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on August 29, 2007
I waited untily my husband was away before I watched this movie, since I think this one is strictly for the ladies. It was a very cute "chick flick" that I found completely relatable and think it will be adored by girls/women with close relationships with their sisters and/or mothers. This is one product that is exactly as advertised...a sweet movie to cuddle up on the couch with - alone or with the ladies in your life...friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, etc.

The acting wasn't anything to write home about, but I thought Mandy Moore was quite natural. I was a little disappointed in Diane Keaton's performance, since I have seen her act on a much higher caliber in other films, although she definitely reminded me of a few overbearing mothers I know (fortunately not my own), which made me laugh a lot!

All in all, I would recommend it if you're in the mood for a sweet, cute movie. If you're interested in this genre, but want to be really touched or find a film that truly delivers, I HIGHLY recommend the following: The Holiday; The Family Stone; Prime; Love, Actually; Serendipity; Sweet Home Alabama; Imagine Me & You; Chasing Liberty; Failure to Launch; The American President and Catch & Release.
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on July 15, 2007
I was looking for a Sunday afternoon movie that would make me smile. I found it.

My disclaimer is this: I do not expect chic flicks/romantics comedies to be cohesive art films, to have memorable to stunning dialogue, or even a lot of ingenuity. I do not expect them to be realistic in the romance area. I only expect them to make me smile, to make me feel good, and to have some emotional strain that a viewer can relate to.

BECAUSE I SAID SO did that for me. It made me laugh and smile, and even had me pointing my finger at the characters for "misbehaving." If you like romantic comedies, if you really enjoy a feel good movie, and can let go of any notion that it is supposed to be "realistic" or "artsy," I think you can enjoy this film. No it isn't an Oscar winner. But I miss most of those. They don't tend to make me feel like smiling and singing on a Sunday afternoon.
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on January 23, 2015
Because I Said So is an excellent movie... it features a wonderful cast, is well acted, has fantastic set designs, every component necessary for a quality film can be found here. Even the "fork in the road" style plotline has had a very human quality applied to it, and in such a way that it feels familiar and endearing rather than facetious or forced. Unfortunately this film also features Diane Keaton's acting at its worst. In other movies such as Something's Gotta Give her compulsive behaviors were comparatively mellow, palatable, and her ability as an actress enhanced the final product, however, here her neurotic personality was portrayed in excess and to the detriment of the film. Despite her overacting, I still like watching this movie. The character interactions and twists within the film are more than enjoyable enough to offset Mrs. Keaton's nearly slapstick level of instability, which some viewers may find entertaining even if I didn't.
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on February 21, 2008
The characters in this movie are pretty universally reprehensible. Okay, maybe that's a strong word. But they're most definitely not all that likeable.

Diane Keaton's character is the most overbearing mother I've ever -- EVER -- seen on screen. She had little to no redeeming value to her whatsoever. I know we're supposed to feel some sympathy for her because she lost her husband and had only her kids to lend purpose to her life, but I seriously was getting ready to throw things at the screen whenever she was on. I also screamed "Good God, STFU already!" at her many many times. I mean, really. She's THAT annoying.

And that fact makes her kids really annoying too because none of them -- adults all -- can even remotely set any boundaries with her. One is willing to accept a call from her while she's making out with a date; the other two are all too happy to be on a conference call with her at the time.

"Johnny" is also wildly annoying because he, like the girls, can't get a handle of his kid either. I mean really, who doesn't say a single word to his out of control child when he smashes cake into a stranger's face? That kid is going to grow up to be a horrible spoiled brat. I guess his character was meant to be the endearing one, the one you like, the one you hope Milly ends up with, but his charm kinda gets overtaken by his inability to grow some balls with his son.

And finally, "Jason" -- I'm sure he's written this way, so I guess doing a good job of being unlikeable -- comes across as a rich snob. (Another reason Diane Keaton is so annoying is because she seems like him only because of his pedigree rather than his personality.) His charm exudes more from his tossing around quaint phrases like "Last time I was in Italy, I was in Sienna -- you've been to Sienna, right?" and handing out expensive jewelry.

So really, by the end of the movie, I just wanted to slit each of the characters' throats. It would be a better end for them than anything the rest of their miserable existence would be.

So... don't spend 90 minutes on this movie. It's time you'll never get back.
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on January 24, 2015
Comical - with a little "out there" Diane Keeton comedy ;-) heartwarming, relatable, yep - chick flick, that I have watched countless times. There's something that pulls into this movie besides the wonderful actors. But that goes to my personal life, so I'll leave this review as is with final note of: No, awards won't be won for this unless it's people's choice. But I love this movie. It's comforting and it's funny. Also, at some point in the movie, you just might recognize your own Mom!
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on June 14, 2012
Please! Kill me now! How this EVER got into our DVD player is beyond me (Thanks, honey!). To characterize this as the ultimate eye-roller and cringe-producer is the understatement of the century.

Zany to the point of embarrassment for our beloved Ms. Keaton, I almost spraypainted my screen black just I wouldn't have to see her horrificly circus-like wardrobe. Vewy, vewy icky movie for even the most sickenly sweet romantic comedy lovers. If your hubby or boyfriend has been extremely naughty, make'm watch this! Torture!
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on October 6, 2012
Diane Keaton's frenetic betrayal of her character was distracting to say the least. By the end, I wanted to end her meddling ways and slightly creepy spasms of awkwardness. Mandy Moore's character was nearly as flighty and crazy, which was annoying but a little more believable. The real crime was ignoring the significance of other characters. Unless you want to feel like you are trapped in an elevator with your family on Thankgiving day. Don't watch this movie!!
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on January 29, 2015
Diane Keaton shines in this story as usual!!! A light-hearted story, Diane is a mother of three free-spirited daughters and she tries so hard to make everything go as she thinks it should for her girls. Only her girls have other ideas about what they want in life.
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on May 28, 2007
"Because I Said So" inhabits a level of the underworld where the neurotic run wild, calm is a four-letter word and one character is more or less identified as "the sister who set the family record for orgasms." It actually sickened me a little. It couldn't be any worse if each DVD came laced with anthrax.

Ostensibly this is a romantic comedy - though it is the opposite of romantic and funny like a shiv to the belly - about a mother and her three daughters, the youngest of which has either rotten taste in men, or rotten luck. The mother is Diane Keaton, while the youngest daughter is Mandy Moore. It should tell you something that Moore is the best thing about the movie.

Building off her mother-as-a-dictator performance in "The Family Stone" Keaton is Daphne, professional loon. She seems to be a baker; she lives in a million-dollar townhouse, so she must traffic angel dust, too. At any rate, she's the kind of mother who, at some point, talks simply for the sensation of mouthing words, dresses like Julie Andrews met Cruella DeVille, cries in proverbial hiccups, psychosomatically loses her voice, and eventually breaks out into song with her three daughters, who occasionally perform doo-wop numbers in front of small audiences of friends, husbands, and rotten men.

Forty years ago, women like this were either put on valium, or put away.

Daphne is borderline incoherent, a manipulator, and such an unhinged, meddling jack lope that she signs her daughter up for an online dating service, then screens the potential suitors. Unbeknowst to Millie (Moore), Daphne has set her up with an architect (Tom Everett Scott) who might be the blandest creep ever committed to celluloid. There's no reason to like him, and he's not interesting enough to hate.

Vying for Millie's affections is a musician (Gabriel Macht). He's also a single father. Occasionally, he moonlights as a saint, teaching kids and idiots to play the guitar. Of course, Millie, a caterer who moonlights as a saint teaching just plain idiots how to cook, sleeps around on the musician for sake of dramatic tension.

Other than be a showcase for Keaton roaring id, it's hard to figure out what "Because I Said So" wanted to do. It apologizes for any number of Millie and Daphne's morally questionable behaviors by chalking up to them being women in love, or heat, as if this somehow makes their choices look better. Directed by Michael Lehman (a long way from "Heathers" or even "Soapdish") it revels in frank, predictable chats about sex. Eventually, the daughters conclude that mom's meddling traces back to her need to get screwed; she's two éclairs short of a dozen because she hasn't been properly stuck in thirty years.

It trades in a bunch of other irritations, too. The musician's kid seems to be autistic; he's constantly screaming or running around like he's been sprung from the bull pit in Pamplona. The song numbers are so obviously lip-synched that you're not even sure what to imagine, nor is it immediately clear what song Daphne and her daughters are even trying to sing.
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Believing that her grown-up daughter needs help in love, a mother decides to put out an ad and preview the prospects herself. Of the many candidates to stop by, she picks the wrong guy.

I can imagine this film having one possible use, since it failed utterly to be entertaining or clever or interesting. It would be valuable, perhaps, as a kind of object lesson with a moral for a mother (or a father) like the one portrayed here by Diane Keaton. A kind of demonstration that she really just needs to let her grown up children grow up. Yes, I know it's meant to be over the top, but as it's said in a Woody Allen comedy that actually was quite funny "when it bends, it's funny, but when it breaks it's not funny." This one's broke. It's not funny.

It's competently filmed but I found it unbearable to watch. Even my wife, who did want to keep watching, said halfway through that "this is what gives chick flicks a bad name." Mandy Moore proved she can't act, though she can on occasion manage to act cute. Diane Keaton's character here answers the question: "if the lovably neurotic woman from those Woody Allen films grew up and had kids and became an unbearably neurotic and obsessively controlling mother, what would that look like?" It's not pretty (even if, as expected, she learns life's lessons in the process, about how to let go and such). Avoid this one.
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