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Edition: 100 Watts, with Installation Kit|Change
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on November 5, 2011
Bought a 2003 Corolla S to be my child's first car. Decided the stereo needs to replace right after drove back home. Budget and some level of quality were the goal. First, bought and installed a Dual XDMA-6415 (87 bucks including dash kit and harness here) bluetooth head unit. Stereo immediately turned clear and crisp especially front 6.5" factory component due to the Dual's CEA-2006 RMS 17Wx4 output. Found rear 6x9 has some room to improve. Bought and installed Orion CO690 (33 bucks at Frys). Test drive many times and confirmed no amp and no aftermarket front components are needed in near future since now the high, middle, and even mid-bass are ok.
Now turned to low end bass. We only listen to soft rock and classic music and wanted an easy and inexpensive setup. No strong window shaking bass is needed. Bought this Bazooka (99 bucks factory refurbished here) and installed it to trunk. Use front speakers' signal and head unit's power. The bass is loud and deep, cannot believe its amp is only 50W. Spent 219 bucks for the whole thing and now the car stereo from low to high is quite different from before. For the sound quality and cost I'm satisfied with this Bazooka BTA850FH.
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on May 2, 2012
Bazooka BTA850FH Big EZ Bass Amplified Subwoofer Kit. I installed this in a 2008 Ford F150 (I posted picture). I had a 6" with an amp in my previous 2004 F150 which sounded good. Well my 04 truck was ran into and totaled and I got another f150. I did not want to add all the aftermarket audio and ran across this sub. I wanted one this time that had a built in amp. I also wanted to leave my factory radio in too. I was a little worried that this amp; 50w wouldn't be as loud like the 150w amp I used to have...Well, if things are matched right they sound great. This amp is just as loud as and has more bass than the 6" that I used to have. It fits snug under the back ext. cab seat without the mounts. It took me about an hour to install it, but I am also pretty good with electronics. The sub sounds great. It will not rattle your windows or your neighbors, but what it will do is sound great inside and give you that low end bad factory systems are lacking...I am very impressed.
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on September 3, 2010
This sub has far surpassed my expectations. I am a tech guru and have done many car installs of equipment. I also work on computers along guitar, amplifier and effects products so I would say I have much more knowledge than your average electronic person. The install would be cinch for anyone who has ever installed any amplifier system in a car and maybe even those that haven't ever installed. The FAST harness is quick and simple. You just look up your cars wiring and match up the labeled wires to the right color wires in your car. After that you can run the wire under your door sills and along the paneling back to the sub. It's one sealed group of wires and can provide a very clean look. By not having to drill through the firewall and just tapping the wires to the receiver, this is so amazing. I have a 2011 Eclipse and I bolted the Bazooka Tube in the trunk facing toward the rear wall. It looks very clean. I was very skeptical of the 50 watt version(almost made the jump to 100w) but I am pleasantly surprised. Keep in mind the Eclipse has an open hatchback so the sub doesn't need much to be loud and the car already had a decent set of speakers in it stock. It has plenty of bump for me now(I mainly listen to classic rock and modern rock). It can't handle deep bass(I think the cutoff is around 40hz) but it can definitely enhance your system. In my 2000 Accord, which was totaled recently, I had an 800w RMS Kenwood amp feeding a JL 10w7 and while its nothing compared to that, it holds its own very much for ease of installation, sound quality and most importantly price. At $125 and a mere 30 minutes to install this is well worth the $$$. Good job Bazooka, as this is my first Bazooka product, I am pleasantly blown away by this experience.
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on February 8, 2015
I was very impressive by the sound of this 50 watt tube. I installed it in my Jeep Wrangler yj and it more than fits the bill. Install was easy although the splicing gizmos are cheap and did disappoint. I recommend this to anyone with limited space who needs a sub.
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on October 23, 2011
When I was thinking of getting a bazooka I wondered how different the sound was between the 50 watt and the 100 watt self amped bazookas. I had read that the 6inch model was the most melodic and the 10 inch the boomiest and the 8 inch the so called best of both worlds. I knew 8 inch was what I wanted since I like a wide range of music. However I could only afford the 50 watt model and when I got it I loved it. I've had it for two years and have totally enjoyed it and so has my family and friends.

I've always wanted to know how the bta8100 sounded since I had already self installed the 50 watt model and only had to plug and secure it with the straps to find out. I have this in a 1999 Honda accord ex with a factory radio and IPod connection through the CD changer port. I also have Alpine 6 1/2 s-series front speakers and 6x9 alpine rear speakers along with the factory mounted tweeters.

I went back and forth allot trying to decide if I should upgrade to this sub since the other one still worked fine. The 50 watt model sounded good and was loud on hip hop and bass heavy r&b, reggae and rock. However on songs with acoustic bass lines I would either have to increase the volume or bass lever on my car.

Now I can hear the bass much louder and it is noticeably deeper and more defined in songs with intricate bass lines. As result I can leave my bass dial on zero and allowing my other speakers to play mids and highs, which they do great.I can feel bass hitting harder and tad bit more accurate. I am truly happy I upgraded. I hope this review helps those deciding between these models choose.

I must say I am no techy audio installer but I am so happy that I saved a ton following the instructions. If you need help Bazooka's customer service and tech support are excellent.
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on September 21, 2009
i give this subwoofer 2 enthusiastic thumbs up! my last several cars have been equipped with outstanding sound systems and i got rather spoiled. when i purchased a new car last month, i found the sound to be shallow. being a "girl" i did not know what to purchase to make the sound richer and fuller. i asked around and a sound technician suggested this subwoofer. i did some more research and went ahead and ordered this bazooka. WOW!!! what a difference it made. it was installed by a professional in a couple of hours and i could hear the bass pumping as i walked back to the garage where it was being installed. i DID NOT want window rattling teenage bass, but a fuller richer more crisp sound. the bass from this bazooka enriched the sound, and even brought out the highs of the treble in the the sound system and improved the sound wonderfully overall. i promised myself that i would write a review so any other 30something or 40something female with the same dilema would be able to make a quick easy decision and be on her merry way without all the time i spent researching and holding my breath! ps: the bazooka subwoofer was installed in the trunk of my car which is a small 4 seater convertible with a small trunk. it does not inhibit the movement or storage of the top and i still have trunk space for shopping bags! enjoy....
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on September 5, 2012
This is awesome i spent a while on deciding which size sub to go with, ive had nearly all sizes throughout my years. i think 8" sounds best for my music, i dont need deep sloppy bass of a 12 and a 10 is more of the same but bigger than an 8. it was easy to install, and once i adjusted my pioneer unit it sounds wonderful, i can make it loud and booming, to where others around me know i have subs, or i can make it sound balanced and clean in the car. i REALLY wish i had gotten this much sooner its been a few years since my last sub..had i known this would be so satisfying, i would have gotten it with the jeep. if you like clean and balanced bass, dont hesitate, if you want BASS and to let everyone know you have subs, get a dual 12" bandpass and call it a day... this is EXACTLY what i wanted, and i love that i can take it out so simply.. plus the price! i screwed the mounting straps to a piece of 10x18x 3/4 plywood, painted it and the screws protruding from the bottom by 1/4 keep it from moving and the overall size keeps it upright. i unclip the wiring plug and can put it in my garage if i need the space!great job sas!
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on March 18, 2015
fairly priced easy to install and adds great sound if your just looking for good clean quality sound utilizing your mids and highs with your bass independent you can hear your music crisp and clean and plenty loud, if your looking for something that rattles the peoples windows around you in traffic then this is not for you
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on April 1, 2012
I still drive an '89 Cougar, which came with a JBL Premium sound "package." (Premium JBL speakers and subwoofer, built-in CD player, cassette player and AM/FM radio.)
After 10-12 years, the CD player died, after that, the rear-deck subwoofer died (which I removed shortly afterword,) and about a year ago, the right channel output died as well.
I bought the Bazooka to replace the JBL unit, thinking it would be a fairly straight-forward process. In actuality it is, but I didn't know that at first. If you're like me, and haven't worked on anything like this for a while, you might want to read up on current car-stereo technology. (Although I couldn't find a decent explanation of the following...ANYWHERE!!!!)

I know I will be laughed at for this, but I couldn't figure out what that extra POWER CONNECTION wire was for, or how it operated, and I had one heck of a time getting any information about it at all. It's described as a trigger wire of some sort, but that didn't give me enough detail, so I remained ignorant for quite some time. (Why would I need TWO 12-volt DC power connections to the Bazooka??????)

That "extra" POWER CONNECTION is nothing more than another 12-volt DC connection that delivers power ONLY to a relay switch INSIDE the Bazooka. (That relay then connects the MAIN 12volts power line to the internal amplifier)
The part I didn't get was that the extra "trigger wire" ONLY provides that power when you turn your ignition key on, OR when you turn your stereo head-unit on, OR when your power antenna is energized. These options all depend on your existing equipment, and how you decide to wire everything up. Most modern head-units have a DC power wire to connect this "trigger wire" to, and if not, you can use the antenna connection, or a connection at your ignition switch or fuse-box.

Another detail that nobody under the sun would explain to me, is that this extra wire CONTINUES to deliver 12volts to the internal relay for as long as your ignition is on, or your radio is on, or your antenna is energized. (Again, depending on how you hook things up.) That extra 12volts, holds the Bazooka's internal power-relay closed, to allow the MAIN 12volts from the battery to drive the Bazooka's internal amplifier.
Again, my first instinct was to question why I would need two supplies of continuous 12volts DC. It just didn't make sense to me. I now know, that when the relay power is off, the main connection goes off as well, making sure that you don't drain your battery when the unit is not in use.
NOTE; The Bazooka also comes with an auto-on feature which will turn on the main power when there is an audio signal through the audio inputs. I haven't tried this, as I read a few complaints that the connection was too intermittent. I prefer a much more positive method for providing main amplifier power.

Other than all that confusion, I DID get to temp-test the Bazooka (mounted in my trunk,) with my crippled JBL head-unit, and it worked perfectly. (Better than the original JBL subwoofer I'd say, and with considerably more power.) The only issue I had was some thumping as I used my brakes etc., but that should be fixed when I run the main power connection directly from the battery wire. I also bought a new Pioneer head-unit from Amazon, and I'm still in the middle of the installation. When I finish, I will edit this review and give some more information about the Bazooka. I've been a highly placed professional in the audio business for multiple decades, so I hope that some will find my opinion useful.
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on June 29, 2013
My Honda Odyssey is a great van, but it lacks very badly in one department - the audio department. I had "upgraded" it over the years by adding a Honda OEM subwoofer, new front speakers (pioneer 6.5") and an aux input adapter (PC-SON3). The subwoofer was merely OK, and it added a "boom", standing wave style which prompted me to turn it off more times than enjoying my music. The PC-SON3 added aux capability, but it needed an external mp3 player, which was another piece of hardware to manage. Overall, the "upgrade" felt minor and did little to improve the sound quality.

Frustration only went up, this went from bad to worse over the years. Long trips in my Odyssey were dreaded and avoided. Situation was not definitely not good.

Finally I bit the bullet, and decided to have a go at it.

Picked up the Pioneer FH X700-BT from [...] (not from Amazon, saving them the trouble of parsing and my mention of a non-Amazon vendor :)). Setup of the head unit was completed within 2 hours because of my prior experience with disassembling my car dashboard. All went smooth. First phase done. I felt pretty good.

But something was lacking. Actually something was still BOOMING. It became apparent that the Honda OEM subwoofer wanted to be part of the party and invited itself. I remembered that the wiring for the OEM subwoofer was actually part of the van and so the Honda adapter I was using to connect the new head unit was automatically routing bass signals to the OEM subwoofer. An unwelcome guest to the party, the subwoofer was determined to ruin my project.

I had heard of the Bazooka from before, mostly perusing forums and Amazon reviews. Ordered one (8", self-amplified), got Prime so I would get it sooner, and it arrived in 2 days (Amazon rocks!). Spent 2 hours assembling it - most of the time was spent planning how to route the cables thru the dashboard, how to remove the panels, etc. Finally (and after 2 cuts in my hand), mission accomplished. The Bazooka was installed (under the front console - it fit nice and snugly). The OEM Subwoofer cable was disconnected - rest in peace, my old friend.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. What a difference it made. Low-freq Bass was filling the cabin like never before. Driving the ody became a joy again. It took another hour of fidgeting with the Pioneer head unit's controls to setup the high pass filter so the poor front/rear speakers did not have to try to reproduce bass (and fail miserably). All Bass duties were delegated to the capable Bazooka and it did just that with flying colors.

NOTE: The bass amplified is more around the 50-60 Hz area. If you are like me and have a nice sub at home (mine can do as low as 20Hz and instruct you on what "sound pressurization of the room" really means - the SVS PB-10), then you might be a bit disappointed. But given the size of the bazooka and the convenience/pricepoint, it was a great addition to my car audio. Overall, very satisfied.
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