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on September 21, 2009
In the analysis of buying a Tender Jr. vs. a Tender Plus, the main issues are time to full charge, battery size, & parasitic draw. The Tender Plus (1.25) will get the job done twice as fast as the Tender Jr. (0.75). Both now are similar architecturally, save it be the charging power & lack of temperature compensation on the Jr. They both are 4 stage, both have the same sophisticated computer chip technology running the charging process, etc... I spoke to The Deltran(The Manufacturer) customer service department on 3 different occasions, making sure I had the facts right. The first 2 times I was misinformed about the temperature compensation issue. I am editing this review to be accurate as of today's date of 12/01/10. Because The Plus will bring a battery to full charge twice as quickly as The Jr. will, The Plus has a much better chance at overcoming a parasitic draw on your batteries power. Modern cars have sophisticated electronics that require constant power 24/7. Check all your battery connections & your alternator belt!!! If the connections are not clean & tight, clean it with original coca-cola and a rag / brush, make sure they fit snugly. If your alternator belt is too loose it will not charge your battery properly. If you only want to buy one Tender, don't cheap out, buy The Plus if you have the money to do so. If you want to buy 2 or 3 Tenders to make sure all your batteries are fully charged, the Jr. will probably do just fine. I personally alternate The Jr. between 3 different cars, if I had it to do over again, I would buy The Plus instead as I am not a patient person. Both models will turn off in 72 hours automatically if a full charge is not reached, & neither will start charging without at least 3 volts stored in the battery before initiating a charge. If you left your lights on for 4 days like I did, get a jump, & drive your car around for 30 minutes before hooking up any Tender to charge your dead battery. Either of these 2 Battery Tenders are the best in the world, don't bother doing anymore research, I have done it all for you. Buy one or buy both!!! I bought The Plus model a few months ago also... These babies save you $$$, time & frustration!!! Get the 25 foot extension if you want to charge a car that sits in the driveway, it's only $12. You might also want to buy the Cigarette Lighter Apapter to charge cars that have the battery in the trunk, like the BMW E39 models. [...]
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on January 31, 2014
I purchased 4 of these as I have had battery tenders over the years and they worked flawlessly, not these new ones made in CHINA (JUNK!). I noticed that the red light was on all the time (charging) and it should only stay on for a short while than when battery is charged it goes to green. I checked the voltage output and found only putting out 9.01 vdc (should be over 12vdc), called customer service and they wanted to charge me a "warranty return fee" and possibly other chargers also on top of shipping charges to get the faulty product back to them.-these are less than 9 months old! The cost to have this item warrantied far exceeds what I paid for it. To bad, battery tender USED to be a great way to keep batteries at optimum condition, I had to go out and purchase battery minder units to use in stead. I AM REALLY DISAPPOINTED IN YOUR POOR QUALITY AND LACK OF WARRANTY TO STAND BEHIND YOUR PRODUCT BATTERY TENDER. I hope others may read this and not make the same mistake I made.BUYER BEWARE!
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on December 7, 2014
This is the ubiquitous Battery Tender Jr., manufactured by Deltran. There are quite a few float charger type products out there that bill themselves as "battery tenders" but the actual product name of this is "Battery Tender Jr." - they have other Battery Tender products, including one with higher charging output, and one with more outputs for charging multiple batteries.

But let's first get back to basics: what is a float charger, and why is it needed?

Lead-acid batteries, of the type used in cars and motorcycles, lose a part of their charge over time just sitting when they aren't even connected to something. When left in a bike that has a clock or radio memory circuit in it that constantly draws power even when the bike is off, that loss of charge is even faster.

Lead-acid batteries "like" to remain at full charge at all times. A battery that is kept at full charge will have a much longer service life than a battery that is left sitting with less than a full charge.

I used to go through a lot of batteries - my motorcycle batteries would last between one and two years before they needed replacement. With multiple motorcycles (not to mention other battery powered things like a generator, snow blower, etc.) this gets expensive!

I figured I would put a trickle (float) charger on my main GL1100 battery to help keep it fully charged. I bought a cheap trickle charger from Harbor Freight, for under $10. I hooked it up to the battery and left it sitting overnight. The next day, to my utter surprise, the battery was dead! The cheap trickle charger, with no intelligence in it and no way of turning off when the battery was charged, overcharged the battery, destroying it! I could charge it fully, but its plates were sulfated, and it would no longer produce enough current to start the bike. This was an expensive lesson - and taught me about the false economy of Harbor Freight float chargers!

So it was with a bit of trepidation that I tried the Battery Tender Jr. - I didn't really want to throw another $100 down the drain for another new battery. The difference with the Battery Tender products is that they are intelligent: they have computers inside that analyze the state of charge of the battery to which they are connected, and alter their output to adjust: Initialization, Bulk Charge Mode, Absorption Mode, Float Mode).

The result: I'm still using that battery five years later, and it still works like it is brand new. I was so impressed that I bought more: I now own five Battery Tender Jr.'s, and they are connected to all of my bikes and devices, 24/7. Every time I park my bike, I plug it in. I have not had a single battery go bad in the five years since I have started using Battery Tenders - and every battery still performs like it is brand new.

The Battery Tender Jr. comes with a 12 foot cord and a plug. This plug then attaches to one of two included connectors: a set of alligator clips, for temporary attachment to a battery, or a set of ring terminals, for permanent attachment. I use the ring terminals, then feed the other end of the connector up through the bike somewhere where it can be hidden. In my wife's PC800, the connector hides behind the right passenger footpeg. In my GL1500, it hides in the left passenger cubby. When I park the bike, I simply flip open the cubby, plug in the Battery Tender, and I know the battery is protected and maintained.

The Battery Tender is designed to be pretty much indestructible. You can hook it up backwards to the battery, and nothing will happen. You can start the bike with it connected, no problem, it simply turns itself off. It's spark proof, and has an indicator light that flashes and changes color to tell you the state of your battery, and what it is doing to manage it. It has a five year warranty, which I have not had to use.

The Battery Tender works great on standard flooded wet-cell lead-acid batteries, as well as AGM (absorption glass mat) batteries. If you have a gel-cell battery, there is a different version that has programming to work properly with them.

And you can now get accessories that plug into the Battery Tender vehicle-side connector when the Battery Tender is not connected. These provide USB charging outputs and 12 volt cigarette lighter-style power ports to allow you to plug your electronic devices into your vehicle. See more about these accessories here: Battery Tender USB Charger and 12 volt Socket

Overall, this is one of my favorite products, they work amazingly well, keep your batteries in top shape, and cost less than a quarter of the cost of a single new battery. I can't recommend them highly enough.
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on October 19, 2011
I bought my first Battery Tender Jr. about 20 years ago (for an antique car that I drove infrequently) and it worked fine for over 15 years. I included it with that antique car when I sold it, and as far as I know, it still works.

Based on my prior experience, on November 4, 2010, I bought another Battery Tender Jr. from Amazon for another infrequently driven car. It is now less than 1 year later, and that Battery Tender Jr. got so hot that the plastic case buckled and separated at the seam. So, planning to return it under warranty, I read their terms. Not only do I have to pay to ship that defective unit back to Deltran (which I expected), they also charge a fee for "Warranty Evaluation, Shipping & Handling"! That is OUTRAGEOUS! Since I have my receipt, my fee would be only $7.95 (if no receipt, fee is $11.95). It would cost me $18.90 ($7.95 plus $10.95 USPS Flat Rate medium box) to return it (or $22.90 if I didn't have a receipt - which is more than the $21.39 cost of a new one from Amazon delivered!) Why bother with a warranty claim? If that was Deltran's plan from the outset - to discourage warranty claims - their so-called "warranty" is a fraudulent misrepresentation.

No doubt that my first, 20-year old Battery Tender Jr. was made in the USA. Not so with the second one - the label says "Made in China". A piece of Junk!
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on May 22, 2015
Good little unit for the price, just be aware that this isn't a true DC charger.

For the electrically minded:
It's just a rectified waveform stepped down with a transformer and fed to your battery. The current limiting of this device is done with pseudo-pulse width modulation, I suspect a schmitt trigger watching the relaxation voltage of the battery. The attached images show it charging a gel cell battery, one is during normal charge and one is toward the end of charge and it's limiting the average current flow by turning on and off quickly.

For the normal folk:
It's a fairly cheap, brute force way of charging a battery and no different than how the cheap $6 Chinese battery tenders work. You just get a fancy blinky LED and a few extra ways of connecting it to your battery. Perhaps the quality is a little better?
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on December 1, 2011
I bought one of these and while it seemed to work fine for several months, it didn't last a year before it died. Not sure what happened but it wouldn't charge. I have had good luck with the Yuasa brand chargers and prefer them now exclusively.
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on April 18, 2012
Bought this item back in 2010 and it worked fine until a couple of week ago. The green light just flashes quickly and doesn't charge. To send the charger back to Deltran and paying for the warranty cost just as much as a new one. I would suggest getting the Battery Tender plus or other maintainers.
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on March 9, 2006
The battery Tender Jr. comes with 1 set of permanent mount ring terminals & 1 set of mini jumper cable clamps so you can hardwire 1 car & use the clamps whereever they are needed.The 1-way quick disconnect on the cord makes things very easy to hook up & unhook. And it is maintaining my battery fine, no more dead car.
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on November 3, 2006
This is an easy to install and use battery tender. If you store your motorcycle during the winter you should use one of these to extend the life of your battery.
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on January 23, 2016
I was looking for something like this on my mechanic's recommendation because my work/home/errands radius is very small, and the battery was not getting fully charged. After reading all the reviews, I thought that this was the best that we could do. However, within 20 minutes of installing it in my car, we smelled smoke and ran down to see this device on fire. The sound insulation under the hood consequently caught on fire, and burned through the hood, and bits of burning insulation fell into the engine block. This was one of the most frightening things we've every experienced, and we were in complete shock and had to put the fire out ourselves. Had we left this unattended and left the house, our entire house would have been up in smoke, particularly because our carport is under the house. The manufacturer passed us onto his insurer, who is stalling on paying our repair costs, saying that it was user error. Use this device at your own risk! I am reporting this device to the local and Federal consumer protection agencies, and am fighting the insurance company to get the body damage on my car repaired. Take a look of the photos I've attached, and you can see the positive connection completely blackened and melted, and the damage it did to my hood.
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