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on August 25, 2015
Ok, I am a HUGE fan of BSG but the quality of the BluRay is horrible! The first few episodes, the audio doesn't match the lips and they picture is blurry and staticy. Then it starts with the editor talking about how great it is but all of season 1 is this bad quality. Starting season 2 soon and I am doubtful it will get better. Just google about the quality of this box set, it has horrible ratings. What a rip off for BSG fans
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on September 5, 2011
Love the series, that's not the issue. If you are considering the box set for purchase, you are probably already a fan of the show, so nevermind that.

I want to echo the comments here about the lame packaging. After shelling out so much money for this collection, the customer should at least have some confidence that their purchase can be preserved in some way: not this hodgepodge of paper packaging that not only leaves your discs vulnerable, but actually accelerates wear and tear from their flimsy design. The simple act of removing a disc from the package is a risky challenge.

But none of this compares to the shoddy compression of this entire set. I work in this industry, and recognize that what people are complaining about in their reviews is not the "realism" of shaky cameras and grainy film stock, but rather the glitchy compression that poorly adapts for low-light, high-contrast scenes. With the combination of shooting with fluorescents and smoke, what should have been highly tuned compression settings were apparently not even bothered with, perhaps opting for faster adaptive mechanisms. Please note that even some vfx shots (actually many in the course of an episode) are muddy, noisy, and flicker. The color grading on the entire series was rather unique, probably shooting under exposure for more creative options in post-production. However, as wild as much of the grading is, you would have thought somebody in the post pipeline had notes on final compression.

Not all of it is bad--if it were, somebody on the distribution team may have noticed and corrected it. However, the sloppiness is apparent enough that it contrasts starkly with the gorgeous images that were properly treated.

Very disappointing. I don't know if they made fixes in other releases, but this Blu Ray collection is a slapdash treatment of an elegant product.
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on April 26, 2012
First off, for all you frakking Toaster lovers out there, do not buy either the "Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series (with Collectible Cylon) on Blu-ray or DVD. This is not a review of the TV show itself, which is a shining example of science-fiction at its best, nor is this a review of Amazon (they were perfect as always), but this is a review of the packaging in which Universal Studios atrociously decided to place this angel of a series. The only reason I gave this product 2 stars instead of 1 is simply because the boxed set is visually quite cool; it would look excellent on display in the living room. Unfortunately, appearance is the only thing going for the packaging. The box is immediately difficult to open to access the individual seasons, and once it is fully open the individual seasons have to be removed at an awkward angle that requires a gentle hand in order to not tear the cardboard. All the disks are housed not in the typical plastic cases that suspend the disks and prevent their delicate surfaces from being scratched, but they are tightly squeezed in CARDBOARD sleeves. Removing the disks a few times will scratch them and eventually render them useless. Also, the disks were out of order: 1, 4, 3... That is inexcusable. There is no episode guide, which is a pure lack of foresight on Universal, and to top it all off, The collectible cylon's right foot was broken off. It seems as if they put all of their energy into designing an awesome looking box, then said, "whatever," to everything else. So, to reiterate, this is an awesome show, but DO NOT buy either the Blu-ray or DVD versions that come WITH the Collectible Cylon, the packaging from Universal Studios is horible. INSTEAD, buy the newer Blu-ray or DVD versions that come in the smaller silver/grey boxes WITHOUT the cylon. From what I have read of these, the packaging is much improved and simplified, and an episode guide is included. One last note, Amazon is golden. The package arrived so well packed I could not imagine a human baby being better protected. I hope this clears things up about what to buy.

P.S. I would like to add that since buying and returning this item, I have bought "Battlestar Galactica" on Blu-ray per each individual season. Each season was well packaged in traditional plastic holders that suspend the discs and I was able to watch each disc with plenty of time to check everything for errors (in case I had to return the set). It was also much cheaper. Each season I bought was only about $20.00, and since there are only four seasons I spent far less than I would have for the entire series in one boxed set. So, bottom line, buy each season individually.
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on February 17, 2014
When this series aired few people were watching it in HD with 50+ inch sets. So, no one really noticed how much grain was added, it just looked the the standard compressed HD they were used to.

Now, that we can watch in it's full 1080P glory on huge sets, it really looks bad. I listened to the producer's message on the first disk, but never imagined that was what he was talking about. I thought my HDMI cable was bad and even tried replacing it.

They should really re-master this series and turn down the grain, way down. Some scenes look like a badly DIVX compressed DVD rip.
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on November 8, 2009
This set contains all the seasons of BSG and including the movie Razor, but not Caprica or The Plan. I thought that the inclusion of Razor was a nice bonus, since I only thought the regular episodes were included. The box is quite large and overly done. The top of the box lifts up exposing the central core of character photos, kinda like your opening a futuristic computer core. There is the plastic Centurion action figure on top, it's average quality and can barely stand up on its own. The bottom part of the box is quite drab as the colorful cardstock piece falls off once the plastic wrap is removed. The blue blu-ray band and red dress of Caprica actually gives a nice contrast. The episodes are contained in four containers one on each side of the box's perimeter.

My main problem was with the containers for the episodes. The blu-ray discs are are staggered in a flip top like holder. I could barely get them out, at first I thought that the packaging was damaged as the cheap cardstock that holds them in place seemed smashed, but realized that they were all that way. The flip top lid is also held in place by an odd "rubber velcro" with is hard to secure in place. It all felt very cheap and unfortunately I didn't feel that I could store them safely on a shelf without the elaborate box. I ended up returning it for the reason of being unable to easily access the discs and the fear of scratching them since you almost need some needle nose pliers to remove them. I plan to either buy the european region free tin or await another and hopefully cheaper box set.
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on August 2, 2009
This is a review of the Blu-ray release, not the series as a body of work. We all know that it's incredible.

I bought the series. I popped it into my Blu-ray player. I cranked up my HDTV. Excited much? You bet. I had already read a few reviews of the Blu-ray box set online, and everyone was raving about how the series has never looked so good. I must confess, I am now a double-dipper. I already own the complete series on DVD. I am a BIG fan of the show. And ever since I heard that the series had been shot in HD from its beginning, I have been drooling to see it on Blu-ray. The plan (no pun intended) was to buy the Blu-ray set and trade in my BSG DVDs. Sadly, in my opinion, the show looks worse on Blu-ray than it does on standard DVD. Yes, I know: "This is how the show was really intended to look." I mean, this is a message that has now been drilled into my consciousness. Ron Moore is on every disc talking about how great the series looks in HD. Interestingly enough, there is even a message that pops up on each disc that tells (or should I say "warns?") the viewer that the Blu-ray represents the show as the creators intended. They wanted a "gritty, documentary look." If that is true, then why in the world bother shooting the show in HD at all? I honestly think my BSG DVDs look better than these. But everywhere I look, everybody is still glowing about how incredible the image is. I've been back and forth multiple times between DVD and Blu-ray.

Bottom line, were it up to me to do over, I would just enjoy my SD DVDs of the show and skip the Blu-ray release. I mean, if the image was intentionally designed to look flawed and grainy, then why bother spending a couple hundred bucks to get the best picture of how bad it was intended to look? I just don't get what the draw is here... I just don't get it...
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on September 17, 2009
Let me just say that I did not purchase the blu ray set myself, rather it was purchased as a gift for me (which I couldnt argue with). If you're thinking of buying this one on your own then think again...

The series is fantastic, as anyone will tell you. However the blu ray edition is absolutely horrid. As most of the other reviewers have already noted the packaging is possibly the worst I have ever seen for any product I have ever encountered (especially disc based media).

As far as the blu rays themselves are concerned, the High def is really not that impressive. The series was shot in high def but was intentionally made fuzzy and even blurry to achieve the look the producers wanted. The high definition transfer retains the original look and it literally doesnt add anything to view it in HD, and even may be a detriment.

All in all save your money and buy the complete series on dvd, in the individual season box sets!!!!
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on January 7, 2014
I love Battlestar Galactica which leaves me greatly disappointed to find this set defective. The second season has two disc 2 and no disc 3. Unfortunately I bought this months before watching it, so I cannot return it.

My recommendation to anyone purchasing this set is to check the contents immediately.

Upon contacting Amazon they provided solutions to resolve the problem. Thanks.
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on December 11, 2013
What (if any) are the differences between the 2009 20-disc (black package) edition and the 2010 21-disc (gray/silver package) edition besides the inclusion (or lack) of "The Plan"??
As someone who already owns "The Plan" on Blu-Ray, am I better off saving the extra $45 (a lot of dough for one extra disc if that truly is the only difference) and getting the 2009 (black) box set? Are all of the extra features (extended "Pegasus" episode, deleted scenes, featurettes, etc.), and "Razor" included in both editions?
I have read about the differences in packaging (cardboard fold-out vs plastic blu-ray cases), which may help to account for the difference in price, but that doesn't concern me as much as it does for others.
Any clarification is appreciated, thank you!
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on April 23, 2012
The Blu-Ray disks themselves are great - the visuals are very good and the sound track is great. The collectible Cylon version of the series is a complete mess from a packaging perspective. The outside box is flimsy and mine arrived with a broken corner (like everybody else). The individual season packaging is a flimsy paper box with a fanfold insert holding the disks themselves. The opening is too tight for my hand to pull out individual disks without sliding out the whole fanfold organizer. When you do that, the disk go everywhere because there is nothing holding them on the sides. Several of the fanfold inserts were coming unglued. I just put all of the disks in paper sleeves and will look for some sort of box to hold them. If it wasn't $115 on a Gold Box special, I would return the whole mess. And to add insult to injure, the Cylon is a cheap 10$ toy and there is no episode list or book or anything else to distinguish this set from the reglar complete series set (which would at least have usable packaging).
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