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on November 24, 2007
BSG is pretty much the best entertainment on television, but this addition to the lore gets an awful lot wrong. First the good: It's great to see Starbuck and the Adamas back on TV, and their performances don't disappoint. Also good is the decision to travel back to the initial Cylon attack-- so much has happened to "humanize" the Cylons since the pilot that I'd forgotten the way they were initially presented. And the few revelations sprinkled around are very good, along with a surprisingly creepy moment. I'm definately more excited for Season 4 after seeing this.

The bad, for me, was largely in the execution. Many have applauded the visual effects but I felt they were a step down from past seasons. Everything seemed a touch too smooth and shiny, and that "shaky cam" I liked so much was less convincing here. Perhaps the f/x budget was stretched too far. Much more dire, however, is lame featured character Kendra Shaw. Not that it's all her fault: Her character arc saddles the viewer with so much belabored, melodramatic moralizing, you'd think you were watching one of those awful "Saint Helo" episodes. The most effective BSG for me lies in what characters don't have time to say, because they have to push on (see "33"); slow-motion sad faces and silly razor allegories need not apply. Above all, there's the feeling that all of the elements in this story have been handled before (and better) in seasons 1 and 2.

At the end of the day, I'm delighted with the new ideas brought into the universe, and this is still much better and gutsier than most anything else on TV, even if it isn't the best BSG. Fans will enjoy.
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on January 30, 2008
As a BSG fan I was really looking forward to "Razor." BSG is one of the few shows that I've kept in my DVD collection (along with Wonderfalls and a couple of others) after first viewing. It's usually always good enough to warrant more than one viewing.

The two best episodes in the new BSG series are arguably (if not definitively) "33" and "Exodus Part II." The former for its tension and psychological drama, the latter for special effects and the whole victorious (ala "Rocky" winning the title fight) feeling it induces as the humans kick Cylon butt for once. So an extended movie length episode, fans would hope, would strive to reach the heights of these great moments in the series.

As good as it is, "Razor" really is just a filler episode to fend off the the demanding fans in the lengthly lull between seasons three and four.

This episode focuses mostly on Kendra Shaw, a completely new character, who carries on the heavy stick personality of Adm. Cain. Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen, who plays Shaw, is yet another BSG looker and she can act. She just can't act this specific role which demands that she be Cain's legacy. Michelle Forbes, who plays Cain, is an psychopathic ice queen. You believe she's capable of killing innocent civilians to fulfill her military goals. Shaw . . . not so much. Too petite, too sweet looking. I guess they were looking for some ambiguity, someone that viewers wouldn't hate like so many do with Cain. It's just not a compelling character to watch.

The second flaw, and perhaps far bigger than the Shaw character, is the constant flipping back and forth through time. There's the first Cylon war, the second war - the invasion, and present day. This destroys whatever dramatic tension that's built in the show. Look at "33" and "Exodus Part II" and you'll see that they're tight and focused. This one is all over the map. Why the producers didn't see this problem is baffling. They were so concerned with making sure we understood everything (too excess IMO - e.g. the depiction of young Cain abandoning her younger sister seemed unnecessary) that they forgot they needed to make a compelling show.

The extras on the DVD are cool. The "Favorite Episode" is interesting as is "The Look of Battlestar Galactica" - although that ground has been covered before. Haven't watched the commentary version, but I suspect it will be good as well.

Razor is worth watching, despite these flaws. It's just not a great episode by the standards set by BSG itself.
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on August 22, 2009
Okay, so Razor came when Season Four came...and Season Four had its own DVD Razor inside. So, my purchase ended up going to a friend.

The placing of Razor within the Season Four boxset was odd to me, but I guess it was because of production and it's just sort of where it got placed.

I thought that Razor was interesting, but I wasn't overall thrilled with it. Perhaps, it was because I didn't appreciate it as others may have when they were waiting for more BSG to air.

There were some parts were I really appreciated it, but mostly I just was disgusted with the Pegasus and Cain in general. So, unfortunately I really didn't get a lot out of this purchase. I do think it is necessary for the BSG collection, though maybe that's why it's boxed with Season Four?
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on February 3, 2009
My main complaint is that I was unaware that Razor would be included as the first episode of Season 4.0, so I wasted $20 to add it to my collection.
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on April 2, 2008
First off: if, like me, you don't have cable and have been enjoying BSG through its DVD releases, make sure you watch this AFTER watching season 3, even though its time frame is within season 2. Things are referred to that won't make sense until you've seen season 3, and could possibly be spoilerish.

"Razor" has its great moments, and any episode of the new "Battlestar Galactica" is worth seeing, but this one falls down in three major ways. Firstly, it relies too much on flashbacks from too many different characters, and there's even at least one flashback within a flashback. Structurally, it just becomes too much of a hard slog.

Secondly, I'm afraid I found the performance from the lead actress to be rather dull.

And third, characters do things that are way out of character. It's not as well written as other episodes, and some events seem more than a little contrived. For example, Apollo makes a crucial decision that his character would never have made, only to be opposed by his father, whose character is actually much more likely to have adopted Apollo's decision in the first place!

It's worth seeing, and if you're a completist - buy it. But I wish I'd just rented it.
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on April 10, 2014
If you're a Battlestar fan, and haven't seen this, it's worth the time. Story is somewhat predictable with no real surprises, I knew everything that was going to happen first time through but it's still worth one viewing- maybe not two. The real let down is the computer-generated fx. I know this isn't a big budget movie, but some of the shots were so bad it was laughable. The actors, (to their credit) certainly did the best job they could and carry the movie much better than other low budget sci-fi flicks with even worse fx. Still...when old videogames look better than movie fx, there's a problem. Hell, even Star Trek next generation had better fx back in their day, so I know this would have looked better with less computer generated scenes and more real-life visuals. 3 stars, but worth the time for fans.
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on August 9, 2014
I've invested over the years in watching most episodes of the Battlestar Glactica TV series. I did not see much in this "made for TV movie" that was any different except for the pacing. At 71 years of age, I had a little trouble keeping up with the action and missed some of the more "relationship oriented" aspects.
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on April 16, 2015
I purchased several seasons, but as I read the way the Seasons were released. I'm staying away from purchasing this series......they think they are clever when they devise ways to part fools with their money.
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on December 31, 2013
We saw some of this story play out when we were watching the TV series. Having finished the series a few years ago, and despite the usual prelude/recap sequence before the openning credits, it still took a few minutes to remember what happened when and how this story fit in with the series. So, best to watch this in sequence.

Good background story on Admiral Cain and the Pegasus. Not the greatest bit of story telling, but worth watching for fans of the series.
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on February 27, 2008
I love BSG, but there is something odd about this DVD. I checked it against the aired version, and there are missing scenes on the DVD, most notably, the scene with young Adama fighting around the ice planet 40 years before the present events. The DVD goes straight to the young Adama in the cylon lab/torture chamber and completely omits the fight scene in orbit and in the atmosphere.

Could be a problem with my particular DVD, but I notice that the disk itself does not say its extended, only the box. Maybe I just got a mixup. Would really love to know what happened.

Its still a great movie, though.
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