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on June 21, 2012
Justin Bieber's `Believe' is one of those rare CD's that you can listen to straight through, without pressing the skip-to-the-next-track button. It is a purely enjoyable collection of very well written, produced, and expertly sung songs, that put the sounds of summer back in the air.

I have been following Justin's career since 2009, and as a 71 year old grandfather I consider myself his oldest fan. Having loved pop music since the 1950's, I don't consider any music off limits. It is therefore hard for me to understand the narrow minded views of some supposed music lovers, who dump on this album.

There are terrific club/dance tunes on this CD like "All Around the World" and "As Long As You Love Me," beautiful dreamy ballads like "Catching Feelings: and "Fall," direct guitar-driven love songs like "Be Alright," cutting humor as in "Maria," and what could easily be a Jackson 5 long lost gem in "Die In Your Arms."

In 2010 we attended a Bieber arena concert and it was pure fun. At 16 he managed to captivate an audience of 15,000 people for a full 90 minutes. He has only improved over the past two years and it is clear that he is here to stay. The "haters" are peeing their own pants and depriving themselves of first class music by avoiding this CD. I highly recommend that anyone who really likes music to check this album out.
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on April 6, 2014
I'm 30 years old. I am a male. I am straight. I am a Justin Bieber fan. I got hooked on Justin Bieber when I saw his Victoria Secrets performance a couple years ago. Bought this album about 8 months after its release. I give it three stars for the fact that I have to be honest when I say it could have been 2-3 songs better meaning there are a few songs that I wished were replaced by better, more fitting ones. If you're a fan and you don't have the album, buy it. If you're not a fan and wondering if this is the album to start, I say yes.
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on August 22, 2012
This voids the whole idea of a product review. Your mother taught you not to judge a book by it's cover. Yes, I know what "real" music is, I listen to things like Queen, Guns n Roses, Michael Jackson, Coldplay, Kelly Clarkson, Carly rae jepsen and even Justin. With that said, here is a legit review:

-I do think "boyfriend" was a sellout song and not the true "Kidrauhl" - as some (and arguably true) Beliebers still call him.
-I admire most of the songs on the Album.
-People saying "this whole album was bubblegum pop", it is comprised of ... yes pop, rnb, acoustical (guitar solo, think "hey there, Delilah"), dubstep.
-He does NOT sound like a girl in this album. Sorry, but if I had a girlfriend that sounded like he does on this album, id question my choice of women. You know, because I might actually be dating a guy...
-No I am not a sheep, I am convinced it is the other way around, your friends, family, peers all tell you their opinions and it spreads. The definition of a sheep is a follower. "haters" follow to be accepted into society so they don't look like idiots, losers, or homosexuals. Beliebers, actually know what Justin has done and what these songs mean. FANS, yes they are the sheep, too, they like him because he is attractive, justin can make a song about blah blah blah (kesha comes to mind) and they will love it.

I am disgusted by the hate for simple music has come as far as judging who a person is by what entertains them. Then, I go to one of my favorite Queen songs, and see hateful comments about Justin on there. I'm not going to say you can't dislike a song, this is a free world, but actually LISTEN to it before you judge. You don't like JB? That's your right too. Calling other people lesser humans because they like an artist like Justin? Shame on you.
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Justin Bieber's CD "Believe" is really pretty good! This is my first Justin Bieber album and initially after reading the mixed reviews I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. Fortunately, I was pleased. I discovered that Justin doesn't sound like a girl; he has songwriting skills in addition to being able to sing with genuine emotion and he does some excellent songs here including a few with other artists. The quality of the sound is quite good; and the artwork includes pictures of Justin; a website address for the lyrics to each song; song credits and more.

There's really not a bad track here. True, some of these songs I like a little more than others but overall it's still a relatively solid album. "All Around the World" featuring Ludacris gives the track set a good start; and I really like "Boyfriend." I understand why "Boyfriend" became so popular so fast; it's terrific music. "As Long As You Love Me" with Big Sean is good and "Catching Feelings" has a pretty mellow flavor! "Take You" sounds like good music for clubs and "Right Here" featuring Drake is good although it's not quite one of my favorites. "Fall" and "Die In Your Arms" are poignant and "Thought of You" is more first-rate music. "Beauty and the Beat" which Justin performs with Nicki Minaj is another awesome tune and "One Love" is very well done. "Be Alright" sounds mellow once again; I like the guitar in that arrangement! "Believe," the title track, is a highlight of the album and "Out of Town Girl" switches gears once more to a number that reminds me of a hip-hop sound. "She Don't Like the Lights" and "Maria" end the CD with Justin performing at his best.

Not only has Justin Bieber released a very good album; he has a bright future. I look forward to him developing his skill further to make even better albums that this one! The deluxe edition of this album is a must-have for Justin's fans; and based on my own experience it's a great place to start if like me this is your first Justin Bieber album.
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on June 20, 2012
Overall this CD is amazing. The music and lyrics mesh so well. He kept his inspirations flowing through out the album. If you have been a fan of his music and liked the first single Boyfriend you will trully enjoy this album. Highly recommend it considering Usher had a large influence on this album.
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on May 3, 2014
This album had very great songs. It was definetly something new. It also had very good sound quality. My top 3 favorites was as long as you love me, take you, be alright. i think you should get the album if you are thinking about getting it. it is worth it.
PS: its also cheaper than buying it off itunes
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on March 11, 2014
First off, let me start by saying that I'm not a Bieber fan and have never listened to any of his albums until recently, when I acquired all of his albums in one shot and gave him a listen out of curiosity. On a personal level, Justin Bieber is an arrogant young man who has a lot of growing up to do. Most people who hate him usually do because of his attitude towards others, when he should be in fact grateful for all that he has. With that said, lets get to the review!!!

Anyway, after listening to his first two albums in a span of about 5-10 minutes, I can clearly see that most people over the age of 18 will probably hate his early works, since they're geared to a young audience, I'm in my 40's just to add. Anyway, my guess was that I would probably enjoy his latest release since I had read his goal coming into adulthood was to shed his kiddie sound and convert it into a more adult-like sound, which he has accomplished here on this album Believe.

For those who don't want to hear the album previews, I'd sum his album's sound as similar to Justin Timberlake's works. I can imagine the older Justin is a big influence on his sound and many of his tracks remind me of this album. To be honest, I was actually surprised with his growth on this one and as I said in the title, I would be honest about this review and not let my personal prejudices of his character influence the review. To close and keep this brief, I'd say if you were interested in adding a Timberlake-like artist into your collection, this album will suffice and furthermore, make a nice addition to your pop collection. There are many decent tracks on the album and he doesn't stray away too far from who he's supposed to be here, which is a pop artist with an R+B flavor. I didn't give it 5 stars which for me is reserved for classic albums only but I would say 4 stars is earned here for his rapid growth in maturity as far as sound is concerned. Hopefully, Bieber will also grow up on a personal level before he destroys his career with his abrasive, cocky attitude, which many do not appreciate in a world where many of us struggle to keep our jobs and are in financial turmoil. I wish him luck and I hope he grows with time...
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VINE VOICEon January 25, 2013
I want to remind back to when `Boyfriend' was released. Previous to that, I had only heard Bieber songs in about ten second segments on the radio before turning them off. He just wasn't my style. I never begrudged him or made fun of him, and I noticed talent (he has a voice) but I didn't care to listen to him. `Boyfriend' was inescapable. It was everywhere. Turn on the TV and they were featuring it and every radio station was playing it in unison. I hated it (still do). Listening to Bieber explain this "cool sexy rap thing" he was trying out was painful. It doesn't work and it sounds almost desperate for attention or acceptance. It's sad, because the moments in the song where he actually sings (with the acoustic guitar breakdown) is nice. That said, the song itself is terrible.

But Bieber fans, relax, I'm getting to the good part of the review.

So, with that I was determined to avoid this guy as best I could. Then I heard `As Long As You Love Me'. Yes, once again Bieber was everywhere and his song was getting so much attention it was unavoidable. That being said; `As Long As You Love Me' was a good song! Sure, it isn't smart or original or lyrically intriguing ("you could be my Destiny's Child") but the beat is sick and Justin's vocals are smooth and the overall effect is fun and fresh and just grabs your attention. For the kind of music it is, it works. After hearing `Beauty and a Beat' I decided that I wanted to hear the rest of the album. I wasn't sure if I was going to be rewarded or not, but I knew that it couldn't hurt.

This album is pretty good!

It's weird to say that I feel like a teenager when listening to Bieber, but I mean that in a different sense than you might expect. Sure, I feel young because of the fact that Bieber's fanbase consists of teenage girls, but there is something nostalgic about Bieber's album here. Parts of this album remind me of the boybands I listened to when I was twelve; the Backstreet Boys in particular. Some tracks have such a slick R&B vibe to them that I recall the first time I heard `Candy Rain' and I'm in love. Yeah, I'm digging parts of this album in a big way.

It's not all good though. Bieber has a tendency to whine in some of his songs. Even the otherwise wonderful `Fall' suffers from whiney delivery on the verses (that chorus is wonderful though). His more beat heavy tracks (the better songs on the album) are lyrically simple and so they can be deemed somewhat dumb, and his more `thoughtful' tracks are pretty cheesy in their attempt to over-depict adolescent love. Still, as a collective album this one is hard to dislike. With Nikki Minaj and Drake blessing specific tracks, and Bieber's willingness to explore a variety of sounds (I swear, `As Long As You Love Me' sounds like something Linkin Park would have `Re-Animated' and `Die in Your Arms' is a blissful Jackson 5 throwback) `Believe' is a very well rounded album.

For those interested, my personal ranking:
1) Right Here
2) As Long As You Love Me
3) Beauty and a Beat
4) Believe
5) Fall
6) Die In Your Arms
7) Be Alright
8) Take You
9) All Around the World
10) Thought of You
11) Catching Feelings
12) One Love
13) Boyfriend
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on January 13, 2013
There is such a stir over this singer that I thought I would try the album. Very surprised - when I listened the first time, all I could think of was how bad the arrangements were. I have never thought about the arrangement of an album - before it was if I liked it or not, or if it was my style of music. I thought it was juvenile all the way around - not just in the singing, but in the production. Very sloppy in all ways. I just don't get what all the fuss is about. I would suggest you borrow this album first before you decide to purchase, so you don't end up getting stuck with music that is second rate at best. Waste of money. If you like Pop music, try The Wanted, or One Direction Up All Night - both are very good. If you are into Country Pop music, give Hunter Hayes a listen.
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So a guy that listens or follows Justin Bieber's career garners a lot of grief, particularly after the `tongue-in-cheek' "Baby" took over, well EVERYTHING. That was two years ago. Now 18-year old Justin Bieber delivers Believe [Deluxe Edition], a solid, more mature, pop effort. On Believe, Bieber has evolved vocally in `leaps' and `bounds' debuting a much more mature and nuanced voice. The songs still possess some corniness and schmaltz, but not to the extent of say "First Dance" from Bieber's My World. Smartly, Bieber does not try to alienate his young fan base, using moderation and balance throughout Believe.

"All Around The World" opens Believe solidly, if less satisfactorily than "Baby" opened My World 2.0. "All Around the World" plays into modern pop trends with its techno-infused, Europop influenced sound. While Bieber shines if for no other reason than his `mature' voice, Ludacris's rap is ok, though not as potent as "Baby." "Boyfriend," the ubiquitous first single, is superb, nodding to hip-hop and pop-soul given its use of acoustic guitar. Brief, "Boyfriend" is a perfect single for both younger and older audiences, failing to alienate anyone like previous singles did. While the songwriting is solid, newly `grown' Bieber has a childish moment with a clumsy `Buzz Lightyear' reference. Aww shucks.

Big Sean's addition on the fine "As Long As You Love Me" gives Bieber a further lift. The dub-step production suits Bieber extremely well, right aligned with pop a la 2012. The treatment of the refrain is a selling point, given Bieber's playful falsetto and gimmick play on the lyric "as long as you l-l-l-l love me..." "Catching Feelings" delivers a sound pop-soul quality that reminds one of Justin Timberlake during his Justified period ("Still on My Brain"). The use of acoustic guitars, a mainstay of Believe, help to reinforce the pop aspects of the song. The songwriting is impressive enough as well, particularly the refrain: "Could there be a possibility/I'm trying to see what's up/Cause I'm made for you, and you for me...I'm catching feelings, catching feelings..." As good as "Catching Feelings" is, Justin Bieber's second `Justin Timberlake' turn is better on "Take You," where the stuttering drums and rhythmic acoustic guitar work well together. Vocally, Bieber continues to shine, showing off his continually burgeoning, soulful pipes. The refrain of "Take You" keeps things `fresh' by opting for a more dance-oriented vibe.

"Right Here," featuring Drake, is solid, though not `magical.' The production is lush and spacey, suiting Drake's emo-R&B style. Not the complete package, "Right Here" has its moments, including catchy refrain and vocal ad libs by Bieber. "Fall" resurrects acoustic guitar and the pop-soul edge established by "Catching Feelings" and "Take You." The difference is "Fall" has more `pop' about it, contrasting more `urban' leaning cuts. The main objection is there are too many layers of vocals during the refrain, making it hard to decipher the lyrics. "Die in Your Arms" is a `killer' cut. Produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and sampling "Synthetic Substitution," "Die in Your Arms" is an overt contemporary R&B cut, showcasing Bieber's vocal runs, overall prowess, and nuances. The cut G' rated, save for `PG' lyric "...Loving you is so damn easy for me..." At least he was honest, right?

"Thought of You" changes the pace with production from the soulful yearnings of "Die in Your Arms." The cut finds Bieber ascending into his upper register supported by interesting production effects. "Beauty and a Beat" is clever, even given its corny play on `Beauty in the Beast' as far as the title is concerned. Minaj adds a lift with her usual eccentricities while Max Martin delivers a solid, driving production. Bieber handles the catchy chorus notably: "Cause all I need is a beauty and a beat/who can make my life complete/it's all `bout you/when the music makes you move/baby do it like you do..."

"One Love" and "Be Alright" are OK, though don't standout against `beasts' like "Boyfriend," or "Die in Your Arms." "Believe" closes the standard edition strongly enough, incorporating gospel-chorus into the obligatory inspirational cut. "Believe" pales in comparison to the best, but has its moments for sure. The Deluxe edition's bonus cuts are enjoyable and would've been at home on the standard edition. The most notable is "Maria," which covers the topic of Bieber's speculated paternity. The biggest quibble about the Michael Jackson-influenced cut - arguably the best of the effort bonus or not - is why it wasn't a standard edition track?

Overall, Believe [Deluxe Edition] is an important album for Bieber's career. It marks a huge step from being merely a `tween' artist to becoming an `artist' to all audiences. Believe is one of the year's best pop album because it balances numerous styles and manages to present itself in a refined fashion. Highly recommended.
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