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on June 22, 2007
Every time I want to fire up my old 71 Datsun (that's Nissan for those of you younger than 30) 240 Z there's a good chance that the battery has drained down and that I can't start it! Looking around at car forums I read about this nifty little gadget....It's like a battery trickle charger....sort of. Whereas it's not recommended to keep a trickle charger hooked up all the time, this one has circuitry to limit the current and sense when the battery needs charging. It only charges at 1.25 amps which is easier on the battery.

I've had it on for a month now and it's great. The first couple of days, the red light was on indicating charging. Since then it's been on green and the car starts right up. I live in Houston where the heat and humidity can be just as brutal on batteries as the cold.

I highly recommend this "tender" for those that have cars that stay unused for long periods.

As other reviews have mentioned it comes with a set of adapters that allow you to permanently attach pigtails to the battery posts and then you can quickly connect the tender without having to use the alligator clips (also included).

For the price and free shipping you can't go wrong!

UPDATE after two years of use.
I can now reconfirm that these battery tenders work great - I've had them hooked up continuously on two cars that stay in the garage a lot and I've NEVER had them not start right up. A quick glance at the LED display lets me know that the batteries are either charging or fully charged. It's a real pleasure to be able to go right up and enjoy your wheels without having to worry about whether the battery is dead. I can't say for sure, but I suspect that it lengthens the life of the battery as well.
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on March 6, 2008
This little gizmo is dynamite.

I have a 4 year old Accord that, due to circumstance, only has about 4400 miles. Rarely driven...and what driving is done is mostly at night.

Sat for a week once in very cold weather...dead battery.

Ordered this. Hooked it up. 100% charge and the battery is very powerful once again.( had thought I would probably need a new one).

It's very small size makes it extremely easy to use and store. And it will not overcharge, so you do not have to babysit the process.

It's LEDs glow red when charging. Green and red blink once 80% has been achieved. Solid green at 100%.

It did, in very cold weather, take a long time to establish a full charge on my almost completely discharged battery. The battery would have been usable in a few hours, but 100% took close to 18.

Highly recommended.
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on February 24, 2009
I bought one, for my own use and spent much time reading Deltran's website, and the finally the info that came with the Deltran unit.

Over all, Works well, made well (vented metal case). I've been testing it on a 55ah AGM.

I have a lot of background in battery chargers. Based on my review of the unit I bought, I wanted to maybe offer some general practical help for those that can't find all the info they need for guidance before they but such a product.

The price at Amazon makes it worth it, but not list at the OEM's site. The OEM list price is pricey for the Battery Tender Plus, the Battery Tender Jr is about 1/2 (based on the OEM price), and can take care of much of the same duties.

While I've read all I could from their site, all their advertising pre-sale doesn't warn that it may not charge a large cell that has been properly discharged. Once I bought my Battery Tender Plus, I found liteature comes with the charger that warns you of this..

I figured as much and bought it as a compliment to my smart bulk chargers that aren't good maintainers. The reason.......
If the power is interrupted on any of my bulk chargers, they don't come back to the correct profile, just the profile for 2amp charge for a wet cell general. Not the AGM profile.

The Deltran being a dedicated maintainer doesn't suffer from this problem.
If the power was to be cycled, it would just go through it's profile again. And since it's such low current, no harm.

These Tenders are Great for when the bulk charger is taken care else where on the larger RV, boat, or secondary car battery. Your primary car battery is charged by the alternator, and when you store the car you need to take care of the self discharge issue and any parasitic loads that will discharge your car's battery while in storage... the Battery Tender Plus is great for that.
As well as the Battery Tender Jr, if you have very little or no parasitic loads.
(if your parasitic loads are too great, you may need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle for storage - if the parasitic drain/loads comes close to the tender's rating, it wont do it's job and your battery wont be a happy battery)

I've been testing the Battery Tender Plus on my optima AGM, and on maintenance float, the battery is only pulling a .01a at 13.2vdc. Just right. The profile was just about perfect, per optima's spec and other AGM's spec, and perfect for wet cells (normal car batteries).

If you have larger parasitic loads, the Battery Tender Plus (1.25a) will be a better choice. But if you pull your battery lead of have little or no parasitic loads, the Battery Tender Jr will work well and save you money over the Battery Tender Plus.
(Again, remember if your parasitic loads are too great, you may need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle for storage - if the parasitic drain/loads comes close to the tender's rating, it wont do it's job and your battery wont be a happy battery)

For a motorcycle battery, the Battery Tender Plus is probably the end all charger.

But for the larger batteries, neither Tender will serve as a bulk charger. To protect your battery investment, get a good smart bulk charger (not the cheapo dumb bulk chargers) with the right profiles, and use the Deltan Battery Tender Plus or Battery Tender Jr for storage.

After the testing I've done (monitored and recorded voltage, current, and temps to see what the profiles are of the chargers), for my storage use, I could have gotten away with the Battery Tender Jr @.75a, for my storage "tender" of a single 55ah optima agm battery.
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on March 4, 2007
I have an older version of this charger that I bought in the mid 90's. I used it to maintain my garaged Mustang's battery over the winter months for many years. I made a cigarette lighter adapter so all I needed to do was to plug it in instead of using the alligator clips. I have to say this thing is dead reliable! It always kept my battery in prime condition. I love it and recommend it highly.
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on August 23, 2012
I purchased a Deltran Battery Tender Plus less than one year ago at an auto show in Atlantic City, NJ - It worked fine for about 6 months or so. When checked I found that it was not charging (no lights lit in any manner) Called Deltran -Informed to mail in the charger (I could not find any receipt) (cost $11.73 to mail to their Florida address.) Just received a call after about three weeks that yes, the charger had failed and that I was to get a new one....NOW THE CATCH - I had to pay an additional $17.95 for shipping to get the replacement... So far I would have out of pocket $29.68 for a charger that failed within the first year of use. No more Deltrans for me...Asked to have the bad one shipped back to me so at the next club meeting I could respond to the members of what had transpired and show them the faulty charger.
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on January 24, 2006
I recently purchased a Deltran Battery Tender Plus (they are made in China) battery charger for a total cost of $63.30. It has never worked correctly from the first day I got it. It charges great, but it never goes into the "storage" mode, or notifies you that the battery is at 80% charged. It apparently just keeps charging the battery whether it needs it or not.

I contacted Deltran's "technical" department a few times about the problem, and told them that I suspected the charger was faulty, but they kept telling me it was the battery, or "check this" or "check that" or "the weather was too cold" (in Florida), even though I had told them the battery was new. So, figuring they knew what they were talking about, I purchased another brand new battery at the cost of $79.92.

I left the "new" battery on this charger for a few days, and it was the same thing as the "old" battery. The charger never showed a full charge or went into storage mode.

So now that the equipment that this battery is from has been out of service for a couple of weeks, (because Deltran recommended I remove the battery from the equipment since I was having a problem charging it), and I couldn't afford to fiddle around any longer, I bought a competitors battery charger for $46.45, and as it turns out after connecting the new charger, within a matter of a few minutes both the "old" and the "new" batteries showed fully charged, and the new (competitors) charger went into "storage" mode with no problem.

Now that I knew for sure that this Deltran Battery Tender Plus charger was not working properly, I reviewed the Battery Tender Plus "LIMITED" 10 year warranty, and found out they (Deltran) wants a $9.95 "handling" fee (if you have had the charger over 90 days), and if you have the original sales receipt, if you want to send it in for repair.

If you don't have the original receipt, then it is a $15.95 "handling" fee no matter how long you have had it.

Having wasted about 2- weeks fiddling with 2- different batteries and 2- different chargers all because the Deltran Battery Tender Plus did not work correctly in the first place, I am not about to spend another $15.95 "handling" fee (because I don't have the original receipt) plus shipping (maybe $10.00) to return it to Deltran for exchange/repair, and then wait another week or two to get the charger back and have to hope that it now works correctly.

Deltran also told me that since I did not buy the Battery Tender Plus in question directly from them, I would need to send it back to where I originally purchased it. Not having the original receipt (because I bought it someplace online and don't remember where), I asked Deltran what's the difference where I purchased it since they (Deltran) are the manufacturer and supply the warranty as well, and I was told that "it is the same as trying to return a Chevrolet to a Ford dealership". That I don't understand, because if a person has a problem with a Chevrolet, they can take it to any Chevy dealer in the country and have it fixed (and maybe any GM dealer).

They also said in so many words that I should have known sooner that the charger was defective, which must mean that their "technical" department is not fully competent to be advising anyone, and that I should have not paid any attention to their suggested remedies in the first place.

Because of the investment of time and money I now have in this Battery Tender Plus, and the poor "technical" support I received from Deltran, I would never buy another one and would not recommend it to anyone else. Their 10 year "LIMITED" warranty is also a joke. Battery Tender PlusSucks! It should be called Battery Tender Negative!.
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on February 16, 2010
My charger stopped working after 4 1/2 months and a few hours of usage. Deltran requires shipping it direct to them, OK $10 I understand that. But you have to include $12.95 for them to inspect and return the unit. $23 and they may not replace it?!! I threw mine in the garbage and went to Wal Mart and bought what I should have got in the first place. The unit that also is a auto shut off trickle charger for $22 verses $46 I paid for the Battery Tender. And I know they will take it back if I have a problem without the hoops. I feel like it is so hard to get quality in the retail market, it wears me out!!
Incidentally I've worked with thousands(probably 10's of thousands) of batteries over 30 years in my industry, these things are no better than the competition. Without a voltage output adjustment you need a different charger for every type battery. So buy one for AGM, another for GEL, another for wet cell"lead acid", I doubt you'd have a Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Iron, or NiMH for 12volt but they all have different optimum voltages per cell, these charges are set up for only one and mine was to high for the gel it was supposed to be for!
Check with your manufacturer and find out what the full charge voltage for your battery is and take the battery off the charger after charging for awhile, (gets no better than this with these) and either let it sit overnight or load it with a 12v light bulb for 2 minutes to remove what is called gas voltage. Take a reading with a good digital meter, if it is at the full charge voltage, store it in a dry cool place when not being used if you want to get the most life out of it. Check it from time to time if it drops 20% recharge.
Deltran seems to suggest some kind of special maintenance, they at best might help one type of battery. Mine was overcharging and my expensive Harley battery is still sitting at 12.9 volts days later after running to through their cycle, full charge according to Harley is 12.7. This dries out the GEL and shortens the life of the battery. We had thousands of GEL cells go bad very early in industry because of this very same scenario in the early days. We had programable chargers and programmed per cell voltage to .01 of a volt and still had problems.
People who recommend this thing are buying into the hype!!!
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on December 22, 2011
I own several vehicles and motorcycles and I had one of the pre china battery tenders and it lasted for several years. it did so well I bought 3 more of the battery tender pluses at one time at Christmas 2010.

one worked for about 9 months and then would not go into the float mode. It killed the battery from overcharging. hooked up the next on a different battery and it worked about 2 weeks before doing the same thing(not going into float mode). the 3rd one lasted less than a week........... each has a 10 year warranty so I phoned deltran and spoke to their "tech". he cannot understand my problem........ tried on different batteries. plugged into outlet first blah ,blah ,blah. I paid over $100.00 for 3 of these Chinese junk chargers.
I can send them back and they will check at my cost if nothing is found wrong I would be charged a service fee and return shipping. poor customer service ,bad quality. for what these cost they should last.
Do yourself a favor and do NOT buy these battery tender chargers........

Update: 1-15-2014 buy an xtreme charger......I have 3 of the red xtreme charger, see my review ........
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on May 1, 2011
I purchased the Battery Tender for my motorcycle. I don't ride in the winter and needed to save my battery. In the spring I tried to start bike and battery was dead. The Battery Tender had boiled all the water out the the battery. Freak Accident? The next year I used Battery Tender again. I checked battery after a month and Battery Tender had started boiling water out of battery. I disconnected and donated it to Waste Management.
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on October 25, 2010
I am just now throwing away my second "Battery Tender Plus"
The 110 input and 12 volt ouptut leads are insulated with a cheap plastic that breaks away from the copper wire where it joins the body of the charger, disabling the charger. If you live in a climate that gets cooler than 40 degrees fahrenheit, you will be disappointed at how this charger fails when you need it most.
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