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on November 10, 2011
I have to be honest. When Gossip Girl was renewed for its fifth season I wasn't sure at the beginning. The first half of the fourth season was amazing and then it became bad at the ending (reason of why the show lost a lot of viewers).
But who doesn't love Gossip Girl? I mean, it's one of the most sassy TV series ever. Betrayal, secrets, and more... just at the GG style. The fifth season introduces us to a lot of new plots (and not recycled ones), like Charlie protecting her real identity, Serena working on the movie business, Dan finally getting his book published and Blair preparing her royal wedding. I just think this season made us see a different side of the characters, because they are more mature now, but that doesn't mean that they decisions take the wrong way, why? Because that's what makes a show good: the twists.
Most people say that the show is just getting worse by every episode, but I truly still enjoy it. If you stopped watching the show, watch the fifth season, maybe it could change your mind. There's another perspective, but a good one.
It's worth the pre-order, and I hope it has a lot of bonus features (the most fun part of this kind of box sets!)
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on July 19, 2012
Imagine if you were a CEO of a constructive estate company, and you just started this new and exciting project of constructing a fabulously posh building that will benefit you financially and professionally in more ways than one in the long run. Now, imagine that you invested all your money, time, effort, resources and hopes in this building. Imagine you spending hours, days, months, years to make this magnificent vision come true. Now, imagine after all your sacrifices an unexpected heavy storm or an earthquake destroys what you've spent years making in such a short period of time because the foundation that this huge estate is set upon wasn't as strong as you thought it was.

This is how this season relates to the past four in this series. A Wasted effort. Is it the production you ask? Or the directing? No! If anything the photography is one of the best things this series has to offer. The customs are gorgeous, the make-up/hair artists work hard to present our lovable characters as real as they appear on the show (Rich Upper east siders who's closing on their first year into the real world as financially independent adults fresh out of the school rooms and still behave as spoiled and rich brats who act sometimes with the level of maturity of a High school popular drama Queen). On the plus side the soundtrack is also amazing and the music is in good taste. So, why 2 stars? The Plot is at fault. Not just that but also the writing. I understand that GG is meant to be one of those mini soap operish shows that constantly introduce situation that would be almost impossible in real life. But the things that have been going on in this season out of all seasons especially the second half is ridiculously mind blowing even for a series that we shouldn't take seriously.

The events that took place whether good, bad or just plain stupid. Has made this season by far the most painful, hurtful and self destructive season to watch. There was a sense of non-moderation that kept things off balanced and tiring for the viewers. The first half wasn't great but it was good, tolerable and much better than the second. As soon as the so called Royal wedding was over everything just went downhill.

In a nutshell as a fan of this show for the past years and having not missed a single episode I was disappointed for many reasons. I won't say that every episode sucked because that's not the case, some of them were quite good. However, the majority did. Now, before you bash me for it This is a quick list demonstrating why I give this 2 stars:


- The Characters: I think the biggest turn off this season had or the biggest flop occurred when it came to the characters. Ever heard of character development? It's an essential part of writing a story, it gives fiction some reality to it and it's also a very important key figure in creative writing classes. Unfortunately, character development was lacking here for the most part anyway. Now you might ask *What do you mean? Blair is more Mature Now she doesn't act like a High schooler anymore and so is Nate, Serena, Chuck, Dan as well as everyone else* Well yes and no. We've seen the characters mature or develop in the last season(s). There is a certain progress I won't deny that. But did it last? Chuck didn't stay a reformed player for too long before giving in to his dark self. Dan had his moment of fame but it didn't change him as a person much did it? I think Dan is somehow the least developed character on this show, don't know if the writers just hated him or if he's supposed to be mutable by nature. I mean if you put the writing aside and his UGH so called romance with Blair. He's still the same person, an intellectual nerd from Brooklyn who doesn't fit in with the rest of the spoiled brats and ironically doesn't stand out either. He has relationships with the first woman he thinks he's in love with and they don't last long, flighty much? That is a sign of poor writing! Nate however has had some progress this season with his work at the spectator the newspaper which is actually run by his grandfather the godfather version of this series. I'm glad he found some diversion for him and a purpose on a professional level and a job he seems to take seriously. He's still the ultimate Casanova that hops from one bed to another but somehow matured. I'm glad the writers decided to give him something else to do besides making out with the entire female cast! Took them long enough. Serena went from being for once tolerable and slightly professional *the best we'll ever see of such a whiny confused character* to her absolute worse which is her old self to put it differently. Sad! But true. Serena at the finale didn't just go back to her old self but went even further back to what she used to be before season one, Which is doing drugs and sleeping with her dealer. After all the effort and work she put into forcing her self to being different you think she would learn? Just throw it all out the window. Blair while I still like her has also been unbearable this season. Yes, she matured but deep down she's still the same from season one obsessed with statue and unwilling to admit her hidden feelings to Chuck that 5 seasons later didn't fully resolve. Vanessa, Jenny and Eric are all missing from the show but were replaced by new characters which are unbelievably irritating.

-Villains: I think what stands out most in this particular season is the amount of villains that keeps popping out. Past encounters from previous seasons like Georgina Sparks who stirs up some controversy but as usual fades, and New Once like Ivy and apparently old new villains who were in the series all along but somehow turned evil all of a sudden. Ivy failed miserably, she's irritating, stupidly naive and frankly doesn't even know what she wants. Made the show unbearable to watch. As for the rest, don't get me started on how frustrating they are!

-Second 1/2: This is the upper east side we're talking about so nothing is really as it seems. Secrets unraveled, Hidden Truths that comes out. People's agenda that's been uncovered and secret relationships? They were all blown into your face. One after the other. Scandals and the events were all over the place this season. It was just too much. Not funny and overly dramatic. These type of things happen each season but this time it was overdone!

-Dan&Blair: Really? What happened to them hating each other? I have to say that I enjoyed their friendship a lot. It was cute and convenient for the purposes of the show. I can understand having a male friend who you can talk to, who'll be there to help you when you need him and you know friendship! Dan & Blair made good friends but lovers? Seriously! The Chemistry was not there. Chuck & Blair always worked because it's exciting to watch two controlling, obsessive and flawed people fighting their own demons and independent battles of neglect, eating disorders and emotional damage fall in lust and then gradually in love with each other. It's also interesting to see them sacrifice for the other person's happiness at the expense of their own. How can you compare that with Dan & Blair? A fake fling that lasted for barely half a season to an intense relationship that's been going on for 5? As if the writers made this pre/contract agreement when they first started off from season one that each and every character on this show must date/sleep with each other. UGH! Underwhelming. It's just like what Chuck said: He's Blair's one true love and everyone else is a waste of time. I'm glad this fake so called romance has ended as painful it was to watch.

Chuck&Blair: The first 1/2 of this season was the worse thing I've ever seen of Chuck&Blair. Just watch the season and you'll understand. It's as if the writers wanted us to hate them and frankly they did succeed partially. It was emotionally draining and frustrating. I know that their relationship is one of the main premises this show is based on. And if the conflicts are resolved between these two then the show will have to end, because frankly they're the main reason why almost anyone is watching Gossip Girl except for Dair fans. That didn't however excuse the amount of I'm almost going to leave my fiance the prince of Monaco to be with you....but. Blair's devotion to Louis and her confusion when it came to the men in her life and choosing who mattered and who didn't this season just killed me!

In the end, almost every character imaginable main or minor, has been either ridiculous, plain annoying or stupid. They all needed counseling from one time to another. Which all contributed to the season being a fail for me at least.

I'm going to watch the next and final season just to see how things turn out. I hope Chuck and Blair will finally be together and we get our happy ending unless the writers decided to come up with a cruel twist and throw all their relationship's development out the window. You can never trust them nowadays. Hopefully it wouldn't be a disappointment! Just give us something to remember, save the best for last *cross fingers*

This all just a subjective POV, you should watch it and see what you think maybe you'll end up liking it after all? It had its redeeming qualities much like other seasons.
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on December 11, 2013
I've got all the Seasons of this show! The package came fast it was knew I couldn’t pass it up. I have a good collection of good DVD’s and I like to add on from time to time...this was a steal and I decided to purchase it I’ve seen it before but wanted it in my collection…GOOD Season/GREAT Price!
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on June 3, 2015
Bought this for daughter for Christmas since she put it on her wish list. She loves it and watches it. She loves this show and has other seasons so wants to complete set. If you or your child enjoys this show they will like this,it is same as was on tv.
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on October 12, 2011
I have been watching Gossip Girls avidly for years. I feel bonded with all the characters especially my Blair.
This season is already shaping up to be good...
As for Chuck and Blair ; my ex and I's favorite always consuming love affair you have to watch it...
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on January 23, 2014
I did not miss the complete fifth season I only purchased one episode; I never missed Gossip Girl but due to a Major Strom or Breaking News! I was unable to record one of my favorite series . I was so sad to see it go off air. Thank God for instant video!
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on February 15, 2014
Came in a timely manner, no damage and even thought came with something else, it had no problems. But the packaging as a whole had serious problems with a box that is way to big for the two things ordered.
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on December 19, 2012
I'm a big GG fan, and have followed the show since the beginning. However, seasons 4 and 5 were not my favorite. I found myself bored with some of the episodes and also felt the writers were trying to cram too many storylines in at once.
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on December 30, 2012
this gets a five cause its gossip girl watched it from the start have no complaints about the show except for the very ending of the show (which I won't spoil) but I guess I gota watch the rest in complete to get it.

the dvd is beautiful this is why I also try to buy either American or the original (depending where its' from) cause their packaging is better, looks better and just doesn't seem as cheap.

would recommend to people who like the show it's not for everyone.
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on January 10, 2012
I saw one episode in season 4 and found myself unable to look I had to start with episode one. I disliked Chuck and Blair in the beginning and now I love them! I have never been as absorbed into a tv show, while understanding the characters too well, minus the money. Great show, watch part of one episode and you will be hooked! Buy it now!
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