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on July 24, 2011
I purchased the Kindle (Wi-Fi) and the original Nook (the B&W one) and tried them out during the return period. While there were things about the Kindle I really liked (features that other reviewers on the Kindle site had written), the one thing that made me choose the Nook was the ability to borrow and read ebooks from my local library. Haven't been back to the library since!

Now here comes the Nook Simple Touch Reader (Nook STR). I got one via pre-order when they came out in early June. It has the same e-ink Pearl screen as the Kindle, so the screen contrast is no longer an issue. And wow, has the user interface improved over the original Nook! (which I thought was clunky) The entire e-ink Pearl screen has full touchscreen capability. On both the Kindle and the original Nook, I felt myself wanting to touch the screen to select a book to read, instead of using the buttons (on the Kindle) or the LCD touchscreen (on the original Nook) to highlight and select the desired ebook. On the Nook STR, the Library screen shows icons for all the ebooks loaded in the device (both library and purchased). Touch the icon, and the ebook opens. Turning the page? Touch the screen on the right side of the page (to go forward) or the left side (to go back). Or swipe your finger across the screen as in flipping a physical book page. Or use the buttons built into the frame. Want to page quickly through a book? Hold down the page turning button. Need a word definition? Touch and hold on the word and a dictionary pops up. The user interface resembles that of an iPhone or iPad, with the icons, virtual keyboard and the physical home button. It even has the "slide to unlock" feature like the iPhone. The touchscreen on the Nook STR is infrared (it senses the heat of your finger, again like iPhone), so a light touch works just fine. I found that on the original Nook, sometimes it would take multiple touches on the LCD screen for the device to recognize a command.

In response to the reviews about the touchscreen ceasing to respond, the pre-order Nook STR I had suffered from that problem. The touchscreen would become slow to respond, and eventually quit working altogether. A power cycle generally brought it back. I started a thread on B&N's website about this and found many others having the problem. I did take my Nook STR back to B&N and they exchanged it. Have had the replacement Nook ST for six weeks now and the problem hasn't returned. So don't be spooked about buying one due to this problem - if it happens to you, exchange it.

Going back to library books, I had to install Adobe Digital Editions onto my PC (my library had the link to download - free). This software allows you to manage your ebooks on your Nook.

The Nook STR is a good choice for seniors that may not have extensive computer skills. Using the device is easy enough, but loading books from a library website (via Adobe Digital Editions) requires a few steps to complete. If help is needed, it can be a positive relationship-building experience.

One last plus - once you get your Nook STR, check the "Shop" tab to access B&Ns website. Every Friday B&N offers a free book for download, and has discounts on other days of the week.
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on July 5, 2011
The device itself is amazing...

-great TOUCHSCREEN interface
-perfect reading screen
-clean looking design, small because there is no keyboard to make it bigger and it's smaller than the original Nook
-reads formats natively that the Kindle won't
-read all the ebooks you want in B&N stores for free
-library checkouts are easy
-press and hold on a word to get its definition
-highlight and take notes in a book easily

...but when you ROOT the thing it gets even better!

-Install the Gmail app to get your mail
-get the Opera browser (supports Flash!)
-install the Kindle app and you can read Kindle ebooks too
-Put it in host mode to attach an external keyboard
-Make sure to get the Home Button Savior app so you can switch back and forth between the B&N reader and the rest of the device's functionality.

I used these instructions:

[Amazon removed my link. Google "Root Nook Touch Using TouchNooter & Install Go Launcher, NookColor Tools, Gmail, Market & YouTube", it's the top link. ]

I will be buying LOTS of these as gifts, and I'm going to root them all! This is a perfect device for hackers and regular ebook readers too!

What's a Kindle? Never heard of it.
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on July 16, 2011
Just a short review of my two weeks with the Nook Simple Touch. This looked the the reader to get when it came out. Specifically for me the touch screen was a must. I enjoyed reading on it everyday until I returned it. It was light and extremely easy to navigate with its touch screen. What happened though, was on about the 12th day while using it the touch screen stopped responding. I couldn't turn a page with the screen or pull up a menu with the screen or do anything else. And, when I shut it off and turned it back on I couldn't swipe the screen to get into the book - I was completely stuck...locked out. Finally after fiddling with it after about 15 minutes it started to work again. I went on the web and found out that others had this same thing happen to them so I decided to return it rather then hope for a fix (I was still within my 14 days return policy).
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on July 14, 2011
Let me start off by saying that I am a fan of In the past month alone, I have made at least 12 purchases. I was browsing around just now and decided to see what customers thought of my newest electronic device. I was thrilled to see the high rating, but disappointed to see the price; $40.00 more than the thing costs at B/N since its release last month. Amazon, you need to do better here!

Now to the product - This is my first e-reader and I am certain that I went with the best product for me. As someone who buys a lot of books from Amazon, I would have preferred to have bought the Kindle,especially since Amazon has more of the types of books I read and for much cheaper than B/N, but I just do not appreciate those tiny buttons on the device. I absolutely LOVE my Nook Simple Touch, and I use it for several hours every day. B/N has Free Fridays - when you can download a featured book for free -, book share -with contacts on your device and social networks, and free reading of selected books when you are in B/N. My understanding is that I can go to local libraries and even borrow my books using my Nook; This may or may not be any special news.

The touch screen is a bit sensitive on the device, so if you prefer not to use it, they are also tactile "buttons" that will allow you to change pages. The home screen shows the book you are currently reading and the page number you are on - a few other books in your library, and some suggested readings. You can create shelves that you name on which to house your books by categories. They do not look like physical shelves, rather they are just a grouping of books.

Without going into more technical stuff that you can read online, I will say that if you are new to e-reading and you enjoy touch screens - AND YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PRODUCT THAT SIMPLY ALLOWS YOU TO READ - Do not hesitate to go into a B/N and try this out. Some people buy this expecting it to browse the web (although it does have a hidden browser that the techies are working to hack) - Play their audio files, when there is not headphone jack (Techies have discovered that it DOES have built-in bluetooth, however), and folks buy this and complain that they do not like how it does not display their magazines in color. It is not meant to do that - it is meant to be solely an enjoyable easy-to-use reading device that does not give you a whole lot of options to be distracted from the task at hand, READING!

This is why I bought it - Eventually, I will get a nook color - or a Kindle *color* if they come out with one, but for now, I thoroughly enjoy my Nook, which has encouraged me to slow down and spend so much more time in the peaceful, leisurely act of reading. In my excitement, I am reading like 8 different books at once. That is the great joy of having an e-reader - speaking to those who are, just as I used to be, resistant to the e-reading craze - there is no more lugging around a bag filled with books, and when I get tired of reading one, another book is just a couple of swipes away. I am learning about how to get all sorts of books for free or low cost, as well as learning how to take advantage of conversion and e-book management tools such as Calibre. I am having a blast with this thing!

Yesterday, I received a nice leather case for it that I purchased off Ebay for a great price. Once again, I looked to first, but there simply were not good options. I got a black leather Caseen case that also came with a screen protector for twenty bucks.
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on June 27, 2011
When I first saw the new Simple touch Nook being offered on the B&N website I knew I had to have it. I have the 1st generation Nook and I love it, but I was always envious of my friends NookColor's touchscreen. Now, I didn't want all the bells and whistles that the NookColor or the 1st Gen Nook has, I just wanted a simple eReader and I got that and more. I think what I love best about the Simple Touch Nook is how light it is, I can hold it in one hand and if I put it in my bag or purse it doesn't weigh it down. The touch screen is very responsive and makes turning pages a whole lot more simpler than my 1st gen Nook. The e-ink seems a little bit more crisper than on the 1st gen Nook and being able to adjust the font size is great! I do miss the replaceable battery of the 1st Gen Nook, but the battery life on the Simple Touch is amazing! I got mine on June 3rd and charged it up to 100% and I haven't charged it since. Now of course I don't read as much as some do...I maybe average about 1 hour a day, but to go almost an entire month and not have to charge the battery is amazing. I wish they would offer a silicone frame for it, because the cover I have for it adds more weight. I will say that a cover really isn't necessary, the Simple Touch front has a rubberized frame that invites you to use without a cover though you might just want to use a cover for protection when you're not reading. It's just a wonderful eReader.
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on July 16, 2011
Been in the market for an e-reader, I have tried to read on a tablet and it really just tires my eyes. Really when you are looking for an e-reader there are two brands you look at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I have tried both and you really can't go wrong with either reader.

However, the Nook Touch is currently the best e-reader available because of two major features:

1. Touch screen

2. Short body

Ok, so the Nook has no keyboard because of the touch screen, which makes this guy even more portable than the Kindle. Its the size of a small pamplet and weighs slightly more. You wouldn't think that this makes a difference, but it is almost pocket sized and with the same size screen as the Kindle.

Finally, but most importantly is the touch screen. The current trend in electronics is toward touch screens and there is a reason why. With out sounding too vague, it just "feels more natural". Want to turn the page? swipe, like you would if you were turning a real page. No button presses, or having to look away from the page, just gently flick the screen. Its so simple, but really makes a big difference and that really sums up the Nook.
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on December 25, 2011
OK so a rating of 1 for the product itself is unfair. This E-reader is highly rated by Consumer Reports and other reviewers, but if you own one and upgraded to the 1.1.0 firmware (automatically by B&N or manually) you may have lost your ability to connect via Wi-Fi in some Wi-Fi environments including in your own home. Various contacts via on-line support chat, telephone support and visits to Barnes and Noble stores have yielded the following: The people on the other end of the conversation basically have no knowlege of the problem and direct you through a series of needless exercises in hopes that something will work. If you escalate, you will eventually get to B&N personnel who will acknowledge the problem and proceed to give you a non-answer. If you compare this experience to the recent Kindle Fire problems you find stating they have a problem, what they are doing to fix it and an estimate of when things will be better. Recent announcements tell you that has followed through on this and that the first batch of fixes are already available. Barnes and Noble, acting in a manner that is the reverse of, continues to let those with the Wi-Fi problem live with that problem. While you will not find any reference to the problem on the B&N site a Google search on "Barnes and Noble Simple Touch W-Fi problems" or a similar search, will give you a better feel for Simiple Touch owners who are struggling. SOLUTIONS: Drive to another location where Wi-Fi works (suggested by one B&N person). For PC owners with Internet access, you can still connect to B&N from your PC, buy your E-product, download it and transfer it to your Simple Touch. Your less technical friends and relatives or those who do not have a PC and rely on working wFi-Fi may not be so lucky. Of course another solution would be to 1.Acknowledge the problem, 2.State and estimated date when a resolution may be available. 3.Fix the problem and announce the fix. did this. Why can't Barnes and Noble? Good luck to those without this problem. You have a nice light, long battery life E-reader that works well in appropriate lighting. The reading experience is quite nice. And for 1.1.X, lets hope it doesn't introduce you to the Barnes and Noble problem resolution experience.

2011-12-27: I continue to try to resolve this problem on my own and have so far determined that all other Wi-Fi devices (several) I own connect fine to my home network including a Nook Color (strange being it is from the same company). Also, others who have recently visited my home and needed to connect to Wi-Fi had no problems going through my router with their devices. I drove to a McDonalds for a test as well with some of my devices. All my other devices connected to Wi-Fi at McDonalds including the Nook Color. The Simple Touch "found" Wi-Fi at McDonalds but could not complete the connection using McDonald's "proxy" software where you had to comply before you could continue. The Nook Color was presented the acceptance message from the proxy through the browser on the Nook Color. I may not understand the correct procedure on the Simple Touch, but it does not appear to be obvious. The Simple Touch did connect via Wi-Fi at B&N and at my local library. Technicians I talked to advised against purchasing another router as a solution as the problem may also exist for other routers as well.
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on September 9, 2011
I know Amazon is going to hate me for this but here goes:

I used to have a Kindle 3. It was great. It made reading a pleasure however there were a couple of things I would have liked to change. I wished that it had a touch screen and that it was smaller.

When I saw the Nook Touch I thought that this is what my Kindle should be like. Well I decided to buy the Nook and I'm very, very pleased. I won't go into an in depth review of the device itself. You can find that just about anywhere. What I will say is the touch screen makes things so much easier. I love the on screen virtual keyboard (like the ipad) and the fact that it's a lot smaller than the Kindle 3 but with the same size and quality screen.

Since giving the Kindle to a relative I thought about the books that I already bought from Amazon and the fact that I now have to use my Android phone to read them since the Nook does not read Kindle books......or does it??

With a little research I was able to find out how to root my Nook Touch (voids your warranty). Now when I turn on the Nook, it gives me a dual boot screen (sort of). I can go to the Android desktop or the the Nook screen. Using the Android desktop which included the Android market I downloaded the Kindle reading app. I ran that app, logged into my Kindle account and now have all my Kindle book available on my Nook Touch. The only thing missing is text to speech but I didn't use that feature anyway. Yes it has a web browser, email and all the other Android apps available but most look pretty drab on a monochrome device. That isn't why I did this. I wanted a device to read my Nook Books and Kindle books.

I now have the best of both worlds.
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on March 3, 2012
I bought this Nook Simple Touch on, but when I received it, the WiFi would not connect. I tried my home network as well as several WiFi hot spots around town. Barnes & Noble Customer Service was NO HELP, telling me that, since I did not purchase the Nook Simple Touch from B&N, they could not help me, and suggesting that I needed to return it to the seller. I did return it, thinking it was damaged somehow, and the seller graciously gave me a full refund with no argument (kudos to him and Amazon!).

Later, I bought one from B&N, and it had the same problem. Again, B&N Customer Service was NO HELP, but did send a replacement. The replacement has the SAME PROBLEM and will NOT CONNECT to WiFi. Now, I'm arguing with B&N for a full refund.

Most of the reviews are glowing. But what they don't say is that B&N has this WiFi connectivity problem very commonly with the Nook Simple Touch. Even the B&N Forum has many references to the problem.

I'm not saying that you should not buy one of these Nook Simple Touches, and maybe you will not have the same problem. Just beware.

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on October 3, 2011
For all people confused on whether to get a nook or kindle...hopefully this helps!
After hours of researching countless articles and watching reviews, I thought the nook would be the best choice for me. Turns out I made a great decision! I used to be a strict physical book junkie, but now I enjoy reading both my nook and regular books. The thing that gets me is that I can bring it practically EVERYWHERE (in the car, doctor's office) rather than bringing my huge hardcover books. It's really a wonderful product.

Here's some highlights that won me over (before and after):
-After I charged my nook for the first time, the battery lasted about a month before dying, which is really great!
-Light, nice grip to hold
-LOVE the touch screen! When I'm at the gym I just tap on the screen and it's so much easier to read than holding pages on a real book (which I don't mind either)
-Format of the books are awesome, I love how you can see the covers.
-flashes EVERY SIX PAGES!! this feature made the biggest impact on my decision. I absolutely hated how the kindle flashed on every page. Huge turn-off for my reading experience.

Things that aren't so good:
-Touch screen freezes randomly (ie. when I accidently highlight something)...but it doesn't happen very often. I'm not that upset because all I have to do is reboot it and then it works perfectly again. I'm expecting the system updates will solve that in the near future. I'm pretty sure they are working on it right now!
-ebooks are the same price (sometimes more) than a physical book.

UPDATE (2/19/12)
nook update fixed the freezing!! my nook has been performing beautifully since my purchase in august!! :) i am a happy reader! GET THIS INSTEAD OF THE KINDLE! my friend has the kindle touch and it's way too unorganized. I love my nook because it still has buttons for those people who can't entirely adjust to an all touch screen device. For some reason buttons make me feel very comfortable, but I do however use the touch screen every once in a while. You don't get that luxury with the kindle! I LOVE MY NOOK! After playing around with my friend's kindle (she got it last month), it just reminded me that I made the right decision. yay nook!!

some advice..
-BUY A CASE OFF AMAZON! I got one for like 16 bucks and it's the best case I've ever had.
-Purchase the nook in best buy. They have extended warranties and they are great on customer service. Or you don't have to. Your choice.

So, all I have to say is... I LOVE MY NOOK! It makes me want to read more books because they're so accesible! At first, I was worried I wasted money, but this is truly a fine product. I really can't wait to grow old with it.
hope this helps! happy reading!
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