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Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Collector's|Change
Price:$88.01+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on October 26, 2013
If you're like me, you saw the photo of the "Collector's Edition" for Batman: Arkham Origins and thought to yourself, "I can't afford to not buy that!" It sure seemed like you were getting an awful lot for $120 and man, did you see that statue? You cleared a space on your shelf for the gorgeous statue with bright LED lit screens, each clearly displaying a villain, cartoon, or whatever. Your package came and you patiently went through the contents, pretending to care about some Batwing specifications, knowing that waiting for you at the very bottom was that statue. You carefully unwrap the tape around the styrofoam protecting the statue and pull it out and... oh. It's basically a kid's toy. It feels incredibly plastic and disposable, the floor is warped on the right side, and the whole thing feels oddly empty. That's alright, those sweet LED screens will make this baby glow. Put in the batteries, flip the switch, and... oh. The screens barely light up and the images are blurry and nearly impossible to make out. I'm not sure how WB can legally present a product to be a certain way and end up delivering something so inferior, but I feel a little taken. Let me assure you, you can afford to not buy this.

This is for the exclusive content of the Collector's Edition only. I haven't played the game enough to rate it.
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on October 27, 2013
I've never done a review before so I'm just going to bullet point this.
Also this is simply a review of the collector's edition not the game.

1. From what I've heard this was supposed to have two spoiler items I got one.

2. I'm guessing the styrofoam was set over the statue before the paint had dried because some of it had adhered to the top, and back of the tv sets, and to Joker's back quite a bit on Joker's back actually. (I've had to scrape this off with a knife)

3. The back bottom of the statue it seems has a peg out (where the floor of the statue meets the bottom) and try as I might it will not go in. I don't even know if it will go back in. (So its kind of broken)

4. No Knightfall DLC code. (Its free on PSN)

Honestly anyone of these might not have been that big of a deal but all of them put together plus the $$$ I paid for this....
Guess the joke is on me. (Pun intended)
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on November 5, 2013
This review is for the so-called "collector's edition".

When Batman: Arkham Asylum came out, I didn't rush to the store to pick it up and actually got it a few years later during an Cyber Monday special for under $10.00. It was the game of the year edition, I liked Batman and figured that one day I'd get around to playing it. Months later I finally put it in and was immediately hooked. I loved every moment of it. So much so that I did something that I never do, I immediately went out and found the Batman: Arkham City collector's edition and paid for it.

The statue of Batman was great. There were some extras that came with it and it quickly became my favorite game. I've played it through a dozen times and I'm trying to find a way to get the best time on it. So when I saw that they were coming out with Arkham Origins I didn't hesitate.

I put my money down on this bad boy back when it was announced just to make sure I got what I wanted. The gameplay will be reviewed later but this is strictly to talk about the collector's edition. Save your money and just buy the game because it's nothing like the previous collectors editions.

The main focus for me was the Joker set. How could any self-respecting Batman fan not salivate at the thought of having this great looking set with the Joker and the brightly colored screens of all the assassins behind him? I sure couldn't. As the day grew closer, I was getting more and more excited. I had made room for the set on my shelf and when the day came I rushed to my game room to open it properly.

1. The feelies or whatever you want to call them are okay I guess. Croc's tooth and a poker chip are nice but if they had a place in the game they might have been worth more.

2. The small posters were a nice touch including the GCPD wanted poster for Batman.

3. The art book is good, it has some nice sketches and talks about the game and the people behind it.

4. The Blu-Ray, while I haven't watched it yet seems to be about the creators and artists talking about the villains in the DC universe and the role they play. I would never have bought this normally so it's nice to get something free.

5. The Joker Set. What can I say? It's cheap plastic, not even resin or PVC. The beautiful colorful screens we see on the promo pic are faint, blurry and monochrome. There's really no reason to even turn it on with the included batteries. Joker himself seems well made and of a higher quality that the rest of the set.

6. The "secret" item. There are two doors on the back of the set. One for the batteries and one that contains a bag with the message, "Warning. Contains Spoiler" and advises not to open it until you've completed the game. I won't spoil the surprise but I did open the bag, tried it out and it does work. I have been told that some people got two items. Whether they're the same thing or two different things I don't know. I just got one.

Is it worth $120? Not in my opinion it isn't. Yes you get a lot of stuff with it but most of it is irrelevant to the game and it really looks like it was a way for WB to make more money.
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on November 1, 2013
This is a review for the collectors item's not the game
Well, where to begin. I don't normally write reviews but I had to speak up for this cluster eff of a product.
I was a bit weary but also at the same time confident when I ordered this collectors edition. I've read reviews stating all its flaws but put it behind me thinking they were just internet trolls when I saw my friend unbox his collectors edition.
I just received my package last night and was excited to open it up, check out the neat nic-nacs and then pop in the game and play it. When opening it up I noticed many things:

1: The small posters and maps were misaligned with the deep slot created on the foam to hold these things and thus creating folds on the posters, but I chalked that up to box being thrown around during shipping. Its an easy fix.

2: When I removed the styrofoam my heart sank because unlike my friend's copy mine was not nicely wrapped in plastic to keep the styrofoam away from my figure. Sadly like many reviews stated the Joker statue came in an appalling condition. There was styrofoam melted/imprinted onto my statue on the Joker and the floor and the sides of the floor. The floors on all sides were warped and one of the tv monitors were hanging off the figure by the wires. I've read reviews of people who just scraped off styrofoam with a knife. For me I used a wet towel and a soft toothbrush as to not accidentally scratch up the figure. The warped floors I guess I can try to fix with a blow dryer. As for the TV screen. . . maybe super glue?

3: The pictures on the screens are blurry as hell! Forget the low LED's, I was planning on replacing them anyway. I know I shouldn't have expected much after reading the reviews. In fact I expected them to be a little blurry and not to be the same quality as the one shown at comic con, but my friend's joker statue was not even nearly close to how bad the pictures were. (I think the "heat" treatment given to my copy might have been the folly of the screens making it blurry behind recognition.)

The posters seem like an easy fix, the figure may take some time. People may say that it is a simple fix and I can agree to some extent, but the point is I shouldn't have to fix anything on a product that was supposed to be in a new condition. The condition I got it in was as if someone took a blow torch and melted styrofoam all over the figure and then slapped it in a box and shipped it.

The differences between my friend's copy and my copy are extreme polar opposites. It almost seems like half way through someone at the WB Games packaging division said "Screw it!" and got lazy and just threw stuff in there hoping for the best. I don't blame Amazon because clearly they had no hand in this unless they stored these things in an oven that made everything melt and warp inside.

I didn't pay for a DIY Joker statue. I honestly would return it but I don't think getting a new copy would do any difference. Last night instead of playing a bit of the game before going to sleep I spent the better part of my night cleaning the statue and I still have more to do.

Buyers seriously beware. This product is like a game of roulette. You might get the pristine edition like my friend or you might get the "eff this!" edition like me. I don't think I will get any other collector's edition from WB Games in the future and I most certainly will be sending an email to them and to Triforce (the makers of the Joker statue) because I am pretty certain this is not how they would want to be represented.
review image review image
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on November 20, 2015
5-stars for the game, 4-stars for the imaged used to sell the single disk in an unmarked plastic CD sleeve I received.
In the vendor should have made it more clear or obvious that I was receiving something far removed from what was being represented.
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on January 27, 2014
you get a bunch of stuff along with this eddition, however even though they look good, it still cost a hell of a lot of money, which wasn't worth it. the stuff that came along were awesome all good quality... except for the best thing i was hoping for... "the statue" qaulity 4/10
- attracts alot of dust
- not statue qaulity material, feels more like action figures low qaulity
- t.v pictures are very blury you can't recognize who's who
the other stuff are awesome, you won't get most of them in the u.k version, but u.k has a better statue and a steel box, still in this one you'll get a small hidden spoiler gift in a secret compartment in the statue, which is cool. but don't get your hopes up on the the box that containes all this stuff, it's "CARDBOARD".
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on December 12, 2013
Loved the game, the story, and you really get a ton of stuff with this collector's edition. I have read several nasty reviews regarding the joker statue. The TVs that light up in the back ground look nothing like the image on the box, they are blurry and don’t have much color. I do agree that the detail on the TV's is not really impressive, however take that one minor thing away, the statue is beautiful, very very detailed, looks awesome when it is lit up on the shelf. This is one of the better collectables I have. I personally believe that this edition was worth the $120 I paid for it at launch.
Again, great game (I have not played the online mode; I am not a fan of the online multiplayer of any games). If you are a collector, I think this is great buy.
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on November 2, 2013
If you would like to see my review of the game, please visit the game page.

Essentially an echo of what everyone else is saying. This product is garbage. The statue (the main "piece" of the set) looks simply gorgeous in every pre-release photo available online--it is anything but gorgeous. While it may appear to be ceramic, or made out of some sturdy plaster, it is not. It is cheap plastic, and rubbery. It will lose its form in heated conditions (shipping to the southwest...). The LED screens in the back are just complete garbage as well. It is a dull blue light and even in pitch black conditions you cannot make out the backlit all.

Everything else this edition came with is pretty much what you would expect. Lithographs you could print off yourself, an Anarchy stencil that no one cares about, and a really terrible photo that is supposed to represent the Wayne family.

Don't buy this, plain and simple. Buy the game, don't buy this.
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on December 28, 2013
Believe it or not the weakest part of this fantastic collectors edition is the game. After the first two Batman games(Arkham Asylum and City, both done by Rocksteady) WB Montreal takes over the helm. The game is OK but doesn't have the polish of Sefton Hill's watchful eye. The game plays like a copy of a copy. Not as tight and immersive as its predecessors, its still worth a playthrough.
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on April 12, 2015
I am utterly content to just sit and stare at the Joker statue with the televisions behind him aglow. The game is amazing, too. I loved Arkham Asylum, and Arkham City, so I'm very happy with what they have done with this series. Can't wait for the next game!
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