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Format: Video GameChange
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57 of 69 people found the following review helpful
on May 29, 2012
Arkham City is a DEFINITE MUST PLAY experience. If you have never picked up the original then this is DEFINITELY the version to get. As legendary as Arkham City was, there were definitely problems with disc reading and data corruption that will all be likely fixed in the Game of the Year Edition. It is an amazing game and has so much to do and so much more depth than it seems at first glance. The Game of the Year edition is a must buy if you skipped out on the original version because buying the Nightwing, Robin, Catwoman, Skins, Batcave and Harley's Revenge packs can be slightly expensive. As great as the game is, the riddler's revenge campaigns and predator missions can be a little tricky. Getting the missions requires pretty specific routes that are hard to figure out on your own, but if you check out some YouTube videos it'll give you a good foundation in defeating these stages. Regardless, the Riddlers Revenge challenge maps are still fantastic. They also could have also taken some bigger risks with the side mission villains. With some of the side missions they could have had some intense boss battles but instead they have it end with a push of a button. Regardless the side missions are still pretty cool.
Once again, if you have never played this game then definitely pick this edition up. It's by far one of the GREATEST games ever made. Can't wait for the third one.

P.S. Harleys Revenge is a perfect ending to the Arkham City storyline which even more makes the Game of the Year edition a better purchase than the original one.
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112 of 141 people found the following review helpful
on December 12, 2012
I love this game. It's one of the best you can get on the ps3. I bought it right away when it was released and played the heck out of it. I didn't end up springing for any of the DLC because I don't have a reliable high speed internet connection where I'm currently living. So I was very excited when they released this game of the year edition with all of the previous DLC content on disc. I was able to pick this up as a gold box deal with the plan to gift my old standard copy to my brother. I was very excited to play the extra content. BIG WARNING FOR DOUBLE DIPPERS: THIS GAME WILL NOT SYNC UP WITH YOUR ARKHAM CITY(STANDARD EDITION) GAME SAVES. It creates a whole different set of save files. Very annoying for someone who has already sunk myriad hours into the game to have to start over at 0%. Worked out great for my brother though, because I couldn't wrap my head around playing this game all over again from scratch so I gifted him the GOTY version instead(after I sampled some of the content playing as a non upgraded Batman or course). Overall this game is amazing, and if you haven't purchased it yet then this is the best one to get. However, if you are considering double dipping, be forewarned that you will be starting over completely from scratch at 0%.
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12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on July 27, 2013
Batman: Arkham City is one of the best superhero games I ever played, everything from the opening to the credits is amazing. The voice cast is great with some of the the actors from the animated series returning such Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as The Joker. The gameplay is also amazing and addicting I would just free roam the city as Batman and beat up thugs, another great thing is the story which is better than most other comic book based video game stories, its original and isn't based on any comic book story lines or any episodes of the animated series so it easy to jump in if you're new to Batman. The only thing bad I have to say it sometimes glitches and you may get stuck or your detective mode won't work properly, but it does not happen too often and its not a deal breaker. If your a fan of Batman you need to get this game and if you like video games you need to get this game. 5/5
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on August 1, 2013
Rocksteady's first entry into the Batman series with Arkham Asylum was a admirable one, and like many first efforts it showed with some unpolished edges and overall limited scope with the game design. Arkham City from its very outset is the Batman game most fans really wanted. It's got a nice big prison built in old Arkham to explore, plenty of challenges to keep you entertained, and a revamped and accessible fighting system. In short, Batman Arkham City is not just the best Batman game, but the best Superhero game to date.

The story takes place within the walls of Arkham City, as you could probably guess. Arkham City is an old part of Gotham City that has been repurposed into a open prison, with the inmmates free to run around and do as they please. This means that the main villains like Two-Face, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, The Joker and many others are all waging war with each other over territory when the game begins. This is all occurring under the watchful eye of Dr. Hugo Strange, orchestrating events within the Prison that Batman is tasked with uncovering. The story begins with Bruce Wayne being thrown into Arkham City as a prisoner by Hugo Strange, knowing full-well that he is Batman. Don't want to say much more than that since playing through the game is the best part. Beyond the main story there are several side-missions to play through involving various Batman villains, and I've found them all to be worth the time to play through.

The game does an admirable job about making you feel as powerful as Batman with a very easily accessible fighting system. Even if you've never played games that involved physical combat, you can pick up how to play Arkham City within a few minutes, and work on becoming an accomplished fighter over the course of the game. The game also does an excellent job keeping the game continuously challenging by ramping things up smoothly in difficulty and variety. It's not often that I can say that about a game, and it made the game very entertaining to keep playing without frustration. There are plenty of gadgets to use as well, from the trusty grappling hook to more elaborate weapons like the freeze grenade. There is a seamless integration between the open world exploration and the missions themselves, which makes the whole game feel like a continuous experience. There's also some elements of detective work, though it's not one of the core experiences unfortunately. Hunting down your enemies from the dark and terrifying your enemies has never been more satisfying.

The graphics of this game are well done, and a notable step up in terms of some of the textures compared to Arkham Asylum. I think the game looks very good, especially considering the continuously smooth framerate throughout. The use of darker colors everywhere though does help mask some of the less pretty sights, but hey Arkham City is meant to look run-down which it absolutely does. The real winner is the sound-design, always finding such powerful tracks to play when you have to take down the enemies in a room or are tasked with just a difficult fight or mission. It just fits so perfectly and gets you pumped up when you're playing through those scenes. I actually am considering buying several pieces from the game soundtrack because of how well-done they were.

You get to play as Catwoman for part of the campaign and for certain side-missions, and thankfully her missions are entertaining and she genuinely does play differently than Batman. Batman hits very hard and has many gadgets whereas Catwoman is much swifter and more agile with her whip and bolas to keep enemies down. If you're a big Batman fan like I am you will find plenty of extras like riddler trophies and puzzles to solve to keep you very entertained for quite a while. I had a lot of fun trying to solve puzzles related to characters and events I recall from watching Batman: The Animated Series as a kid. It took me a decent amount of time to finish up everything in the main story and there is game-plus mode for those who want a real challenge since it removes the warning signs for incoming attacks and lets enemies hit harder. There's also the challenge missions where you can play as Nightwing or Robin trying to get a higher score.

All in all, if you're a Batman fan or just someone that wants to know what it feels like to be Batman - Arkham City is the game for you. I know Arkham Origins is coming out later this year, but since it is being made by a different studio than the one that made Arkham City I'm a bit cautious about how it'll turn out. Whether it turns out to be good or bad, I can tell you right now that Arkham City is great and worth playing on its own merits.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 27, 2013
Having originally bought the Arkham Asylum Game of the year a few months ago and playing it through and loving it, I couldn't resist getting Arkham City GOTY for only 15 bucks. For that 15 bucks, I was not disappointed. Arkham City brings all the fun things that made Arkham Asylum a fun game to play and made it better. Better graphics, a great story, better music, better fighting, more things to do and use and a bigger area to search and explore. And with the GOTY edition you get all the extra stuff as well including more things to do with Harley Quinn and Catwoman. All that for 15 dollars is a steal.

For those that haven't played the first Batman Arkham Asylum, it is not necessary to start there but I highly recommend not passing up the first before you go to the sequel as the first will wet your appetite for this one and you will be amazed at what they did for the follow up in Arkham City. It is not often that you have a sequel that does so well at adding and bringing more that what the first game did.
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14 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on August 22, 2012
This is a review of Batman Arkham City: Game of the Year Edition for the PS3

After completing Batman Arkham Asylum: Game of the Year Greatest Hits (At least all of the Campaign Story including the Riddler Challenges) I was all ready for Arkham City. However, the edition I wanted was the newly released GOTY (Released May of this Year) since this not only had literally almost ALL the DLC that came out before, during and after the initial release of the original edition that came in October of 2011 (See included DLC Below) but also included the Batman: Year One Movie for free as a Digital Download from the PSN Network, and the price was almost $50 dollars at the time I originally looked so I decided to wait. Then one day God answered my prayers and had dropped the price for $29.99 with prime for about a week, upon the initial discovery of this I immediately ordered the game and was in business 2 days later. The price eventually did go back up between $45 to $50 dollars, again I was very fortunate. For those who played the first game this is basically Batman Arkham Asylum on Venom, it about 3 times the size, complexity, and overall fun of the 1st game on a much Wider Open End Scale that will have you playing for days. Not only do almost all the characters from the 1st game return (With both Batman and Joker being voiced again by both Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil Respectively) but so do some of Batman's other staple villains are prominently featured in this game like Two-Face, Penguin (voiced by Nolan North of the Uncharted Franchise), Mr. Freeze, Hugo Strange, Ra's al Gul , Clayface, The Mad Hatter, Deathshot and more. As far as Batman's allies not only are you rejoined by Oracle but you are joined by Robin, Tim Drake, the 3rd incarnation, Playable in the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC Expansion pack and the challenge Maps). Nightwing, Dick Grayson The original Robin, only playable in the Challenge Maps. Alfred Pennyworth (Bruce Wayne's Loyal Butler) who acts as a secondary Intel source and helps supply Batman's arsenal through the game. Catwoman, Batman's on again off again foe and ally and sometimes more, while in Arkham City on her own agenda she does come through for Batman when the situation warrants. She is playable in the Main story Campaign (Due to Catwoman's Expansion pack DLC being integrated into the Main Arhkam City Story Line) and of course all the challenge Maps. This game definitely delves deeper into the Batman Mythos and explores more of not only Batman's character but that of its supporting cast as well.

Plot: Almost a year after the events of Arhkam Asylum, Mayor Quincy Sharp (The former Warden of Arhkam Asylum) has decided to close both Blackgate Prison (Which housed all of Gotham's toughest Criminals) and Arhkam Asylum since in his opinion they could no longer "adequately" house Gotham's criminal population and in its stead relocate them into a large district of Gotham's oldest and slummiest district. This relocated district of Gotham would be cut off from the rest of Gotham City and be called "Arkham City". Bruce Wayne, Gotham's most wealthy and respected citizen (Along with Batman's alter Ego) stages a peaceful demonstration on the dangers of the new prison when the new Warden of Arhkam has Bruce Wayne taken captive by his mercenary security. The New Warden then confronts Bruce (who turns out to be Batman's old Nemesis Hugo Strange) of cooperating with his plans or face the risk of his secret identity being exposed. Hugo Strange then promptly turns Bruce over into the Prison population and then is almost immediately taken by Penguin, who holds a nasty grudge against the Wayne Family. Once Bruce takes out Penguin and his thugs he has Alfred Air drop his Batsuit into Arhkam City. Once Bruce dons his famous cowl he then starts his quest to find out who is really behind Arkham City, What is "Protocol 10", and along the way once again Batman squares off with Joker who is slowly dying from the after effects of injecting himself with the mutating TITAN formula from the events in Arkham Asylum, who wants to finally even the score with the Dark Knight once more before his ultimate fate is decided.

Gameplay: As with Arhkam Asylum the majority of the Game is played in the 3rd person aspect only shifting to 1st person when going through underground service vents or building air Shafts. The Controls are very similar to asylum on controlling batman with a few exceptions mainly concerning the location of Batman's gadgets. Rocksteady improved the free flow fighting system to make it more rhythmic than the 1st game. You get most of Batman's Gadget's and upgrades that you received at the end of asylum however there are improved modifications that as before you will have to earn the necessary XP in order to receive them. The Riddler's Challenges has not only doubled in quantity of finding or solving (Going from 240 to 440 from the 1st game) but you may have to actually disarm or solve a sequence of combination to retrieve the Riddler Trophy, and some of them can only be retrieved/solved as Catwoman. There are approximately 12 side missions that can be done either during the main campaign story or after including one side mission that is integrated with the Riddler's Challenges. The Predator and Combat challenge maps are back in spades including some that have combined some of the other challenge Maps with a Side Scrolling "Street Fighter" Style Challenge Maps.

Plus Mission: The "Plus" Mission is the campaign story of Batman Arkham City that is unlocked after completing the intiail campaign that auguments the challenge of each of the original objectives of the original campaign story and side missions. For example, if you originally say fought 6 or 7 henchman unarmed you are now facing that same objective with maybe one and a half to twice the number of henchman with knives and shock stickes. Another example is on a predator Map instead of the henchmen being just "armed" they are now using the "Armored" henchmen with a gun that cannot be taken down silently from behind. There are a couple of cool things in plus Missions for example you get to use all the upgrades and gadget obtained in the intial campaign story from the get go except if the part of the story you are exploring does not allow you to use the gadget yet. You can choose what Batman Skin you would like to use (See below of list of available Batman skins) instead of the Default Batman Skin. You do not have to "re-solve or re-find" any of the Riddiler's Riddles or Riddler Trophies if you have already solved or found them in the intial campaign, however you may have to resolve a riddle or 2 if the story dictates.

Level Of Difficulty: Even through there are only 3 Dificulty options listed (Easy, Normal, and Hard) there are actually a total of 6 dificulty levels once you include the Plus Missions. For example if you play Arkham City on "Normal" when you unlock the "Plus" Mission the difficuly is harder than "Normal" but not has bad as Hard. Overall Rocksteady diffently fixed the "Difficuly" problem from Arkham Asylum where there was only the Easy, Normal, and Hard and the Hard Difficuly felt more like a Normal Difficuly with the exception of the Posin Ivy Boss fight. I orginally started playing Arkham City on hard but actually had to lower it to Normal to play the game the 1st time through.

Included DLC (Downloadable Content) With the Game of the Year Edition - Basically everything that was released from the time of Pre-order of the original Edition of Arhkam City to the release of the GOTY Edition of this game is included with this game:

- The Catwoman Expansion Pack and additional Skins, Integrated into the main Campaign Story.
- The Harley Quinn's Revenge Expansion Pack, takes place 2 weeks after the Main Campaign events in Arkham City. The Story has both Batman and Robin as playable Characters.
- Batman Alternate Skins Bundle which include The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, Batman Inc, The Sinistro Corps, Silver Age (1970s) Batman, Batman: Earth One, Batman Beyond, Animated Batman, and of course the original skin for the game.
- The Nightwing Bundle which include the Animated Skin and additional Challenge Maps.
- The Robin Bundle which include the Red Robin and Animated Robin Skins along with the additional challenge Maps.
- As an additional Bonus The Batman: Year One animated Movie based on the original Batman Year One Comic Story as presented in Batman Vol.1 #404 thru #407. Available as a free DLC Download on the PSN Network in the Northern United States and Canada until March 31st, 2013.

All of this together is approximately worth $60 - $70 dollars if purchased seperately that comes with the GOTY Edition for free.

3D: As with the 1st game N/A on the 3D since I feel playing it in 3D would ruin some aspects of the game. However for those who want to take advantage of the 3D aspect be warned this game DOES NOT COME WITH THE 3D GLASSES! You will have to go to the Trioviz web site to order the 3D glasses, just do a google search for the Trioviz website.

Plus Side of the Game:

- Even through the same Game Engine was used for the games graphics (Epic Games Unreal Engine 3) as in Asylum the Graphics are a lot more detailed and life like than previously displayed in Asylum (The graphics for that were just awesome as well!).
- Easier to control the free-flow combat maneuvers than in Asylum
- Being able to Play Batman in his other skins once you have completed the intial campaign
- The completely Open Ended Map of Arhkam City itself, not as limited as Arhkam Island.
- Great Story, Once again wonderful job by veteran Batman writer Paul Dini.
- Top Knotch performances by Mark Hamil (Joker), Nolan North (As a uniqely more bestial Penguin), Kevin Conoroy (Batman), and Wally Wingert in a very expanded and more menacing Riddler (His role was basically reuced to 3rd string in Ayslum to only voice).
- Great Expansions on Batmans Gadget and Gliding abilities.

Minus Side of the Game: While there really is no real minus side to this game (At least to where I would knock a star off) there are a couple of annoyances...

- The Controls did not always respond as you would like them to (Same problem as in Asylum)
- After the game ends the thugs you take down as Batman do not "Stay Down" for the rest of the after missions which can be annoying when they regenerate a couple of screens later.

In Conclusion: Not only is this a Worthy follow up to Asylum but in alot ways superior to the 1st game. This is well worth the purchase and even if you have the original version of this game I would still think twice about purchasing the GOTY Edition if you do not have the additional DLC already. A Must buy for true Batman Fans! If you have not played Batman Arkham Asylum: Game of the Year Greatest Hits go ahead and pick this up first, Arkham City references alot to Asylum and for approximately $17 new you might as well play it anyways.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on July 10, 2012
I love this game. The extras that the GOTY edition has make it a very easy purchase. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. A no brainer.
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7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on August 5, 2013
Just LOVE IT!!!

Simply a great game. great deal for all the extra contest offered. For the price, It was just a gift.

Totally recommended, not even necessary had played the Batman Arkham Asylum, but recommend to buy also that one. Simply 1 of my top games at my library at this moment.

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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on August 16, 2013
This game has inspired me to become a real Dark Knight. I made a suit out of garbage bags & junk yard parts. I now walk the streets at night protecting the city that gave me so much.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2014
Sneaky, sneaky! Some aspects of this game are pretty easy, especially if you've played Arkham Asylum and have familiarized yourself with some of Batman's basic functions. Some scenarios are just plain hard, but determination is everything! One groovy thing about the game is being able to enjoy the scenarios with other villains besides the Joker. I enjoyed being able to knock the Penguin out, and Harley Quinn deserved the punch I gave her on first sight. Catwoman is fab. No game is perfect, but Batman: Arkham City makes a really good try at it.
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