Customer Reviews: Batman: Arkham Origins - Collector's Edition
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Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Collector's|Change
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on October 25, 2013
I'll leave the game review for the non-collector's editions. Chances are if you're here, you're interested more in what comes inside, versus how the game is (However for those of you interested in the game I will edit this review after I beat the game).

The statue that comes included is gorgeous, and a lot larger than expected. I am a fan of collector's editions and this is one of the bigger ones I have. It looks very nice, is very well detailed and looks impressive from afar. Highly recommended on it's looks. However The LEDs look ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS. It looks nothing like the picture shown and to give people a better idea of how it looks I've included pictures. It looks better with the lights off, but still nothing in comparison to what the picture shows. Not even close. This is not really an issue for me as I didn't plan on leaving the lights on anyway, however some people may not like it. The LED lights require batteries (which are included).

The artwork is fantastic, and is a sight to behold when going thru the books. The rest of the artwork and pictures are similarly done and for those people who love to admire the artwork from limited/collector's editions this is nothing short of great.

The DVD that's included runs a little over 90 minutes, and also comes with a digital download code redeemable on Flixster/UltraViolet.

The DLC are included inside the Xbox 360 case and are a skin to use for Batman while playing the game (less than 100KB), and a Deathstroke Challenge map (190MB).

Definitely recommended to any true Batman fan.

EDIT: I've now beaten the game. This was an absolutely fantastic game, especially in comparison to Arkham Asylum/City. In my opinion it was far better of a story than Asylum, and just slightly better than City. Obviously this can vary person to person, but I absolutely loved this game, and if it wasn't for "The Last of Us" and "Grand Theft Auto V", this would be my current GOTY.

This was a game I had low hopes for. Transitioning from Rocksteady studios scared me quite a bit, as well as losing Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill (THE voices of both Batman and Joker for the past 2 DECADES). Both Troy Baker (Joker), and Roger Craig Smith (Batman) were fantastic replacements, putting on stellar performances in Origins.

The game however had severe framerate drop issues throughout the game (most notably during fast travel with the Batwing). I am usually not one to complain about these types of issues, however it was very apparant and very frequent.Also there was a few glitches on my first run-thru of the game. None gamebreaking, but on a pair of occassions a complete console restart was needed. This might not apply to the PC/PS3 versions of the game.

The story is about 10 hours, and also includes multiplayer (on a second disc), however I will have to hold off on a review for that as I haven't played that mode extensively.
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on November 6, 2013
First off - the collector's edition is pretty sweet. I have no regrets getting this edition of the game. There is a lot in the box and the statue is very detailed. It makes for a nice piece to display and show off to friends.

The game itself is pretty good. Yes, there are glitches. Is the game unplayable? No, but I cannot speak for everyone. There have been updates, so I'm assuming the developers are fixing the glitches. The game feels like Arkham City. This is a good thing overall. The bad thing is, they took away most of the fun little easter eggs that made exploration fun in the first two games. The city is also pretty lifeless, just full of bad guys and cops.

There are some new features though. You can fast travel and visit the bat cave as much as you want. The new detective system is pretty cool. You can see the crime rebuild while finding clues. The combat is pretty much the same and battling bosses is pretty cool, as they have changed the style of these fights. It still feels like Batman should, you have a massive city to explore and a lot to do. The game is a 4 star game, while I would give Asylum and City 5 stars. If you liked the other two, you should get this game.
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on April 10, 2015
An amazing game! But I'm gonna talk about the extras that come with the box more than the game. The game is very good. If you played the other Batman Arkham games its on the sames lines as those games. Some of the gadgets are upgraded, the fighting system is a bit harder in my oppion because some of the power ups like destory an enemies weapon in previous versons of games was automatic as I remember but in here you need to get enough points to upgrade to get it.

here is the rest of my review

The box it self: when I got the box as a gift for x-mas I was amazed at how big it was compared to the Batman Arkham City Collectors Edition. It's about 10 times the size of it, probley because of all the extra's that came with it.

Game disk it self: it comes with 2 disks, first disk is the single player story mode, the second disk is for the online play if you want to get your scores from the challenges posted online you need this disk I guess. I never had internet connection with my xbox-360 so I never got play online.

Game it self: The game is amazing! the world of BA-O (batman arkham origins) is like 10 times the size of BA-C and 20 times the size of BA-A. Its a super game over all.

Story of the game: (minimum spoilers) Batman is first starting his whole crusade to stop crime in the crime ridden city of Gotham. On December 24th Batman starts out at Blackgate prision where he sees the warden getting attacked by a prisoner and Batman saves him, unknowing about Batman he tries to attack and Batman easily dodges his single attack and tells him he is the new savior of Gotham. After a bit of tutorial how to fighting, Batman sees Gotham's most powerful villian Black Mask aka Roman Sionis making his escape with Killer Croc. After stopping Croc but failing to catch Sionis, Batman learns that he has eight, thats right he learns 8 assassins are trying to kill him tonight. The assassins are, Venom loving muscle man Bane. The greatest gun shooting marksman Deadshot. The poisonious Copperhead. The famous mercenary Death Stroke The Terminator aka Slade to those origional Teen Titans show fans. Master Martial Arts fighter and League of Assassins member Shiva. The pyromanic and explosion loving Firefly. The electric loving not so smart Electrocutioner, and last but not least the canibal man eating Killer Croc. Batman must stop them all from trying to kill him on X-Mas eve and X-Mas day (the game crosses into it mid way threw it) while trying to stop Black Mask from his scheme and doing other missions to make Gotham city a safer place.

Extra stuff in the collectors edition: the part I have been waiting for. You get wanted posters of all the assassins that are trying to kill Batman. A wanted poster of Batman. A DVD of of DC comic best villians. Batwing prototype drawings. An 80 page art book. Death Stoke character unlock DLC. Last but not least my fave part of the collectors edition a statue of The Joker stabbing a wanted poster with 13 mini LED tv's that when turned on shows all the assassins faces that are trying to kill Batman. Also in the back are two secret storage areas where keeps the LED tv switch to turn on and off the tv's, and a bag contianing a secret that when you beat the game you can set up on the main statue it self (no spoiler ;) )

Pros: I love the whole set, it is amazing over all. It is a super gift or present for anyone you give. The game rules!! Everything else that comes along in the collectors box is amazing and a must have for super die hard Batman fans.

Cons: The only con I had with this set is the statue, the switch to turn the LED tv's on and off was broken, by broken I mean it was Broken ON, so I couldn't turn off the little screens they were on untill I either took the batteries out or let batteries die out. I replaced the cheep batteries for better ones and it took 3 days for the screens to go out. Not to bright but even in a dark dark room its kinda hard to see who is who on the screens but over all even without the LED screens the statue rocks!

Over All Final Thoughts: I love this series!! I cant wait till Batman Arkham Knight comes out. Buy this set!!!
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on June 3, 2014
Very good game; excellent content. I got my money's worth considering it was purchased Used - Like New. The game and movie were both unopened. The Joker figure + LED TV displaying the villains of Gotham is perfect.
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on October 30, 2013
Great game, lives up to it's predecessors. Some say it wasn't that great cause it didn't bring anything new to the series. Well, it didn't really have to.

Collector's Edition was worth it. Great items. Especially for a Batman fan.
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on November 1, 2013
I knew i was getting a third part of a tried and true winning formula. And, as a third part, even though it's a prequel, even though it has a good story, it quickly grew a bit boring. No one walking on the city but all the bad guys. A curfew explains this but it looks too much like the last game....But that wasn't the worst part. I bought the collector's edition. No knighfall skin. That's only for the ps3. They always get the best deals and games anyway.
You get a nice plastic joker figure. But it's plastic and, when near, looks kind of cheap. Bummer.
The worst part: the game crashed one time too many. I'm pretty upset; i had been waiting for over a year for this game. I got the second and third Batman collector's edition; The first one was a waste of money. The second one was good! So i was aiming for excellency this time was not to be.
Batman, as well as his biggest fans from the world over ( i'm peruvian), should be treated with more respect and love. Due to the constant crashing of this title, fixes are coming soon from what i've read from the WB page.


Next time spend more time with the DB team. We can wait. But we do not like being disappointed by a bad product with a Bat logo on it.
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on October 31, 2013
havent finished the game but so far its great. i love the fact they had a new creative crew from arkham city make this game. there close out of this gen batman games was flawless. the only negitive thing i have to say is that i wish Kevin Conroy was back to help. the guy who is batman now is close to conroy but kevin will always be the best batman along with mark hamill as joker of course. and as the changing of guard on this venture thanks for not pulling a epic a put a unrecognize game. *coughing* gears of war judgement!
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on October 29, 2013
The devs needed another month to work on the crashes that occur to frequently in this game. I have never crashed as many times on a game as Io have this one (total of 9). If I see another game from WB games Montreal, I'm going to wait on it as I would suggest doing for this game if it is not been fixed. As for the story and the gameplay, the gameplay has not changed the addition of shock gloves makes most battles a "I win" function with the exception of the venom users who have the ability to hold onto the caped crusader. For the fights with the assassins most are fun encounters; however, they are very repetitive and with the exception of Firefly experienced before in previous Arkham games. As for the trophies/achievements that relate to the assassins, two of them are practically the same. The ones involving Shiva and Deathstroke to be exact and while they are worded just enough that you think they would offer a different challenge, sadly they are not.
Finally the story is fitting to a origins game. It has the same problem as the Star Wars prequels have in the continuity area, as that it will contradict somethings from the previous game they can be forgiven somewhat to move the story along. My main complaint is that instead of 8 assassins you really only get 7. The addition of Killer Croc as a assassin feels like a last minute change to the story to have 8 instead of 7. There is no feeling that the Assassins are doing everything to get Batmans attention in the game or even hunt you down with the exception of one. They simply wait for you to come to them and that's that. If the Devs took more of a risk and had the Assassins actually do things to hunt Batman down or get him into the open to ambush him or even a cat and mouse type scenario with one of them then it would have been amazing. As for the product we got, it's more of the same and while it has these great moments, the player sadly see's them coming a mile away. I'm hoping that this was a learning experience because if Rocksteady gets replaced by this company I'll see a great franchise go down the drain like so many others.
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on March 25, 2014
Boss battles are finally better but other things could have been tweaked a bit. That is why it is on par with Arkham City. But where it had issues Arkham City was better but where City had issues Origins was better.
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on November 13, 2013
The packaging is great. (5/5)

The extra files and blue prints that come with the collectors edition are cool collectables. (4/5)

The game itself hits a low point in the trilogy. While Arkahm Asylum and City innovated, this title is a bit more cookie cutter. However, if you enjoyed the other game in the series, I'm sure you'll love the Arkahm Origins Game of The Year edition. (3/5)

My big complaint is the Joker statue. I expected so much more, and the product I received barley resembles the picture. The T.V.s are not turned on, and I didn't find any type of sticker or decal to place over the grey screens. Buying this collectors edition for the statue was a big mistake on my part, and one I regret constantly. I keep the statue in the box, so at least it's not a constant eyesore. (3/5)
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