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on October 2, 2001
Being a big Garbage fan, this album was long anticipated for me. Although it was slightly different from what I expected, I was not disappointed. Beautiful Garbage contains a lot of things that Garbage has not done before, but it still retains that typical Garbage sound.
1) Shut Your Mouth - a nice aggressive opener that could be straight off the previous album. But beware: this is not Version 2.0: Version 2.0 (if you follow me).
2) Androgyny - I'm sure everyone already knows this song, and they will either like it or hate it.
3) Can't Cry These Tears - this is the most experimental song on the album, so it's surprising it comes on so early in the album. Sounds almost Christmasy (what with all the bells and such), but the Garbage sound kicks in at the end.
4) Til the Day I Die - a funky little number which will get into your head and refuse to leave. Quite poppy, but with enough quirky studio effects to keep you happy.
5) Cup of Coffee - a soft number, reminiscent of 'You Look So Fine'. Again, nice song with enough studio effects to keep it from dragging.
6) Silence is Golden - the most heavy Garbage song recorded. This has no electronic effects (rare for garbage), just extremely heavy distorted guitars and powerful vocals from Shirley.
7) Cherry Lips - the most poppy Garbage song recorded. Almost entirely electronic, the sickly sweet vocals and catchy melodies serve almost to balance out the previous track.
8) Breaking up the Girl - a nice track, with sing-along vocals. Has the same happy-go-lucky feel as Cherry Lips.
9) Drive You Home - this is the most simple Garbage song I have heard. With almost no studio effects, it doesn't quite have that edge to it that Garbage normally have, but the haunting vocal line still makes it one of the most powerful songs on the album.
10) Parade - the fastest Garbage song recorded. Reminiscent of Version 2.0, this is a reminder that Garbage still know exactly what they're doing.
11) Nobody Loves You - this is very reminiscent of their first album. Starts with a highly charged riff that sounds like it's straight from a spy film, builds it up with live drums and distorted guitar, and then turns into dark trip-hop. Possibly the most complex song on the album, and will satisfy all the old Garbage fans.
12) Untouchable - Garbage take urban music, and do it much better. Very groovy, very listenable.
13) So Like a Rose - on their first two albums, the last track was quite a soft one. This is no exception, although So Like a Rose is by no means the softest on the album. It is more mellow, and very stirring.
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on October 10, 2001
This album warrants a pretty complicated review. It can be sublime (Parade), mundane (Breaking Up The Girl) and immensely quirky (Cherry Lips). Beautifulgarbage? Well, sometimes the former, less the latter.
I think your enjoyment of this album will depend on whether you prefered the earlier, more raw sound of their first album, or you went crazy for the more polished, sophisticated, textured sounds of Version 2.0. I liked 2.0 better; it seemed like with this album the band would continue with the studio sheen that marked 2.0, while not forgetting the crunching guitars and experimenting with the electronic sounds.
Well, you get what you wish for. This album is extremely polished; some people will find it overly so. The "experimental" songs like Cherry Lips and Can't Cry These Tears might be overly saccharine for those who loved the raw Garbage. It didn't bother me though- I liked the experiment. Sometimes you can't even tell that it's Shirley singing, which kinda ..., but I love that Garbage is willing to pursue new musical genres (50's bebop, 80's new wave). If any band can do it, Garbage can. The whole theory behind the band - crunching guitars with electronic samples and Shirley Manson's heaven/hell voice - is great, it works, and it lends itself to stretching musical boundaries. They definitely do that more on this album. Where 2.0 was pretty tight as an album, beautifulgarbage is all over the place.
But when garbage is good, they are sublime. "Parade" is the best song on this album, and almost sounds like a leftover from 2.0; it signals a direction that I hope Garbage follows - the guitars have never been better (they remind me of my favorite spacerock band, Hum), the drums are incredible, amazing beats, and Shirley's voice reaches new levels - the melody is amazing and almost ethereal.
The great thing about Garbage is that you know they have the potential to be sublime, and you keep hoping they'll produce the best album of the 00's. You've heard it in "Vow," "Special," and now, "Parade," and you know they're getting closer each time. Well, this isn't the perfect album you've been waiting for, but it certainly will keep you happy in the mean time. Besides, Garbage on a bad day is still a thousand times better than whatever Christina Aguilera's new single is. Count your blessings.
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on October 3, 2001
There will be people who run out to get Garbage's new album that will predictably bemoan the group for not releasing the sonic equivalent of a Version 3.0. I will start by saying I still believe Version 2.0 to be the group's crowning achievement to date. But anyone who knows Garbage knows they are all about twisting and sampling pop conventions--experimenting with sound, creating new hybrids of funky ear-candy, whether they draw from harder rock, simpler pop, or dancier techno. This album is by far Garbage's most eclectic, and that's not a bad thing. Version 2.0 felt more uniform and polished, which is why I believe it to be a superior effort, but Beautifulgarbage has fun with itself, especially in "Parade," "Till the Day I Die," and "Cherry Lips." The slower ballads aren't as haunting as previous slow songs (like "Milk" and "You Look So Fine"), but they still make sure to earn the title's "beautiful." As for Shirley shedding her darker, more cynical persona, I can't say that's an entirely welcome departure, but I also can't fault her and the band for going in new directions (it's called growth and experimentation, folks; that's how bands attain that ever-elusive "longevity"). And it's not like this album is a complete departure or anything; it's undeniably GARBAGE. "Shut Your Mouth," the first track on the CD will leave you with no doubt there. I'm relieved Shirley and the boys haven't let me down. And here's to hoping they don't wait as long before they release their next effort (even if it's just the long-awaited B-sides compilation).
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on July 7, 2003
It's so sad that some people bash this album because it doesn't sound like the other two albums.
If you want an album that sounds like "Version 2.0" then go listen to "Version 2.0". What would Shirley and the boys gain from re-hashing old sounds and topics?
Absolutely nothing.
I love bands that don't do the same thing twice. I think it's more than necessary for a band to experiment with different sounds and (more importantly) be able to do it well. "BeautifulGarbage" is a pop album. Yes. But Garbage has always made pop music, no matter how much you old school Garbage fans try to deny it. Garbage makes good pop music. There's nothing wrong with that.
I love this CD. I think it's Garbage's best album. What I love the most about this CD is that there is darkness underneath the pop exterior. For example, "Cherry Lips" is NOT about "some girl who likes to party" like some people (who obviously didn't pay attention to the lyrics) think it's about. "You're such a delicate BOY" isn't referring to a girl, now is it? The song is based on J.T. Leroy's "Sarah," a book about a young boy who has to cross dress and sell his body for money. "Untouchable" seems like a mindless song at first listen, but after paying close attention, one will notice the venomous lyrics that are in the same vein as "As Heaven Is Wide" from Garbage's first album.
There are no low points on this album. Every song is different, unique, and beautifully crafted. "Shut Your Mouth" and "Til The Day I Die" are packed with a great rock-n-roll energy. "Can't Cry These Tears" is a wonderful `60s style song that will make you want to do your hair up in a stylish beehive and go out and buy some cute go-go boots. "Silence Is Golden" (ironically the loudest song on the CD) is a song about angst and reclusiveness. "Parade" and "Breaking Up the Girl" are the only songs that come close to Garbage's old sound.
Garbage really shines on the slower songs. "Cup of Coffee" is a beautifully orchestrated song about obsession. "Drive You Home" is my personal favorite. It's the perfect song to play when you are feeling so tired and depressed. Shirley has never sounded more melancholy. Another favorite of mine is "Nobody Loves You". It's a Portishead-esque trip-hop song. Shirley gives her best vocal performance ever in the last minute of this song. "So Like a Rose" has a peaceful, soothing, and ethereal feel to it. This album couldn't have ended any other way.
"BeautifulGarbage" is definitely a must-have for anyone who appreciates great, diverse music.
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on November 16, 2001
BeautifulGarbage is simple, pure pop.
However, this is by no means meant as a warning- this is the type of pop that first made pop great, the type of pop that rock'n'roll first brought to a head in the 1950's. It's plain FUN.
Garbage have done what any artist should do to keep the world, and fans, interested. They have created a innovative, textured record which, while being right up to date with current hip hop beats, also pays homage to their predecessors and inspirations.
'Shut Your Mouth' opens the album with a funky whisper-rap and blistering guitar riff, which echoes throughout the record, remaining part of Garbage's distinctive sound. 'Can't Cry These Tears' is awesome 1960's pop with great layered vocals- girl bands take notes, for this is the work of the Shirley Manson, red-haired (most recently blonde) feisty Scottish singer. There seems to be a new confidence on this album not seen before in her voice- a mixture between a banshee wail and Chrissie Hynde, which really comes through in the tortured yet stunning 'Silence is Golden', which is really the classic Garbage song of the album, and then again on tracks 'Parade', anthem against pop culture and 'Til The Day I Die'.
Suddenly though, halfway through the album, just as we're becoming familiar again with the Garbage sound after the quirky 'Can't Cry...' we're turned on our heads with 'Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!), a true pop song down to Shirley's cutesy vocals and the sing-a-long chorus. 'Breaking Up The Girl' is guitar mania with an important message.
BUT- the best comes with the ballads on this album. 'Cup of Coffee' runs like a film, with realistic images and a heart-breaking story of obsession. The strongest song on the record though, and perhaps one of Garbage's best, is 'Nobody Loves You'. The Velvet Underground and David Lynch's love child is all about atmosphere, and the jazzy drumming and abrupt end add to an almost cinematic quality, which the album ender, the tragic 'So Like a Rose' continues.

BeautifulGarbage is totally eclectic- the weakest track is probably the first single 'Androgyny', which has a stand-alone sound like the rest of the album, so should by no means put anyone off. This record is brilliant, sassy, classic pop with musically tight and production-flashy fun.
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on January 18, 2004
Ok, so this isn`t a terrible record. But, given that it comes from such a talented band, I was expecting more. Garbage`s previous efforts are almost perfect, combinig great hooks with meaningful lyris and an addictive and sublime voice. Those records are excellent from beginning to end, each song is a complex and intriguing experience with something unique that makes sense within the context of the album. In "beautifulgarbage", the end result is a bit uneven and the record lacks cohesion. In fact, the songs are so different from each other that, at parts, it seems like a compilation of diverse artists. Nothing too wrong with that, it`s just that it doesn`t work very well as a whole. Some songs are just too poppy and at times even annoying, like "Breaking up the girl" or "Untouchable". While for the most part this is still an ok album, it doesn`t have something that the previous ones had: edge, punch, passion and atmosphere. A coulpe of great moments still appear once in a while (the moody "So like a rose" or the haunting "Nobody loves you", the best song in here), the lyrics are often clever and above teen-pop crap, but I somehow wanted more. Maybe next time.
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on October 12, 2001
Sure, I think we all crave for a similar follow up to the addictive Version 2.0, but at the same time, how about a totally new album that's equally addictive? Well, that's what we have here. I think we'd all be kind of board with a Version 3.0 anyway. Garbage explores new venues and roots here, and also reaches new depth in lyrics and musical styles. 50, 70s, and 80s influences are all here. Those yearning for songs similar to those from their first album, Garbage, get that in the songs "Shut Your Mouth" and "Nobody loves you." Those yearning for 2.0-style music get that from songs like "Silence is Golden," "androgyny" and "Breaking up the girl." Those curious about garbage's softer side get that in "Drive you home" and "Cup of Coffee." Its all here, its all great. If you buy it expecting Version 3.0, you'll be disappointed, if you buy it expecting a new, more mature garbage, then you wont find a flaw on this record.
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on October 3, 2001
Well, as a fun of Garbage since their early days I expected top quality music with some of the best rockin' songs available today and I've got it.
Though something is missing here that we had on their first two albums... that kind of weird feeling that brought bumps on my back every time I listened to it. The rage is missing. I loved the rage in Shirley's voice that is completely gone now somewhere... I don't know why (like Vow on the first album and I Think I'm Paranoid on the second). I miss the beautiful ballads like Milk and The Trick Is To Keep Breathing.
I believe that the 3rd album in every band's life is a milestone. If Garbage decide now to take a turn and try something else, like this album, I don't know if they'll be that succesful as before. However, this isn't a bad try. It's just something else.
My favorites from the album are Shut Your Mouth, Til The Day I Die, Drive You Home and Parade. Til The Day I Die should be a major hit as it is made in the best Garbage-style and it really rocks. All in all this isn't a bad album, everyone should give it a try, I listened to it at least 15 times now and I really like it. The only disappointing fact is that their previous realeses are better.
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on October 26, 2001
With their 3rd album, Garbage has decided to switch some gears, and give its fans something a little different. Upon listening to the album only once, I was a little skeptical...I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. Yeah, songs like "Shut your Mouth", "Androgyny", and "Silence is Golden" really stuck out...But I have now listened to the album about 5 times since buying it yesterday afternoon. I am much more impressed then my first impression.
"Cup of Coffee" has to be one of the most hauntingly, beautiful songs on the entire album, and of any Garbage song released to date. I just wanna give Shirley a hug every time I hear the song. " Cherry Lips" is very catchy, and playful. It is probably one of my favorites next to "Cup of Coffee".
It really is a nice, and well crafted departure from Version 2.0 and their self-titled first album. This band is truly diverse and are pure talent in the form of a great band with a gorgeous front-woman.
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on October 2, 2001
I rushed out this morning and bought my beautifulgarbage CD. I have listened to it twice so far. Here's what i think:
If your looking for a cookie cutter album that resembles Garbages first 2 discs, you might be disappointed.
Garbage has went in a different direction on this disk. Mixing Pop, new age and all sorts of different music. Track breakdown:
1. Shut Your Mouth. This is Garbage at its Garbage best. Loud, aggressive, and full of energy. Like an updated Vow.
2. Androgyny. Good song. First single.
3. Cant Cry These Tears. Interesting song. Sounds like a 60s pop song.
4. Till the Day I Die. Another interesting song.
5. Cup of Coffee. I like this song a lot. I love shirleys voice when she sings like this (kinda like "you look so fine", "trick is to keep breathing")
6. Silence is Golden. A more aggressive song. Kinda happy when it rains, but less pop.
7. Cherry Lips. It took a couple listens for me to get this song. Very pop-ish. Almost sounds like the go-go's. But a good song. Should be a single.
8. Breaking Up the Girl. This will be a single. Good song.
9. Drive you Home. Another classic garbage/shirley ballad.
10. Parade. Good song. Single possible.
11. Nobody Loves You. Good song, like a Lovers Box, Fix me Now.
12. Untouchable. OK Song. Kinda like a Dog New Tricks. Nothing Fancy
13. So Like a Rose. Classic ending ballad. Good Song.
All in all- The wait for new Garbage seemed long, and im glad its here. Verison's 1 and 2 are classic albums, and only time will tell on this one, but i feel it will keep hard core garbage fans listening to them and awaiting the forth album, and more b-sides (thats where the good stuff is anyway- see subhuman, butterfly collector, girl dont come, sleep, and original #1 crush)
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