Customer Reviews: Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Xbox 360
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on March 2, 2010
The single player is great, you wont be disappointed! Graphics are awesome, and the backdrops are very nice eye candy. You can switch out your guns for different ones of your choosing when you come across certain "special crates" scattered around any given level, which is nice because that means you can switch up your play style when YOU want too. The single player campaign is short and sweet (prob 8-10 hours play time), the story doesn't grab you like MW2's, but enjoyable none-the-less. Assuming that the bulk of people buying this game are doing so for the multiplayer, i'll move on to that and devote the rest of my review to it.

I downloaded the demo for this game a little while ago and hated it. The controls were completely different then MW2 - i especially dislike that they use the right movement stick for ducking. Can't tell you how many times i try to shoot a guy and ended up ducking and shooting at the same time. So i put it away and went back to MW2, as i was playing i realized that - "i hate this game", i'm at the 4th prestige and have over saturated myself with it. I cant stand the quick kill quick death formula anymore, the horrible spawn system, the team selection system, and especially the lack of team work i constantly come across. There is also the infamous "MW2 law", similar to "Murphy's Law", where anything can go wrong in a match and when it does, it always seems to happen to YOU. Ofcourse MW2 is a great game and a worthy purchase, but i personally have had my fill.

That being said, it was unfair to judge BFBC2 so quickly when i had put such an insane amount hours into MW2. So i picked it up again and gave it another shot...i was hooked! I was playing as a medic and realized that i actually wasn't focused on killing people, i was running around reviving my teammates and dropping health packs to keep them going, ofcourse i took out a few stray enemies here and there. "Wow, this is different" i thought, and when i realized how many points i was racking up i liked it even more. I"m actually HELPING my team and getting a ton of points for it. That brings me to the most important aspect of the multiplayer, you are actually encouraged to work as a team, which is a nice change of pace compared to MW2. I get just the same amount of points for shooting someone as i get for reviving them. It works beautifully.

There is a leveling up system which is similar to MW2, nothing as developed though, but there is enough there to keep you coming back for more and you do unlock different sights, guns, gadgets etc... Some are just for the particular class you use i.e - medic unlocks larger health packs, but others are more general and can be used for any class, i.e - heavy vehicle perks.

The first BFBC had 2 deal breakers for me. One was their crazy health system where you jam a needle into your stomach when your health got low, which ofcourse is something you would have to do 50 times a match. The other was the lack of any kind of kill cam! It's no fun being sniped over and over again and having no idea where the sniper is when you respawn. THANKFULLY, both of those deal breakers have been removed. Your health regenerates (no needle to the stomach required) and there is a kill cam, you don't actually see the enemy kill you like in MW2, but you follow them around until you respawn so you know where they are and can carry out the proper justice.

Also, locating enemies is somewhat unique to this game, when you see an enemy, you have to press the back button on your controller and then a red insignia appears over their head and they show up on your entire teams map for a brief amount of time. I can't express how gratifying it was to spot 3 snipers on a hill, press the back button, and watch them get lit up by my team - rockets, bullets, you name it, it went their way. Also, you get assit kill points for things like that, again, encouraging team work.

BFBC2 is a great game, very different then MW2 but in a good way. If you need a break from MW2, give it a try, you wont be disappointed. Again, one of the most impressive things about the multiplayer is how it rewards you for team work and incourages it. If actually playing a first person shooter AS a team, not just "lone wolfin it" while you're IN a team, sounds good to you, pick this game up, you wont be dissapointed.

I gave this game 4 out of 5 stars because it's not perfect. What game is? I have experienced some issues actually getting into a multiplayer match (can't find a match, busy, error, whatever,it means that their servers are full and they can't handle it, and several matchs have ended abruptly due to server issues. But once you actually get into a match, it's a ton of fun.

FYI: Snipers, snipers, snipers! What is the deal, everyone and their Mom wants to be a sniper. It seems that atleast a third to half of the players in the game are snipers. Not sure why, they always have the least amount of points and seem to stay in one spot most of the game.......i digress. Switch it up!

***UPDATE (03/14/10)***

I've been playing this came for quite sometime (all medic, recon, and heavy vehicle upgrades have been unlocked), i must say that it has held up well, although some of its flaws are more noticeable, nothing major per say, but worth mentioning, 1st one being the most important.

1)It's much easier to be a skilled pilot then to be a skilled engineer w/the rocket launcher.

Apache helicopters with missles are extremly unbalanced. What i mean by that is it is far to easy for a skilled pilot to get an insane amount of kills, to the point of feeling unfair because it's so hard to take it down. None of the rocket launchers "LOCK" on, yes you can guide the rocket, but you can't actually "LOCK" on, which is frustrating. When playing 'rush' on the map featured in the demo (the snow map which takes place during the day), there is a powerful Apache on that map, but you're given a good amount of tanks which help with taking it down, so it's not that extreme.


This unbalance issue is taken to a whole new level on the map consisting of the 3 islands (with an autumn backdrop), when you're playing 'rush', the defenders are given an EXTREMLY OVERPOWERED Apache helicopter when/if they reach the 3rd island. I've played 2 games thus far where my team was about to seal the deal and take the 3rd island when the defenders hopped in that freakin apache and annihilated everyone, it got so bad that most of my team dropped out, including myself. No point in playing any longer when you've died 5 times in a row because the apache is hovering over your spawn base firing rockets at you as you spawn in. I equipped the engineer class and so did half my team and we were shooting rocket after rocket trying to take it down, nothing was working. By my 5th death in a row, of not be alive more then 30 secs, i dropped out.

The first time it happend, it was extremly frustrating because my team was actually good, everyone was playing their role well, that's why it seemed extremely unfair.

The second time, i knew the drill at this point and gave it 5min, if it wasn't taken down in that amount of time, we dropped out. At that point, it just becomes a waste of time.

This is by far the biggest flaw i've found in the game. Basically, you've invested 20-30min to get that far in a match, then putting all player skills to the side, it boils down to who can get to the Apache first. They need to either lower the health of that particular Apache or make the rocked launcher system easier to use against it, ie-better guidance, tracking, more powerful, something! It just seems incredibility unbalanced.

2)Spawning is a lot better then MW2, but could use a bit of work.

I was playing a 'rush' match and my team was defending and we were actually able to jump the spawn base of the attackers and smother them the entire match, they didn't get to set one 'com station' off, seemed unfair for the other team, we should'nt have been able to do that.

Also, i've spawned into mortar strikes twice (spawning on a teammate), that was purely bad luck on my part though, nothing against the game.

3)Match making protocol can use some work.

I've found it useful to hit/hold the 'back button' when i first get into a match because some of the time i find that i'm put on a team that only has, let's say 7 people, compared to the other team which as 12. Or i'm put on a team where the top player has 500 pts and the other teams top player has 1600 points, usually a good measure of how "good" your team is going to be.

Again, my rating still stands, it's a great game and a ton of fun, just be aware of the 3 island map playing rush, try to get to that Apache first, if not, be ready for game over.
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on March 2, 2010
It's not a bad game; in fact, it's quite good. This review is in regards to the multiplayer as I have not completed the single player yet. I'm sure most people are primarily getting the game for multiplayer like with COD.

I'm sure there will be an influx of reviews giving the game 1 star and complaining about the graphics or comparing it to MW2. Here's a few things to remember:

1) The environments are gigantic
2) There's vehicles being used all throughout the map
3) Destructible environments

What does all that mean? It means that the game just isn't going to look quite as good or have a comparable framerate as MW2. The Xbox has finite resources and when they make a game of this scale without any loading taking place during gameplay, you have to sacrifice something.

However, I wouldn't necessarily say that a sacrifice in graphics or framerate is a bad thing. When you experience the magnitude of the giant playing fields and the destruction taking place, you should be able to quickly forget all about the smooth polygons in MW2.

Probably the biggest pro for me in this game is that it encourages teamwork. In MW2, most people are just worrying about their K/D ratio and trying to complete challenges by getting the most kills. In BC2, more points are rewarded for assisting the team an completing objectives. If this is something that intrests you and you're sick of all the "lone wolves," then you should definitely check this game out.


AUDIO: 10/10 (It's really quite impressive)
REPLAY: 10/10

TO sum it up, the graphics, gameplay and audio are really quite impressive for a game of this scale. The most important thing about this game, it's fun. I love MW2, but sometimes I just don't have fun playing it. Everyone gets so angry and frustrated and worried about their k/d ratio or getting their killstreak. In BC2, I feel like I'm just having a fun time and I'm getting a lof of points regardless of my kills. The only thing I'm worried about is trying to win the game rather than reaping carnage without purpose.

Also, the knife melee function is really sweet. It's an overhead stabbing motion that feels a lot more real and intense than in MW2.

If you're a fan of the BF series or just looking for a break from 5th prestige in MW2, you've got to check this game out.
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on March 2, 2010
This game will blow you away. It is everything MW2 wasn't. Don't get me wrong, MW2 is a good shooter... but not on the same tier as BC2. I will review the multilayer aspect, because that is really all I purchased this game for. That being said, I enjoyed single-player on Bad Company 1 and expect it to be at least as good in BC2.

The maps are BIG. You don't run around a small little sandbox that has hills dividing it into separate sections that give it the impression of being bigger than it is, you run around a big map with distanced objective points. The weapons are varied, the classes are unique and all have a use in the chemistry of the team, and the game has a very balanced feel. One doesn't choose the most "powerful" class, they choose the one that they personally like the most and it all balances out from there. The gametypes remind me of BF2 for the PC. They are polished, strategic, and rewarding. Where this game really shines is that the maps have vehicles. This means you can fly a helicopter to transport people from your main base to the other locations that you want to capture. You can also drive around in Hummers, or a tank. The tanks are powerful, but a smart player can spawn as the proper class and eliminate them. Why was Modern Warfare 2 considered a good game? What other online shooters did the 360 have? None really... that is why. Sure, Halo 3, Gears, to name a couple, but in terms of "gritty-realistic" online games, there weren't many. Now that this shooter has made its appearance on the 360, I don't think there will ever be any going back.
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on January 9, 2015
1 an 2 were great with the four crazy's and the multiplayer is very good. Now if you ask me about BF3 which you didn't but I'm going to tell you about anyway, it sucked, plain and simple it sucked. The four guy's are gone, the multiplayer is so bad, I spent a lot of time just trying to get on to play it was stupid. I did something that I haven't done in ever ......... I gave it away, didn't sell it, I just gave it away and I will never buy another BF game again. But if you want to have fun with just the storyline Buy BF1 & 2, the seller got it out in great time and the game is fun !
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on March 30, 2013
Being that this is a bad company game I like the multiplayer and the campaign was ok. I was hoping for a good campaign like the original bad company. What I loved about the original bad company they took away in this version. In the first BC the players were fun and funny with lots of jokes and action. They went off on their own side mission to find the gold. This made it so different from all the other "Military Games" I was hooked. I even loved the trailers for the game my favorite being sweetwater singing "mad world". In this version the made it more like the traditional battlefield/medal of honor/call of duty games with strict military and really no jokes at all. Hagar needs to joke and be a smart ass!! if they make a Bad company 3 I would love to see a return of the laughter as well as the action. Bad company was the only military like game my wife would actually watch me play because it was funny.
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on May 23, 2015
I know this game is old, but so am I. Bought XBox for the kids, so all these games are new to me. I like these Battlefield games more than Halo because they are life life recognizable. We bought Battlefield and also love it.
Since it's an old game, the price couldn't be beat!
Nothing is finer than blowing off some work stress blowing shreading tons of the enemy!
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on March 24, 2011
This Game is very good, and is obviously built for its amazing multiplayer. The campaign is ruined. The first game is completley thrown out as if it never happened, and Haggard and Sweetwater have pretty-much been replaced by more stereotypical FPS roles. It's still amazing, and the Campaign was an amazing experience, but it was still shockingly different from the first.

The multiplayer is top notch, LOOOOVE iT! So, have fun!
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I actually had purchased this game on the PS3 but due to some scratch or something the disc became unplayable, so deciding not to possibly go through that again I decided to get the XBOX 360 version instead. While BF3 is a great game I missed having Bad Company not watching my back with their humor and off the beat shenanigans. The effects and graphics are great either with Single player or online, if I have one complaint it's that we have to wait another year or two until Bad Company 3 comes out for us to enjoy. So if you're looking for a great first person shooter for either single play or online play or just for a fun entertaining game in general here's a great choice to add to your game collection.
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on February 16, 2012
This game has been out for quite a long time now, I've had it since PlayStation3 to Xbox 360.
Downright best FPS and dare I say better then Battlefield 3..

Graphics --*
1.) Par with and possibly better then Battlefield 3's Frostbite2
2.) Film Grain kinda ruins it
3.) Environment is cleaned up and ready for an intense battle
4.) On screen animations and UI is kinda old fashioned, but it works

1.) Single Campaign is fun for awhile, might get dull
2.) Guns are incredible and do the right amount of damage via Normal or Hardcore
3.) Sniper bullets incorporate real time gravity, long ranges for increased bullet drop
4.) Always, blowing stuff up, walls/tanks/trees/grass/ground you name it
5.) Multiplayer is fun and can last for hours with including DLC
6.) No prone, you straight up crouch or run.
7.) Long and sometime worthy battles are endured

-- A very outstanding game I find more fun than Battlefield 3, unfortunately not many players play Bad Company 2 anymore. The Bulkiness and realism make you feel like your in there.

4/5 stars. Only if it had a few Battlefield 3 features it would be a perfect game.
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on January 3, 2013
This game is absolutely amazing. The online multiplayer is as good as it gets. I still enjoy this Battlefield more than Battlefield 3. That being said, the graphics for this game are twice as good on the computer. I now have this for my gaming computer and it looks even better than on the Xbox 360. Still, this version is great as well.
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