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on February 22, 2006
This book was a comlete an utter waste of time and money. I threw it away rather than resell to an unsuspecting buyer. Totally based on gossip, rumors, and disgruntled acquaintances of Mr. Manilow. It is an unathorized biography and Ms. Butler has never spoken to Barry Manilow. How do you write someone's life story without accurate sources? She also trashed Jim Morrison and had some sort of scandal about a scholorship fund or charity she promised the profits from that book to. I don't believe a word she writes about anyone or anything. Save your money.
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on May 6, 2003
After hearing about this book from friends and fellow Barry fans, and after witnessing her behavior toward those fans on the internet, I figured it wouldn't be worth it. After all, she even said on the usenet group that she was not a fan of Barry Manilow. Seeing that I wondered how can a someone who does not even like their subject possibly be objective? Then I decided to give it a chance and I read it when a friend let me borrow hers.
The book did not contain much new information. The author's research consisted of second and third-hand accounts of Barry's life and stops at about the same time Barry's own autobiography "Sweet Life" did. She did not speak to anyone involved with Barry now or even Barry himself. She interviewed Barry's step-mother and past co-workers and acquaintances who may or may not have an axe to grind.
The author also decided not to write about or expand upon things written in Barry's autobiography "Sweet Life" saying she did not think them important or relevant. She devotes space to Barry's alleged homosexuality but fails to say anything about Barry's love affair with Adrienne Anderson before she got married. Barry, himself, mentions it in "Sweet Life." To me, something like that would have been interesting to read.
The chapter devoted to the fans makes most fans out to be stalkers, mentally ill, and obsessed women. In fact, quite the opposite is true. I personally know many fans who lead perfectly normal lives. They work and have significant others, spouses & families. They are also there for each other in times of crisis, sometimes in person, but mostly on the BarryNet (BMIFC site). I have personally been on the receiving of such support in the form of lovely e-mails, cards, and even in-person from wonderful fans. These people are nothing like how they are portrayed by this author. While I am sure there are those who are obsessed, I am also sure they are in the minority.
The final chapter was very difficult to follow. The author skips around trying to tie up loose ends. If you want to see some new and different pictures, the book delivers there, but as for literary content, there is not much there that most fans don't already know (his true age being one) or have suspected. My recommendation, don't waste your money if you want to read it, borrow a copy from someone.
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on January 28, 2002
I gave in and bought it. (Yes, I AM such a sucker!!! It mentions Barry? OK, here's my wallet). I had my doubts when the author admitted in the preface that she has attended only one concert back in the 80's and has not bothered to see a single show since. So much for research.
Actually, it started out OK. It provided a few more details than Sweetlife about Barry's time with Jeane Lucas and describes the studio on 27th and how he used to hang with his neighbors in the garden they shared....Butler's actually fairly good on the really old stuff. Fun trivia on his attempts to win a dance contest for American Bandstand, his first Jazz group when he was in high school (I didn't realize that group lasted several years), a few details on some of the other shows he produced besides the Drunkard. I didn't know Barry had been drafted either, or that his dad only had part of a foot....
However, after the end of the 77 tour, she just breezes through stuff. Paradise Cafe gets only a couple paragraphs at the end of the book, and Harmony gets ONE LINE on page 232 of a 235 page book!!! Hunh??? That's inexcusable. Even "Copcabana the Musical" gets a paragraph or two.
It's clear she talked to a lot of the "old" people in Barry's life, but apparently no one since 1980 will even speak with her. Therefore, her book essentially ends after 1978--at least Sweetlife goes up to the mid-80's! She had another 13 years to discuss, yet she has nothing to say. Even his mother, Edna, who figures prominantly in the beginning, is never mentioned again after she enters the sanitarium and sends him a letter. If you didn't know better, you'd think she was never released!
Butler also goes ON and ON and ON about his dad. Obviously the one person Butler spent the most time talking with was Annie Kelliher, Barry's dad's second wife. She spends WAY too much time discussing his father. While I'm sure all this shaped him as a child, I really don't think it was the defining point in his life. Move on....
Also, Butler spends the last few chapters trying to explain why the critics didn't like goes on forever but she never makes her point. Finally, she copies pages and pages directly from the book Starlust. These pages describe the two absolute worst fanatics as typical fans---people with severe mental problems. Any woman who cries after she has sex with her husband because he isn't Barry or one who talks to Barry ALL day long (she imagines he's working in the other room and offers him coffee) is clearly MENTALLY ILL and needs immediate treatment.
If you abolutely MUST have this book to "complete your collection", do yourself a favor and stop reading after the first 75 pages-maybe sooner. Better yet, save your money. I wish I did.
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on January 20, 2002
Why did she write this book? It's clear that she does not have an ounce of respect for her subject. Aside from a few never-before-seen photos, this book was a waste of time and money. I found it odd that for the most part, the book seemed to end in the early 80's, around the same time Manilow's own autobiography ended (coincidence?), with very little mentioned about his accomplishments over the last 20 years in the last chapter. The chapter on his fans was an embarrassment to read, focusing on a few fans who seem to have lost touch with the real world. The author's sources are old magazine articles and interviews from people who have not been associated with Manilow for many years. The constant "reminders" of his sexuality became tedious, popping up several times for no apparent reason. The book also seems to go out of its way to discredit things Barry himself said in his own book with "let me tell you what REALLY happened" third-party accounts and the author's own speculations.
If you really want to read this book, wait until you find it at a yard sale.
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on February 19, 2002
Although it includes some interesting facts from Manilow's early years in the music business, this book seems to rely heavily on the recollections of his father's second wife, a disgruntled former employee, and a long-ago singing partner. There's really nothing past around 1980. The author obviously was unable to speak to any of Manilow's present day associates and friends.
The fact that 1984's "2:00 AM Paradise Cafe" (which was a major event in his musical career when he worked with jazz greats such as Gerry Mulligan, Shelly Mann, and Mel Torme) was merely glossed over, and there is virtually no mention of either of Manilow's theatrical efforts ("Copacabana" and "Harmony") where his heart seems to have been for the past 10 or so years, the book is totally incomplete. The past 20 years are, for all intents and purposes, nonexistant.
Altogether a disappointing book about someone with a 30 year musical career. Not to mention the rather caustic way the author chose to depict Manilow's fans as pathetic creatures totally out of touch with reality, and she did that by quoting page after page from an obscure British book called Starlust. Having been to a few of his concerts, and talked to some of his fans, the author is way off the mark to use a large chunk of that bizarre book to describe ordinary people who enjoy his work. Perhaps none of them would speak to her.
I was hoping to learn more about his life after 1983 when his autobiography ended, but I guess I'll wait for him to write the second volume. I wouldn't recommend buying this book as it's so incomplete.
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on September 24, 2013
This account jumps around without solid proven facts based on the crux of the read. Ms. Butler is making the claim that Barry Manilow is gay but she fails to 'prove beyond a doubt that he is'. Other areas such as his early life and family lineage may be accurate; however, her main objective bombs. This is mostly tabloid nonsense and it should never have gone to press in the manner presented. I have read many authentic Manilow interviews from the man himself and until someone can produce concrete proof of his personal life and choices, this is nothing but gossip. I read it for study purposes only as I do not read tabloid gutter character assassination junk. This is just that and I learned something about people who will do anything to make money off of a celebrity. The chapter on the fans is disgusting. She ought to be ashamed as I am one of those fans.
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on December 18, 2001
This book presents no new information on Barry Manilow's life. Much of it quotes from Manilow's autobiography--you're better off reading it from the man himself. In fact, the "biography" portion of the book ends when Manilow's book was published (in 1987!)--there is no information about Manilow's life since then. The author dwells on the negative aspects of his life and career and gets into "he said/she said" discussions about certain incidents in his life. The more interesting part of the book comes with the last two or three chapters where the author interviews noted music journalists to determine reasons why Manilow has never gotten the critical acclaim he deserves.
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on January 28, 2002
Let's see ... your assignment, should you choose to accept it is to write a "tell-all" bio of a famous singer. Thank heavens for the internet, it's easy to copy old reviews and articles (none past 1980). Family secrets ... oh there's a few. Put his mother in a sanatarium but never mention her again. For grins and giggles, interview disgruntled family members and/or former employees who are upset that they have been ignored all these years, and while we're at it, insult your buying audience by the 2nd paragraph. Wait for the buyout sale at the Dollar Store and in the meantime, study "how to win friends and influence people".
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on October 13, 2002
If you ever decide to write a biography about someone, it should be someone you are familiar with. This book was a total disappointment. Ms. Butler only spoke with or used material from people that were no longer involved with Barry. His step mother and her daughter, Lee Gurst, etc. Where were the interviews with Marty Panzer, Linda Hall, Roberta Kent, the people that really know him. This book discussed neurotic fantasies that lonely women had over Barry, expressed his sexuality over and over and over, discussed him lying about his age by 3 years, and tried to figure out why the critics hate him, and didn't do a very good job answering that question. I started listening to Barry in 1978 and know more about the man than she even tried to put in her book. Ms. Butler tried to ruin the man's reputation and discourage us from enjoying the man and his music. I truly don't care what anybody has to say about Barry Manilow. His music has a message and for millions of die hard fans, he is who he is and we accept him for that. This book is a waste of money. It was also a waste of the author's time.
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on October 25, 2002
I bought this book thinking that Barry had authorized it and had actually cooperated with the author. I could not have been more wrong;the fact that I had to order it instead of finding it on the shelves should have told me something. This woman has set out to trash Mr. Manilow's reputation and she's found just enough people with a dislike for the man and a reason to be less than truthful to do it. If she had proof of why he was rejected by the draft board why didn't she publish it in the book? She could certainly have gotten a copy from the pentagon under the Freedom of Information Act. Lee Gurst claims that he, the rest of the band, and Lady Flash were fired after the shows in Las Vegas yet, all of the members of Lady Flash were with him for the Live at the Greek cable special which was filmed in1978.He also neglected to mention that Barry produced an album for the girls in 1976, and how could Michael Deveraux have possibly gone cruising the bars as he so charmingly put it when, he was in the intensive care unit recovering from an accident that nearly killed him and then had to return to New York to finish recovering.
As for Jeanne Lucas, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned as the saying goes. For every rumor about Mr. Manilow's supposed homosexuality, there are rumors about his involvement with women;one of whom is named REPARATA and I sincerely doubt Mr. Manilow was the one to start them. Lastly, I'd like to point out that I can't imagine any woman staying with a man to cover for him no matter how deep the friendship is,for over thirty years and if these rumors were true, I'm certain the tabloids would have printed it years ago. If anyone reading this book changes their mind about Mr. Manilow because of these allegations, then they weren't truly fans to begin with. I'm sadly disappointed that Ms. Butler decided to hurt someone she's never even met for no reason I can think of.Don't waste your money buying this book.
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