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on May 24, 2007
I didn't take any review courses so I depended soley upon this book and practice tests for preperation. It offered tips that I would have never thought of on my own, especially with the Critical Reading sections. I didn't use the math sections, but did use Writing and Reading extensively and was happy with both. I highly recommend this book. With it I went from a projected score of 2110 on my PSATs to a 2310 (1560 for Math and Reading) on my SATs, first try. Big help.
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on February 28, 2007
I know Mrs. Rosalyn Teukolsky, she is the computer science teacher at the high school where she taught me computer science. She is a fantastic math teacher and really knows her stuff. Nearly all of her students get 5's on the Computer Science AP exam due to her skill at teaching and the strategies she has developed over the years.

Speaking of strategy, Mrs. Teukolsky loaned me a copy of her book while I was studying for my SAT's and that is exactly what this book is for. It says right in the beginning that this is a book for those that know the majority of the material already, and that just need that extra edge to get a 2400. The tips, tricks and strategies in here are great, and I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels that need that edge to get a perfect score.
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on May 15, 2008
So, after scoring a 2040 on the SAT as a sophomore, I was looking for ways to ante up my skills. Barron's 2400 had what someone like me, who knows how to take standardized tests, needs -- practice with the hardest level of questions. This book is useful, but you need to couple it with a bunch of practice tests to test out your newfound skills and strategies (I recommend the official SAT book) in order to maximize your score.

So if you read all the strategies in the book, take lots of practice exams while applying the techniques you've learned, you'll probably raise your score significantly. This strategy worked for me, and it can probably work for you, too!

I got a 2340 on my second try : )
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on June 24, 2010
When I bought this book, I expected it to be better than the Official SAT Guide at preparing me to get a 2400. However, after going through the first few chapters, I realized the questions are HORRIBLE.

I've gotten an 800 in both Critical Reading and Writing sections on the SAT both times I've taken it, and really just wanted this book to help with math. But, since I bought it, I figured I should look at the Critical Reading and Writing sections anyway. I was surprised to find how different the practice questions are from the actual SAT-Barron shouldn't be able to say the questions are based on "real SAT" questions, because they are obviously not.

The questions seem very basic, like the authors didn't want to spend much time at all making them. They throw in a lot of (the same) "difficult vocabulary words" into the questions, but these really can't hide the fact that the questions themselves are extremely lower-level. And once you've done a chapter or 2, you know ALL the vocab words Barron uses-for instance, the word "myriad" was used in three separate questions in the same section---definitely NOT what happens on the actual SAT.

The answers for the questions are even worse. No answer seems to be the "best", they all seem to be equally correct or incorrect. The explanations for the answers are weak, with some of the "correct" answers so obviously wrong that I couldn't believe they even attempted to explain why they were right. The answers would NOT be correct on the SAT, so by learning what Barron deems "correct", I'm sure a lot of people would do worse on the SAT than they should.

On the otherhand, the strategies are refreshing and a lot different than the typical strategies given by other guides. They are concise, and only about 2 pages per section-they are much easier to read through than the Official Guide to the SAT, which is extremely long.

But that being said, the horrible questions (and even worse answers) ruin this book.

On the positive side, there's a helpful vocab list in the back (although it's pretty short, and quite basic) and the strategies are new and interesting, even if you don't decide to use them.

However, DO NOT buy this book if you are looking for helpful practice questions that will improve your SAT score. I'd recommend using the Official Guide---actual SAT questions from the maker---if you need them. Barron's SAT 2400 is good for brief strategies, but if you want to actually increase your score through practice, DO NOT buy this book.
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on June 22, 2007
The first time I took the SAT, I didn't really study that much - I just took two practice tests the week before. I got a 2120, which is an okay score, but not what I was hoping for. After studying from this book for approx. 2-3 weeks, I got a 2330 on my second try. Although it's not perfect, I'm really happy with this score. 1st try: 720 cr, 680 math, 720 writing --> 2nd try: 740 cr, 800 math, 790 writing. So it really helps! Good luck :)
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on November 15, 2009
Never in a million years would I dream I would have gotten a 2400. But I did, and it was not at all due to this book. All the tips in this book were just glorified tips found in other less pretentious, unassuming books that did not tout "2400." Moreover, the vocabulary section, which is supposed to be super challenging, was questionably easy for me. The math as well. It was disappointing. After completing one section of each, I never touched it again. Also, the book promised college advice, and the college advice was along the lines of "Get everything done early. Relax. Your SAT score isn't everything."

When it gets down to the SAT, nothing works better than practice tests, or at least practice sections. Books like these -- which are touted like quick fixes and easy solutions -- are definitely not worth your money. Get Barron's Workbooks, Princeton Review's Practice Tests, McGraw Hill's Practice Tests, all of which I used to earn my 2400!

I do NOT recommend this book, because of typos, unhelpful advice, and the image of being a quick "panacea." (SAT word!)
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on November 11, 2008
In the spring of my junior year I took the SAT for the first time-- I got a 730 CR 700 W 700 M, but I still wanted to do better. I read all the reviews for this book and it seemed to help many people, so I bought the book about two months before the October SAT. I studied off and on during that time, and I finished the math and reading sections but I only had time to skim the writing section. When I got my scores back I was a little shocked. I had spent most of my time studying the math section and not so much on the reading, but I ended up getting an 800 CR and a 670 M (30 points below my spring score). I got a 670 Writing (an 8 on the essay which was the same as the spring, but a 690 on the grammar multiple choice subscore which was 40 points below my spring score). I wasn't too concerned about the CR sections and just took my time on them and used Barron's piece meal reading method, but I thought that both the math and writing sections had gone really well and was expecting better score. I checked my score report and I still ended up getting the hard questions on the math wrong (even though I had been confident that I knew how to answer them with Barron's methods). I went very quickly while doing both the math and writing because I was confident I know how to do them all from Barron's. So it is a good book I guess, the reading techniques were really helpful. But WARNING: do not get overconfident when taking the test (which I think was what happened to me).
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on January 5, 2011
I suppose that this book is okay, I haven't read it much. When I went to check out the mathematics section, I found out that ALL formulas DO NOT show up on the Kindle. This is a serious flaw in the Kindle version, so if you were planning to buy it on Kindle, do not. DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK ON KINDLE.
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on October 13, 2010
As an SAT prep tutor, I needed a supplementary textbook for my high-flying top scorers, something to challenge them, hold their interest, a collection of questions that would actually be hard for them. This book was not the answer. The questions do not, as a rule, appear any harder than in any of the general SAT prep books for the average student. The techniques and strategies presented are, frankly, lame. Silly mnemonics and corny advice do not engage the smartest kids, or me, or anyone else, probably. I returned the book.
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on May 5, 2008
I bought this for my daughter after she already received 99% on ACT and was preparing for SAT. After the test, she said that this book was most helpful of any other source she used.
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