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VINE VOICEon June 22, 2006
Unlike the first volume, where Mike Judge edited dialogue bits out of more than half the episodes, the dreaded "director's cuts" are nowhere to be found. Some reviewers here have suggested that this volume also contains altered versions of the cartoons, but all that is missing from them (as usual) are the music videos. The harsh fan reaction regarding the edited first volume apparently got back to Mike Judge, because he made the right decision to keep this batch in their original form.

Contrary to some reviewers' claims, even after Volume 3 all the episodes will not have been released to DVD. Mike Judge has made it clear that Volumes 1-3 will contain roughly two-thirds of the total episodes. He considers the rest to be too poor to be included.

I happen to agree with Mike Judge that, generally speaking, the later episodes are actually better than the earlier ones. But I still strongly disagree with his decision to leave approximately one third of the episodes unreleased.

I'm glad the episodes collected here are complete. As for the bonus features, they are okay - I'm not sure there's really enough to justify the third disc. The main featurette (Taint of Greatness Pt 2) is only about 20 minutes long - several minutes shorter than part one - and is very heavy on episode clips. The selection of music videos is probably the only feature that most people will return to.

For those who have the Time-Life DVDs, you will find many duplicate episodes (though not quite as many as with the first volume).
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on May 25, 2006
Fans will be happy to hear that creator Mike Judge has not made any cuts to the episodes that comprise volume 2! As Beavis would says, "Cuts suck! THEY SUCK, SUCK, SUCK!"

Here is a breakdown of what the volume 2 box set will contain:

Disc # 1: Episodes

- Plastic Surgin'
- Stewart Moves Away
- Top O' the Mountain
- Bad Dog
- Lightning Strikes
- Party
- What's the Deal
- Wet Behind the Rears
- Animation Sucks
- Candy Sale
- Here Comes the Bride's Butt
- Pregnant Pause
- Oil Change
- History of Women
- Beavis, Can You Spare a Dime?
- Premature Evacuation
- Bang the Drum Slowly Dumbass
- Close Encounters
- Vidiots
- Tired

Disc # 2: Episodes

- Whiplash
- Spare Me
- Womyn
- Murder Site
- Another Friday Night
- Patsies
- Spanish Fly
- Sexual Harassment
- Green Thumbs
- Bus Trip
- Blood Pressure
- Feel a Cop
- US History
- Date Watchers
- Gang of Two
- Stewart is Missing
- Prank Call
- Babysitting
- Buttniks
- Bungholio: Lord of the Harvest

Disc # 3: Bonus Features ("Hee, he said 'bone'!"):

- Music Videos:

- Beastie Boys "Sabotage"
- Seaweed "Kid Candy"
- Pantera "I'm Broken"
- Mercyful Fate "The Bellwitch"
- Compulsion "Delivery"
- Madonna "Secret"
- Six Finger Satellite "Parlour Games"
- Pizzicato 5 "Twiggy, Twiggy"
- Rush "Stick It Out"
- Radiohead "Fake Plastic Trees"
- Extreme "Hole Hearted"
- Helium "Pat's Trick"
- MC 900 FT. JESUS "If I Only Had A Brain"

- Featurette: Taint of Greatness: The Journay of Beavis and Butt-head, Part 2

- Special Guest Appearances:

- Butt-Bowl '94
- Butt-Bowl '95
- Butt-Bowl '96
- Calvin Klein Ad Parodies
- MTV's 20th Anniversary Special
- Moron-A-Thon Clips featuring Snoop Dogg
- Unaired I Love the 90s Segment

- Beavis and Butt-head Promos

- Interactive Link to Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt's The Animation Show website
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on September 13, 2006
Here is another round of Beavis and Butt-Head's trademark stupidity! Thankfully with this second collection of (selected) Beavis and Butt-Head classics, Mike Judge left the episodes intact.

One of my favorite episodes is "Beavis, Can You Spare a Dime?', where the boys learn how to beg from a beggar on the street. It becomes hilarious when the boys attempt to apply what they learned. Butt-Head informs a woman approaching that he 'was born without any arms or legs' -- and he's standing before her physically sound! The woman scolds him, and tells him what he's doing is not nice. In "Premature Evacuation", Highland High is faced with a bomb threat. School principal McVicker announces for the building to evacuate. Only Beavis and Butt-Head remain and seek out the bomb, with their expected shenanigans. What often amazes me with Beavis and Butt-Head is that they have no regard for being tidy. As they probe the school kitchen in search of the bomb, opening cabinets, they sort through the items, and thoughtlessly drop them on the floor, allowing the contents to spill out. Then they just keep moving without giving their careless actions another thought! When Beavis comes across the 'bomb' ticking away, he and Butt-Head fight over it while slipping on some of the spilled contents of the food items they dropped on the floor. For our beloved morons, keeping an explosive is 'cool'. They give no thought that their lives are in danger as they wrestle with it in their grip. Even when a bomb specialist arrives and orders them to release it, Butt-Head tells him "Uh...No!"

"Blood Pressure" has become another favorite episode of mine. At a grocery store, the boys come across a blood pressure machine, which they think is a kiddie ride. Beavis gets entrapped as the blood pressure contraption (I don't know the actual name for it) on Beavis' wrist tightens as his blood pressure is taken. Thanks to his stupidity, Butt-Head is unable to read the instructions on pressing the `Release' button to free Beavis, whose blood circulation is getting cut. Beavis' gradual purple complexion reflects that. What's even more stupid (and hilarious), Butt-Head later shows the suffering Beavis a box of `Defends' (the parody version of Depends) adult diapers he came across in seeking help, and makes jokes about it. Poor Beavis attempts to laugh - then pleads with Butt-Head to go get help. "Uh - Oh, yeah!", Butt-Head utters, now remembering his mission to go find help. He shortly returns with a saw. How much stupid can you get?

This collection also contains the episode "Spare Me", where they create havoc trying to change a flat tire for two girls who feign interest in them. This episode has special meaning for me as this was the episode I watched by accident in late 2005, during one of B and B's "Moronothons" on MTV. Like most people, I never liked Beavis and Butt-Head, from the negative press I've seen and read about. But it was this episode that changed my attitude. I found myself gradually laughing at each calamity. Now, I'm a big B and B fan! I love them!

The last cartoon, "Bungholio: Lord of the Harvest" is the Beavis and Butt-Head Halloween special, and is a parody of the "Friday the 13th" movies. As most fans already know, Beavis later becomes his alter ego, Cornholio, after consuming a bowl of Mr. Anderson's Halloween candy, and leaving no candy for an annoyed Butt-Head.

Other pluses about this Volume 2 collection: After every two episodes, Mike Judge included the `station breaks', with the Beavis and Butt-Head 'cameo' logo often shown on the t.v. series before the commercials. The announcer often makes a fictional statement regarding B and B, such as: "Coming up: Butt-Head helps an old lady across Snake Canyon. Stay tuned." - with violin music played. I thought that was super! I love all the extras on Disc 3, including the `Moronathon' snippets with rapper Snoop Dogg (whom B and B like very much), and "I Love the `90's" featurette.

Best of all, I love the promo for the Volume 3 set, which depicts, like a drama, the boys' ups and downs of their friendship. This also shows episodes from B and B's last season. I later found out on the dramatic music is from the film "Brokeback Mountain". The next-to-last part of the promo, with the boys walking off into the sunset together (I won't reveal the episode), and with the clip of their first cartoon, and screen pairing, "Frog Baseball" adds a nice touch. Brilliant and well done, Mike! The preview for Judge's "Animation Show" is also nice, with the score from Bizet's "Carmen".

As I've mentioned in my review for Volume 1, the Mike Judge Collections will all become collectors' items. These dvds may not have all of the earlier episodes - yet. I'm still pretty hopeful Mike Judge will come around in due time and release them, after the fans' complaints and requests for them. But these dvds all have extras that the Time-Life "Beavis and Butt-Head" dvd sets completely lack. B and B's special appearances on MTV, promos, the music videos Judge was able to put on the dvds; even the B and B `station breaks', and the "Taint of Greatness" interviews with Judge discussing how the cartoon series developed, are gems! Thank you, Mike Judge.

I love this Volume 2 set. And, nope, I'm not selling mine, either! Sorry! Until my next review of Volume 3, which I happily own, happy viewing! Rock On, Beavis and Butt-Head! Love you!
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on February 18, 2016
Watching B&B takes me back to college when all of us would pile into one dorm room to watch. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years…I have watched these DVD’s over and over… such awesomeness. Cornhoiio even makes an appearance in this set. I think the mindlessness of the show is what sucked me in. This is definitely a must have for anyone who was in college in the 1990’s and everyone else too.
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VINE VOICEon June 13, 2008
I remember the 90s very well. First analyzing movies, getting into music videos, growing up into the conservative person I am today. One of my fondest memories was hearing a pastor preach why "Beavis and His Friend" were horrible role models because "they burned things".

But that was never the reason that Mike Judge's unbelievable idiotic creations were funny. Sure, the two losers can be hysterical in their clueless quests for money, fame, and sex --- which neither know what to do once they get any of those opportunities. But this show was funnier because of the adults' reactions to Beavis and Butthead's moronic behavior. Mike Judge's satire wasn't only about the youth culture, but also how blind older generations were to their own beliefs. These two losers are like Jay and Silent Bob - they're only as humorous as the world around them.

Revisiting this show has been interesting. I thought VOLUME ONE was solid at best, but for different reasons than most. I never missed the music videos intermissions (in which Beavis and Butthead did MST3K-style commentary) or the "deleted footage" (which was supposedly just a few lines per episode). I would give VOLUME ONE 4 stars because it's funny, but not great. VOLUME TWO, on the other hand, is side-splitting from start to finish.

There's no real secret to why VOLUME TWO is much better than the first collection of episodes. The video and audio quality are cleaner; I've read that's because most of these episodes are from the later seasons. There are gags and jokes that play off some of VOLUME ONE's episodes, and each of the "sequels" that I remember were even better than their predecessors. We get Part 2 of the "Taint of Greatness" documentary; this DVD marketting strategy doesn't bother me, because each part is detailed and interesting. The Extras include more music videos and a few other goodies. But the obvious reason why VOLUME TWO is better is just because the episodes are much funnier. The writing, voice-acting, time length, and finishes are simply excellent. Each episode starts strong, keeps momentum, and has a good payoff.

Expecting this show to be released in the original season format complete with music videos is hoping George Lucas will give the original cuts of the STAR WARS trilogy a deluxe treatment. It Just Won't Happen! In the case of BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD, there are too many licensing issues regarding the videos, plus Judge reportedly thinks some of the episodes are terrible.

It's not as if BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD has any running storyline or continuity to the characters. Other than the occasional reappearance of a character or running gag, you could watch these episodes in any order. A bad episode would always be a bad episode, and vice versa.

I usually suggest you buy a TV DVD starting with the 1st Season, but with this show, you can make an exception. This is the rare show where you don't have to be a completist to enjoy it. VOLUME TWO of the Mike Judge's BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD Collection is hilarious! If you want to revisit these characters but wanna avoid the roadblocks, you can pick up VOLUME TWO with no regrets. If you love it, then maybe purchase the other two volumes for the "Taint of Greatness" documentary...or the music videos...<SIGH>
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on March 5, 2016
The package has many great cartoons, some of the videos with commentary from these two kids who are supposed to be stupid, but have an uncanny ability to discern videos that are cool, from those that suck. Everything Mike Judge does is better than you may think. One just has to pay attention. His commentaries on society in general, is pretty spot on. In his "Idiocracy" film, he may have described the future better than Arthur C. Clarke did in "2001: A Space Odyssey". I will be looking for volume four.
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on May 27, 2013
I am not going to detail this as much as I usually do in these things, but here is what I generally think:

+ Best of M.J. Collection in my opinion; classic episodes where Beavis worries he is pregnant, the boys get plastic surgery, help people rob Stewart's house, throw a party, change oil in the fryers, babysit, and so on... without giving anything away, one of those should jog your memory! If you like the stupidity of Beavis and Butthead while appreciating the depth in comedy this show offers outside of penis/sex/insulting jokes, then you will love this!

+ Great DVD menus and configuration, as Music Videos are with other entertaining special features separate from the show. For me, this is a big plus, as I didn't always like when they would cut into the show when it was on MTV way back (though they are still pretty funny in their own rite!).

+ Nice set with durable protective cases for each disc; well worth the low cost!

+/- Depending on whether you love or hate Beavis and Butthead, this show is good at making (funny) jokes about how these boy stupidly misunderstand something which end up usually screwing someone else.

- M.J. Collection is mostly episodes he found funny, and does leave some out (though they honestly did get the essential Beavis and Butthead in my opinion).

- Annoying video menus - a feature on DVD's that is sort of cool, but I always just found annoying if I left it on more than 5 minutes after the feature finished playing.

-- Overview --

Beavis and Butthead was not a perfect show by any means, but it was that bad shows kids shouldn't watch before South Park came along, and unlike the misunderstood early nineties taboo that followed The Simpsons before South Park and Family Guy showed how tame that was, Beavis and Butthead is still bad! It is stupid as sin, and is actually boring outside of having some of the funniest dialogue and ridiculous situation comedic stints. But to me, before Aqua Teen Hunger Force came along, this was my favorite random vulgar animated comedy, and it still holds up as a favorite today (especially for being made by MTV)

9/10 - If you like B&B, get it! If not, you probably aren't reading this. My only gripes lie with minor DVD issues common for the media in general at the time this was released. It is stupid, but brilliant in it's own asinine way...
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on April 21, 2011
If you've read my reviews of the other two volumes in this collection you should already know that I don't consider it the travesty that many on this site seem to. So I'll get right on to describing this volume.
Volume 2 features the usual forty+ episodes and twelve to thirteen videos. As an added bonus this volume not only features quite a few of my favorite episodes but it also includes my all-time favorite video scene, that being the B&B interpretation of MC 900 FT Jesus' if I only had a Brain. I'll say only that it could potentially be Beavis' finest hour. But let's get on to my usual list of personal favorites.
Stuart Moves Away: The duo encounters a pair of moving men at Stuart's House.
Stuart is Missing: The Stevensons enlist the duo's aid in finding their missing son, though Beavis adds more to their misery than anything else.
Pregnant Pause: After seeing some programs on TV, Beavis becomes afraid he might be pregnant.
Vidiots: The boys attempt to make use of a video dating service in their never-ending quest to score.
Bang the Drum SLowly, Dumbass: The boys are invited to join Mr. Van Dreson in a drum-banging session out in the woods in an effort to direct masculine anger towards healthy activity.
Candy Sale: The boys participate in a fundraiser for Highland High but predictably get the wrong idea...
Date Watchers: The boys spy on Mr. Van Dreson's date in hopes of seeing him score.
Feel a Cop: The boys attempt to solicit sex from a prostitute and nearly get themselves arrested in the process.
Bus Trip: The boys go on a field trip with Mr. Van Dreson with disastrous consequences.
Party: Our dimwitted heroes? attempt to entice chhicks by throwing a party at their house, but it's thwarted by the unwanted appearances of Stuart and his friends and later Todd.
Wet Behind the Rears: The boys are forced by Buzzcut to take a shower after PE class, but when the fire alarm goes off during this process they're embarrasingly forced to evacuate the building in their underwear, much to the amusement of the faculty and staff of Highland High.
Murder Site: While the duo tours the scene of a recent murder in hopes of finding the body, an enraged Beavis attacks and nearly kills Butthead after the latter refuses to stop teasing him.
Premature Evacuation: When a bomb threat is called into the school, instead of evacuating with everybody else the boys decide to try and find the bomb.
Sexual Harrassment: The boys attempt to sue an attractive classmate for sexual harrassment on the grounds that she gives them stiffies.
Tired: The boys discover an abandoned tractor tire and cause massive chaos throughout Highland when they decide to ride inside it down a steep hill.
Buttniks: Beavis' alter ego resurfaces and takes center stage when the duo enters a beatnik coffee house and attempt to share their own brand of poetry.
Bungholio: Lord of the Harvest: When the boys attempt trick-or-treating, the onslaught of sugar from the candy reawakens Beavis' alter ego, who causes his own brand of chaos throughout the night side of Highland.
All in all this second installment of te Mike Judge collection has brought me just as many if not more laughs than the other two. And while two of my all-time fvorite B&B episodes, those being Beard Boys and Hard Sell, were left out of this collection entirely, that disappointment was overshadowed by the fact that most of my other favorites are featured throughout all three volumes. So while I lke every other fan will await the day when Mike decides to release the entire series, I'm at least thankful I've got this collection to tide me over. And it's good to know that many episodes I would have picked were I the one doing the best-of collection are also some of Mike Judge's favorites as well.
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on January 9, 2014
It is sad enough that we cannot have the episodes like they were on TV with the music videos and all their little comments. But to make things even worse is on some of the episodes regular lines and parts are missing! Man how much are they going to keep taking. It is what it is. 2 stars
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on July 15, 2006
There is a preview in Box set #2 , in which he makes a commercial like that of BrokeBack Mountain in which he says the final 42 episodes on DVD in Set 3..

Shame on you Mr. Judge.. only 120 episodes out of about 200+ are getting the DVD digital cut?

in the words of your own created suck!! Rent it when it comes out 8/1/2006 and reminisce what a great show it was despite Fart-knocker Mike Judge limiting his release of titles..

Mike Judge the ultimate tool..

huh huh, he said tool!
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