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on July 9, 2011
I have several cats -indoors and out- and all of them ended up with fleas this year. In the past Frontline has worked just fine, but not this year. It seems like this year has been a horrible year for fleas, either because the fleas are simply worse or older flea preventatives and treatments aren't as effective. After talking with other pet owners I decided to try Advantage.

Two of my cats are very allergic to flea bites and were looking and feeling pretty bad until I used Advantage. Within a day of treating all of the cats, there were fewer live fleas on the cats and most of the remaining fleas were dying. I have to note that none of my cats had any allergic reaction from the treatment. A couple of them scratched and licked as fleas came up to the surface, but I kept combing the dying fleas out and the scratching/licking stopped fairly quickly. It's been a week, and the two who are allergic to flea bites are looking better, and none of the cats are licking and scratching.

Of course, I treated the carpets and furniture and pet bedding and sweep the floors regularly, so combined with the Advantage treatments, the flea infestation is now under control. Let's hope it stays that way!

An added bonus for me was that each tube of Advantage opened quietly and application was easy. The flea drops also didn't have a strong smell, unlike some other treatments I've used. That helped out a lot - no tracking down the cats or coaxing them from underneath furniture.

(I used both Advantage II for cats under 9 pounds and over 9 pounds. This review is the same for both doses.)
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on July 2, 2011
We have been an Advantage family for years. I help foster animals for a rescue and one of my new guys came in with fleas, which quickly spread to the rest of the crew. A day after applying Advantage to everyone and they were flea free. 2 of my fosters are under the 9lb limit for the purple pack, so I looked up the specs of the orange pack and it is just 1/2 a dose of the purple. I just split one of the tubes between the 2 petite cats and everything worked out without having to buy an extra box.
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on December 10, 2015
The day after applying this to our large male cat a bright pink bald spot one inch wide appeared at the area where I had applied it. When I called Bayer the representative was very tight lipped. Her only response was "talk to your vet"

If I need to talk with a vet about an over the counter product then perhaps the product should not be over the counter!
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on June 21, 2011
Bayer Advantage II Purple 4-Month Flea Control for Cats 9+ lbs.

Great stuff works quicker then the older Advantage. I have an older cat with thinning hair and in less then 5 minutes fleas were surfacing but unlike the older stuff these fleas were dizzy and in their last throws, they barely made it to the top of his thin hair and died. Great stuff and my cat hasn't scratched since.

Also this may only apply to a select few but the tubes when you open them are silent now instead of making a little noise. I write this because my cat became very aware of this sound and knew it was coming, hated it, hated me for a week, and tried to lick it.

This time with a little milk and my silent tube I was able to apply it to his neck without him knowing.
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on April 4, 2012
I have been a cat fancier for almost 40 years so I do have some experience on this subject. I currently care for 4 indoor cats that have been inside their entire lives. Two males weighing about 14lbs and two females weighing 10 and 12 lbs. They just turned 5 years old, are litter mates and are spayed and neutered.

I have used original Advantage on them for years with fine results. However, I CANNOT say the same for Advantage II.

It appears Bayer's patent expired on original Advantage so they concocted the new and "improved" Advantage II. Well, the hair on the back of my cats' necks falls out where the Advantage II makes contact with their skin about 2 days after I apply it. And, they keep scratching as if they have fleas. This NEVER happened with original Advantage.

This occurred both times I used Advantage II to all 4 cats so I know the first application was not a fluke. I am not happy with the new Advantage II and am looking for an alternative. It obviously is causing harm to my cats and is not as effective. This has been my experience. Your mileage may vary.
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on January 6, 2013
I cannot speak for the flea killing ability of this product, as I just put it on my cat last night.

You put the product at the base of the cat's skull, right around where their collar sits, so that they can't lick it. This morning I found that the product had somehow reacted with my cat's collar and formed some sort of glue/tar that had stuck her fur to her collar.

I have uploaded a picture of what happened. She is a little white cat who had a cute little black collar, but now she has a nice patch of black tar hair that will need to be shaved off in order to ever get it off of her. Water doesn't seem to get it to come out and maybe some heavy washing will get it to fade (I hope)

My recommendation would be to take off any collar and wait for the product to dry a bit before putting the collar back on, if possible.
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on August 29, 2012
My cat just died a really bad, painful death, and I feel like this was at least partially responsible. I'm writing this to hopefully help someone else. My cat was pretty old and I would say his health was fair (not good, not horrible), I used about one third of a tube of this on him (I split one tube among 3 cats). I thought this was regular Advantage which I have used in the same way for years and have never had a problem with. My cat started laying around, not eating, not drinking, not going to the litter box. Started having trouble breathing and then died with convulsions. Through this process, I thought maybe this was just a very old cat getting sick and he would come out of it, but one of my other cats started laying around too (thankfully, he seems to have come out of it). The scary thing is that, since this was a VERY arthritic cat, I'm 99% sure he didn't lick any of this off of him, so it did this much damage just being on his skin. I blame myself since I should have checked out exactly what I was using (the regular v.s the "2"), but I feel like I should warn people that this is strong stuff and I would not use it on a young cat, old cat, sick cat, or any cat that I loved dearly--it's not worth the risk. Regular advantage works well. Use that instead--and be sure to check the label because the tubes look pretty much the same (and yes this was purchased from my vet).
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on January 31, 2015
Awful for our cat. Shortly after application she foamed at the mouth and vomited. The day after application she has a bald sore spot where the product was applied and is hiding. Very unhappy cat.

Photo shows pink skin several days later. Kitty has been hiding and didn't want anyone over her.

We used the older version of this with no ill effects.

Effective at getting rid of fleas but too toxic now.
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on August 30, 2015
I used this brand for both my dog and cat and it didn't work at all. It didn't lessen the fleas at all and it actually left my cat with a bald spot right where i put the medicine. I'm afraid to use it again :/
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on October 27, 2012
We were having a problem with fleas. The neighbor had 5 dogs that seemed to roam all over the neighborhood and I heard the girlfriend mention fleas so its no wonder they found their way to our cats. (Who are both indoor pets.) We tried everything from home remedies from a dog groomer to professional exterminators. Nothing worked enough to give our cats peace until a vet said to use Advantage II. So we did, within a week we had no more scratchy cats. Now once a month, I use the product and my cats don't even protest. I recommend Advantage II to anyone who has pets.
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