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Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Playstation 3
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58 of 64 people found the following review helpful
on March 2, 2010
As I am a huge fan of BFBC1, COD4MW and CODMW2, I will not make direct comparisons. They are all great in their own way. I will say that this game is a bigger improvement from BC1, than MW2 is from MW1...if that means anything to you.

The graphics are a less "cartoon-ish", for lack of a better word.

The controls are better IMO, but you change them back to BC1 if you'd like.

There are more upgrades/attachments available, along with a unique way to mix and match them to your liking.

Something I like a lot is the effect gravity has on snipers firing over long distances. It's the first game (that I know of) where the mil dots in the scope are needed to snipe. You will also have to lead your target, just like in BC1.

Huge maps, like BC1

Destructable buildings, tree, etc., like BC1.

Firing rifles in full auto is more realistic. In BC1 there wasn't much climb or wander when firing in full auto.

I would recommend it to any one looking for the closest simulation of warfare in a video game. It incorporates squad teamwork, vehicles, armor, airstrikes and much more. This creates an environment where the run-and-gun Rambo types, just get owned...I love it!
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104 of 119 people found the following review helpful
on March 2, 2010
Quick backround on me - I'm an avid console FPS player. I achieved top 1% once and top 6% for 3 solid months on Killzone. I've gotten my kill rank as high as 91000 on MW2 (good enough for top 2%). I also played a fair amount of Resistance. I LOVE COD:MW2. I love the graphics, the speed, the twitch reflexes required to be good. I also do not play the single player games, so my review is aimed specifically at the online portion. I will say the 2 hours spent on the single player were very fun and the graphics phenominal (noticeably better than multiplayer). I also play with a clan that has carried over several games, that also weighs into my opinion. Finally, I played both the BETA and the DEMO, and about 48 hours online in, so I have a fair amount of experience with BFBC 2 .

Based on DICE & EA's own admission, they are aiming to be the best, better than COD specfically. Do they succeed? Yes and no. Here is my comparison/opinion:

Play is class based - Recon, Medic, Assault and Engineer. As you play as each character, their specific abilities are unlocked and enhanced. The leveling is slow. Unlike MW2 where getting hot could mean 2000xp and a quick couple of levels. Not so in Battlefield. You will need to play and play well as one class for an extended period to really get into the meat of the characters. You can customize your player, but not in the same fashion MW2. Edge: Draw

Modes include Rush, Capture the Flag, Squad Deathmatch and Gold Rush. The HUGE advantage BFBC 2 has over MW2 is that playing like a one man army is useless and you will probably lose. You CAN do it, but camping and playing as a lone wolf simply do not work in BFBC. Again, a stark contrast to MW2, the maps are enormous. And that is putting it lightly. Squading up is imperative if you want to move quickly across the map (and spawn with a squadmate). Edge: BFBC

Mechanics - The players move in a similiar fashion to COD:MW, i.e., like the player is on skates. This is in contrast to Killzone that moves more like Saving Private Ryan. The guns feel good, but do not have a weighty feel to them. The player can run for days and jump abnormally high. The bullets have drop at long range, wich is awesome. As opposed to a wobbly reticle, you have to aim based on distance to the target. You don't get much of a notice when you are getting hit or hit someone, and getting killed can be a bit jarring and abrubt. Players can regain health, but slowly, so as a sniper, you can get those one shot kills, especially if you snipe behind your tank. Speaking of vehicles. They are tide changer and vital part of winning the game you are playing. We're talking choppers, tanks, humvees and quadrunners. As far as the actual shooting goes, MW2 still just feels better, but that is going to be a strict opinion, as both work just fine. Edge: Draw

Matchmaking - It's easy to jump into a squad and more importantly, hook up with friends. You can customize the map you play and all of the modes. The game also plays on dedicated servers supported by EA. Again, big edge: BFBC.

Graphics / Sound - This is going to be very much debated. I like how COD and KZ looks. BUT - Battlefield has vehicles, 24 players, 10 maps that dwarf COD and KZ's maps and the big enchilada - fully destructable environments. Like the tanks your in, they change the game. If a sniper thinks he's going to camp, think again. The building he's in or tree he's behind will eventually fall. Near the end of some matches, the level of destruction is incredible. If you are a pure graphics fiend, youll probably think it's ugly, if you love the size, scope and destructability, you'll prefer BFBC. As far as sound - COD is like a Bruckheimer movie, BFBC is like Saving Private Ryan. More pops and thumps. Every gun in COD sounds like a cannon (which I love with my Turtlebeach P21 Headphones). Edge: Draw

Overall - I personally prefer the gameplay of COD:MW2 by a wide margin over BFBC 2. However, if you've spent any time with MW2, you know it's full of lone wolves, campers, cheaters and glitchers. The matchmaking is inferior, clan support is nill and playing with friends online is very difficult because of constant drops. Playing as a team is paramount to having a good time on BFBC, and there in lies the rub. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I'm afraid the game will not have that pick up and play, jump right in replayability that COD:MW2 has. Ginormous maps played with strangers not playing together could end up being just as bad (or worse) than the faults of MW2. At the end of the day, I like the overall idea of BFBC2 BETTER than MW2, but narrowly. Time will tell where the support from players lies and the longevity of the game.
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19 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on March 2, 2010
What sets this game far apart from others are the sounds and the sound quality. The selection of weapons and vehicles is unheard of in this game. Unlockable weapons and gadgets to help you out in the long run when you get tired of the same ole stuff. I played one game just to test everything and when a rocket is blazing past you you can hear it take its cycle from shooting towards you to hitting you or going past you if your lucky. My fav one is when they blaze past you and blow a chunk out of a building causing massive shrapnel and debris to fly everywhere. You also get the wonderful sounds of bullets hitting metal and wood as they are fired a suspecting enemies gun. The maps are unreal and so fun to play. This is where Call of Duty falls short, VEHICLES!!!!! How can Activision go so low as to take out Vehicles in a War game? I must mention also the fact that unlike Call of Duty you have a dedicated server for all your online needs. The single player campaign really blew me away. The first mission was all i have played and im hooked. The distant WWII sirens going off and the humor and action are what sets the single player game apart. You dont need a motion sensor on your gun or a care package delivered to have fun. From snowy mountain areas to industrial plants you have it all in one game. Congrats EA and DICE. Job well done
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on March 4, 2010
First off, if you didn't like the first Battlefield : Bad Company, it's worth your time to check this one out. They've done their homework. It's immensely more enjoyable. Now I'll just make a very generic attempt at comparing BC2 to MW2.

Map detail/Variety: BC2 - BC2's maps are so varied, and unique. All the game types have different maps. Fantastic! Most things are destructible, you can even bring down entire buildings now.
Visuals: TIE (BC2's visuals have a grainier look and it runs at 30fps vs MW2's 60fps, but it's still an incredibly rendered game and seems warranted given the amount of stuff going in the BC2 world. It also looks like what's being displayed is not quite 720p (I'm guessing though).
Physics/Mechanics : Toss up. I think they've improved the way BC2 handles. I like that you can run indefinitely, but the lack of a true prone position is missed. I understand why both choices were made. The realism of the hit detection is nice. Bullets have travel time and you have to account for arch in bullet travel on really long sniping. (Cool). Both games have a solid "feel". BC2 is a bit more subdued, where as MW2 is fast twitch, head-on-swivel type action.
Gameplay: BC2 (Just seems a lot more fresh after 2 solid years of Modern Warfare play)
Weapons: TIE (I feel a lot more compelled to unlock stuff in BC2 then to obtain 250 headshots for some rainbow camo on my weapon in MW2. A weapon unlock should be satisfying in the end, not tedious.
Multiplayer Experience: TIE (Both games offer a variety of game types that is sure to please everyone)

I really like what they've done with BC2.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on March 7, 2010
BBC2 is the best shooter on the PS3. Period. I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes game of the year. It's really that good. Pros and cons below:


- Destructable buildings and terrain. I love being able to blast a building to bits and kill everyone inside.
- The game is very balanced. No unit seems too powerful.
- The vehciles are all great. Tanks are powerful, but so are the tank mines, RPGs, and C4 charge used to counter the tanks.
- Excellent controls. Good weapons available. Melee seems to have good range.
- Squad play is really good. There are many advantages to be a good team player.
- Doesn't suffer from the exessing camp-n-kill, run-n-knife, or glitch-cheater problems assocaited with modern warfare 2


- Squad chat only. You can only talk to 3 other guys. Thus, there's no promity chat, vehicle chat, etc. It's very annoying not to be able to talk to ppl right next to you or in the same tank as you.
- No compass. No way to say things like "east of the church", etc.
- The game should enforce a tutorial before allowing ppl to play only. It's annoying to see teammates stand right next to the objective and not do anything.
- Recon units make possible to have a bunch of $@%&!#! camping teammates!!!
- Would be nice to be able to save gadget configs.

Bottom Line:

This is the best shooter I've ever played on a console. I haven't been this excited about a game since counter strike on the pc. I didn't even play the single player mode yet. The multiple player mode simply rocks. You might miss days from work or not see your spouse for days if you buy this game. It's supper addictive. Just make sure you play with a good squad. Buy this game today!!!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on April 5, 2010
After playing Bad Company 1, and hearing there was going to be part 2, I was pretty excited. Bad Company 1's campaign got a little boring and seemed repetitive and a bit too easy, but the multiplayer was so much fun. Bad Company 2 came along and I do believe it is a step up from the first in every area.

Presentation and Gameplay: Though BC2 doesn't have the best graphics, they are still very impressive, and the environments are amazing. Destruction 2.0 is super addicting and it really adds to the gameplay. The controls are just what you should expect from any game in this genre, and I have no gripes with them. The sound is also amazing, just as it was on the first BC. 10/10

Single Player Campaign:
The campaign, of course, is quite short.(as most shooter campaigns are nowadays) You still play as the same man, Preston Marlowe, and have the same squad mates, Haggard, Sweetwater, and Redford. Throughout the game, you are basically chasing a man name Kirelenko, because he has a weapon that can cause some major destruction. Though it's not an amazing story, (I'm sure not many were expecting an Epic story) it's still fun to play through. I believe it has a better campaign than MW2. You are not just running around killing people the whole time, you actually do other things, such as blowing things up, driving vehicles, and one of favorite missions in the game, having to find shelter to get warm, or you freeze to death. I actually played through the campaign twice to finish blowing up M-Com stations, killing enemies with certain weapons, and destroying buildings, of course, to get the trophies. Nothing gets more fun than that. 9/10

BC2's multiplayer is probably the most fun multiplayer I've played. It has everything you'd expect and want out of a Battlefield game. If running around killing people is your thing, go with a different game, but if you are willing to play as a team, you will get the most out of BC2. The 4 classes are nice and each have their own variety of guns, scopes, item, specs, etc. With assault, you are basically the one who runs straight to the objective and tries to destroy everything and everyone in your way. You can help out people who are out of ammo. With Medic, you are the one who is willing to stay behind some squad or teammates to help them out if they are low on health, or you can still go for objectives and give yourself health if you've taken some damage. With engineer, you will be able to repair your teams vehicles (or your own) and receive points as long as there is someone in the vehicle. You also have the choice to carry a RPG, which is really helpful most of the time. Last, is Recon, which are the snipers. Once leveled, you get the Mortar Strike, which will lock on to a vehicle, and then throw a bunch of missiles around the area where the vehicle is.
Since most people compare this to MW2, I will do the same. Here are the main differences; Riding in vehicles, destroying cover from campers who are really getting annoying, no killstreak/deathstreak bonuses, the melee isn't as easy as it is on MW2, but it is more cool looking, (so if you don't get close enough or aim properly before tapping the knife button, you might as well start shooting before they kill you first), it takes a little while longer to kill/die unless you headshot so it takes a little more skill to kill (not a HUGE difference though), choosing your spawn point, (you can spawn in areas your team has taken over, or alongside a squad mate) you aren't forced to start up right away after you die (you don't have to respawn right away, so if you need a quick little break you won't be punished, and you can exit your match whenever you want and you still get the points for that match). One of the good things is that even though you do get better guns/equipment after playing for so long, it's not as bad as it would get on MW. Those are some of the main differences between the games, and is what makes the game better IMO.

No game is perfect, so here are the cons. Some people abuse the use of vehicles, and it does get pretty frustrating. It's not a big deal with the tanks, but it is with the helicopters. It's pretty hard to get your RPG to hit the helis because they are too high up, and move too quickly, so once someone has gotten into a heli and is on the move, it will take a while to get him down.
Sometimes, players run over to the other teams base and camp and kill players who spawn up, which takes the fun out of the game. People should only stick to the objectives and their own bases.
Because of the big maps and open areas, it's easy for a sniper to sit around and be well hidden, so this is where the "kill-cam" comes in handy. On BC1, I once got killed by the same sniper about 10 times before finally finding him.
Sometimes, the sniper's mortar strikes get out of hand too. It's not as bad as the helis but it can get annoying.
As of now, there is nothing else that I have experienced that has really annoyed me, just the things that I listed.

I loved MW2 at a point but I have had way more fun with BC2. Overall 9.8/10
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
Read some of my other reviews and you'll see I suxxorz at multiplayer. I think I am too old or whatever to compete with the kids reflexes. That being said, I still really enjoy FPS games. Single player works for me as long as the story is good and the combat is realistic. If you want a good multiplayer review please check the others posted here on Amazon. Reason being there are some fantastic ones that focus solely on multiplayer aspect. My review is of the single player mode (Campaign).

Enter in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and you have a solid FPS game that has a really good background story.

The initial game sequence takes place in WWII. Germany, Japan, the US are all working on Weapons of Mass Destruction. Germany had the V2, US had the nuke, and Japan is working on its own uber weapon. You begin the game trying to capture it. Once that is over you move into modern day.

I wrapped this up this weekend in anticipation of Red Dead Redemption. I decided to bump it up to normal mode, up from the default mode. Let me say that in normal mode I never started a level, heck never made it past the point when it says _Saving_ longer than a few moments. There are enemies everywhere. Snipers, close combat guys that switch to RPG and take out the pillar you are hiding behind. Its really good. I enjoyed the whole story, I think it was well thought out and the plot was very good. Good enough to push me to finish it.

Your fellow NPCs are ok, most of the time they shoot with decent accuracy. Its obvious that you are carrying the whole squad. Its cool though I like to play a sniper anyway so I would let them run in and lay down suppressive fire and then snipe from afar.

Enemy NPC's are pretty good. They sometimes look like the enemies in a Rambo movie, running out in the open standing square to you and spraying fire. Which is comical at best. Other times they hide in great places, shoot out your cover, and make life really difficult. I died probably 10 to 15 times each level, thats how good they were. Even if you reset and started over knowing where they were it was still tough to take them out.

Wow, I have shot a M79 grenade launcher in real life. Also many other of the weapons they use I have shot their ancestor while in the military. The attention to detail with regard to arching your long range fire is impressive. You cannot aim the cross hairs on an RPG directly at the target and hope that the round will hit it. No, you have to use the ticks below the main cross hairs and raise it up to enfilade your fire. Pretty cool stuff. I also enjoyed the firefights from the vehicles.

Sticking points:
Its not all rosy so let me discuss some of the tiny details that are so minor that it doesn't make it unplayable.
1. NPC deaths - sometimes mobs will die and fall into a wall with their legs and arms flailing around in space. Funny but weird.
2. Unlimited ammo on vehicles. Sometimes I would just sit outside of a town and blast the buildings for 20 mins to level the town with my 40mm grenade launcher.
3. Subtitle text - seriously its like 8 point font on my screen. I don't know why you cannot bump it up.

Good things:
1. Funny dialog, its raw and hilarious, much like my days in the military. Doesn't bother me but it might be offensive to some.
2. Perfectly modeled vehicles. They look spot on. From the sea stallions to the Russian helicopters they are spot on.
3. Lush environments. Many cool places to visit, cold tundra, hot desert, sticky jungle. Each place is designed well and looks perfect.

For a first person shooter this game does not let you down. Its funny, yet relevant, hard and challenging. I think you cant go wrong if you are looking for a game to fill these shoes.

Thanks for reading my review.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on March 19, 2010
I've read some complaints that the singleplayer mode is short? What???? It's long, deep, and very challenging. A- because I think it feels like it spends a little too much time showing off riding its vehicles and sniping feels a little too easy where it's the complete oppisite in multiplayer. I know the vehicle part is a BF thing - but, it really feels "showy" in the campaign. My only major complaint. Well, I wish you could hold more weapons, too. Like MGS4. In Bad Company 1 you could carry only one main weapon - now you can carry two with a few side specialties.

I also wish they kept the smiley faces on their grenades! Very unique and funny.

HUGE graphical and detail improvement from BC 1! Crazy AI - pretty intelligent, actually.

Cut scene dialogue-lip-syncing is not superb. Though, I think this is one of the hardest things for a designer/developer to do. Even with the newly "Heavy Rain" title it isn't strong.

Miss the enormous gut cutting-sounding anti-aircraft gun in BC 1 - seriously the most loudest and powerful weapon I've ever heard in a game before. You'll know what I'm talking about if you've played the 1st. but the AA guns in BC 2 are still sweet.

Multiplayer: holy cow - challenging and hella-fun! Very talented folks out there. TONS of weapon upgrades, medals and awards you can get w/ incredible sand-box, diverse, beautiful maps to play on!

Multi cons: occasional pop-ins, text squad communication'd be helpful (ex.: press button to yell out: "enemy over here!" "I need a medic NOW!" "prepare to flank" "I'm low on ammo!" "sniper 10-o-clock", etc.), audio pops and random, very brief audio drops. BC 1 multiplayer is RIDDLED with audio cut outs, static, pops, etc.

Out of over 20 hrs on online play (not at once, LOL) my connection, or the server, cut out only once which is superb. But, I lost my medals during that game which was frustrating. EA is working on server improvement. Having a good ISP is helpfull, too. (*cough* *cough* ((not ATT))).

The first game I bought at it's full release price at $59.99 and it was totally worth it! BUY IT.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on March 4, 2010
Ill start off by saying, I generally base my experience of FPSs (First Person Shooters) on the multi-player aspects. Rarely do I ever the 'campaign'/Single-Player mode.

That being said, I will say this is one of the best FPSs I've ever played. Since the game online, like many multi-player games, you will always have someone to play with.

The Sound-
Sound effects, music, dialog, background noise is all top notch. this game tried is hardest to capture the sound of an actual battle and does a great job at it. The dialog of nearby characters help you determine what is going on in your current surroundings. The background noise in this game is always generated by near-by action. So if you ever hear faint gun sounds in the distance, it is coming from someone somewhere VS the game just creating random background sounds.

The visuals of this game is probably closer to about a B or A-. The character designs can be annoying because there are only 8 models total, 4 models per team. Basically you will find yourself running across the same person over and over again. The map/stage designs are top notch. Each map is very detailed, but not convoluted to the point where it is just ridiculous. The number of different maps, and the size of the maps also factor in. Each map being completely different (almost) from the first. Some maps have tanks, jeeps. Other maps have Helicopters, while some maps have boats and keeps. Minor details, however, are not nearly done as well. The foliage of the jungles, plants, trees, etc, look very plain, and almost 2D at times. Otherwise, the game is done rather well, but could use a minor upgrade.

The movement takes some getting used to, ESPECIALLY in the vehicles. Moving feels rather choppy at first, but you get the feel of it rather quickly since it is made to imitate normal movements. Vehicles, at least to me, do not feel so natural. I personally still have not figured our how to fly a helicopter well (Basically I take it and jump out eventually). Other vehicles seem to have a rather awkward default setting. I do have issue with not being able to hold/time grenades. It is basically a one-shot. The moment you get the grenade button, it is tossed. This makes it easier to avoid.
PS- Parachuting is awesome

Gameplay- (Remember, this is coming from a multi-player only experience)
The feel of this game make the experience so much better. You quickly realize you can play BC2 as a solo-artist, or as a team player. Solo-Artist can get things done, but make it rather difficult to work with when you're on a team. When you play as a team, and every unit (assuming your team has selected a variety of of units) you quickly realize this game was modeled after real battlefields, where you are basically relying on your team to win, winning solo is possible, but not recommended.
There are not that many different modes in multi-player (rush, Conquest, Deathmatch), but the modes never feel like they are getting old.
From Sniping, to reviving, to flying helicopters, to parachuting into battle. This game will keep you coming back for more.

Overall- (Multi-player)
Based on the multi-player, this game is definitely a win. The learning curving takes some time, especially getting used to the weapons, how they should be used, and how the different add-on affect this or that. Once you get to level 4, you have basically figured it out and you are ready for war.
I will say there on some problems I did not mention. Mainly team-balancing and Matchmaking issues. But I assume these issues will be fixed soon with firmware updates.

PS- The unlocks that come with this addition (from Amazon) do help some. You start off this game with basically nothing, while others already have crazy unlocks. My suggestion, when you kill someone, take their weapons (class), they are probably better than yours when you first start.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on March 19, 2010
I've been playing games for 25 years and I must say - I'm really picky. I've ignored shooters for over a decade - because they suck. Then a buddy brought over the first version of BFBC about a year ago and all I could do was sit there watching for HOURS, thinking maybe shooters are beginning to be worth a crap.

Then I downloaded the Lost Planet 2 demo and played it 20 times - in one day. Still startled by realistic shooters (especially the sound effects) I graduated to the BFBCII demo. By the time this game came out, I was counting the days left to releaase - behaviour I normally reserve for Legend of Zelda releases.

I've learned that all online games have their problems with lame kids who can't handle competition and resort to hacks, bogus strategies that exploit weaknesses in the game's code and other crutches, but this culture of online battle has immunity to said behaviour - and I call it gameplay evolution.

For example:
From the moment the game hits the shelf, we're all playing around the clock. Gameplay is all based on strategies discovered while warming up on the demo - but most of these strategies only work well on Port Valdez. A few days into it, we start noticing a pattern: a Medic from Defense side running way past the point of skirmish along the perimeter of the battlefield (something that you would NEVER see in reality) gunning down our recon and sabotaging the attack by hiding out and taking down freshly spawned troops. This works well because Defense has infinite lives while Attackers have 75 lives for every point of reinforcement. If the whole defense team plays like this, there's little chance that this is going to feel like any kind of warfare, so...

the culture finds resolution of lame brats running down the perimeter:
about a week into it, the medic-running-along-the-perimeter has become a cliche. Everyone is sick of it, so some of us start to do something about it. We're planting C4, setting up snipers all the way in the back, patrolling the perimeter with 1-2 assault, keeping our snipers stocked with motion mines and guess what? We've killed a lot of medics lately - if it was football it would be a yellow flag, but in BFBCII, it's a shotgun blast to the face - and that is FUN.

Here's the latest things to watch for:
Africa Harbor - Attackers beware: once you've taken over the first stronghold, jump in a tank (get a gunner, too) and patrol the rocks along the right hand side of their 'deserted' base. I've seen upwards of FOUR snipers camped out in the rocks. It's really fun to vaporize those little jerks - but watch out for anti-tank mines. (Some people actually possess sufficient reflexes to master disciplines other than Recon, believe it or not.)

Too many enemy snipers? 1. get in a vehicle and stay mobile. 2. bring pals with guns 3. remember all the places where you've seen your teammates bed down for sniping and strafe every one of those spots. 4. don't stay in one spot for too long - they'll call in a mortar strike every time you stop, so you gotta keep moving.

The takeaway is, whether you're killing point-obsessed jerks or outsmarting intelligent enemies - this game is fun, and the gameplay is constantly evolving. Have fun and keep evolving your strategies. Now go out and kill some snipers!
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