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on October 23, 2012
This book is the epitome of dysfunctional. It is a truly amazing story but be warned that it is raw, gritty and downright nasty. At the same time, it is about love, loss and grief. It is about battling your demons and finding your soul only to have it ripped away and shredded right before your eyes. It is about power, jealousy, vengeance and guilt.

The theme of the story is not unfamiliar but the execution certainly is, in my experience anyway. It is explosive, with characters, both teenagers and adults, who are utterly depraved, deeply troubled and morally destitute. It is extremely well written - the author has a fluid and clear writing style that draws you in and firmly holds your attention. The book contains very heavy drug and alcohol use, some racial disharmony and extreme sexual situations that are not for the faint of heart or younger readers.

The story begins with a bet. Can Nicholas seduce Ellie? No one expected this time to be different, but it is and his friends don`t understand why. Jealousy fuels rage and rage fuels stupidity. Lives spin out of control and everyone becomes vulnerable.

I will not easily forget this story. In fact, it was left open ended and I will snap up the sequel the second it is released. This book is incredible and I highly recommend it to those who won`t be put off by the blatant honesty of the story. It is gripping and unforgettable and there is nothing pretty about it. Very well done.
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on November 13, 2012
What happens when you make choices you know are wrong? When you ingnore your inner voice warning you about something or someone? When you are in love and it's not returned? When you've told so many lies they become the truth. When you choose sadness and self-pity over happiness and love? Beautiful Disaster is just that a Beautiful Disaster. Life is full of choices and with those come consequences.

All of the charaters in this book are raw, vulnerable and filled with pain. Some wanting/looking to be loved and some not. Then there are those hell bent on making someone's/anyone's life like miserable. This book will take you on an emotional journey of several characters lives.

Warning it ends on a cliffhanger. One can only hope there is a fast follow up with the next book. To many holes left with all the characters. It's still very much worth the buy to read!
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on March 23, 2013
This was the biggest pile of crap and a huge waste of time. The characters were horrible. The actions of the book were so out of left field and sometimes it made absolutely no sense whatsoever. The author would focus great thoughts on pointless/throw away characters which was such a waste of time. Why would anyone care what random nurse #4 thinks of a character? I know I didn't care but I was forced to read their thoughts. Maddie...just no. I can't even begin describe that train wreck of a character. The "hero" did a complete 180 in five seconds and turned back to the uber douche we were introduced to in the first chapter but worse. It made no sense and I wish I could get my money and time back. It was just uuuuuugh. Not a fan of this at all. I wish I could give this crapfest negative 5 stars because it was that bad.
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on June 27, 2014
This book was a complete surprise to me. After reading a good review about this I decided I had to read it even though it came out over 2 years ago.

Nicholas is an entitled bad boy at his high school. Due to his family issues he excercises his demons by taking advantage of the girls at his school. One by one he seduces them and reduces them to smithereens when he dumps them. We see the evidence of this with his interactions with Maddie, a girl who has crushed on him for years.

Nicholas decides to pursue the new girl in school, Ellie with the same motive. The difference being he actually falls for Ellie along the way. Ellie has been around the block herself. She is the poster child for a young girl who took the wrong path but is now back on the road to recovery. Having a daughter and her own heart to protect better this time she is hesitant to let Nicholas in.

With time the couple grow together but unfortunately both of their pasts come back to mess with them. I have to admit I really was not a fan of Nicholas. He did kind of grow on me but as I expected he really was a disappointment in the end. I find his behavior to be contradictory as I did not expect him to be so profoundly affected by what happens with Maddie. (Trying hard not to give anything away) Since I found it hard to buy that behavior it really bothered me that it was the cause for his treating Ellie so poorly. Ellie also disappointed me with the circumstance she finds herself in at the end of the book. She really should have protected herself better and her pain would have been much less.

Regardless of my criticism, I definitely was drawn into Nicholas and Ellie's story. It definitely is not a light hearted romance and it will at times tear you apart emotionally. The Cliffhanger ending would have been very upsetting if I didn't already have the next book downloaded. I cannot wait to get that one started.
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on December 18, 2012
If you searched beautiful disaster and got this book, I'm guessing you really wanted the one by Jamie McGuire. GET THAT ONE!!! What a stupid f'in book. I read the whole flipping thing thinking there may be some redeeming qualities. Rarely do I hate a book so much. The issues: SPOILERS.

1. I can get over that they are all whores ( men and women alike), because I like a good sex scene as much as the next person, but seriously not one mention of protection especially when this is geared towards the very impressionable YA. (Sorry if I'm showing my 34 year old age) Ellie has already been knocked up once and Nicholas is a total man whore, but one redeeming quality could have been that he never didn't not use protection.

2. The nickname Nicky for someone who is supposed to be a gorgeous sex god. Kept thinking it was a cats name. Enough said

3. SOOOOO many grammatical errors and missing words.

4. There was an entire chapter that the author meant to have as a "flashback" near the end that was done so bad it just appeared to be put in the book in the wrong place. if anyone had done any sort of editing job before it was released this things would have been picked up on.

5. I honestly don't know the authors name because I don't even care enough to look, but I was trying to determine if he/she was from the states or not. Parts were so American and tried for "big words to sound smart"' yet there is a line that Ronnie (a 100% completely unnecessary character, along with Terran who were both introduced more than half way through the book) said about not being able to wait to take Gabe's surname. WTF???

6. The ending. Seriously I had to read this whole thing only to find out Ellie is knocked up again (once again no protection) and "NICKY" didn't have one redeeming quality with no apparent reason at all. Wasn't friends with Matt again, yes hooked up with Evey, no closure on what happened to Tony. Even when his uncle and mom could have made it the book so much better with he destruction of his dad.

7. If there is a sequel DO NOT BUY IT. The book could have ended as is, but then had an epilogue of like 6 months later he goes to restaurant because he has to see her and sees she's pregnant. With a lot of groveling he could have said he snapped with death of daughter, now getting second chance, been there for the delivery, asked her to marry him, etc. end of book

Sorry for the vent. I only write lenghty reviews when I LOVE a book or absolutely DETEST a book. Guess which bucket ths falls into.
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on November 1, 2012
I read the reviews and knew there would be a cliffhanger--and what a cliffhanger! Nick actually made me sick in the beginning, but I grew to like his character. He really needs some counseling and Elle is strong enough to move on. She may become too focus on the people in her life and probably not let anyone inside her circle the next time--thanks to Nick.

I was disappointed in him and would think twice before letting Nick have any influence over a child upbringing in his current state of mind--I felt sorry for the way he treated Sophie (could understand, but he was selfish). Elle made the right choice at the end of this story and will need all the support she can get--maybe his uncle will help her out, too.

Hopefully, the author will have Nick's character start to practice safe sex, after he gets tested--the man is so hurt over Belle, he might get a vasectomy. There were loose ends and I wondered what happened to Tony and Matt--Nick was lethal with that bat, though.

This kept me up late and my kindle was the first thing I grabbed this a.m. so that I could finish reading this story. I hope there is a sequel (Ronnie did have the 'gift' and saw a future for them), and would buy it; just don't take a year to release it or have a huge time frame before they connect again.
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on July 18, 2013
I am so glad that one of my friends posted this series in a book group I belong to! There were so many wonderful and emotional comments that I had to get it. I am glad that I did. This book takes you for a emotional rollercoaster ride. I'm sure that statement has been written before about this series but honestly that is the best way to describe this book. This is my first book I have read from this author and I love her! She wrote a beautiful story about young love when it's at it's raw and purest form and the ups and downs that the couple went through. The heartaches and joys of finding and discovering the joys of love. I loved the main characters Nicholas and Ellie and also how she intertwined all the supporting characters in this story with them, Even though Nicholas was mean and just plain nasty and evil at times you understood why he was that way. What provoked him to be that way and the reason what drew him to Ellie. They were simply soul mates who complimented each other. This book shows you just how far some will go for the one they love!
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on April 1, 2014
Ok so much to say about this book but I don't think I will but I will say that I had to go to end of book and almost read backwards& it was like train wreck that most people can't turn away from but guess what?? I do turn away because I'm such a little punk !!!! It is a beautiful train wreck but so painful that I didn't write this review until I am now half way thru book 2 Redemption & what I will say is read these books even if I can't actually watch a train wreck :( what I also can't do is stop reading these books !!!! BEAUTIFUL
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on December 5, 2014
I love dark and twisted books and this one didn’t disappoint. As a matter of fact it took me on a whole new level of just how twisted a human mind can go when determined to destroy another person. Loss, disappointment and just the need to overpower another human was what drove most of these characters in the book, then you had the one who had every reason to hate humanity yet her heart was what kept her shining above the rest.

Ellie wanted to have a normal Senior year in high school. She has lost everything in life all because she trusted a man and now she is with her Godfather and her young daughter trying to capture at least one year as a normal teenager before college. She friends the only other outcast she meets at school and is determined that this is enough. She has no need to fall into the teenage drama that goes on in the hallways of school and she certainly isn’t going to fall for the womanizer named Nick.
Nick and his buddies come from rich families and their main focus in life is to make bets on whom Nick can have sex with, with their consent, while videotaping the act for proof. The name of the game is manipulation, giving false promises so he can obtain more points. Many high school girls’ hearts have been crushed by him and his latest victim is Maddie. As the new bet is wagered, Ellie is the new target. She won’t be easy to win over though and once Nick gets inside the door, he is the one in for a huge surprise.

As I read about Ellie’s past my heart broke for her and I admired her more than I thought possible. To watch the twists and turns of this story unfold I found I even started feeling bad for Nick. The author did a great job at proving you should never place your bet on the good guy in this story because life and emotions always seems to have a way of changing someone. The choices each character makes in this story is a life changing decision, what seems to be a simple thing at first, has a way of growing into something explosive.

Now I must warn you, the ending is a cliff hanger and I was searching for book two before I even finished this one so be watching for my review for book two in the near future. While there are some scenes of violence and abuse, I would highly recommend this to anyone who is into the dark and twisted stories that expose just how vile and evil human beings can be, but there is also a strong message of surviving and overcoming the evil. This author has quickly become one of my top five favorites when it comes to giving me a “mess with my mind” kind of read.
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on September 2, 2014
Rating: 5 Stars

The story of Nicholas (18 year old high school student, rich, reckless, as*hole) and Ellie (18 year old high school student, mother of Sophie, reformed good girl). As the blurb indicates, Nicholas sets out to bed Ellie to win a bet with friends from school. This game is something that is a sport with the group of friends. What Nicholas does not expect is to fall for Ellie and her daughter Sophie. More importantly the friends and family of Nicholas and Ellie are not happy either and conspire to stop this couple from being a couple.

Wow...what a read! Both Ellie and Nicky were likable main characters. Although, I was not feeling warm and fuzzy with Nicky throughout certain parts of the book. Ellie was smart, feisty, funny and strong. She could stand toe-to-toe with Nicholas. Nicholas was so sexy, possessive and he had big love for Ellie and Sophie. I felt their connection from friends to lovers in this book. I was literally cheering for these two. That's how much I got sucked into their story. I loved it!

There were also some secondary characters that I had a love/hate relationship with as well...mainly hate. So many things took place in this book that left me shocked and yelling. There was NEVER a dull moment. Something was always going on. For me, this was a book that had me up all night reading with another shocker at the end!

I'm moving on to the next book, "Redemption" to find out what happens next!!
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