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on August 6, 2009
I found this movie to be decent for a made for dvd movie. I mean I have seen much worse, like Joy Ride 2 and Lost Boys 2. While the WWE's former star Mr. Kennedy is less stiff on screen than the over-rated WWE star John Cena. I think he was better here than Cena was in both of his movies despite not being the main star. Director Tim Matheson (Animal House, Fletch) handles the action fine as well. But other than that this movie isn't that different than the previous BEL films. But I was more into it than I expected to be anyway.
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on December 22, 2008
[...]received an early review copy of 'Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia' this past weekend. Here is our exclusive review:

'Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia' is the third installment of 'Behind Enemy Lines', the 2001 action film starrring Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman. Like with the sequel, 'Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil', 'Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia' is a straight to DVD feature. While none of the principal cast of the original is in this film, Keith David reprises his role from 'Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil' as MCPO Scott Boytano.

As for the movie itself, it is your standard straight to DVD action flick, with the notable exception being that it stars Mr. Kennedy and is produced by WWE. From the outset you realize that the movie is geared to the WWE audience as one the characters in the opening minutes of the movie is introduced with a caption noting that he "Loves Jesus and cleavage". Mr. Kennedy's character is introduced with a caption noting that he bench pressed a Civic when he was 15.

The movie was fairly entertaining and is one of the better WWE productions, leaps and bounds ahead of 'See No Evil', but somewhere between 'The Condemned' and 'The Marine'. At times the action can seem like it's out of 'The A-Team', but there are some cool action sequences and the movie should satisfy action movie fans. It's a throwback to military action based movies of the 80's and 90's like 'Sniper' and 'Delta Force'.

Mr. Kennedy makes his acting debut and does a pretty good job. He is credited as "Mr. Kennedy" as opposed to his real name (Ken Anderson) or even his full ring name (Ken Kennedy). While he is good in his role, he doesn't have leading man charisma like Steve Austin or John Cena, and also doesn't have that many lines despite being in most of the movie. You can probably fill up all of Kennedy's lines on 2 pages. Also, despite being featured solely in the marketing and promotion for the film, Mr. Kennedy actually comes second in the credits and is in more of a co-star role than the actual lead. The real lead in the movie is Joe Manganiello, who plays Lt. Sean Macklin and who also receives top billing. Kennedy's role is more like Jesse Ventura's in 'Predator', where he gets in some good lines but is ultimately relegated to the back seat. But it makes sense to have the marketing feature Kennedy since Manganiello won't move many DVD units.

The rest of the cast play their parts well, with veterans Channon Roe, Keith David and Tim Matheson (who also directs) filling out the star cast. If you're a fan of war movies or a fan of Mr. Kennedy, you'll probably enjoy this flick. It's never boring, and features gores of bombs and rat-a-tat machine gun action. If that's your thing, make sure to get a copy today.

Rating: ** ¾ (out of 5)
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on January 1, 2009
I'm not a fan of the WWE by any means and to be honest im not even sure which character in the movie was played by this wrestling guy. But after watching the whole movie, i was certainly pleased and dont regret spending the half hour watching bullets fly, stuff explode, and the story unfold. Its a pretty predictable story but a good one. If your looking for a action filled army movie with no dull moments, then this movie's for you.
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VINE VOICEon January 14, 2009
I'll be honest right from the start in that I haven't seen the previous two Behind Enemy Lines movies & that I was really only interested in this movie because it was a WWE Film which all of them I've enjoyed to a certain degree so if you want to compare this movie to the previous two, I'm not the review to read.

Anyways, the best way I can summarize this movie is the same way you can summarize all of WWE's films in that this is a movie that would be more received if it was made back in the 80 & 90's. See No Evil was the slasher flick, The Marine was the action movie with car chases & fights & an overload of explosions, The Condemned was the action movie with heavy fight scenes...and this one is the military movie with gunfights & explosions, nothing more or less. Unlike the previous WWE films where their wrestlers are the leading men, Mr. Kennedy takes the role here of the supporting actor as he's the right hand man to Joe Manganiello with his character is very similar to his wrestling personality in that he's always there for a quick one-liner comment or punchline in any situation. The plot line here with the SEALS going on a mission that leads to them being setup to look like murderers, being put in the middle of a war with a corrupt forces, and being abandoned by their own government in the process is more diverse than the previous one-dimensional plots that we've seen from WWE Films.

DVD extras include two sets of commentary including one featuring Mr. Kennedy, 4 behind the scenes features, a bloopers gag reel, and a feature on both Mr. Kennedy & Joe Manganiello complete with amateur footage of them in childhood plays they acted in. In the end, this is a good enough for a straight-to-DVD release but the one big factor that I thought hurt the film was that with the exception of Keith David, I thought Mr. Kennedy was the better actor throughout the film but with his lines being very limited & playing the secondary role, nobody could top his diverse performance here which I thought hurt the movie but I still recommend overall at the least but for those who usually enjoy the type of movies WWE Films puts out then it's worth a purchase.
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on April 12, 2009
First of all... The producers know nothing about Bogota and Colombia in general. They show Bogota as a poor tropical crap (as usual by many US producers/directors) and I'm tired of this. Bogota is a beautiful 10 million people city located at 2,700 meters over the sea level, so it's a cold weather city/metropoli and not that tiny hotter than hell town shown in the movie.

Very bad acting and stupid argument and dialogs.

Don't get me wrong... I was born in Canada but I live in Colombia and I liked the past movies of the series, but this one is a big garbage and I will not waste my hard earned money on this. You'll not see accurately what Colombia really is and what happens here in this nice country so I recommend not to waste money on this nastiness.
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on February 12, 2012
I enjoyed the movie but I was sad to see so many mistakes and wish they had hired real Marines to guide them. I gave it 3 stars for I watched it free on netfix and it was better than watching repeats with the exception I watch 'The Hunt For Red October' at least once a year. Now that is a movie showing men that are so smart you hope we have guys that smart in service today. The men on both sides are awesome.

The worse part of this movie was at the end when some people dressed as slouchy Marines marched out to honor dead marines. It was so sad to see the guys walk out with slumped shoulders and ill fitting uniforms. I paused the movie so my friends could see what I had seen and it was really sad. Well, my son thought it was funny but he was never a marine.

I am just a woman who has never had to join the arm forces but my dad trained on Paris Island and was a marine. My mom said when he got out of service it was forever before he stopped insisting on starched shirts and changing several times a day. He continued his emaculant behavior way too long for the woman that had to wash and iron his cloths. I am talking about a man that grew up in overalls and rode horses and mules without a saddle. And would sneak out of the house with his dad's fiddle to practice behind the barn. So I would think he did not fear a little dirt as a child, lol. His dad beat the devil out of him for many of his pranks so he was ready for the Marines,lol. He joined at age 16 with another boy. The other boys parents got him out but my dad's dad said. ' you got in yourself you can finish what you started'.

In the marines if you did not bathe the guys would attack you in the night and scrub the hide off you with steal brushes as that was one of the tales my dad had about Paris Island. He never said if he helped the guys do that to the dirty guy or not. But he did feel sorry for the guy. I know had he seen this movie he would have cursed.
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VINE VOICEon January 17, 2011
I personally enjoyed it it had action and a good storyline I'm a fan of the original behind enemy lines with Owen Wilson and think this one did it a little justice I didn't know they had a follow until I saw it on net flex and it does help that the star is also from Tru Blood who plays one of the werewolves.
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on March 13, 2011
This movie is a prime example of why we watch very few American movies and instead choose International Films. The only reason my wife and I selected this movie is because Colombia is her native country. The movie HAD potential... unfortunately, as ALWAYS, the rule of thumb in Hollywood is NOT what is REALITY, but rather what is POLITICALLY CORRECT!!! [Question... are any of you as sick of it as I am..???] I finally had enough and shut it off at the point where 2 SEALS are about to be rescued by helicopter, only to have their officer in charge over-ruled by some woman who decides it's better to leave them behind like chopped hamburger - the more important message here is to illustrate the power of the woman!!! I've taught all over the globe and I can tell you foreign films have it ALL OVER the majority of films produced by Hollywood and their PC Police. My suggestion is to join NetFlix and start enjoying a cornucopia of international films of the highest caliber. Thank God for NetFlix for providing an avenue through which to procure the finest films absent Hollywood's liberal Political Correctness B.S. and thank you for providing an outlet from which I can purchase the quality films I've viewed.
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on January 6, 2009
This is the second sequel of the outstanding 2001 film, Behind Enemy Lines (Gene Hackman, Owen Wilson), that has gone direct-to-DVD route. Co-produced by WWE studios, it stars pro wrestler Ken "Mr. Kennedy" Anderson as a Navy SEAL who leads a small number of his brethren in a hostage rescue mission in Columbia and battle corrupt special forces of that nation.

It is a 1980s-styled combat thriller, with Anderson a larger-than-life hero, with his decisions being made against incredible odds, but with the focus that good will ultimately triumph over evil. There are enough explosions to keep the pretty formalistic plot moving forward at a rapid pace, which should appeal to fans of this genre who are not pro wrestling fans.

Where the large-screen WWE productions featuring wrestling stars like Steve Austin, John Cena and Kane proved to be box office failures, they did have surprisingly solid DVD sales. These movies are obviously targeted for a cross-over appeal to wrestling fans, but this direct-to-DVD approach may be the way to reach a wider audience much more quickly.
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on February 3, 2014
I didn't watch this movie, but bought it for my son, who really enjoyed it because it has one of his favorite wrestling actors. The DVD arrived promptly and in great condition. Thanks Amazon
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