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on March 23, 2013
Being in the lawn business I find that people who say this product does not work are not applying it according to the directions. You must mix it according to directions and you should always put it on in the afternoon after the dew has dried otherwise you are diluting it and it won't work. The fact that you don't think that it sticks to crab grass may be correct but it runs down into the core and that's all it takes. Be patient,you will notice that it will go from dark green to light green and that means that it is dying. I've been using this product for several years and its never let me down.
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on April 23, 2012
I'm shocked at the negative reviews. Perhaps if the reviewers found a product that worked better with the same application THEN I may consider the review accurate. That said-this stuff works awesome. I was using it in the pre-mixed 1 gallon at first but found it 1/10th as cheap by going with the 32oz. I mix 3.2 OZ in a sprayer with 1 gallon of water and that mix will easily take care of my lawn for weeks. Thats overusing the product. You only need a tiny spray to kill dandelions, broadleafsm, etc. Crabgrass? Well folks, crabgrass (I assume) must be so similar to regular grass biologically that its extremely difficult to kill. Also this is the only product I could find that advertised it killed crabgrass but NOT regular grass (roundup anyone?) It will kill crabgrass and switchgrass but it takes several applications. Weeds are one-and-done for killing but crabgrass is tough. I am crabgrass free from using this and pre-emergent fertilizer. It doesnt happen overnight folks. But for regular weeds this stuff is the BOMB. The only "con" is the 1 gallon premixed stuff has a great red dye that stains the offending weed so you know which one you applied the stuff to. This looks like its dyed but once I dilute it with water you cant "see" red on the weeds. Minor gripe. I, and my lawn, wholeheartedly recommend this product.
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on August 18, 2012
For some reason this herbicide doesn't "wet" to the crabgrass well - the droplets of spray bead up and the crabgrass doesn't absorb it well. In contrast, one drop of Roundup (which kills everything) will spread over an entire leaf amazingly well. Through trial and error I have found that adding one full tablespoon of hand soap per gallon dramatically improves wetting and thus absorption by the weed - a teaspoon of soap isn't quite enough. With most weeds - especially crabgrass - expect to have to reapply herbicide every other day at least three times to finally kill it, otherwise the crabgrass gets 'sick' but recovers in a few days.

Onion Grass Advice: If you want to kill that tall Onion grass that appears at random in your yard, buy a cheap set of stainless steel BBQ tongs and two of the small 1" diameter x 3" long replacement paint rollers. Duct tape or bolt the rollers on the ends of the tongs so that they touch each other. Wait until a couple of days before you mow, when the Onion grass is much taller than the regular grass. Then holding the tongs over a sidewallk or driveway (not grass!!) spray Roundup on the rollers (but not to the point it drips). Walk over to the Onion grass and grab them with the rollers and wipe them lightly once, coating the upper few inches with herbicide. You can do about 10-15 weeds before re-saturating the rollers with roundup. It only takes one application to kill them. Be careful not to drip on nearby grass, Roundup kills everything.
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on July 5, 2011
I had an ongoing problem with the weed corn speedwell. Tried the rest.....Ortho Weed be Gone, Trimec and several others with zero results. Bayer all in one lawn weed and crabgrass killer was the first to get rid of the aforementioned weed with no damage to the grass.
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on June 19, 2012
I have never heard of a product killing crab grass. I had always heard the cellular structure of crab grass is so similar to regular grass they couldn't come up with something which also would kill 'good' grass. I live in WI, I don't know honestly what kind of grass in on my lawn.
That said I have a problem with crab grass and was willing to try anything. I use a pre emergent but it didn't help (I had the lawn aerated last fall and think that caused some of my problems but I can't be sure.) I have used these types of products on the lawn before and have used this procedure. I ensure the lawn is dry, not only no rain for at least a few days abut also no dew. I also don't plan to mow for several days after the application. I put the stuff on, pretty heavy in my opinion. I could see with in a few days the crab grass was stressed. The instructions said another application may be necessary after 10 days or so. I used the same procedures, dry, no mowing... It seems to have worked. I was surprised how much crab grass I had. I would add it did stress the rest of the lawn but did not kill it. I mow as high as possible, now after about three weeks I fertilized and have been watering in hopes the 'good' grass overtakes the bare spots.
Would I buy this product again. Yes.
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on September 12, 2012
It does work on crabgrass here in coastal NC!!!
First mow your lawn to create an open wound in the crabgrass. Than spray your crabgrass. I used a two gallon tank (3.5 ounces per gallon) and focused on spraying just the crabgrass. After a couple of days the crabgrass would begin to turn purple. At the next mowing I would repeat the same process spraying the same areas (crabgrass) again. The purple would spread further into the plant. I repeated this process until the crabgrass was definitely DEAD!!! I plan on spreading some pre-emergent early Spring to limit any new crabgrass blooms. I had some St. Augustine encroaching on my bermuda/zoysia mix. In spraying the crabgrass where there was some St. Augustine the S.A. died fairly quickly. So if you have St. Augustine this spray would not be helpful. But if you want to eliminate S.A. from your yard this would work on that too.
My spraying has been on just the front yard and now I'm onto the back yard. I've already ordered more Bayer concentrate with crabgrass killer for the back yard.
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on March 25, 2013
I think this product works and will be more dedicated about its use this year. My next door neighbor and I used this product. My neighbor was disciplined about its application now he has a stellar looking lawn. I've used this product a few times in the past and the weeds went away temporarily. But they came back and I didn't reapply. My lawn is weed ridden. My neighbor, on the other hand, put down multiple applications of this product and now has his weeds under control. I have been very spotty on the application of my lawn proucts, so it's not this product, but how I've been using it. I think the bottom line is that you can't expect miracles overnight and you need to continue its application throughout the season. This year I'm going to get rid of these weeds and this product is going to be a centerpiece of my program.

Update 6/30/13:
Well... I was right. I was far more disciplined this spring and my weeds are virtually gone. In fact, my neighbor has some clover while I have none. I have limited crabgrass for which I need to reapply, but I'm thrilled with the results. It was a complete turnaround. My lawn was 60% weeds last year and is now 90% grass.
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on March 1, 2014
The Bayer Advanced is great on crabgrass starting out (as it is intended). It will take a few more applications if the crabgrass has established itself and grown for a while. Also kills all of the other weeds. I use it as a spot treatment more for the crabgrass.
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on October 4, 2011
This is an excellent weed and crabgrass control product. Since our givernment has banned MSMA in out local stores, the choices are limited and this is an ok product.
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on August 9, 2013
I followed the instructions and it simply did not work for me. Maybe it's the broad leaves in my area I'm not sure
There is a few reviews saying people aren't following directions
This isn't my first time using garden sprays I've had great success with many others.
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