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on August 2, 2010
I bought all of the seasons separately as they first came out, and I highly recommend watching the entire television series through to the end. The five stars are for the series, NOT for the atrocious marketing.

While looking for the last piece of the series (see the end of the review), I came across some great deals (in terms of price), but was dismayed to see just how confusing things have become on Amazon. This review below is meant to help you wade through the mess in the marketplace, purchase the series, and enjoy it. I originally posted it for the combined Seasons 4.0 and 4.5 set, but someone kindly suggested I post it elsewhere as well. I hope you find it helpful.

The show is incredible. However, the whole DVD thing has been a disaster. They released it in the worst way possible (see below), Amazon compounded the problem by lumping together reviews for DIFFERENT PRODUCTS, and the DVD manufacturers seem to be changing the contents of some products. I cannot imagine how someone who is not deeply familiar with it is supposed to purchase this wonderful show. Certainly, they would hesitate to give it as a gift! Let's hope this solves your problem.

In one sentence, I can say that here is what you want to get: Seasons 1, 2.0, 2.5, 3, 4.0, 4.5, and The Plan. I have links to them below. If you get these, then you will be sure to have it all.


-Season One was released as (Battlestar Galactica - Season One) altogether with the pilot in one box.
-Season Two was released as Battlestar Galactica - Season 2.0 (Episodes 1-10) and Battlestar Galactica: Season 2.5 (Episodes 11-20) in two boxes. You can now purchase them together as Battlestar Galactica (2004): Seasons 2.0 & 2.5
-Season Three was released together in one box as Battlestar Galactica - Season Three.
-Season Four was released as Battlestar Galactica - Season 4.0 and Battlestar Galactica: Season 4.5 with the Razor episode. Those are now available together as Battlestar Galactica (2004): Season 4.0 & 4.5. Occasionally I come across things like "Battlestar Galactica: Season 4.5 - Limited Edition Gift Set (2009)." It seems like a lot of money for one part of the full season, but you get some dog tags with it, so if you are into collecting memorabilia, you might want to consider it.
-The Plan was released on its own as Battlestar Galactica: The Plan


-Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series (with COLLECTIBLE CYLON). Not recommended. I do not own this, but according to the reviews, it is packaged poorly WITHOUT AN EPISODE LIST. That seems like a horrible idea for four seasons of a tv show. Apparently, it contains the same DVDs as the ones sold separately (explained above).
-Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series (the one in the GRAY BOX). Recommended. I do not own this. Good reviews of it so far. Packaging problems were fixed.
-Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series (with COLLECTIBLE CYLON) [BLU-RAY] or the gray box [BLU-RAY] set. Recommended. I do not own this. Seems to include some extras, but not significant. It also has an episode list, according to the reviews. It might be worth buying if you wanted to get everything together.

As far as I can tell from the reviews, I think there are two choices:
(1) Buy either Blu-Ray set or the DVD set in the gray box.
(2) Purchase everything separately (make sure to get all of the stuff mentioned above).

-The "Face of the Enemy" webisodes (episodes shown only online) have not been made available for purchase in any of the sets as far as I can tell. What a shame!
-Also, if anyone sees any mistakes in this review, please tell me and I will edit it. Frustratingly, the manufacturers seem to be changing the contents of some sets, so it is possible that my information has become outdated.
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on July 20, 2010
First of all for those who haven't noticed the reviews that are here are for two different box sets. One set is a large silver box and the other is black and comes with a collectible cylon. This review is for the silver box set. This box set includes all of the episodes from the series and also the miniseries. It also contains Razor and The plan. The Plan is sometimes missed because it is in the same case as disk 4 of season 4. On the outside of the case there is no mention of it at all but it is there. I didn't even know it was there until I opened the case to watch disk 4. Each disk also has lots of deleted scenes, commentary, and other special behind the scenes features. This is a great series and box set.
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on May 1, 2010
This boxed set has been rightly disparaged for the complete lack of an episode list. For your convenience here it is. This is for the blu-ray version, I have no idea if the dvd's are the same.

S1 D1
The Miniseries

S1 D2
Bastille Day
Act of Contrition
You Can't Go Home Again

S1 D3
Six Degrees of Separation
Flesh and Bone
Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down
The Hand of God

S1 D4
Colonial Day
Kobol's Last Gleaming 1 & 2

S2 D1
Valley of Darkness
The Farm

S2 D2
Home 1 & 2
Final Cut
Flight of the Phoenix

S2 D3
Pegasus (extended cut)
Resurrection Ship 1 & 2

S2 D4
Black Market
The Captain's Hand

S2 D5
Lay Down Your Burdens 1 & 2

S3 D1
Exodus 1 & 2

S3 D2
A Measure of Salvation
Unfinished Business

S3 D3
Unfinished Business (extended cut)
The Passage
The Eye of Jupiter

S3 D4
Taking a Break From All Your Worries
The Woman King
A Day in the Life

S3 D5
The Son Also Rises
Crossroads 1 & 2

S4.0 D1
He That Believeth in Me
Six of One
The Ties That Bind
Escape Velocity
The Road Less Traveled

S4.0 D2
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Sine Qua Non
The Hub

S4.5 D1
Sometimes a Great Notion
A Disquiet Follows My Soul
A Disquiet Follows My Soul (extended cut)
The Oath
Blood on the Scales

S4.5 D2
No Exit
Someone to Watch Over Me
Islanded in a Sea of Stars
Islanded in a Sea of Stars (extended cut)

S4.5 D3
Daybreak 1, 2 & 3
Daybreak (extended cut)

And, on a disc by itself, the movie "Razor"

You're welcome :)
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on January 18, 2014
I was hesitant about ordering this version of the series because it was an "import." It does not give the aspect ratio or the surround information on the Amazon information listed at the bottom of the product information page. It is however about $65, that's 1/2 price of the US version (the silver boxed set) shown. I am pleased to say that the set is 178:1 (widescreen) 1080p with DTS Master Audio; DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital all from Universal Studio's. The packaging that holds the disk is just like every other Blu-ray disk I buy inside and out. It is a 20 disk set and includes a booklet that gives a short bio of the main characters, episodes on each disk, and glossary of terms used in the show. Just like every other review I have read, it starts out grainy, especially the darker scenes. The cg (computer graphics) are much better. Also, the overall quality seems to get better the more I watch it, as I am going through the set. I do not have the silver boxed set for a direct comparison, but I saved a lot of money and have added the complete series to my Sci Fi collection. I recommend this product, especially at. this price. I chatted on line with an Amazon representative before ordering it. She verified that I could send it back if not satisfied with the product as advertised. I won't be sending it back unless I find a bad disk later as I continue to watch and enjoy it.
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on July 20, 2010
I have the "newer" box set (you know, the one in the picture), and as others have pointed out the packaging is no longer a concern. So now that that's out of the way, how does the set actually hold up? Very well actually, and at times admirably.

BSG was never a bright and shiny show. Visually speaking it's cinematography was every bit as dark as many of the themes the show explored. This works to great effect in keeping with the tone of the narrative itself. The only problem, if you consider it such, is that this style of photography doesn't necessarily lend itself to high defnition video. Don't get the wrong idea, BSG looks gorgeous on Blu, and at this point I refuse to watch it on any other format. Just keep in mind that the artistic goals of the shows creators was not to present the most clear and crisp visual presentation available, and you'll be happy.

What these vagaries mean in real world terms is that video quality will range from jaw droppingly-crisp to painfully muddled. This variance is visible from season to season, episode to episode, and even from scene to scene in any given episode. Is this a bad thing? Hardly. I've watched all of the broadcast episodes, most in HD, and all of the dvds(by the way the season one dvds look phenomenal), and there is a noticeable up tick in clarity on every single episode. In short this is the best version of BSG that you will ever see, it looks the way it is intended to look ... period.

If you're familiar with Universal's "U-control" interface, then you know what you're getting with this set. I'm not a big fan of U-control, but the layout of the menus is very clean, easy to navigate and understand, and minimalist. If you pause a disc a Universal screen saver will appear on screen, which is actually a nice touch, although as is the case with all java-enabled blu ray discs stopping playback means you will have to search for your resume point (java people get on this already, very annoying).

This set includes all of the same bonus features as the DVD box sets. That said, some of the commentaries leave something to be desired. I was never a fan of the podcast commentaries while the show was on the air. I've always felt that they lacked, some more than others, the kind of in depth analysis that commentaries recorded after the on-air run of a show possess. Still, there is more good here than bad, but it would've been nice to see some new commentaries recorded specifically for the full series set. Who knows, with BD-live functionality maybe someone will finally put it to good use and we'll see some new commentary tracks down the road.

All in all this set is going to be tough to beat. It has every single episode accurately presented in HD, many special features that will occupy days (weeks?) of your life if you so choose, and it all comes in a sensible easy-to-store box that doesn't look garish and won't damage your discs. I waited for a long time to pick up this box set, and I'm even more pleased with it than I anticipated. This is a must buy.
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on April 10, 2010
I noticed that a lot of the reviews from the old packaging were still showing up under this item. I just got my set in the other day and wanted to throw in my two cents.

Can't speak for the old packaging but the new one is darn near perfect. Each season comes in it's own case just as if you were to buy a single season from the store. All 4 seasons plus the movie "Plan" are packaged in the box that you see above. It also contains an extended version of the episode Razor.

Overall it's very nice and I have little to complain about. The outer box is cardboard and got dinged up a little bit in shipping but other than that it's a fantastic set.

I have only seen this show on blu-ray so I can't really comment on how it compares to unconverted DVD. Since it was produced to have a grainy look to it anyways, you might be able to get away with saving some money and getting the DVD set. Even better if you buy the item from (Canadian version of Amazon) it's listed as only $150. I paid $10 for expedited shipping and ended up getting it the very next day!!! Amazing deal and I saved 50 some bucks!
review image review image review image
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on February 19, 2013
I was a bit skeptical at first, but this is truly a region-free set. It played fine in my player, no hiccups of any kind. Someone was kind enough to load up the pictures here on Amazon so I could see what this box had to offer. It's a very nice box, and includes a great booklet that gives a brief description of each episode and on which disc it is located. It also lists the bonuses for each disc. I haven't had a chance to watch everything yet, but so far it seems that the extras are the ones that are on the regular DVDs of the show, i.e. David Eick's Blogs, deleted scenes, etc.

There has been some talk about the picture looking grainy, but the fact is that's how they shot the show. There's actually a little intro thing from Ronald D. Moore in which he explains that this is 'the way it was meant to be seen'. Hokey cliche aside, this is absolutely stunning in picture and sound.

If I had anything to 'complain' about it would be:

1. The first season has no haunting female vocal over the opening credits, it's the alternate military sounding one. The rest of the seasons have the vocal.
2. They didn't put 'The Plan' in here. That would be truly the entirety of BSG
3. The booklet that comes with this has great pictures of the key characters and various info on them. However, this gives away info on who the Cylons are! If this were a gift for someone who'd never seen the show, there be spoilers in there!

None of these are not dealbreakers in any way. I am in love with this set, and I will be able to enjoy one of my fave shows in all its glory! Frakkin' A!
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on July 28, 2009
The complete series box set is a *big* box, not something that will fit easily on a shelf. The box is quite sturdy, with each season's discs packaged in their own sleeve (four in all). These sleeves are cardboard with flip up covers; inside, the discs are nested in a folded cardboard separator.

Some have claimed that this set would include the movie "Caprica", but it is *not* included. The 25 DVDs in this set are the same DVDs available in the 6 season sets (1, 2.0, 2.5, 3, 4.0, 4.5).

The series was produced in HD, which means a wide-screen presentation; however, it was deliberately shot with a grainy look to give it a 'gritty' film quality.

Why get this collection instead of the six season sets? You get a neat Cylon Centurion figurine (and it's good sized!), but no booklet, a huge box, and inferior internal packaging. I bought the series this way mainly because it was (slightly) cheaper than purchasing the six season sets individually; nevertheless, I'm experiencing a bit of buyer's remorse.
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Seasons 1-4 deserve anywhere from 5 to 4 stars depending on the season. The extras deserve 4 stars while the packaging deserves 2 for the bigger box 1 for the cardboard sleeves.

Edit: FYI, this includes the mini-series in addition to ALL the seasons of "BG", "Razor" is included but "Caprica" and "Face of the Enemy" webisodes are not.

During its four season run "Battlestar Galatica" produced some of the best episodes for ANY television series whether it be a mainstream drama or science fiction. While some fans of the series were disappointed with the conclusion quite a bit was hinted at in previous episodes and it doesn't detract from the quality of the previous ones. The image quality varies from exceptionally good to fair but the show retains the "look" the producers wanted; some shots are meant to be not only extremely grainy but also a bit soft so you'll forgive the studio and makers for going with their artistic vision. Either way the image looks terrific but don't expect this to look like a smooth high def show designed to look slick. Detail is sharper regardless of the "look" of the show.

Audio sounds terrific throughout with an active 5.1 lossless soundtrack that highlights the level of detail that went into preparing the show.

The extras for seasons one through three are more or less the same as on the original DVDs the only new extra (aside from the new extras for season four which I'll address in a minute)to this set is the BD-Live "Battlestar Galatica Card Game". So far there isn't anything else on BD-Live (as of the release date) available but I'd also note that the season one Blu-ray and DVD as part of this boxed set includes the deleted scenes from the first season something missing if I recall correctly from the DVD (I sold mine to upgrade to the Blu-ray so can't look at it).

It appears as if most of the extras are exactly like like the previous sets with one exception the deleted scenes for the first season. I'm going to focus on the extras for the fourth season because most of the special features are ported over from the previous DVD boxed sets. We get extended episodes for "A Disquiet Follows My Soul", "Islands in a Stream of Stars" and "Daybreak" as well as 13 commentary tracks, David Eick's Video Diaries and deleted scenes for the fourth season set.There's also pip's that allow you to watch behind-the-scenes stuff while watching the show as well as an explanation of some of the jargon used by the characters on the show.

The packaging is a bit more problematic. While the big box is sturdy enough and looks extremely nice, the smaller boxes that hold each season set holds the discs in cardboard sleeves. It will increase the chance that these could get scratched and I am disappointed that Universal didn't design this set for a more traditional DVD or Blu-ray holder. The good news is that each season comes in its own compact box and they will stand up with other Blu-ray and DVDs on the shelf. I personally think it is nicer in concept than execution and wish it was designed similar to the UK boxed set coming in September but that's me.

Let's not forget the toy Cylon that's on the top of the cardboard boxed set it looks kind of cool but I haven't opened it to examine yet.

In conclusion there's good and bad with this set with the good outweighing the bad. "BG" receives a handsome looking Blu-ray transfer with great sound and some terrific extras. A terrific series where Gaius Balter redeems himself and Cavil proves to be everything we believed him to be from the first introduction of his character.
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on August 5, 2009
What was Universal thinking...

The blu-rays may be alright, but I've never seen something that costs so much money packaged so badly. You get this big ungainly box that won't fit on most shelves, but I'm thinking "hey, I'll just take the individual season boxes out and store the big outsized box. But then you discover that you get the dvd's in these cheap cardboard boxes that are in loose sleeves... and there's no booklet of any kind with it. I could live without the booklet except THERE'S NO EPISODE LIST. ANYWHERE! What if you want to watch a particular episode. You'll have to remember or guess what disc it's on... for all four seasons. And there's no list of extras, either. Are there extras? Where are they? Does anyone know?

I think this is the most negative review I've ever written, but I feel like I've been suckered. This set costs a lot of money, and to get so cheap on the packaging is just condescending. I've have to think long and hard about ever buying another box set from Universal.
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