Customer Reviews: Battlefield 3: Premium Edition [Online Game Code]
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on December 26, 2012
PC Version Download contains 2 Keys.
- Keys can be Copy & Pasted into Origin
- Battlefield 3 LE Key: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
- Premium Service Key: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

The 1st key contains Battlefield 3 Limited Edition, and Back to Karkand map pack.
The 2nd key contains Battlefield 3 Premium Upgrade, and all Expansion packs, and all extras.

I already owned Battlefield 3 Limited Edition when I purchased this
I used the "Premium Service Key" to upgrade my BF3 to Premium, it worked perfectly
just opened origin, clicked on Origin Menu, Chose Redeem Product code, pasted my code, and Viola, I have everything.

I pasted the "Battlefield 3 LE key" into my Son's Origin, and he now has BF3 limited edition, and the Back to Karkand Expansion.

All this costed me the same price as the upgrade alone.

I hope this helps.
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on November 25, 2012
I've been wondering (as many others have) if you get two separate keys with "BF3 Premium Edition" (so I could upgrade my Limited Edition account to Premium), and stopped by Best Buy today... I asked a few guys in the gaming section if they knew if the "Premium Edition" (i.e. Game + Premium, not the "premium service" which still costs twice the price) came with two separate codes, and none of them knew, but the third guy I asked decided to buy the game himself to find out. He said he had planned on buying it anyway, so why not now, so he could answer my question. He bought it, opened it, showed me it had two codes (one for game + "headstart kit" and another for Premium), so I bought my self a copy. I got home, went into Origin to "redeem code" put the premium code in, and even though in Origin, it still says "Battlefield 3 Limited Edition," it downloaded Close Quarters and Amored Kill (I already had Back to Karkand from the Limited Edition), and I can play it now. :-) This is contrary to what EA Support (, live chat) told me, but yes, the boxed version of "Premium Edition" did come with two separate codes and worked to upgrade my Limited Edition to include the premium content, plus I still have the regular game code, I can use for a second computer when friends are over or to give to a friend, all for only $25. :-) I can't say for sure if that's also true for the downloaded version, but at least I know the boxed version is like that. :-)
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on November 30, 2012
Game is great, unfortunate that Origin and BattleLog are required. Starting the game is a chore, you have to wade through multiple applications which constantly try to sell you Battlefield Premium and other things. Even single player requires these steps.

Seriously - Origin is just plain bad, there is nothing good about it. It is like a broken version of Steam, with extra suck added in.
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on July 14, 2013
Why, oh why, does EA even ruin there own games?
Even BF Bad Company 2 had a server browse in game, but this?? This is crap!
All it is is to advertise there products everytime you want to launch BF3.

First, I have to open Origin. and view an EA ad, exit out of ad.
Then, Open server browser in the web browser and look for a server. Once I find a server, I click play.
Next, an addin is required to launch the game??
Then the Origin client receives the data from the built in web browser addon and starts to "Sync" cloud data.
Finally, the game opens to the server you choose.

WTH EA! Why do you purposely make your own game a hassle to turn on. I'm telling you, its for the advertisement.
Even IW is smart enough to keep their game browsers "IN-GAME". God, EA, just leave already, your destroying your own game by design.
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on November 28, 2012
The game is great, awesome graphics, sound, you know the stuff an awesome game has. My problem arises with origin and battlelog however. To play campaign(single player, no internet connection needed) you actually need to press play from origin, which will then launch the battlelog site, where you then have to click play. So basically, you need to be online to start playing campaign. So, if you're on a laptop with no internet connection, you can't play campaign. Battlelog also gives me an error online whenever I press 'quick match' from their site, so the only way to play multiplayer is by manually selecting servers.

As of a few days ago Origin updated and allowed for offline play by selecting 'go offline' from within origin. Rating increased by one star. Also, it does come with a 'multiplayer head start' kit, labelled 'welcome pack' in the Origin addons. I didn't decrease any stars for that(I thought I didn't get a head start kit) so no increase here. The fact still remains that there is no in-game way to select servers and the game must be launched for each individual server you join, thanks to battlelog.
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on May 8, 2016
I played this game a lot on the PS3 and really enjoyed it I haven't played it in awhile so I figured since I finally built a gaming PC I would pick this up to change it up from BF4 and my other games. The price is really good for the game and all the maps. The community is still active even though you really have to mess around with the search server settings took 1/2 star for that. I am running a 980 to I7 6700k and windows 10 64bit. I ended up having to play with run in compatibility mode and tweaking the graphics to get it to run took 1/2 star for that. You do have to download and run through origins not a problem for me but some people don't care for that. The graphics are still decent not quite as good as BF4 but still good.
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on December 26, 2012
To keep this brief, this game is amazing. It is difficult to play, and hard to connect sometimes. I've been playing it for a few months now. Graphics are amazing. The game play is difficult but I'm getting better. I sometimes have connection issues. I have DSL (which is like having dial-up sometimes) so not sure if it's my end or the games problem. So that's why I took off 1 star for how difficult the game is and poor connection issues.

Ok I have been playing mw3 for a long time now so I'm going to compare this game with mw3 in mind. To start of with this game took about an hour to download from the cd and then it needed to update which took about 8 hours with dsl. When I was finally able to play the game it crashed my computer at least 20 times in one day. I have a new computer that I just recently built that played mw3 with no issues, and it has never crashed or hung-up until I started to play this game. I tried to contact support and they just said to do an update, but I had just done that, so no help from them. I then went to the forums to find out what to do and I had to type "msconfig" in the search bar and go to the startup tab and turn off most of the programs that were loading at startup. This seemed to help but the game does seem to hang once and a while.

About the game itself:
The graphics are really cool as far as the maps go and the maps are huge. There is room for improvement though. Like when you are in a map that has trees, the movement of the trees is too much to seem real. It's like there is someone behind the tree with a rope pulling on it, but pulling too hard, it just doesn't look as real as mw3's trees. MMW3's trees move a lot slower and move more naturally. Also the friendly and enemy combantants are too cartoon like. I was expecting a more real/natural look of the cast. The graphics are very sharp though, and they are better than mw3, I just wished that the cast and what I just mentioned earlier looked a little bit more real.The terrain and building graphics are really cool. The sounds in this game are done perfectly, and the visuals of the explosions are done very well too.

This is where they could have done better. To start of with it takes a long time to get a game started, weather it's multiplayer, co-op or campaign. It takes a few minutes for the game to load. I am now having trouble getting a multi-player game to even start now. The connection window just blinks "loading" without any kind of progress indicator. Another problem is in order to change your options with your mouse you have to minimize the game by pressing alt+enter so that the mouse will work. If this game is meant for a pc why didn't the game designers make it pc friendly?

I'm having a really hard time to get a game started weather it's a co-op or multi-player, it just blinks "loading" without any progress indication. I'll let it load for at least 5 minutes until I get fustrated and decide to quite.

update 2:
Ok I've had the game for a few months now. I've managed to resolve all the issues I was having before. The game is really cool, I do still have connection issues at times.
The game play is very difficult. There's too many people on a map at a time. It makes it almost imposible to get more than 1 kill at a time.

Bottom line:
This games graphics are awesome, the game play is difficult, connection issues at times, to many people in one map.
That about sums it up.

4 out of 5 stars
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on December 3, 2012
Easily the best video game i have ever played. There are so many aspects to this game it would take years to fully take it all in.

THAT IS........ if only there wasn't so much blatant cheating. It is impossible to find a server that doesn't have someone cheating. Guys going 74/1 is ridiculous. We all know whats going on. In fact a google search will reveal full blown websites taking credit cards for purchase of their software to enable cheating. I am not sure why the game designers cant fix this with a few simple clicks of THEIR mice and upgrade the in game cheat detector.

The other issue is the cheating has allowed almost everyone to be ranked at maximum and it is quite unfair to the beginning players. It forces them to look at cheating as an avenue to be competitive. Another simple fix from the designers would allow a maximum rank to the server, thus creating a place where beginners and NON cheaters could play. I've stumbled on a few servers that dont have the highest ranks. What an enjoyable time that was! But sooner or later, here they come, ruining the game.

Although my review sounds as if it is a poor review, I still recommend this game for the value. I mean really. I've played over 300 hours. Just where are you going for entertainment for $59.00 ?????????

I highly recommend the game in spite of the cheaters.
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on September 9, 2015
Battlefield 3 is an immersive and snappy first person shooter experience. It's leagues beyond the mechanics of Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, it has been for a long time. Yeah yeah origin sucks and the whole battlelog concept kinda sucks because you have to keep your browser open if you want to switch to a different server. It can be a little tedious, but with a fast enough computer this should be no issue. If they were to include everything seen in battlelog in-game it would be pretty cluttered. I wouldn't really recommend the premium because most of the active servers are on 24/7 metro and norshahr canals, which is included with the base game. I'm pretty sure all guns are available without the DLC as well. So in all really don't need premium, but it doesn't hurt to have it either.

Battlefield 4 and Hardline feels different from Battlefield 3, it is just so snappy and fast paced compared to the other two. Not to say BF4 and Hardline aren't fast paced, but there is something so competitive about BF3, where you can dominate the battlefield all on your own, a true run and gun experience. BF4 has a lot of "campy" maps and bulls*** weapons like airburst that promote camping even more so. Maybe a lot of it comes down to map design which affects gameplay style.

BF3 is a fantastic game with tremendous replayability.
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on May 1, 2016
1 star----Install Code comes back as already used so would not install. Maybe that's why the CD PC edition costs less than the online download but who's gonna pay 40 bucks for a 4 year old game that Origin had available for free for several months in 2014? The box is pretty though. Purchased the new 15.65 premium edition from amazon prime and esave superstore. Attempted install in Windows 10 and windows 7 compatibility mode. Game does not show up in Origin. Did not install, did not run. If I try again maybe I'll go gamestop.
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