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on September 17, 2012
,This game has to be one of the best games I've played on the multiplayer side, and the deal is amazing! You can get this for $56 dollars as of 9/18/12. Premium alone is $50! The multiplayer is really deep and the single player is meh. I'm pretty much converted from COD to this now!

A few known issues though is that sound sometimes cuts out in my headset, and the download for the update and the map packs will take a very long time, so plan to do this as soon as you get the game!

Otherwise, great game!
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on October 29, 2012
Way more fun/ challenging and addicting than CoD, bigger maps, more selections, its so fun. The person below me clearly doesnt understand that you cant put dlc on a disc. You will have a huge patch to play it and download the map pakcs but its worth it! I play CoD, but no more, GO BATTLEFIELD!
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on September 14, 2012
all right so the game is pretty good however it would have been good to know that the dlc is not on disk and you have to download an almost 2 gig. patch and the almost 10 gigs of dlc, on disk would be better...
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on February 9, 2013
I had purchased this copy of the game as a gift, but I own the game along with the Premium add-on. The value of this product is definitely better than buying them separately, considering I pre-ordered Battlefield 3 for $60 along with the $50 for the Premium, so this is obviously a great buy. The Premium gives you access to all the add-ons when they come out, as well as playing them earlier than non-Premium players. At the time of this review, 4 out of 5 of the add-ons have been released, plus there are plenty of other goodies that you have access to as time progresses, such as exclusive videos, strategy guides, weapon camos, soldier camos, an exclusive knife, and more.

As far as the actual game itself, it is definitely one of my favorite first-person shooters I have ever played, the others being other Battlefield games. As far as the multiplayer, The game modes vary from classic Battlefield-style open maps with vehicles and objectives to close-quarter team deathmatch games, as well as plenty that are included with the add-ons. The weapons handle more realistic than other competing shooters, namely because of the bullet drop and the inclusion of the bullet in the chamber after reloading a fresh magazine. You can customize your gun with red dot sights, low-power combat scopes, sniper scopes, infared sights, foregrips, grenade launchers, shotguns, laser sights, flashlights, bipods, suppressors, flash hiders, heavy barrels, extended magazines, and I'm probably forgetting something else. And unlike games like Call of Duty, you can have up to three attachments on a gun, and they're sorted in categories (optics, muzzle, barrel). The two fighting factions are the Americans and the Russians, which have their own vehicles and weapons, however the weapons, and attachments, can be eventually unlocked for either team, with some skill. You can customize your vehicles with different weapons and abilities. These, along with guns, attachments, and equipment can be unlocked through a level-progression system, and by achieving kills with weapons you unlock attachments for that gun.

As far as the campaign goes, it has a good storyline to it and is fun to play, but does not have the replayability of other fps games, including the Bad Company games. If you're looking for a game solely because of the campaign, don't turn away from this, but all I'm saying is it's not the selling point of the game for most people. I don't wish to talk about the campaign too much, to avoid spoiling anything for people who haven't played it yet.

The co-op is, in my opinion, the lowest point of this game. There are only 6 different missions to play on, and they're always the same. You can change the difficulty, but the objectives will not change. You have to have two people playing together, and if one disconnects for any reason, it immediately ends. You do unlock more guns for multiplayer by playing through it, though, so it's worth playing. I recommend playing with someone you know rather than some random cheeseball. If you're looking for a co-op fps for you and your buddies to play, I wouldn't recommend this.

Overall, this is definitely one of my best purchases I have ever made as far as games go, and it will keep me entertained for a very long time. Now, I have one more friend who will play with me, too!
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on April 30, 2013
I used to be an avid CoD player, but then BF3 changed my life. Theres more to an fps than camping, or spawn killing. and battlefield really brings out the teamwork and strategy in an fps. overall great game i'd recommend to anyone!
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on April 18, 2013
The Multi-Player is absolutely phenomenal! Hearing the distant crack of a sniper, the crippling downpour of a building. When you're sprinting you actually feel weight to your character, hearing your footsteps pattering, equipment and gear dinging together. It just feels amazing. The Frostbite 3 Engine gives the game a sense of realism in how the environment reacts to your actions, and how the animations are fluid in this FPS. Everything feels flawless. Nothing feels stiff or clunky in this game.

With Premium Addition you're getting all the bonus content, and full game, for less the price of when it released. (its worth the money for all the content). The game feels great. Its immersive.

The downside: This game has been out since late 2011. The servers are still filled (Given its very replayable), but that also means that there are Battlefield Veterans. These kids will chew you up and spit you out. They're good. They know what theyre doing. If you can,find someone you can work with. Team work is essential (not too many people use it).

This is not a run-and-gun game. The environments are massive. Its tactical. Buildings will get destroyed, Weapons are suppressive (When a enemy is shooting near you, your screen will become blurry, due to supression effect), and snipers have bullet drop. Its amazing though, it can get frustrating being the underdog. I love it. Cant wait until BF4!
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on January 23, 2013
This game is so bloody amazing. If you don't have it, stop right now and just watch the 11 minute footage that EA/DICE released before the game was realesed in October 2011. It will really pull you in. Then go watch the trailers after it with jets and base jumping. BASE JUMPING! First time my friends and I did it we were giddy.

The single player is long enough. It varies in its action as you will co-pilot a jet on one level, drive/pilot a tank on another level, crawl along moving traines, etc. I did not totally care for the storyline on that cuts scenes. The cutscenes actually look REALLY good, but the storyline was only ok, although better than MW3 in my opinion.

The online community is going REALLY strong 17 months later. There are tons of other well written reviews, go read them! Or save yourself and hour and buy the game.
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on June 5, 2014
First off, let me say I am new to the Battlefield franchise via BF4. Due to its MANY issues, I took peoples advice and purchased this game (BF3).

Having invested over 500 hours in the past 7 months with BF4, I obviously got a feel for everything about it from button layout to the games demeanor.

Going "backwards" to BF3 took some getting used to say the least. The button layout along with game features are a little different than what I grew accustomed to, but still 100% playable.

First thing I noticed was how LARGE the maps felt and I consider BF4 maps large... In BF3 I felt lost at sea per say. Especially when trying to learn the maps and unless I was in a vehicle, I found myself getting bored hoofing it from one objecteive to the next.

Second; I noticed was the player count on the map seemed significantly lower compared to its counterpart. That only added to the "lost" and "bored" discriptions listed above. However, I do indestand it is "old" and the "support" may not be there...

Thridly; Graphics seemed to be down a tad, but obviously that was expected seeing how its a older game. Nothing drastic at all. Just somehting noted.

Lastly; The game runs magnificiantly smooth compared to BF4. Gameplay is MUCH better a flows nicely. Teamwork I feel is predominantly better in this game. I dont know if it was the pull from the COD crowed to BF4, but it is nice to play the game the way it was intended. BF3 allows you to play more with strategy and tactics.

All in all I wish I did not start with BF4. To be honest I tried to play this game and give it a shot. I really hoped to get hooked, but I swiftly made the switch back to BF4 even though it is still plagued with problems 7 months after its initial launch.

By no means am I saying this game is bad, but for me, personally it just was too slow at this point in time. Give it a shot. You may love it!
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on May 16, 2013
A friend kept telling get this game. but i wasn't convince but he kept pressing so eventually i yield. I got it on sale sale. and i must say the experience is fulfilling. i love everything about it. I MUST TELL ALL THEM CALL OF DUTY FANS. THIS GAME IS AWESOME AND I AM A CALL OF DUTY FAN.
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on April 13, 2013
After tiring of the Call of Duty franchise, this game offers almost everything the other franchise was missing. While the single player mode in BF3 is pretty equivalent to a Call of Duty single player story, players of both franchises know their strength lies in their multi-player modes. The game modes in BF3 alone are pretty good, but when you throw in the Premium content, they are way over the top. Whether you like the adrenaline from Rush, or the all out vehicle warfare of Armored Kill, there is something for every player and every mood you might be in. Each Premium add-on offers more than just maps - you get new well thought out game modes like Scavenger, Capture the Flag, Gun Master; new vehicles; and new weapons. Map design in BF3 is outstanding, and the combat seems very realistic with the excellent Frostbite engine. This game does run at lower FPS than CoD, but Frostbite makes up for it in other areas and generally just a more realistic feel than CoD.
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