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on October 26, 2011
I have to say I was a COD type of player. My friends would talk to me about BFBC2 and I would say "That game looks boring, where is the action?" But got to admit, I got tired of COD, same old gun and run. I wanted something more complex.
I played the BF3 beta, and damn after getting in the Metro Station, from the Operation Metro Map, and hearing the bullets, the RPG's on the edge of getting you, and the explosion all around, I got hooked up. It is so realistic, having "TurtleBeaches" or so, really helps a lot. It is intense, full of action, and really fun.
For all those people saying "I get killed really fast, they are all just camping, I can't even get close to the objective, I get lost on the map 'cause is too big" Well, don't run like a noob in the middle of the street! take the long way around, be sneaky get behind them and kill them, and most important of all press the SELECT button when you see an enemy to "spot" it, as this is a team based game, your friends will see them when you "spot" the enemy. When spawning get into a vehicle, better if it is a Tank or an Amphibian, with them you can get close to the objective and kill lots of enemies, it is better if you are an engineer as you will be able to "fix" it when damaged.
I can't deny there are some issues such as: Voice chat being choppy, bugs here and there, but no game is complete when it first comes out. I think it will just get better after some patches, don't listen to the trolls, and just give it a try. Hope you find out how good this game is. CHEERS!
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on February 15, 2012
First off, I am an avid Call of Duty player for years and also had a run with MAG(great multiplayer domination). I prestiged to the 15th on Black ops and to the 10th on MW3(which are maxxed), that being said, I absolutely love Battlefield 3! If you are buying for the single player campaign mode from what I have read it is OK at best. I buy these FPS games for the multiplayer and that is where BF3 shines. If you are a Call of Duty gamer, you will probally hate this game at first, hard to aim and get kills when compared to CODs MW3 if you are accustomed to the fast pace arcade style warfare. Give it a few days and if you are like me you will get into the Battlefield flow and your game will start to improve. Both games are great in my opinion and after maxxing out MW3, I needed something new and BF3 hit the spot. You will get your A-s kicked in the beginning if you are new to Battlefields or just switched from Call of Duty. The secret is you have to get pounded several hours before you get unlocked weapons and attachments. I love the fast pace of COD, but this game definitely has more all out war feel. If you do not own a quality stereo or dolby headset get one, I can say the graphics are good, but the sounds are great! Very happy with my purchase and the Limited Edition copy gives you some weapon unlocks as well as 4 extra maps, so I definitely reccomend this version(the map pack by itself is 14.99 plus game cost). The amount of vehicles and weapons with different attachments will keep the replay value high. So give it a try and dont let the first day depress you it gets better, as I am hooked! Thanks for reading and hope this helps some of you!
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on October 25, 2011
Ok, I gunned half through a few hours of single player simply for the trophies and then dropped it for a few hours into the MP end of stuff. This is an early rummage of thoughts to give some people on the fence an idea of what they are getting into. Even most of the PC reviews out there have been pretty vague. I haven't cleared this 100% for the Platinum or put in 100 hours of ranking. But I have been playing Battlefield games for awhile so some early thoughts after a few hours.

First off -- 200+ meg update before you can play then you're off to the races. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was similar to Crysis, in that you could navigate the landscape the way you wanted, within an admittedly small area. Wooden huts and hideouts were for the destroying if you were so inclined. In Battlefield 3, you are literally led by the nose with little blue and red boxes on EXACTLY what to do. It's pretty insulting. Walk one foot too far this way or that way, and you are immediately told to "RETURN TO THE BATTLEFIELD." The levels are much more confined than the last game, but I think they went way too far on the scripted confrontations. On the realism end, there is a a few instances where a Marine will drop dead right in front of you and the other soldiers will just walk right by. Pretty lame, Marines don't tend to do that sort of thing. So the story sucks, but nobody reads Playboy for the articles right? Character models are not the strong point here. Where in CoD, everything looks like shiny plaster, here they look like clay . The environment textures look good most of the time, but occasionally do load slowly. Also, first thing I would do, is jack up the controller sensitivity, the default setting is way too slow. So far, I see a real missed opportunity in the single player end. I don't know why they just don't take the large maps from multiplayer and come up with a story based task for the single player. Corridor shooting needs to finally die. Anyway, the campaign doesn't do much new thus far, but there are good points. The audio is absolutely stunning. On my surround sound, the bullet hits and muzzle sounds are really awesome.

But playing Battlefield by yourself is like buying a banana just to eat the peels.

There is the new seemingly obligatory online pass to jump through and then you are greeted with a "free" M1911 pistol reward. Yay.

Online, there are still some occaisional collision problems from the beta. I have been sapped by a LMG more than once half stuck in the floor geometry of a building, but other than that the game does play pretty good. This is Battlefield - so when you can spawn on a boat and grab some airpower - you'll probably crash right away. haha. It happens every time. In 1943 it took me awhile to get the plane over Suribachi too. But there is a new feeling of dominance gunning around with the Apache's instead of just having tanks or jeeps with machine gun mounts. I haven't had too much time with the jets in Conquest yet, but I'm getting there. Tanks are still the main fun for me. There's nothing more satisfying than blasting down an entire roof where a sniper is camped out stopping your troops from getting the Gas Station capture point. Bullet drop with snipers from BC2 seems less pronounced or it may be a placebo.

Maps range from HUGE to more conventional "CoD" style boxes for deathmatch. For me, TDM really is pointless in this type of game but it is a game mode that never seems to die no matter what game they put it in. Whatever, I prefer the larger skirmishes with objectives, but I think the larger maps do bring up the obvious. This game is probably better played on the PC for one real reason and it has nothing to do with graphics. The PC will hold 64 players - and that is where the real meat of the series has always been. Eventually, I'll probably up for the PC sku when I can afford an upgraded rig, but this does well for now.

Battlefield 3 is not for everybody. Black Ops this is not. MW2, this is not. You cannot hide in a tin roof building like in Favela during an Apache onslaught and expect to ride out the bulletstorm. You can't run around and knife from 10 meters away. If you played Battlefield BC2, MoH, or even the PSN/XBL 1943, then you'll know what you're getting into here. Weapons sway, reloading takes time and there's no MW2 pinball score counters. If you are curious and big on CoD quick turn maps where you can noob tube to a nuke with OMA - this is probably not your game. Battlefield matches can be long drawn out affairs and inching your way on foot to objectives or blasting your way through buildings to a flag is a better way to success. Not to say the knifing isn't useful. If you don't play as a team - you will have a very bad day. FYI you can't jump off the top of a three-story building doing a 360 turn and pop a guy in the head with an Intervention and run off into the sunset with a 73-7 k/d in Scrapyard with the chopper gunner singing in the background. Battlefield isn't about killstreaks, it is about a 'battlefield.' Ironic I know. Battlefield 3 pretty much holds to the history of the franchise thus far. There are some mistakes here and there - all of them in the single player end - mostly because I feel it is a mistake to try to compete with Call of Duty. Call of Duty is a slowed down Quake 3 - fun but aging, fake and in no way a war game. Battlefield 3, on the other hand, is pretty much the game it was 10 years ago, but now with much better graphics, more lethal vehicles and stunning sound design. Don't buy into the hype one way or the other. But if you're tired of endless 'nade spamming, chopper gunner spamming, host lag, knife spamming, and want something objective based - give Battlefield 3 a look.

UPDATE: I'm going to just drop a few last pieces in and leave it at that. Right now I'm rocking the ever popular M416, suppressor, bi-pod and Holo with the M26. There was a point around level 7 or 8 where you really start making a weapon your own with the sights, rail attachments and the game really starts to come into it's own. It no longer feels like the early "grind" and you start to know the maps. Even TDM starts to make sense at least on Metró. Though CQB is still clumsy. I haven't touched the single player again - and I doubt I will. Frame rates could be a tad better, but this was built for a PC with SLI cards, so what can you do? Oh and the Battlelog stats site is ripped almost completely from the Killzone stats site. Go figure. Not sure if Xbox live lobbies are back up yet, but 3/4 time I get dropped immediately into a game from PSN. Once in awhile I get kicked during search. Server list is helpful and would be welcome in any other console FPS. I'm in for the long haul. If you got the stomach for the climb to level 45, it's worth it. There are few things more rewarding in online gamedom than making a push with a good team in conquest, hopping over a rail to heal a fallen teammate and throwing up cover fire with a well tuned weapon with an Abrahms tank on your back blasting the wall of an apartment building with laser sights bouncing around on your position to take the win. Hard to find this type of experience anywhere else.


I've got my MW3 preorder in on the 360 but I absolutely have to post this. It's so funny because I think it's true.

Look up -- 14 Ways to Spot a CoD player in Battlefield 3 on the OXM UK website.

Well I caved. Finished a new PC build with a Core i5 2500 and 2 GTX 560 ti's. Battlefield 3 runs like glass. EA's Origin is awful, but the game is just stunning. Maps are much bigger and even single player earns a few points back. I'll still be playing on PSN, but the PC version has to be seen in motion to be believed. If anybody has any questions on the differences, let me know.
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on January 21, 2012
This is the most beautiful thing I have seen on any system. Fantastic physics. Very real. Make MW look like a childs toy. You want war? Get it here.
This is NOT a 'Run&Gun' game. Especially online. You need to use strategy.

$10 online code + $15 Karkland + $ used game = Should buy it new people
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on November 7, 2011
Overall i think its very good,

It is Bad company 2 with better graphics and enhanced maps, new weaponry and upgrades for all you can drive. Is very fun to get into the battle because it feels closer than its predecessor, there is no calm in any place of the maps, the sound and visual effects are very good and has the same destruction that BC2, which is something important in the franchise.

I think the intensity itself of this war game will be always better than the COD games.
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on November 11, 2011
I could write a page telling you about the different abilities and strategies of the soldiers...
or the many vehicles you could master driving and flying...
or the team and squad based strategies you could employ to dominate...
or the fully destructible environments so no one is truly safe. Like hiding in buildings? Well watch out for that tank, chopper, or jet. The building is going down!
or even the awesome different game modes including Rush, Conquest, and Team Deathmatch....

I have played all the FPS games including all COD, Battlefields, Homefront, Halo, ect...
If you are looking for something more than kids running around seeing who can kill the most people first with no strategy and the same redundant gameplay... game after game, after game, after game... ummm... well look no further.

I loved battlefield 2 and this is even better. MW3 is the first COD game i am passing on. I have lost all interest in the franchise. To me it has gotten stale. I found I was only playing Zombies in black ops after getting bored with the multiplayer.

After playing Battlefield and seeing all it has to offer I cannot go back to COD. This game even got my 30 year old friend who never played games before hooked.

It takes a little getting used to if you are used to COD but once you get the hang of it you will love it. HUGE boards, large teams, so many strategy options, so many vehicles... Damn I have to go to work. I just wanna play!

Get it and I will see ya on the Battlefield!
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on November 11, 2011
I've been playing FPS games since Doom and Wolfenstein, so I really love FPS. Since then, games have changed a lot and the gaming experience of today's FPS is like nothing I've seen before. BF3 is a clear example of that.

BF3 is just amazing! The game's sounds effects can't be more realistic. It puts you in the game! My wife even got nervous after hearing all the shooting and screaming, is hilarious.

The scenarios, lighting and maps are also very nice! Buildings can collapse on top of you; tanks, rockets and grenades can now alter the actual maps and objects like in real life.

Another unique feature of this game that I enjoy a lot if that requires skills from your side! It's not about shooting and shooting or killing and run, like in other FPS game out there. You need to collaborate and play as a team. You get points when you spot an enemy of if other team members spawn on your current shooting place. That is a more balance approach, in my opinion, than focus only on shooting, killing and running. Even shooting long distance with a sniper rifle requires practice and it takes gravity and parabolic behavior into consideration.

The graphics are not as crisp than the PC version (assuming you have good hardware) but developers made a decent job. But blame Sony here. The PS3 console is due for a major hardware upgrade. Sony: it is time for a better and faster console, give us a new model soon!

The online gaming is very fluid with no lag at all. I've had no connection issues so far. Ironically, I've been kicked several times of the MW3 servers on recent days than BF3 ones. But let's say that's a temporary thing due too many new users or high demand.

-- Now, the "mandatory comparison" with MW3. --

Honestly, both games are great! I have both at home. MW3 is more fast pace shooting game, small maps (some of them a bit claustrophobic to my taste). BF3 is more a team oriented game, collaboration, strategy and maps are huge! If you're into fast pace games and action, you probably will get bored with BF3.

However, looking to what we had before and the evolution of the each game, MW3 is more about the same. Activation just "recycled" the exact same successful concept, added new maps, few tweaks here and there, and there you go. But the game's engine is the same, the interaction with the objects and maps is limited or none and the overall gaming experience is more an arcade, non-relalistic one than anything else.

-- Conclusion --

If you're in a tight budget and tired of being killed by that 11 year old kid that plays 24/7 , get BF3. Has a richer and more realistic FPS experience. But if camping is not your thing, you are a hardcore CoD fan or just prefer a more arcade type of game, CoD MW3 is what you want. I like both games but find myself playing BF3 much more, maybe because the team interaction and bigger maps, but of course, that's just me.
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on October 26, 2011
First off. I think this game has reached the technological limit of the current generation of gaming consoles, which is why the only way for it to look better is on a PC. I do not think current consoles can make a game any better. I am a casual adult gamer, who enjoys the single-player and Co-op more than the online multi-player. Why? Because I have a job, and don't enjoy getting killed every 60 seconds by teenagers who have all day to practice their knife-and-run and sniping skills. I have not been in the military, but this is about as close as you can get to the real thing, and not have to pay for your mistakes with a hole in your behind. I loved everything about the single-player. Admittedly, I considered taking away a star due to the occasional freeze (twice so far), I hope this is remedied in an update. But, the game is SO good in every other respect that it doesn't bother you too much. I love that you get a good taste of a variety of combat situations, from ground, to .50 caliber machine guns, tanks and fighter jets.

I find my self stopping the action to look around in awe at the surroundings, the graphics and sound are that good. The sound is great from a TV, but absolutely superb when I'm wearing the Sony PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset. If you don't have one, get it ASAP. Wow, plus your wife/GF will appreciate the silence, while you get the full-audio in surround sound, you'd be surprised at how much sound details you're missing. I am not big on story-line, which is part of the strong point of this game versus the Modern Warfare series, with its cutscenes, which I think reduces re-play value. The single-player/co-op is the most realistic war-game ever created. I found it to be fun and exciting. I don't get what all the complaints were about, I was amazed at the graphics and sound alone. The one complaint I had was about the AI. I felt there was so much focus on the 5-star audio-visual graphics and sound details, but no improvements on the AI of the computer. It is the same pop-up shoot and hide predictable computer opponents, that behave unnaturally. Oddly the members of your squad behave more naturally, but the enemy AI is just plain silly and uncreative. But perhaps this generation of gaming consoles is not capable of handling computer AI that is able to behave organically and dynamically within the gaming environment which is why they seem to behave so robotically. But that aside, this game is a lot of fun, if you let yourself get into it and appreciate it for what it is, a chance to enjoy the most realistic combat simulator ever made. I am not a hardcore gamer. I am about halfway through and am enjoying this game thoroughly. This game is fun, I am going to be sad when the campaign-mode is over. Fun and exciting.
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on October 25, 2011
I had to do a review on this because of all the negative reviews. It's almost like they're not even playing the same game! The graphics on this game are right up there with Killzone and Crysis 2's campaigne. Definitely top notch for this generation of consoles. A review below says the game is messed up because the mini-map doesn't show your enemies when they are shooting.. THIS IS BECAUSE THE MINI MAP ISN'T SUPPOSED TO SHOW YOUR ENEMIES WHEN THEY ARE SHOOTING! The only way for an enemy to show up on your mini map, is if you or someone on your team highlights the enemy in their cross-hairs and pushes select, this calls the enemy out to your entire team for a short amount of time. How about instead of saying the game is faulted, learn how to actually play it! The ONLY people complaining about this game are the ones that are comparing it to Call of Duty. Well it's not Call of Duty, and that's a good thing! I'm not a 'fanboy' of either and I'm without a doubt getting MW3 as well. I can already tell that I'm going to play MW3 for a week, then go right back to BF3. This game is amazing, it took BF2 and improved on it in every way possible. I haven't even touched the single player yet. The multiplayer alone is worth the money. I haven't had any kind of lag, freezing or kicks of any kind. No glitches either. The game runs like a sewing machine! The graphics are insane for a console, there is TONS of unlocks to get, the maps are GIGANTIC and you can even fly a jet over the battle grounds and parachute into battle.. AGAIN, THAT'S FLY A JET, JUMP OUT AND FREAKIN PARACHUTE INTO THE BATTLE!! How is that not awesome? Great game and it's worth every bit of the hype. It's not Call of Duty, it's Battlefield 3!
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on November 6, 2011
It's now been almost two weeks since BF3 has been released. And after playing the campaign 1.5 times and logging in about 24 hours worth of MP, I feel that I can give a rather honest assessment of the overall game.

The fact that the campaign has such gloriously awe-inducing high spots makes its overall failure that much more bitter. It's been noted that the SP is downright dull. I have to agree with this, generally speaking. It's like, there is a great 2 hour campaign in there with 2-3 hours of filler. Telling the story via flashbacks from an interrogation just feels too... unoriginal. The story could have moved at a great pace had we actually been in the action in the present. Instead, you know you're going to live, and you have to put up with these two d-bags that are hounding you for information in the form of Good Cop/Bad Cop. There are lots of unanswered questions.

I played the campaign on Normal mode for my first go through, and I actually died far more than I anticipated. Often, stray bullets that seemingly came out of nowhere would kill me. Or, my favorite, I would be hiding behind cover, look over and shoot a couple times, and then duck back under the cover and crawl to another side of the cover, only to be shot immediately upon poking my head out. So, there is no split second where they don't know where I am. Also, your brothers in arms don't seem to draw much fire. It's like the enemy is solely out for you.

The .5 in the "playing the campaign 1.5 times," was played on Hard. I wouldn't even suggest bothering to play it on hard. This mode is full of what I consider cheap death upon cheap death. Dying before you can even react, having to army crawl through entire areas--which, while possibly realistic, is terribly boring--and having every enemy seemingly snipe you from across the map, all of these things lend to the overall feeling of not really being challenged... Basically, the Hard difficulty isn't more challenging or requires additional skill... it just requires you to sit patiently behind cover and poke your head out to pop off two shots, and in the process get immediately shot until you either die or are quick enough to go back to hiding. Not the best, in my opinion.

There are many high points to the SP. The paratrooper mission is great.

MP: Lots of issues. Could be great. In as few of words as possible: bad hit detection, I am NOT the type to whine about something like this frequently, but I genuinely feel that it is an issue in this game, either that or it takes far too many bullets to kill your enemy; a process I can only describe as being able to sink into walls/floors when you are prone, thus making the enemy only have a partial target (which is incredibly cheap); creating a squad of friends does not always work, sometimes you'll end up on separate squads or even opposing teams when the game starts; the weapons are fantastic and feel weighty-which is great; driving vehicles is not super easy, and I absolutely appreciate that; the maps are beautifully rendered.

The maps: Oh, the maps, how you are a bittersweet mistress. I cannot help but feel that many of the large maps needed to be scaled down quite a bit to be truly enjoyed. It is not a lie when people say that you can go 10 minutes without seeing anyone, sans someone flying overhead in a jet, in some of the largest maps. It's not really an issue, but it does detract from gameplay when you can't find anything at all to do. That being said, I love many of the maps and find them balanced. There are small maps with intense ground forces combat, and there are maps where using the vehicles is mandatory for victory.

Lastly: I know that it seems like I have listed a lot of negative things, and I suppose I have, but many of these things could be remedied.

A great game and a great community. Especially after the team deathmatch crowd leaves for MW3.

EDIT: 11/8/11: The lag appears to have disappeared almost completely. There is even a scrolling text message on the main game menu from EA/Dice stating as much. This alone would have changed many reviewers' negative reviews, had it happened a week ago. Game is shaping up nicely. See y'all on the Battlefield.
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