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on April 13, 2012
You've probably heard all about BF3 by now, so I'm not gonna to an extremely detailed review (I was itching to do that lol). I'd just like to point out a couple of things that one should keep in mind before and after buying this games.

This Limited Edition comes with the code to download the "Back to Karkland" pack which contains a bunch of new maps for FREE. The LE costs more than the standard edition, but not $15 extra which is the price you have to pay to get the B2K-pack on the standard edition. Hence, if you are interested in playing those maps, get this L.E. and save a couple of bucks right out of the box.

It also comes with a game code to unlock a suppressed pistol which I rarely use because it just plain bad, but that's my opinion. It may work great for your style of play, but it's completely unnecessary for me and I'd rather they let you pick one gun to unlock like the FAMAS, etc.

Besides all this, there's nothing really special about the L.E., so let me move on to the game itself -

- The learning curve is almost vertical, and if you're new to the series and are migrating after getting sick of CoD like I did, your first few games are going to be spent feeling as out of place, targeted, trolled as possible! This game is the exact opposite of CoD and you can't play with the run-and-gun approach that might rack up kills in the latter. There are no killstreak rewards like choppers and what-not (obviously) so it's all up to YOU to score points and find kills. There are four different classes that you can pick from, and each of them has its own specialty and role in a battle. Assault has all the assault rifles and standard weaponry, and has med-kits that a player can deploy to heal team-mates. Engineer has short-ranged weaponry and a repair tool for repairing vehicles. Support is obviously meant to support the other classes with strong support fire from machine guns and assault rifles, and can deploy ammo to replenish team-mates' ammo stores. And finally, Scout/Sniper which can set up motion sensors and spawn points for team-mates.

Now, each class is meant to be a played a certain way and a certain way only! Don't experiment too much or you'll end up dying way too many times. Try to play for an objective - Assault gets points every time a teammate is healed, Engineer for repairing a teammate's vehicle, Support for replenishing ammo, Scout/Sniper for helping teammates spawn further up the map and also for detecting enemies with say the motion sensor. Each class is important to the whole big picture of the battle, and working together as a team is extremely crucial. You can't take on the enemy by yourself, you need to rely on your teammates backing you up, picking off someone who might be flanking you... Basically, play for your TEAM first and your own glory second, and you'll start scoring really high. Throw down ammo or health for a bunch of mates who're having an intense fire-fight in Metro, or look for a good spawn location for them. BF3 REWARDS you for playing for your team, and there's no better feeling than winning. It's not like COD where you can lose and still feel really happy knowing that you got 25-30 kills and have a 2K/D ratio. In BF, it just sucks to lose, plain and simple.

Now there are two unique features in this game - the first is Bullet-drop. Bullets are affected by gravity over distance, and its not a problem if you fight close-range but for snipers this is something to keep in mind, besides all the other problems of recoil that this game throws in to make it hard for you! Jets and aircraft are almost impossible to fly at first - crazy learning curve! Be patient with it, or just avoid them altogether! A neat thing is that you can upgrade your vehicles just as you upgrade guns depending on how much you've used and accomplished with them.

The second are the maps - Gigantic maps. If COD maps are about 20 times smaller than some of the biggest maps in this game! It helps that you can sprint for really long though (I actually haven't ever depleted my character's stamina .. ??). Buildings are destructible if you use heavy tank-weaponry. The different game-modes also bring a lot of variety and flexibility to what the maps offer. My favorite map for Conquest is Metro, btw ;)

The graphics of this game are some of the best I have ever experienced, but not as good as I expected it to be based on all the rave reviews and praise it got. Yes, the Frostbite engine is great, but there were quite a few occasions where I noticed that it wasn't actually rendering and texture-reproduction but just a clever mixture of.. colors?.. that produced eye-candy. If you looked hard enough you could see what I'm saying. Animations are great but could be improved as well. Nowhere as bad as CoD though :P Glitches in this game are few and far between, and that's a huge plus. IN ORDER TO INSTALL THE HD TEXTURES you need to have a hard-drive installed on your xbox, so if you have the 4GB slim with no HD, well, oops? I'm not sure exactly how much space it consumes but you just can't have it on the 4GB slim. That's a bit of a letdown, since the HD textures make a HUGE difference and is exactly what everyone is talking about.

**I Have NOT played the Single-player campaign yet so no comment on that. I hear it's nothing spectacular though**

**IMPORTANT NOTE! - the game's online servers are no longer run by DICE or EA but rather regular people like you and me who chose to pay the small fee to own the rights to a server. Which means, the network is polluted with bad servers with repeating maps, restricted loadouts and vehicles, restricted play-styles and also the extremely unfortunate fact that you can be kicked out of a game simply if you're playing well and the server-admin is on the other team. Oops. One of the biggest worries about this game. You just have to get lucky each time you press quick-match, or be selective with the server selection. Good luck though!**

END VERDICT = 4/5 stars for the game, 5/5 stars for the Limited Edition.
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on February 22, 2014
Battlefield 3 has received mostly positive reviews. IGN gave it a score of 9.0 out of 10.0 for all platforms,[116][117] and praised the graphics and multiplayer game. Even though it criticized the single-player campaign story, and the occasional glitches of the game engine, it still gave the game a mostly positive review, "Regardless of the narrative missteps or the occasional glitches, Battlefield 3 offers an unforgettable, world-class multiplayer suite that's sure to excite shooter fans."
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on December 18, 2012
Didn't have the time or money to get the B2K limited edition when it was in stores and was overjoyed to find it on Amazon. Great game, but be warned game updates take up a TON of space, currently 5.4GB and I haven't even bought and DLC.
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on February 3, 2013
The best game like call of duty on steroids. The only thing I hate about this game is the flash lights and laser. The most fun you can have with a multiplayer.
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on October 22, 2012
The campaign is awful...short and blunt but its true. However, BF series has always been about the multiplayer. A model which they should go back to. Knock off $20 and make it Multiplayer only.

Co-op is ok. Some fun missions and ability to unlock weapons for multiplayer. They try to add a story to the co-op but theres no point in trying to follow it.

Multiplayer is awesome. If you get a group of 3 other people that know how to play the game, you feel unstoppable.

Shooting takes skill, rather than quick twitch reflex. Driving tanks takes a fair bit of time to aquint yourself with. Flying air vehicles can be a very brutal experience but is rewarding when you finally figure it out.

Overall the game is worth the money. Due yourself a favor and break the second disc (Campaign disc) and start playing Multiplayer the minute you get it.
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on December 10, 2012
I ordered this game around a few months back when it did not have the back to karkano included. however lets get to some of the good things about this game.#1 is that the graphics are amazing!The detail in the landscape is really nice and the detail in the players are amazing.

#2 The campgain I'd say 4 stars because its nothing really new. *SPOILER ALERT* A nuke gets stolen and you have to retrieve it.But i will say the game has some nice twists in it.Another great thing is that you are able to see a perspcetive from both sides of the conflict.From the russian side and the American side.

#3 The multiplayeer is really the main reason why i bought ths game because of the huge maps and vehicle range from tanks to jets you will not be disapointed. The maps are the biggest i have ever seen in a multiplayer online game.The thing about multiplayer is that you and your squad really depend on eachother.Like if one team just runs into the fray they will be instantly gunned downed by opposing troops. same with vehicles like if a tank gos into a urban enviorment it will be trapped instantly within the streets if it does not have support like a engineer and a sniper.The whole game focus on team work like how the support gunner like be zeroed in by a sniper then killed. its the medics job to revieve him so the gunner can lay down supperesive fire for the rest of the team to advance.Each class has a certain job to do and if played well you have a pretty good team.Then there is those game changing moments like if the defending team on rush has a really good defence it makes the attacking team either choose stealth or a full frontal aussault on the base.

#4 The vehicles can change the way a game is played.The air vehicles(jets, helicopters)are hardder to control but are lethal if used right.It is the way a team attacks. Do I Bombard the enemys with bombs, mortars, and tank fire? or do I go for a speed attack withe jeeps and scout helicopters and amphibous tanks?It all depends on your playing style. which is what I love about this game .

#5 The weapon choices are really good.There are a ton of choices of guns and attachments you can pick because unlike COD you can put 3 atttahments on your gun at any time. The on thing I dont like though is how you can buy a entire classes weapons for microsoft points which is unfair because why should a noob be able to get on really good gun when a veteran player only has a Ok gun.

The Downs
#1 some people just dont get how you play the game they run into crossfire over and over and then yell though there microphone swear words and usally these people are smaller kids like at age 7 or 10. Where are there Parents?I Dont really see alot of these kids but when i do it messes up my game.

#2 Like I said above the campgain seems a bit old because of the story line but it defenity is a intense game.

#3 In the multiplayer see some of the "I am better than you" type stuff but i believe that if you give a noob a jet over and over again he will eventully get the controls and become good at it. Again I rarely see this.

Overall: a great game and none of the downs should change your mind about this game.

(sorry for any misspelled words)
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on April 4, 2012
This is more of a realistic game, unlike call of duty. It requires people to work together as a team and in doing so you help out each other. There is so much to do in the game. Single player has an amazing story, Co-op missions are good and you unlock weapons for mulitiplayer and in mulitiplayer the maps are huge, no "camping," there are a lot of vechicles, Battlefield vets will be very happy with returning weapons/items/vechiles. This has become my favorite game of all time.
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on May 19, 2012
When I got the game I was amazed with the graphics. The only problem is that it takes over 1 GB to download the HD pack which
requires a 360 hardrive! Also the update to rent a server is also 1 GB to download and I had to download that to play with my other friends. I have a 4 GB Xbox 360, But if you have lots of space on your Xbox it's a really fun and a action packed game. The last thing that made me mad was that you have to pay 10 $ to play online but if you got a brand new limited edition you don't have to. Don't get the used limited edition because odds are the last person has already used the code. Overall really fun game after going through the process.
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on April 16, 2012
I have been a huge Battlefield fan for ages. But, I admit, this one didn't thrill me like the rest. Let me say that I strongly prefer MP and don't play SP unless online play has gone down. If you are a regular MP player, you will notice that the flags don't really have the multiple approaches like the previous iterations (and the competition) does. This leads to a lot of camping and less people playing for the objective.

Graphics wise, it is a real beauty. But, you can see that the system strains at times.
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on August 5, 2012
Bought this game to keep me occupied while I waited for halo 4. graphics are amazing and the gameplay is awesome. you can easily spend 150 bucks on this game with DLC and extras. overall the game is awesome.
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