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on March 16, 2010
For starters, I've been a Luda fan for years. His lyrics have always been fresh, his beats hot, and his flow smooth. His flow is still smooth on this disk, but that's about it. Lets face it, this is a pretty commercial-oriented release. I really think the only track on it that is going to get any sort of play time in my library is Tell Me a Secret featuring Ne-Yo after the first listen. I heard how low at a bar a while back and wanted to vomit. On top of that, he has collaborated with gucci mane on a track, and that is just outright disappointing. If you've been to a club recently, you've heard this song 10,000 times, just by different artists. Lets get drunk, party party party, blah blah blah. Down tempo grind song. This whole album is far too commercial for my tastes, a dime a dozen. I would recommend, if you're a real Luda fan, torrent it or something. Don't buy it. Send him and artists like him a message: we won't take this crappy, thoughtless club music anymore. If I want club music, I'll get drunk and listen to it in a bar, because drunk is the only state of mind I can take this. But for my sober money, I want some hip hop with some substance.
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on September 4, 2010
After his 2006 album "Release Therapy", Ludacris seemed to get a lot of criticism for a deeply personal album that wasn't really that bad. He bounced back with his best effort to date- 2008's "Theater Of The Mind" and things seemed to be going well- at least that's how Ludacris tells it. He talked about a concept album called "Battle Of The Sexes"- a duet album between himself and Shawnna (best known for appearing on his song "What's Your Fantasy" and her hit "Gettin' Some"). Unfortunately, Shawnna abandoned the project midway through completion, and rather than shelve the album, Ludacris soldiered on with the project. The end result is Shawnna appearing only on three songs- "I Do It All Night", "B.O.T.S. Radio" and the phone sex inspired "Feelin' So Sexy".

There are other guests who fill the absence left by Shawnna. Nicki Minaj steps in for the song "My Chick Bad", Ne-Yo appears on the Swizz Beatz produced "Tell Me A Secret", and Trey Songz makes a cameo on the rather dull "Sex Room". The songs "Everybody Drunk" and "Party No Mo'" are horribly out of place on this album. In fact, the only song that actually is in line with the concept of the album is "B.O.T.S. Radio". Things come to a close with the final track, The Neptunes produced "Sexting" which makes light of the Tiger Woods scandal. The problem with this album- aside from the production- is the album overall is misleading regarding the concept of "Battle Of The Sexes". The album title should have been "Pandering To The Sexes" being that is what's done on the entire album. If you're a Ludacris fan, you may want to sit this one out.
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on January 21, 2014
Had a lot of CD's stolen, lost or have just found new that peaked my interest, over the years and was just trying to get them back for my collection of music. The CD showed up on time and as expected. It is in great condition as well as the container. I'm enjoying it. I usually go to Amazon for all my music needs.
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on October 2, 2013
Luda is the man! He always delivers! Songs with infectious grooves along with hardcore rhymes! Jams like "How Low", and "My Chick Bad", both the original and the remix are included on this. This is a must have for any Ludacris fan. I strongly recommend it jam in your pad or in your ride!
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on September 19, 2011
Luda is back on his same old grind with this album. Actually, I think he should have called it Luda's Love Games, because that would have been a more appropriate title. He did included a collaboration with his cousin Monica on this album and he made quite a few radio hits. This album is classic Ludacris and if you are a Luda fan then you will really enjoy this album.
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on March 30, 2010
I will cut straight to the chase with this review. This album while better than Chicken N Beer is still suspect. The problem with it is that Ludacris is trying too hard to pander to the ladies instead of being that gifted MC we all know he's capable of being. This album sounds like the wack albums that LL Cool J has been recording after The G.O.A.T. Before I get to what makes this album bad I will talk about the good.

Hey Ho feat Lil Kim and Lil Fate is not bad. B.O.T.S. Radio feat I.20 and Shawnna is cool too. The Intro fools you because it causes you to believe that this album is going to be hot which you will hear later on is not. My Chick Bad feat the extremely overrated Nicki Minaj and the remix feat Eve, Diamond and Trina might get some rotation. Tell Me A Secret with Ne-Yo gets a pass too. That is where it stops.

The Bad: How Low is perhaps the most boring club record in recent memory. I dont care how many times the radio tries to beat that song into your subconscious, the track sucks! Equally boring tracks would follow in the form Cant Live With You feat Monica(which is a waste of her talent and your time), Party No Mo feat Gucci Mane and Everybody Drunk feat Lil Scrappy. I Know You Got A Man must be the most painfully bad song for the ladies that I've heard next to Ja Rule's Mesmerized feat Ashanti. I hope I'm not the only one that thinks that Sexting is corny as hell and should have never made it to disc and listen to this cheesy hook while you're at it "So I'm just sitting in this rehab class/ trying to get myself unhooked on a**/ so then my teacher asked me a question/ Like Ludacris are you over there sexting/ Ha ha OMG/ Lol KIT/ Smiling faces / X and O/ LMFAO"(??????!!!!???).

In short this album is a mess. I know people love Ludacris and thinks he is a tight lyricist but dont use that as an excuse to see past this album's glaring flaws. I love Ludacris and think he's a tight MC too. I thought Theater Of The Mind was an excellent album but Battle Of The Sexes SUCKS! This album sounds like something LL Cool J would make(thats why I gave my review that title). You dont believe me? Listen to Cant Live With You, Sex Room, I Do It All Night, I Know You Got A Man, Feelin So Sexy and Tell Me A Secret and imagine LL Cool J's rhymes about women over those tracks. Now you see what Im talking about.
thumbs down.

Standouts: B.O.T.S. RADIO, HEY HO, TELL ME A SECRET, MY CHICK BAD(original and remix).
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on December 12, 2015
This is a very polished CD. Everything clicks and I loved the funky beat music. Although the lyrics can be very explicit, it nonetheless earned five-star rating in my book. Ludacris raps like a virtuoso. Recommended.
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on March 25, 2010
[...] (check it out!)

Ludacris released his 7th album "Battle of the Sexes" on March 9th. And having been very disappointed in his last two albums I didn't expect hardly anything from this one. Once a great force in the Hip Hop game, I had counted Ludacris out really. Upon listening to his new album though, I realized what was missing from the last two albums. FUN! Luda was always the rapper with the great skills, but the one that always made you laugh (in a good way) while listening to his rhymes. It seems like on the last two efforts "Release Therapy" and "Theater of the Mind", he tried to get too serious and forgot what made him a star. So happy he returned to form with this effort because not only does it make for a solid album, but in a lot of ways made me love Hip Hop again. Having said that, the "Battle of the Sexes" theme isn't very obvious throughout the album except for "B.O.T.S.", if the idea was to show conflicting sides of this battle, he kind of failed because instead of it being about a Battle it's more just talking about relationships in general. Even than, "Everybody Drunk" and "Party No Mo" don't seem to fit at all, even though they are two of the better tracks. "How Low" and "My Chick Bad", which are the two first singles, are two of his best songs because though they seem misogynistic based on the titles, he actually does celebrate women and doesn't degrade them as hard as some other rappers even R&B singers (this is something I've always loved about Luda actually, he's very pro-woman and definitely appreciates and celebrates them). He has his required sex songs with what seem to be required guest appearances by Trey Songz and Ne-Yo. (Speaking of, Ne-Yo's collaboration "Tell me a Secret" is a great song... but the true star is Swizz Beatz for the very subtle but very original and creative drum track) Overall, it's not his best album by a long shot but it's a great return to form and just a Fun album.
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on March 18, 2010
I was worried buying this album that I may end up end Lil Kim X-rated terrority since the album is called battle of the Sexes. Happily upon hearing the album I didn't have anything to worry about.
I can tell you as a female OVER the age of 35 who still loves hip-hop this album is very entertaining and fun. I heard Luda say in an interview that there would be something for everybody on the album and he totally delivered on that promise. There are a few bad words here and there but not enough to barely take notice. Luckily, Luda tries to keep it clean as much as he can.

As a female here are the songs I would say most other females will like:

2 - My Chick Bad
5 - I Do It All Night
6 - Sex Room - w/Trey Songz - Need I say more?
7 - I Know You Got A Man
8 - Hey Ho
11 - Can't Live With You

12 - Feelin' So Sexy - This song reminds me alot of the LL Cool J song "Doin It" where 2 poeple are responding to one another, this is a Sample of Telepopmusik's "Don't Look Back" a song I love to begin with.

13 - Tell Me A Secret - w/Ne-Yo
14 - My Chick Bad Remix - Nice to see Eve back in the game!

15 - Sexting ****Highly Recommend***** Download This!!! Very Catchy Hook!

17 - Rollercoaster - w/Dru Hill - What? Where they been at? I don't know who Shawnna is but she's a bad ass on this song.

There you have it, I recommend 11 of the 17 songs, which makes the purchase totally worthwhile.
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Ludacris was once a pre-eminent rapper who could easily score a multiplatinum album. Like many rappers, he had a powerful run with Chicken N Beer,The Red Light District, and Release Therapy all reaching the "number one spot" (no pun intended) and going platinum or better. 2008's Theater of the Mind marked a high spot critically in the rapper's career, but a #5 opening (still respectable) and a slept on album resulted, only being certified gold. The album, in my opinion was better round than Ludacris's Grammy winning 'Release Therapy', but didn't spark the hits of 'Release Therapy' ("Money Maker" and "Runaway Love" namely). 'Battle of the Sexes' already has a better advantage over its predecessor with the top ten hit single "How Low" returning Ludacris to the nastiness, yet addictiveness of singles such as "Splash Waterfalls" or the anthemic nature of "Stand Up". Maybe if it were say Common (who made a huge faux pas with 2008's dreadful 'Universal Mind Control') trying to be more commercial it would be a big deal, but we expect Ludacris to be, well "ludicrous". 'Battle of the Sexes' is indulgent, but it comes over as more enjoyable than 'Theater of the Mind' because it settles for a cheaper, immature image. Not my favorite Ludacris albums, but maybe it is that transitional efforts to buy back fans who didn't show up for his last album.

The album opens up with a forgettable intro, but "brings the heat" with "How Low", one of the strongest cuts from the album. Nasty, over-sexualized, yet captivating, it is no wonder why "How Low" has quickly ascended to the top of the charts and had more staying power opposed to singles "What Them Girls Want" or "One More Drink" from 'Theater of the Mind.' He keeps up the pace, as provocative as ever with the catchy "My Chick Bad", featuring female rap standout Nicki Minaj. "Everybody Drunk" featuring Lil Scrappy deviates from the sexual overtones of "How Low" and "My Chick Bad", though it is slightly less enjoyable - still a standout. After this, "I Do It All Night" is solid enough, but not nearly as potent as the first three cuts. The Trey Song featured "Sex Room" in all its freakiness makes up for any lack of inspiration or 'ear candy.'

"Hey H*" (feat. Lil Kim) and "Party No Mo'" (feat. Gucci Mane) are solid, but not necessarily stellar. "B.O.T.S." (feat. I-20) finds a similar fate, though the soulful well produced duet with Monica "Can't Live With You" is one of my personal favorites. Monica sounds better than ever. "Feeling So Sexy" and "Tell Me A Secret" (feat. Ne-Yo) are ok, but forgettable. "My Chick Bad {Remix]" featuring an all star collaborative crew (Diamond, Eve, Trina) and "Sexting" are excellent closers to an album that is solid enough, though inconsistent in overall conception.

While I wouldn't go as far to call this effort 'unexceptional', 'Battle of the Sexes' lacks the maturity of 'Release Therapy' (there is no "Runaway Love") and the well-rounded edge of 'Theater of the Mind'. It is what it is. Enjoyable, though not earth-shattering by any means. 3 stars.
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