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on August 8, 2012
I have a 5 years old, 11 lb Coton de tular. A day after following the instruction and applying it to my dog his fur started shedding. Worst yet, his skin looks red and irritated. It looks so bad that I had to wash him the next day. He has never had this type of reaction to any other flea and tick medication before. I would not recommend this to anyone who loves their dog!
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on May 28, 2012
Last year I adopted a puppy and took him to work with me every day for the next 8 months. The company I worked for in San Francisco is dog-friendly, and there were upwards of 100 dogs in the building on any given day. Since much of the building is carpeted, fleas were definitely an issue and pretty soon my pup had them. I used Frontline and treated my apartment and the carpet around my desk at work with both diatomaceous earth and something to kill the eggs, but 2 weeks later, he had picked them up again. I waited one more week, applied Frontline again, and within two weeks he was infested again. A co-worker told me his wife is a vet tech and according to her, fleas in some areas are becoming immune to Frontline.

I wish I could tell you whether it's NorCal or SoCal that had the Frontline-immune fleas, but I was traveling back to L.A. every weekend during this period so it's possible he was picking them up there too... though not as likely, as his exposure to other animals on weekends was minimal.

On the advice of a friend who swears by Advantix II, I switched to using it and voila! No more fleas. It definitely worked, and quickly. I was convinced.

BUT, last night I used it on my younger dog for the first time this year, and the new dog we adopted in December. I used the size-appropriate dose for each. The new, smaller dog (7 lbs) seems fine but my younger dog (around 15.5 lbs) has been really agitated and distressed since then, and is biting at his tail and seems to be unable to get comfortable. He's not crying or whining, but he's alternating between hyper and agitated or clingy. He's also been panting occasionally despite his short summer haircut and the air-conditioned house. He doesn't seem to be in any pain but something's up.

Assuming nothing escalates and he seems to feel better, I'll use this again because it's better than a flea infestation, but I would only recommend this with the caveat to watch your dog very carefully after application.

Edited to add:

As it turns out, my dog was fine and I'm pretty sure his behavior is because it was itchy - he went to the groomer earlier that day, and my theory is that the natural oils in his skin had been stripped away. When it's time for him to be treated again I'll make sure to wait a few days after the grooming.
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on July 9, 2011
We have been using this product on our 5 year old Llasa granddog for 4 years now, and we have not had any problems. We live in the south U.S. and our dog is flea free. I hope this review helps others to make the decision to use this product.
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on October 15, 2015
I felt it was my responsibility to inform pet owners of possible side effects associated with Bayer Advantix II. I purchased this to use on my always healthy and energetic 7 yr. old Lhasa Apso. Approximately 2 hours after application he started showing signs of lethargy and in general refusing to walk. When he did walk he only took one or two steps and then immediately sat down and started scratching or biting his tail and/or the application points. He had never displayed these symptoms before and has always been extremely active, running, barking and doing his guard dog thing.
I took him to the vet the next morning. She couldn't find anything specific and said that although it would be unlikely, it could be a reaction to the Advantix since it had been applied only hours before symptoms appeared. She said to watch closely and let her know if the symptoms did not go away.
In the meantime I called Bayer's pet health line. The person I spoke to immediately recognized the symptoms and said that it was because of an adverse reaction by my dog to the permethrin used in Advantix, used to repels mosquitoes. It leads to something called paraesthesia which was described as a tingling or pricking (pins and needles) caused chiefly by pressure on or damage to peripheral nerves. Since the Bayer representative knew immediately the symptoms, it sounded like this is a somewhat common problem. I was told that the condition is only temporary and should go away in 24-72 hrs. She said that the pins and needles effect was so irritation that the dogs typically will not walk to prevent this pain or irritation.
I was told that the best treatment was to remove the Advantix by giving the dog a bath with Dawn dish detergent. I was told that I could also apply some Vitamin E oil to the application points to relieve irritation.
It has now been approximately 36 hrs since the bath with Dawn to remove the Advantix and my dog is still not back to normal. He seems to feel alright and will eat and drink, but he refuses to walk more than a few steps at a time without scratching and then just sitting down. I have had to carry him around so as not to aggravate the situation. Normally he is very active and runs constantly. We have also had to cancel our daily walks of 2 to 3 miles a day. I am closely monitoring his condition and if it doesn't improve by the 72 hr deadline given by Bayer, I'm going to have to take him back to the vet for further treatment. I also gave him a second bath with Dawn just in case I missed some of the Advantix the first time.
I realize that there are possible side effects with any product or medication, however since the Bayer representative immediately knew exactly what I was talking about when I described my dogs symptoms, I feel that this problem is possibly more widespread than reported. I know many people use and swear by K9 Advantix II but after what I have seen I definitely do not recommend it. There are also other flea medications that contain permethrin and I would also advise against them also. I have always used Frontline in the past and have had no problems with it. Frontline does not contain permethrin.
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on April 6, 2016
The bad news first:

If you choose to use this product, you should (1) research possible negative side effects, and (2) use it sparingly cautiously to watch for any problems. Our dog hasn't experienced any of the worst symptoms (no seizures, for example), but it's made him very itchy AND sort of crazy: sudden bursts of energy in the middle of the night ("It's 3:30AM LET'S PARTY WOO!!!") and hyperactive bursts of scratching, jerking, and scooting around. In our case, we can really see its effect on his nervous system. So I'd recommend using a 1/4 dose the first month, 1/3 doze the second, and so on — and if you see any behavioral changes, assume it's the medicine, and stop using it.

The good news is that it seems to work very well against fleas and ticks.

If it works for you, great — just be cautious, alert, and skeptical.
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on March 24, 2016
I've been using this for years. My dogs went to a doggie day care and came back w/ ticks, but all of them had died like they were supposed to. I use one set for my 5 pound yorkie and another for my 20 pound jack. I live in a heavily wooded area and take care of other dogs sometimes. the other dogs have fleas every now and again, but mine never do. i attribute it to the fact that I've been using this product, timely, for so long. it puts me at ease that my dogs won't bring anything in and won't have to deal w/ the discomfort of itching/bites.
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on May 14, 2016
We've used Bayer Advantix II on our dog for 2 years now and we've never had a flea issue. There actually is a little dog in our neighborhood who frequently wanders into our yard and, bless his heart, he was just riddled with fleas. My dog would play with him on a weekly basis, and we never had any transferring of fleas to our dog. We ultimately ended up treating the other dog with flea drops as well because he was just so miserable. When I say he was infested, I mean you could literally see them crawling on him and jumping, and the little guy was just biting and scratching constantly. They were even on his little face. It was awful. I treated him with this Bayer Advantix II when he was hanging around our house one night and when he wandered into our yard the very next day, about 13 hours later to be exact, the fleas were all dead! I would say maybe a week or two after that, we noticed he had stopped scratching completely. So his bites must've all healed, and regular flea checks showed he was completely pest free! Cheaper brands (Hartz, for example) are a complete waste of money. They're not effective. And the prescription brands (such as Comfortis and Trifexis) are great, totally effective, and have the added benefit of heart worm prevention, but if your budget doesn't allow for that, I would urge you to consider Advantix II. It's gentle, my dog has never had any ill side effects, and it's super effective. There's no smell, it dries/soaks into your dog's coat within a few hours, and it lasts an entire month. I mark down (using provided stickers) the dates we treat our dog with Advantix, and there have been plenty of times where I was a week or two late (whoopsie!), but we've still never had any issues of my dog picking up fleas. Anyway, I highly recommend. It's a great product.
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on May 22, 2016

My dog has used Frontline for year and is having a serious reaction to this stuff!! I bought her the 11-20lb medicine and she is about 28lbs and she is still having a very strong reaction. She's clearly uncomfortable one moment at rest and the next running in circle and shaking like crazy. She has been shaking uncontrollably for hours! After she had this reaction I did some research on this product and found many dogs react, but the shaking reactions are not even listed as a side effect in the instructions, this company is very misleading and I'm fuming that they do not list out all the adverse reactions that could occur when clearly based on a quick google search hundreds of dogs are having adverse affects!! Please do not buy, I feel so bad for my dog right now it looks like she is having constant seizures!!!
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on August 27, 2013
Last year we used Frontline Plus on our dog, and he was constantly bringing in fleas, which would then go to the indoor cats and we'd have to treat everyone... but he didn't have any ticks. This year, we switched to Advantix because it's supposed to repel fleas and ticks. It seems to be working for the fleas! We haven't seen a single flea on any pet all summer, but he did get his first tick. I conclude that it's great for fleas, but not as good for ticks. We do live in a high-tick area, however, and we spend a lot of time ourdoors with him, so one dog tick isn't a huge deal.

It is easy to apply, and does not seem to irritate my dog's skin.

Since I mentioned cats, do not use this product on your cats! Do not use this product if your cats groom your dog! Separate the dog and cats until the Advantix dries. I don't want anyone to be confused - I do not use this product on my cats, if they need flea treatment they get Advantage.
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on April 22, 2014
I've used this product every 28 days (per my vet's instructions) and have never had a problem with my dog (e.g., dog allergic reaction) or fleas (e.g., owner overreaction). My dog is hypersensitive and has life-threatening allergies but happily, she's taken well to Advantix II and never had a problem in the two-plus years we've used it. It is a bit oily but that effect goes away by the next day. To properly apply, I find it helpful to put wet food or peanut butter in a bowl and apply the solution as she licks the bowl. It keeps her standing so the solution doesn't slide off. I'm grateful Amazon has this product for a more affordable price.
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