an open mind, the opportunity is available to free oneself politically from the fetters of illusion that control people on both the right and the left today through demagoguery and lies. A step towards political maturity and good judgment. As such Tarpley, provides the context in this book, written under hasty emergency conditions, to regain ones humanity as you participate in a rare example of Machiavellian methodology against political evil that runs rampant in these dangerous times.

So should you reflexively disagree to this book on Obama, as titled and so reviewed, then all the more reason to purchase a copy, immediately.

Bruce Marshall
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on December 11, 2008
Without a doubt, this is the best political biography I have read since `George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography.'
The material is voluminous and damning.
I particularly liked the information on the large foundations (Ford, et al) that are the root cause of much of the current strife in America.
Tarpley hammers away at Wall St. and these related foundations, whose job it is to ensure that working people continue to fight one another in the old Roman tradition of divide-and-conquer, rather than focusing on the financial oligarchs who play them like the proverbial fiddle.
From the beginning, Barack Obama and his wife have been beholden to these very foundations (as was his mother) for their livelihood.
And then there is the Faustian presence of Barack's mentor from Columbia, Zbignew Brezinski. One has to wonder how far the war hawk will nudge Obama into more foreign intrigues in the New Year.
Also troubling, is the malign presence of Rothschild golem George Soros, who appears to have underwritten much of the contributions of Time will tell how Soros intends to call in his marker with the new President....
Buy this book as an antidote to the plethora of hagiographies presently choking the bookstalls.
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on March 14, 2013
This book is an Earth shaker. I believe it is the only significant critique of Obama from the left but from someone who is not attached to the foundation funded left. In fact, without reading this book and understanding it thoroughly, it's probably impossible to understand what the foundation funded left is -- because it is very real and not just a paranoid fantasy of Glenn Beck. Webster goes to incredible lengths to demonstrate the significance of Obama and his mentors being in love with the so called anti-colonialist existentialist philosopher Franz Fanon. But no one but Tarpley would have bothered to provide the excellent capsule critique of existentialism that exists in this book which is one of the only two good critiques of existentialism that I have ever read.

Previously, my understanding of the William Ayers connection with Obama was the result of the brief attempt of McCain to exploit it in the 2008 campaign and some interesting articles by Jared Israel of (I have many disagreements with him but he writes well about the divisive behavior of Ayers in SDS)

Tarpley's evidence is more profound showing how both Bill and his father Thomas Ayers played a key role in promoting Obama to ruling class circles. Of course, the influence of Zbignew Brezhinsky came even earlier. How lovely to see how the remnants of the Kissinger coterie/ Carter administration can dance the Tango so easily with the deus ex machina of the Weather Underground, what was purported to be the most left wing element of the 1960's rebellion now revealed to be simply a ruling class operation to destroy the left.

Webster gets it wrong on a few things. His worries that Obama would be a homophobic and sexist president were completely unfounded. Regardless of Obama's origins in the cesspool of lunatic petit-bourgeois black nationalism with all of its sexist and homophobic trappings, he has proved to be an excellent president for the professional classes, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood -- ie industries not dependent of our having factories in the United States that are also fairly gay friendly and at least play lip service to feminism.

In a sense, the people that voted for Obama got pretty much what they wanted. The fact that he is a corrupt, a police operative and a tool of his Wall Street paymasters for Anglo global domination is more or less what the professional classes want at this moment in history. He's a terrible President for the working class but even in that sense there are gradations. Obama is a terrible president for the unemployed. To the extent he cares about workers (not much) he cares about unionized workers, then non-unionized workers and lastly the unemployed.

Obama is all about exposing the United States to the jackboot of international competition and free trade while increasing regulations on small businesses to help his corrupt big business buddies. In that regard he is happy to offer some crumbs to certain groups. Expansion of democratic rights for gays as that doesn't cost any money. But for those dependent on government assistance he's willing to cut those people off while having no real concern whether there is any possibility of job growth on the home front. He doesn't care that Americans have no jobs, and he's not thrilled about our starting businesses either.

Webster's use of the term fascism to describe Obama is a bit disingenuous. Obama is more of a Leon Blum or Alexander Kerensky than a Mussolini per se. But regardless of its flaws this is an important book.
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on January 13, 2010
I'm on record as a big fan of Webster Tarpley's writing. Whether you agree with him or not, you will be educated by spending time with his writings, listening to his radio show, or watching him being interviewed on an increasing number of media outlets.

Tarpley's principal assertions, written before Obama was officially nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate in 2008, have proven to be unfortunately very accurate, even prescient. Obama has proven to be a war monger, particularly in regard to his war on Pakistan that is presaged in this book. Obama has shown himself to be a tool of the Wall Street banksters. Obama is following the Trilateral program, as opposed to the neocon program. These are just the headlines, though. There are some compelling reasons to dig deeper into the Obama phenomenon with the aid of this book.

* Gain an understanding of how fascism starts as a grass-roots popular movement. Cheney-Bush opponents were fond of using the fascist label on the neocons. As it happens, the neocons are mere totalitarians and lack some of the defining characteristics of fascists.

* Find out what makes Obama tick, and find out what is in store for America and the world. Brzezinski, the Reverend Wright, his Weathermen friends, and, most revealingly, his wife, Michelle, are key to understanding Obama's thinking, or at least, the directions in which he is being led. These influences intersect chillingly with the post-modern fascist characteristics that Tarpley delineates.

* Find out why the Democratic Party is in at least as much trouble as the Republican Party, if not more so. The Democratic leadership has further alienated its labor and blue collar roots in favor of a shaky coalition of minorities who were willing to vote for Obama once (and probably not again) and upper income liberals. This coalition will surely crumble, perhaps as early as the mid-term elections in 2010. Tarpley provides a very good overview of the travails of the Democrats starting from 1968. It seems likely that the Democrats have blown their opportunity to take advantage of the cyclical party re-alignment that should have begun with the 2008 elections.

* Discover the domestic agenda that Obama was chosen to implement -- chilling economic austerity measures. Michelle's stump speech frequently contained these lines:

"...before we can work on the problems, we have to fix our souls - our souls are broken in this nation.
If we can't see ourselves in one another, we will never make those sacrifices....We need a different
leadership because our souls are broken. We need to be make the sacrifices that are
needed to push us to a different place.... The change Barack is talking about is hard, so don't get
too excited because Barack is going to demand that you too be different."

I don't suppose that was the Change that voters thought the Hope Pope would bring, but sacrifices do seem to be the order of the day. Those who allege that Obamamania has the trappings of a religion need only to cite the word of the prophetess Michelle, who attributes powers to her husband normally reserved for members of the clergy.

The most effective criticism of Obama comes from his left flank, with Tarpley providing the most coherent arguments. Critics from the right only provide Obama with oxygen, but Tarpley's critique exposes the defects of Obama's program and provides genuine alternatives to the current Trilateral/Wall Street agenda.
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on February 26, 2009
This book spends a great deal exposing the secrets of Barack Obama by focusing on the individuals and organizations that Obama has surrounded himself with, since the time he was born. It brings up how Obama's links to the Luo tribe of Kenya can be used as a geostrategic asset to cause instability in a few African countries to cut off vital resources to China. The book goes on to explain how Obama will likely have a catastrophic presidency on the scale of Jimmy Carter except much worser, due to the fact that his most important backers (Brzezinski, and Volcker) are linked to the Trilateral Commission. Tarpley isn't also afraid to go in depth of these same people as well, and how the ultimate Endgame of the Obama presidency is to bring the competing great powers to the United States, which are Russia & China, to their knees. This will be attempted by playing them against eachother, like how the British tried to do with the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. This Unauthorized Biography will be the most gut wrenching book you will ever read in your life.
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on April 8, 2009
First, I want to make it clear, I am no fan of President Bush, nor did I vote for McCain/Palin or Obama. My vote for a write in candidate who represents the US Constitution.

Also, to make this clear, Webster Tarpley is no fan of Hillary Clinton, although he is a Liberal.

"Barack H Obama The Unauthorized Biography is definitely one of the best historical accounts I have read in decades. Tarpley backs up everything he says in all his writing but none more so than in this book. If you've read Tarpley's Unauthorized Biography of George H W Bush the format is similar.

Tarpley goes into depth why Obama is a tool and brainwashed puppet of the Tri-Laterals and Bilderberger Group. He has been directly controlled by Zibigniew Brzezinski since 1983 and continues to be controlled still.

The young Obama-lemmings do not remember the disastrous Jimmy Carter Presidency. Zbig and company only had a few years to brainwash Carter for making the US live in austerity and put US politics into decades of reactionary politics. As Carter began to move away from the appointed script he had to be gotten rid of as President; thus the October Surprise and lost election of 1980.

With that cold defeat, fresh in mind. Zbig slinked back to teaching--even though it was at a hotbed of the elites and an Ivy League school, Columbia University.

Determined not to let the Carter fiasco happen again Brzezinski and the gang decided to groom a President that would get the New World Order up and running so they could make the lives of the Middle Class a living nightmare. Enter Barack H Obama one of the many foundation and quota babies brought up by the banking oligarchs since Richard M Nixon institiuted the insane idea of quotas.

(I'm not being racist here: quotas have not improved the lot of any group of minority--just a few individuals who suck it up and get richer and fatter but never reinvest in the lower socioecomic groups. If quotas must exist it ought not be race-based but rather given to the poor and down-trodden no matter one's race.)

The book goes in depth Obama's past history, Michelle Obama's history (both of their litany of lies, deceits, and pathologies), Obama's weakness as a human being and his inability to reconcile his father having multiple wives in Kenya, and why an Obama Presidency would be disastrous nationally and globally.

Tarpley discusses at length Obama worshipping existentialist and America-hater, Frantz Fanon and his mentor (Frank Marshall Davis) in Hawaii being a card-carrying member of the Communist Party, how Obama truly hates the American and European people and is extremely Afrocentric to the point of being racist.

The book details how far the Trilateral Commission thru Brezinski and Henry Kissinger and others went so far as to have a back-up Obama (in case he became unelectable) in the simultaneous grooming of Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. Several examples are shown how this was done.

Many former classmates, co-workers, profs, and employers are interviewed by Tarpley as well. Obama had bragged of his illicit drug and (potentially politcal suicide) use in his memoir 'Dreams of My Father.' Who publishes a memoir in their early 30's when they've accomplished nothing? Megalomaniacs.

Yet, while Obama's time at Columbia should've been a noteworthy memorable experience for himself he alleges he recalls little and remembers no friends' names. Either that is early senility manifesting, he was involved in something illegal or embarrassing, or something far more sinister took place.

As Tarpley's research presents itself it is quite possible this was when both Obama and Patrick were being indoctrinated (brainwashed) by Brzezinski and the elites. So, perhaps he really has no memory or more likely screen memories exist.

Both Barack and Michelle Obama like to embellish how their backgrounds were from destitute low-income families as youth. This myth is easily proven opposite in Tarpley's book.

This book discusses how Obama had never won a contested election prior to the US Presidentail election of 2008.
Tarpley relates the moves of the Hidden Hand/Big Brother at most opportune times, and involving unusual maneuvers that were done to make Obama's Senate and the Illinois Primary wins happen--such that all these maneuvers and their timing would be a statistical impossibility under normal circumstances.

Tarpley proves multiple times the corrupt company Obama keeps in the sleezy Chicago polital machine. A few examples include the Weathermen (Ayers and Dorhm), mafioso boss Tony Rezko, or racist Reverend Wright and his pseudo, CIA-created religion--Black Liberation Theology (created at thesynthetic religion factory/oligarch financed Union Theological Seminary).

Obama avoided distancing himself from Jeremiah Wright's hate doctrine ('"Wright of nationally televised/infamous words from his Sunday pulpit 'g-dammed America!')even after Wright was exposed and deposed from Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ; and all the while blaming his opponents of racism. Obama is always the one who plays the race card while slickly turning the blame on his opponents.

With Obama's cult-like following, especially of young idealogues who havn't carefully studied history even from the 20th century one needs to consider what is taking place.

When we have a demagoue with charismatic, messianic (but hollow) platitudes added to Big Banksters, Legislative Branch of Big Government mixed in with Big Business and swooning adolescents and others filled with despair, while demonizing a previous, incompetent, regime, then adding to the mix false promises of change and hope; we then have the recipe for fascism.

In less then 3 months of the Obama inauguration we already have the New World Order being officially anounced at the G-20 Summit, not to mention the trillions of dollars heisted by the banksters of Wall Street and City of London (the Sqaure Mile), not common Londoners for those who do not know the difference.

Kissinger and England's Prime Minister Gordon Brown are both on record saying Obama is just who they need to usher in their New World Order.

In summary, Tarpley's book is a major indictment on the Obama handlers and the newest puppet in the White House. Read this book and make your own conclusions. This book illustrates what my instincts had already told me.
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on May 14, 2010
The following is an excerpt from the chapter titled Obama's Triumph of the Will: 2008 Primaries
which is chapter IX in the book Barack H. Obama - the Unauthorized Biography by Webster Tarpley

Free Larry Sinclair, Obama's Political Prisoner

On June 18, 2008, Larry Sinclair appeared at the National Press Club in
Washington DC to officially deliver his bill of indictment against Obama.
Incredibly, he was arrested just after he concluded the press conference
Sinclair was taken into custody by DC police and US Marshalls in the Square
Bar off the Holemen Lounge, where he had spoken to the media. From
Wednesday to Monday, Larry Sinclair was held in the DC Jail, the victim of a
Gestapo-style enemies' list operation that went beyond Nixon, carried out just
three blocks from the White House. Sinclair had come to the National Press
Club to detail his charges that the self-proclaimed Democratic presidential
nominee Barack Hussein Obama had indulged in two homosexual encounters
complete with crack cocaine in early November 1999, that Obama was
complicit in the December 2007 assassination of Donald Young, the gay
choirmaster of Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ, and that
Obama's resident perception monger, David Axelrod, has paid the
pornographic website [...] $750,000 to organize a campaign of
character assassination against Sinclair, culminating in a faked polygraph test.
At the close of the press conference, Sinclair was arrested inside the press club
by US Marshals and DC police, apparently based on an old Delaware warrant.
The [...] owner, Dan Parisi, abortively called off his own
scheduled press conference in another room of the Press Club one it was
that Sinclair had been arrested.

I now have tried to do some research on this topic and see that most related information has been removed from the Internet even causual data that would merely document the relationship that Obama had with Donald Young. This lead me to only one conclusion that Obama must have played a part in this murder and his administration has covered it up.

I highly recommend reading the whole book to get a full background on this and dozens of other crimes committed by Obama and his administration. And he is now our president.
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EDIT of 14 Dec 08: Obama has been balanced in his early days, but conventional. He is appointing a "winner take all" Cabinet and going along with the Wall Street desires for massive bail-outs. He can be a great president if and only if he breaks the backs of the two criminal parties, invites Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney, and Chuck Baldwin to be a kitchen council, and passes Electoral Reform and the Smart Nation Act. I am not holding my breath but will hope for the best.

EDIT of 19 Oct 08 to point to comment from author on this review and add Associated Press image of Obama's Indonesian citizenship and Muslim faith as registered for school in Indonesia.

This book may have been published too late, and I have to ask myself if John McCain's staff is incompetent, or whether McCain has somehow been sidelined and "contained" so as to LOSE this election.

I have read a great deal, not just in books, but in articles, online, and so on, and I am fairly persuaded that Barack Obama has not been properly vetted, and that there is a conspiracy of silence that is extraordinarily well-funded.

I am especially troubled by the complete absence of any proof that he actually attended Columbia University; by the very high probability that he was in fact raised as a Muslim (until he returned to the USA); and by the very bad company that he keeps--and here I refer to Zbigniew Brzezinsky, and the Democratic "regulars," not Reverend Wright.

I am also troubled by the fact that most people of color see him for what he appears to be an elitist on the payroll of Wall Street corporations, a "House Negro" in their telling of the story, and hence the ideal "front man" for Wall Street's last great looting of what is left of the American treasury.

This book, which I could not put down once I picked it up, has eleven chapters, and each is incendiary. There are many places where I believe the author--a gifted historian whose integrity is unimpeachable--goes over the top on his political interpretations. A certain amount of filtering is required, but the bottom line for me is clear:

1) Barack Obama's valid US citizenship has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. His current birth certificate may be forged, and he may have lost his original one in the process of renouncing U.S. citizenship upon adoption. At a minimum he would appear to have conflicted loyalties.

2) His early years being raised as a Muslim have been proven by at least one enterprising reporter, but the entire media--a completely controlled enterprise that continues to refuse fully-funded public service advertisements--appears to have been ordered to cover this up.

I am going to have to read this book at least once more. The author provides a wealth of detail along three other paths that are very troubling:

1) Senator Obama is a shameless full-up member of the Chicago crime circles and corruption circles, and has not shirked from their financial sponsorship.

2) Senator Obama does not appear in any Columbia University literature, class photos, and has failed to produce a transcript of his claimed time at Columbia, or proof of graduation. His staff and his biographies are both adamant on not discussing this period in his life.

3) Senator Obama appears to have been groomed for his role, and to be a consummate actor who plays the role he is paid to play.

Here are the chapter headings, which the publisher has not seen fit to provide--with the caveat that the author sometimes goes a bridge too far with his interpretations of the facts, the facts are never-the-less there and I for one do not trust Obama, in large part because of the company he keeps and who he listens to.

Introduction: Obama from the Ford Foundation to the Trilateral Commission

Chapter 1: Obama's Roots in Polygamy and the Ford Foundation

Chapter 2: Columbia University and Recruitment by Zbigniew Brzezinski

Chapter 3: Foundation-funded Racism in Chicago: Jeremiah Wright and Michelle

Chapter 4: Apprenticeship with Foundation-Funded Terrorists: Ayers and Dohrn

Chapter 5: Obama's Heart of Darkness: Rezko, Auchi, Alsammareae, and Chicago Graft

Chapter 6: Grabbing a Senate Seat with a Little Help from his Trilateral Friends

Chapter 7: The Hope Pope and His Trilateral Money Machine

Chapter 8: "Our Souls Are Broken" -- "Feel Don't Think! Be Visceral!" -- Michelle Obama, Postmodern Fascist Ideologue

Chapter 9: Obama's Triumph of the Will: The 2008 Primaries

Chapter 10: Obama: A Looming World Tragedy

Chapter 11: Obama as Social Fascist

The appendices are fascinating and include an actual law suit that was not allowed to proceed, seeking force Obama to document his U.S. citizenship properly.

Like other anti-Obama books, one has to do some filtering, but at the end of it all, I have to treat books like this the way I treat books about the 9-11 "let it happen" and cover up: there is substance here that the public has a right to evaluate, and that the media is NOT evaluating.

PLEASE: buy and read this book for yourself and weight in with your own opinion. In my view, similar to books like Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil, there is enough here to indict, but not to convict. Only a mass of thinking citizens can go that last mile. My role here is to propose that you all do that: engage. I do want to emphasize that my greatest concern about Obama is not whether he is gifted (we know he is), but rather who is behind him, who controls him, and what his puppet masters will have him do--despite Colin Powell's endorsement, I trust John McCain to be independent, and I have seen Obama shut out those who would help him balance the Democratic "advisors" that are in my view dangerous.

Other relevant books:
Obama - The Postmodern Coup
The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media's Favorite Candidate
The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality
Obama Unmasked: Did Slick Hollywood Handlers Create the Perfect Candidate?
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