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on January 25, 2016
This is about reverse alien invasion. Instead of aliens invading human's planet Earth, this movie is about humans invading an alien's home planet. Very interesting concept. We invade others and how the two sides perceive each other. No different than any war we face since the beginning of time; we somehow are told the enemy is always bad, all of them, so kill them because we don't want you to know anything about your enemy that can cause you to sympathize with them. Well in this movie, one person accidentally learns about the culture of his enemy and sympathizes with the enemy. How does he face his own kind, and is he a bad person for not wanting to destroy his enemy? Must he choose between them and us? Must he kill because he is told to do so? This animation is quite a powerful statement about human nature: who we are as a people and is it right for us to destroy and kill others for the sake of one's own survival or the future of humanity?
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on November 15, 2015
The aliens and their homes, world, animals, rituals and behavior demonstrate a really creative artistic animation style. The humans and their craft are an interesting hard contrast to the aliens artful lifestyle. A straightforward story of war and coexistence and how the lack of communication and cooperation can lead societies down an unnecessary path.
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on April 13, 2015
The kids liked the animation but it wasn't really all that entertaining. Just like Bambi, it spoils a child's movie when one of the main characters or good guys gets killed. My nephew who's 8 doesn't like The Lion King because the father gets killed, and he doesn't like Bambi because the mother gets killed. He doesn't like this one for the same reason: the good guy gets killed. Too realistic.
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on February 19, 2014
Man is looking for a place to colonize but the leader of the Last Spaceship from the Planet Earth (which was destroyed)
doesnt care if the people that populate terra (which are actually very civilized) wants to destroy their atmosphere and teraform the planet so they can live on it. Well without spoiling the plot needless to say the one man aboard the ship from earth has met the alien beings and wants to save them...
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on January 8, 2014
Precursor to Avatar, but a great movie and enjoyed by the whole family. Excellent lesson in self sacrifice for what you believe is right even when the decision comes with consequences. Well put together film.
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VINE VOICEon September 20, 2009
This Blu has been screening nicely in the store as sadly no one got to see this with that joke of a theatrical release slate.

Plenty to dissect here regarding both the subtle and overlaying future of humanity themes, but in the end the positive outcomes shine through as does the awesome animation, both preserved beautifully on the Blu. This recent trend of 5.1 Uncompressed PCM on Blu is a nice change, and it bodes well for an action filled finale like this. The clarity, colors and style of animation look great here, and I bookmarked the last 17 minute battle scene for customers and that alone has sold itself. The supplements are a bit mismanaged and include:
* 4:45 minute making-of. Way too short for what this film took to make, and most of the other extras should have been spliced into this selection.
* 4 deleted scenes totaling 7 minutes. For what this film was they all should have been left in their respective sequences.
* 25 second quip on a storyboard to final rendering analysis on one scene.
* 2:13 minute Animatics picture in picture clip. Shows the animation changes between production levels of the escape sequence.
* 20 slides containing text and and drawing notes of initial production design.
* Pulling the Strings, 1:26 minute low grade animation clip of the director stating his reasons for making this and other films and what he hopes to accomplish.
* Crew commentary, catered to the animation followers.

The menu is eye catching and plays with some decent music. The navigation is too extensive for younger viewers and could have been made much simpler regarding the supplements (combine everything next time). This gets a 5 rating for Lionsgate on a solid picture and sound product. A PG rating with maybe a few scary moments for really young viewers, but presentable to everyone, I think. Have not had any kids run screaming to mom yet while it plays here. Hope you enjoy.
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on June 23, 2013
I loved this movie. I got choked up at some bits, but overall, it was wonderful.

Also, I usually don't like movies that are this short (I consider any movie under 90 minutes short), but this movie was perfect. It put everything into that time frame just right, so it didn't seem packed in or rushed at all.

Parents: It's not a SCARY movie, but some parts were a little bit tense.

Final note: I like it that it wasn't cliched (that is, it wasn't the typical black-and-white good vs evil thing). There was some good and some bad on BOTH sides. I found myself rooting for the humans one minute and the Terrians the next!

This is a movie that's fun for kids of any age, and I think that parents will enjoy too! Like I said, it's a wonderful and awesome movie. Watch it. You'll be glad you did.
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on September 28, 2009
Seldom do animations of this quality and creative imagination also elicit thoughtful and emotional responses from the viewer. But such appears to be the case as many other reviewers have expressed similar thoughts. So! Praise to the director, writers and animation crew for an exceptionally crafted story.
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on April 21, 2012
Battle for Terra is a dynamic tale of desperation & misunderstanding. It is hard to believe that earthlings could be this irresponsible, & could be so ruthless, that they would be wiling to commit genocide, just to have a new home.

Yet, even after all these centuries, humanity has failed to learn from their mistakes.

The major characters in this movie, are the Terrian Mala, & the human pilot, Lt. James Stanton.

The Terrians are a superstitious people who initially think that when the ARK, (the humans spaceship), first arrives above their planet-they believe it to be gods. But the leaders of the Terrians know better, because unknown to many of their people, they have been secretly preparing for the possible invasion of their planet, although being a peaceful people-knew that possibility might happen at some time.

Their unwillingness to trust any human, is echoed in the fact that the same thing could be said about humans attitudes to trust an alien species-a viewpoint that leads to a full-scale invasion of Terra, something the Terrians have been preparing for, for years.

Yet, there is a great sadness in this movie, in the fact that the humans are desperate, because the ARK is literally disintegrating around them, & there is almost no time left for them TO find a new home.

While the leadership aboard the ARK, does not want want war, the military leader aboard the ARK, is not willing to wait. He overthrows the ARK'S leaders, & launches the full scale invasion of Terra.

It is only through the friendship of the Terrian Mala & the human, James Stanton, the complete genocide of the Terrians is avoided, though not without without a terrible price being paid.

The storyline is driving all through this movie-the desperation of the humans, & the determination of the Terrians. The action sequences are thrilling, between the earthlings & the Terrians in the determining battle for Terra.

It is a story of determination, desperation, & cooperation, that makes this an extremely exciting & powerful movie well worth seeing!
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on January 4, 2014
It's another Avatar/Fern Gully "we need to change our ways" knockoff, but I like the animation and the characters. You could just imagine a world with an atmosphere that is so dense as to allow for flying whales and floating tadpole people, but it sort-of breaks the immersion when you have humans talking about terraforming such a planet. I think we'd have better luck with Venus. In any case, it was worth the couple of hours watching it.
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