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Style Name: Not California and Oregon Energy CompliantChange
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22 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on May 22, 2015
Good little unit for the price, just be aware that this isn't a true DC charger.

For the electrically minded:
It's just a rectified waveform stepped down with a transformer and fed to your battery. The current limiting of this device is done with pseudo-pulse width modulation, I suspect a schmitt trigger watching the relaxation voltage of the battery. The attached images show it charging a gel cell battery, one is during normal charge and one is toward the end of charge and it's limiting the average current flow by turning on and off quickly.

For the normal folk:
It's a fairly cheap, brute force way of charging a battery and no different than how the cheap $6 Chinese battery tenders work. You just get a fancy blinky LED and a few extra ways of connecting it to your battery. Perhaps the quality is a little better?
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on August 27, 2014
I needed two battery tenders to maintain my cars while away for extended periods. After connecting the junior to my frequently driven 2009 Nissan Maxima to test it out, the red light came on to indicate it was charging and connected properly. After 19 hours, the light was still red. I had not used the car in three days, but it shouldn't be that low, plus it is a 1 1/2 year old battery. I called Battery Tender support and she told me this one was probably too small because the new vehicles draw a lot of current and this was probably the case with my 2009. She said to leave it on for 72 hours, and if the lights flash from green to red, without the green ever coming on solid, that means the tender couldn't bring the battery up to 14 volts in the 72 hour timeframe, and has shut itself off. She also said she would not have recommended it for my car and I should go with the plus model. Their product description is not clear enough on this issue. Fortunately, even though I had opened one of the two battery tender juniors, and it has been 45 days since I purchased, Amazon is providing me a full refund on the return of both including free shipping.
I returned the jr for the plus model. After driving the 2009 Maxima on an errand, I connected the plus to my battery. The light turned red to indicate it was properly connected. After 4 hours, the green light started flashing indicating the battery was 80% fully charged. After 6 1/2 hours, no change when I went to bed. Got up 8 hours later and the solid green light was on. Based on my experience, I would recommend the plus over the jr for later model vehicles that have a lot of electronics that constantly put a drain on the battery. Since this is a maintainer, it is possible the Jr would eventually had worked, but I think the Plus is worth the extra money. The cords are pretty short unless you happen to have an AC outlet within 4-5 feet of your vehicle on the side where the battery is, you might want to also order a 12' extension which I did. They also come in 25' lengths.
Power cord - 6'
Cord from charger to battery cord - 4'10"
(if you order an extension cord, this is where it would attach)
Battery cord - 2'
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on January 21, 2014
This product does its job, maintaining a motorcycle battery properly. Five stars for that.
However, when it fails, be aware that the "5-year warranty" requires one to mail the product prepaid, along with a check for $11.95 to the manufacturer.
That's a "half-off" offer, not a warranty in my book. "Boo" for that.
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on October 13, 2013
This product has a fuse in its power line which when removed exactly fits the parallel spade-like poles on my gel cell. Mistaking the fuse for a plug protector, I removed the fuse and inserted the gel cell spades--a perfect fit! Of course the unit didn't work without the fuse. I called Deltran help-line--they picked up promptly and I got an English-speaking technician who helped me straighten the matter out right away. Now I'm back on Amazon undoing my original "flame" review.

So--my complaint now is 1) insufficient documentation--there was no picture of or mention of the fuse [and because the fuse attachment perfectly fit the battery poles, I mistook it for a battery attachment]; and 2) the cables do not have connectors for gel cell spade type poles, so one has to improvise with alligator clips, which short out easily and fall off easily. BUT AT LEAST THE PRODUCT IS NOW WORKING, and to Deltran's credit, they were reachable and helpful when I had a problem.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on March 22, 2014
After using for about 9 months, one day I noticed that my Battery Tender Jr. Red light wasn't green. The lead/acid battery is about 9 months old with almost no use. After prying open the maintenance-free caps, I found the liquid level way down in the pos terminal cell. It appears that there may have been excessive gassing from charging. I recommend anyone using this charger to check their electrolyte levels about every 6 months, or when the red light stays on.

The instruction manual never mentions that the red light might be staying on because the electrolyte level is low. It just says that it's charging, or that the battery is bad. If I hadn't figured out the issue, my new battery could have been overcharged and destroyed. That's why I rated it only three stars.
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on April 6, 2013
I think this charger is OK. Bought for $25. It charges at 0.75A up to 14.1V-14.4V, holds there for 15 minutes giving 0.75A pulses in intervals (xx milli-seconds), then goes to float mode which drops below 13.1V (and even goes down into the 12.9V).
I also own the BatteryMINDer charger which was $50, but charges at 1.33A (similar in price and charge to the Battery Tender full).
The BatteryMINDer does roughly the same charge up to 14.4V (obviously faster at 1.33A), then goes to float mode at 13.5V. The MINDer also does not pulse (constant variable voltage), and has a desulphicator feature.
I tend to prefer the MINDer system as I like the higher float and desulphicator.
A $4.99 on sale Harbor Freight floater will float at 13.1V (and will charge up to that at 0.6A).
So I do not see a big advantage to the mid-priced $25 JR product and would prefer the more expensive MINDer + less expensive HF for either function and general use.
Build quality has been OK on all these chargers.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on January 15, 2015
It works, so far. I received a "Thank You" rebate offer in the package for "up to $10 off the purchase of one of their (expensive) Lithium batteries. I bit. I filed my rebate claim online. It took two weeks and finally Deltran getting involved with their (contract) rebate company to get my $5 rebate processed. If you take advantage of a Battery Tender rebate, print the form and snail-mail to avoid the hassle of dealing with their broken system.
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on December 29, 2013
It keeps my batteries topped off and I don’t have to watch it like a trickle charger so that’s a real plus. I drive very little so the vehicles sit for weeks between trips. My 1990 Chevy K2500 doesn’t have much in electronics… though it does have a slow power drain that I could never find… so a battery disconnect switch was the best answer. My Ford Expedition is another story so this tender is what it needed. The battery weakens in sub-zero weather so that it does not always start the vehicle and I thought buying a new battery was the way to go. Last time I did so it was a few years ago… both vehicles take the same size battery… and it cost about 85 bucks but it’s now 125 bucks… ouch! If that’s all I needed I would give it 5-stars and be done. However, what is supplied with it was not adequate for my needs… and likely so for many others… so it gets 3-stars because I had to modify all three cords to make it workable on my two vehicles.

I think the best way to use something like this is to have the ability to easily detach it so you can drive off… like with a block or dipstick heater that have cords that reach the grill so you can just unplug the extension cord. If your vehicles are parked outside near an outlet… like mine… this option isn’t available with what’s provided with this unit. The Ring Terminal and the Alligator Clamp cords are about 18” long so if your battery is in the back of the compartment the plug will not reach to the grill. I don’t like routing it out over the fender and under the hood because you can cut the wire off. The cord from the unit is only 12’ long so that won’t make it from the outlet inside the garage to the vehicles … you have to keep this unit out of the weather… and the extension cord for it is about 11 bucks. Even if it does reach from outlet to battery the connectors are still under the hood so you still have to raise the hood to disconnect it. It also does not come with a cigarette lighter adapter as with some other models. I used some leftover wire I had to make my own extension… by cutting the 18” cord and splicing in some wire… to get the plugs to the grill and that seems to be working fine. I also purchased a cigarette adapter from China for under a buck… with free shipping… and added some flat plugs to make my own adapter. Without making my own accessories… or a purchase of about 20 bucks… I would have to place the unit under the hood and route an extension cord to it… and then have to pop the hood to remove it. It seems adding some longer wires to these connectors would not have been all that difficult and well worth paying a few bucks more to get it. There’s not much in a vehicle that’s 18” away from you… or a 13.5’ when you add the cable from the unit… when you’re parked outside. Also, the more cable you add to this the unit the greater the voltage drop and the longer it has to operate to top off the battery. If the cable lengths aren’t an issue for you, or you don’t mind spending more money for the extras, then it’s likely a 5-star unit. I doubt you would need to do anything to make it workable on anything other than a car or truck.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on December 1, 2013
I have been buying and using Deltran's Battery Tenders for quite a while now on multiple vehicles and equipment. When I had started buying them originally, they were made in the U.S.A., and Deltran was proud of that. You can honestly see and feel a difference in the fit and finish of the old American made units versus the new Overseas made ones, quality has sufferred.

As for the function of the charger, the "new" ones (this one included), get hot. In reading through some of the reviews I can understand how some folks have said that their Battery Tnders may have melted or gotten damaged from heat. These new units get much hotter than the old American made units. The old ones worked/work fantastic, but I don't trust this new one like I trust the old ones.

If you do have a problem with the Battery Tender the warranty is an absolute joke if you have to send it back. BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR RECEIPT! Even if the Battery Tender is still covered under it's original warranty, you have to pay shipping both ways and then their "evaluation fee" for them to look at the unit, which is higher if you do not have the original receipt. By this time you are well more than half-way to buying a new one.

I think that Deltran is just coasting on the Battery Tender name, which was built on quality products and good customer service. Now though, with the quality of the new Overseas units and the joke warranty they are sufferring because of it. I believe that these will be the last Deltran products (Battery Tender) that I buy. I have watched the quality and reliability of these fall over the last 20 years, and I don't think that it will improve.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on July 17, 2012
Product arrived on-time from amazon. Purchased this for an old motorcycle that I was tired of swapping chargers with. I opted to give this one a try because of all the positive reviews. This charger is just a poorly made product. Even though is was $20, and less than other brands I have purchased, I think it is a waste of money. First, it says it is for agm batteries, but only charges a battery at 14.3v. Agm's need a higher voltage than this (in fact all batteries need a higher voltage than this). Second, it would not bring my battery up to a full charge. Lastly, the charger runs really hot, so I was afraid to leave this connected for a long period of time. Frustrated, I decided to open up the charger, and to my surprise, all there is is a transformer and a diode. For a transformer in a box, I should have paid a lot less.
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