Customer Reviews: Belkin AC1200 Dual Band Wireless AC Router + Gigabit (Latest Generation)
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Model: AC 1200|Change
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on November 6, 2013
In May I began having trouble with a Belkin N+ router that I'd had for a couple of years. It had begun dropping devices in use and the range seemed to have decreased. Since I'd had no real problems with it I looked at a Belkin replacement. Like most households our demands on a router have steadily increased so I thought upgrading to the new AC format might be in order.

Our usage demands are as follows one desktop, three laptops, 3 Roku's, a blue ray player, three android phones and 3 kindles. After reading reviews I decided on the Belkin AC 1200. I was willing to pay a little more since I thought it would keep up with our growing needs. I received the unit on June 20th and replaced the old unit. Set up wasn't bad, but I never could set up my USB printer on the network. I was unable to connect one of the Roku's but it was a first generation model and I put the blame on it. The unit appeared to function OK and didn't drop devices in use; however the range did seem to be somewhat limited. I'd always been able to connect my laptop / Kindle while sitting on my deck , it still would connect but streaming any video wouldn't work.

With the above limitations things were relatively uneventful until the first week of October. Suddenly I began losing service and re-booting the modem and router would restore it. I initially was blaming our Modem and ISP provider they'd had some issues in August and took several days to resolve them. After a call with them they shifted blame to my router and I called Belkin Tech Support. Unfortunately I was about twenty days past the generous "90 day Warranty" and the only way to obtain their assistance was to pay $29.95 for help. Being in a bind and needing my connection back up I agreed. Their Tech was able to help me do a complete reset of the router telling me that should solve all my problems...I wish.

This started the next phase, at least once a day the router would go down and I'd have to do a master reset. This continued for about the next ten days with a couple more calls to Tech Support. They gave no real suggestions on how to fix the problem. Finally on Halloween it went down and I tried to do a master reset, but this time it wouldn't bring up the screen to enter the SSID info etc. I'd had enough, a friend of mine used to work for Cisco and had recommended the linksy routers. Since it was near midnight off to WalMart I went. I bought a Linksy's N750, Super easy setup, I was able to setup the Network printer and guess what the Roku that I'd written off as junk worked just fine. In addition the Linksy's was $50.00 less.

I called tech support one more time to tell them I bought a Linksy's and request my $29.99 refunded. They noted my problems but told me I would have to call "Customer Service" But he warned me on Thursday (Halloween) that no one would be there until Monday because of the "Holiday" ????? I didn't know Halloween was an Offical Holiday. I never got it off, but then in India maybe it is a holiday. It was a few days before I called and they did agree to refund the Tech fee, but no offer to partially refund my purchase or replace it, after all it was about 20 days out of warranty. I told them that I was going to do this review and would not recomend their products.

UPDATE: On November 6,2013 I wrote the above review, Belkin had agreed to refund my $29.99 Tech fee. I was told that it would take a couple days to process and I would receive an Email verifying my refund. I again verified my email address (every time we had spoken they had it wrong) and she gave me a case number to reference. As of today November 14, 2013 I had not received any verification from them. I called customer service and gave them my reference number, she brought the account up and asked if my name was "Mahmarr ########" I told her no and gave her my name, after searching by name she found the account and said my information was inadvertently saved under another name. She assured me that my refund had been processed and should show up on my account within one billing cycle...We'll See!!!!! She then thanked me for my patience and gave me a new reference number ending her statement with my name is JANE, glancing at my notes from the 6th the name given was Jane also. Seems to give a whole new meaning to the commercial from a couple years ago, "Hello my name is Peggy" apparently Peggy is alive and well and now working for Belkin Customer service.
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VINE VOICEon July 25, 2012
Model: AC 1200|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Belkin AC1200 is a well-designed device with an easy-to-use web-based interface that enables you to customize the settings to best meet your specific needs. My video review goes over a few of these in detail.

It replaced my Apple Time Capsule wireless router, which also operates in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands simultaneously. While I didn't see any jumps in connection speeds on my wireless iMac between the two (I used, I do like the many tools and options that the Belkin offers. These included settings to optimize the home network for online games (Xbox and Playstation) as well as streaming videos from Amazon and Netflix -- all of which are used heavily in my household.

There are many more features that I really like -- I discuss a few of those in the video review. Hope that helps. And if you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them in the comments section.

EDIT: July 27. There is a firmware update available. After the upgrade I am seeing noticeable performance improvements. My download speeds are up 10 Mbps on the 5GHz band and 6.47 Mbps on the 2.4GHz band.

Here's how you update the firmware: In the Router Settings (, scroll to the bottom and click "Firmware Update." Do not open the file that is downloaded -- use the tool to upload it directly to your router.
Here's what it addresses:
1. Chipset SDK updated to the latest version for improved wireless performance, compatibility and other general improvements.
2. Updated wireless power table for FCC and CE.
3. Fixed IP reservation issues.
4. Fixed WPS 2.0 related problems.
5. Resolved minor security issue that was vulnerable inside the network only.
6. Improved QOS functionality.
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VINE VOICEon August 19, 2012
I have to apologize for the delay in getting this review out, but I have Comcast to blame for waiting to connect the Belkin AC 1200 DB Dual Band Gigabit Router. My issue has nothing to do with the router, but my internet setup through Xfinity.

This is the situation I had: I recently changed my telephone service to Xfinity voice, and in doing so they replaced my customer owned Motorola Surfboard DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem with their Arris TC862 gateway, which is an all in one solution for Xfinity, a cable modem, gigabit router, n wifi radio, phone adapter and battery backup. The problem is, the Arris Gateway is already acting as a router and providing DHCP to the network (Comcast /Xfinity does not allow you to disable this), as well as transmitting a wifi signal that could interfere with the Belkin's signal, or at least degrade it since it would be in such close proximity to the Xfinity device (Comcast/Xfinity does not allow you to turn your wi-fi signal on or off in your own home).

I needed to replace this gateway with a modem that had telephone capabilities (known as a EMTA or Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter). After countless calls to Comcast/Xfinity, I thought I encountered a technician who understood what I was talking about, and he said I would have an EMTA by the end of the week, however, nothing came, and when I called back there was no order in their system for it. So, I had someone order me another one, and this time I received a regular cable modem with no telephone capability.

After several more calls and being transferred to higher service levels, I got the whole thing straightened out. The Arris Gateway will be used ONLY for phone service, the Wi-Fi will be turned off, and I will hook up my customer owned modem back up for internet service, where I will connect the Belkin AC 1200 DB. Keep in mind, this was all done without a technician being sent to the house.

The reason I am writing about this scenario is because the Arris TC862 is the latest technology that Comcast/Xfinity is using (you can even see it in their latest commercial with the houses racing) and you may have this device in your home already. Although you may be able to plug the Belkin AC 1200 DB into the gateway device, you would technically be double NAT-ing which may cause all sorts of configuration problems and would not be using the Belkin's full capabilities.

Now let's review Belkin's AC DB Dual Band Gigabit Router. I am always happy to manufacturers that use easily recyclable packaging. Belkin is one of them. Inside the cardboard box was a pulp (egg carton like) tray, and plastic bag (that can be recycled) that the router was wrapped in. That was it. Hooray for Belkin and the environment.

The outside of the box claims "Easy Setup" and they're not kidding. Belkin is a lazy person's paradise. They have pre-connected the power cable and the Ethernet cable into the router for you, and labeled the steps with a printed piece of cardboard attached to each cable that corresponds to the steps in the enclosed "Router Setup Guide". There are four basic setup steps for the minimalist setup to this router: 1. Turn off your modem (by unplugging it) 2. Connect router to modem (remember Belkin already connected the other end to the router for you) 3. Turn on modem (by plugging it back in) 4. Turn on Router (by plugging it in to power - Belkin has already plugged it into the router). That's easy setup. Initially when the router is plugged in, the front LED turns pink, then blinks blue, and if all goes well it turns a solid blue, otherwise it will blink amber if there is a problem connecting to the internet. If you choose not use the enclosed setup CD your can configure your router by typing [...] into your web browser. Techy geeks like myself prefer a manual router setup as opposed to using the CD.

If you choose to run the setup CD, once it loads you will see "Get Connected" surrounded by a green border, that is what you would click on, since there is also a link to advanced tools and the user manual in the same window. When you click on "Get Connected" it gives you the same instructions on how to connect it to your modem, then it asks you to enter then network name and password found on the bottom of the router. Once you enter this information you should connect wirelessly to the device, and change any advanced settings., such as your "Network Name & Security". I find this CD quite useless, since everything just links you back to your router's setup page anyway. It's much easy to follow from there.

To get to the router's setup page just type [...] into any web browser. Initially the router's administration page does not come with a password, but it will ask for one, just leave it blank and hit enter. I strongly recommend adding a password for security reasons. Once the setup page loads it brings you to the router home page, which features a lot of useful information to those who know how to read it. Probably to the average user it may not mean too much.

The Belkin AC1200 DB's settings are pretty extensive. The LAN Settings allow you to choose the router's IP address, turn the DHCP server on or off, pick your IP Pool's starting ending address and lease time from a half hour to forever (which is essentially a static address), and even allows you to name your network with a Local Domain Name. There are settings to select your WAN Connection, enter an address for a DNS server, so you don't have to use your ISP's (although you could if you wish) and input a MAC address for the device if you need to. There is an IPv6 pass through, which I cannot use since my area is not IPv6 compatible.

For those looking for Parental controls, Belkin uses Norton to filter out various levels of inappropriate websites: No Filters (everything gets through), Block Malicious Sites - malware, phishing and scam sites are blocked, Block malicious and adult sites, and Block Malicious, Adult and other non-family friendly sites. Belkin achieves this by replacing the DNS server with Norton's DNS that blocks the content automatically. This seems like a good idea for those with kids. There is also an Access Control list which is a quite comprehensive way to block a particular device from being used on the network. Access can be allowed or denied based on a scheduled time or times, a particular service such as Ping, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, NNTP, Telnet, SNMP, TFP, IKE or user defined. That's quite an extensive list and would make your internet connection pretty useless if these rules were invoked. You can also block specific URL's or all URL's or URL's with Keywords in them. Belkin does a great job to control devices on the network, too bad for the children out there if their parents know how to setup this section of the router!

One great thing about the Belkin AC1200 DB router is that it is a SIMULTANEOUS DUAL BAND router, that means that it broadcasts both its 2.4GHZ and 5 GHz radio signals at the same time and is able to handle the traffic on both bands. You generally connect printers and computers that you use for email and general web surfing to the 2.4 GHz band, while the higher bandwidth devices, such as video streaming, gaming media sharing is done in the 5 Ghz band, which has greater bandwidth and is faster. Keep in mind, not all equipment has 5 GHz capability, but all 802.11n capable equipment does have 2.4 GHz capability. As a matter of fact, the only devices I own that have 5 GHz radio in them are my Panasonic Blu-Ray player and my MacBook Pro, the iPhone 4S and the other new computers are not 5 GHz capable.

When you set up your SSID's you can give each band a different name, so that the connections are easy to distinguish. For each band there are the same adjustments for all the settings. You can select channels, bandwidth, whether you want to broadcast the SSID, turn on protected mode and QOS. You also have the option for different Security Modes and Passwords for each band as well. You can use Wifi Protected Setup, there is a button below the LED on the top of the router to start the Push Button Configuration. I never seem to have much luck with WPS and use a manual configuration for the most part, which always seems to work. There is an access point mode, which allows you to use this basically as a WiFi bridge on the network, but you need to have another router somewhere in the network, since this mode bypasses all routing and firewall functions.

One of my favorite features of this router is the Guest Network. The Guest Network allows you set up internet access for well, a guest. It uses a separate SSID from your primary network as well as a separate password, or choose to leave the network open without a password. On the guest network you can even have you visitors log in like they would at a café by logging in via a webpage. The guest network does not allow your visitor access to any resources on your network such as printers, network drives, or shared folders, so your information is safe from prying eyes. It runs only on the 2.4 GHz mode only, so is compatible with just about any Wi-Fi device, and can be enabled or disabled at any time via Belkin's Router Setup Page.

There is a new technology included in this router called 802.11 ac (Draft 2.0), which Belkin claims to be up to 2.8 times faster than 802.11n technology (which is the current standard now). The 802.11ac (Draft 2.0) protocol has a bandwidth of 867 Mbps and only operates in the 5 GHz band. Unfortunately this technology is brand new and none of my equipment has the necessary 802.11ac configuration to take part of such a blazing speed. As a matter of fact the only laptop out there with an 802.11ac radio out there built into it is an Asus G75VW gaming laptop, and as far as I can tell Netgear makes the only 802.11ac USB WiFi Adapter, the Netgear A6200, so this router definitely will not need replacing any time soon. It is ahead of the technology out there right now, which is something hard to claim these days, so I am proud to own it. I will be looking forward to faster speeds in future devices.

The Belkin AC1200 DB features Quality of Service (QoS) features to prioritize packets for VoIP, gaming, video, VPN, etc. There is a feature called Intellistram that analyzes the bandwidth, how this is actually done, Belkin does really indicate. There is also Traffic Chart that allows you analyze the type of traffic the router encounters. What I don't like about the Traffic Chart is that it only starts from the time you open it up, you cannot look at past history. There are two different charts, one for Inbound Traffic, the other for Outbound Traffic. It breaks down traffic as follows: Network Connectivity & Control, Voice, Video Chat & Gaming, Web & Web Video, Email & VPN and Downloads, Torrents and Others. This feature is sort of eye candy, it is not really that useful to monitor specific packets like a sniffer, but I guess it gives a general idea about the router's traffic pattern. There is also a Media Server that is a "Video Mover". The only option is a checkbox to "Serve media to compatible network media players. The box indicates it is a DLNA/UPnP Media , so I guess that is what it does. I do not own a DNLA enabled TV or Blu-Ray so I have no means to test this function.

Belkin's Firewall features are pretty much the same as with any router, it provides virtual server support, MAC address filtering to deny access to those not trusted on your network, DMZ to work around the firewall, DDNS for dynamic addresses, WAN Ping Blocking to stop hackers from discovering your network, and a security log that contains a system log and a firewall log to see what was blocked or accessed.

The Utilities menu is also pretty basic to any router with a few exceptions. There is a Restart function, Restore Factory Defaults, Save/Backup Current Settings, Restore Previous Settings, Firmware Update, System Settings, and Self Healing. The self Healing function I like a lot. Most major companies restart their servers in the very early morning hours as a way to keep things running smoothly during the day. Belkin's AC1200 allows the router to re-initialize on the days and time you choose to keep itself healthy. It is a nice feature and will probably keep it trouble free and from a manual restart. One other feature, which is under system settings is the ability to disable the radio at certain times of day (like when you are asleep) to save power. It also allows exceptions, like if you don't want to turn off the radio on a Friday or Saturday night when you are streaming movies into the early morning. The is also a setting to turn off the LED on the unit to save energy. That about wraps up the many features the Belkin AC1200 DB has. In my opinion it is jam packed with them.

The style of this router is vertical on a stand. I looks like a shark's fin, well, almost anyway. The back has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired devices, and one Gigabit Modem Port for your internet connection. There are also two USB 2.0 ports to connect external USB drives or printers directly to the router to make network attached storage or to turn a wired printer into a wireless one. Belkin did not think far enough ahead when including these ports, in my opinion at least one of them should have been a USB 3.0 port since most external drives these days are USB 3.0. For printing USB 2.0 is fine. When you plug an external hard drive into one of these ports it immediately becomes available. I can see it on all of the computers connected to the network, both Mac and PC, which is both a good and bad thing. The good thing is that the setup is easy, the bad thing is that Belkin does not include any access control on the drive. Both Mac and Windows list permissions as custom, which appears to similar to full control. So basically anyone on the network has permission to access, modify and delete files. In my experience this is not particularly a good thing. To access a printer that is plugged into one of the USB ports, the Belkin Router Monitor software on the CD is needed. The router only allows one connection to the printer at a time, and will display a message on another user's computer that someone else is requesting access to the printer if the share is enabled for them. It seems a little bit backwards, but it seems to work. What I could not get to work is my Brother HL-2140 laser printer on my Mac, even after upgrading the printer's firmware. The Print and Storage Center just indicates it cannot connect to the USB port. All of the Windows based PC's do not have an issue and they all print fine. Belkin also includes a rather primitive backup software program that installs with the Router Monitor to use with the USB connected external hard drive. I would stay away from this software and instead use a reputable program that can see the networked drive.

Now for the performance of the Belkin AC1200 DB, it blows Comcast/Xfinity's gateway out of the water! I immediately noticed a huge improvement in speed on my wired and a significant increase in wireless range and speed compared to the Comcast supplied device I was using. . The 2.4 GHz signal was very strong throughout the house. As with all 5 GHz signals, they tend to degrade over distance compared to the 2.4 GHz, there is always a speed vs. distance ratio. The Belkin is no exception to that rule, but the XfInity gateway did not have the 5 GHz band at all, and the Belkin's 5GHz signal gave me the full signal strength even on the top floor of the house with the router in the basement. Once connected there were no problems with streaming video or audio on all of my computers and iPhone, they were flawless, as was video on the Roku, no buffering or stuttering, just pure video delight. This is one speedy device with plenty of options. It does have its noted flaws, however not every device can be exactly what every particular person wants, and I'm OK with that. Maybe future firmware upgrades will make this device even better. We shall see.

EDIT: 8/20/2012 -

It seems now I'm having a problem with the Belkin AC1200 - for some reason, the WiFi keeps dropping from connected devices, even though the signal strength is excellent. When I try to connect back to the router, it says it is unable to join the network. This happens on both the 2.4 GHz and the 5.0 GHz bands. No changes were made to the router. Any device connected via Ethernet cable works fine, so it is not an internet connection problem. Believe me if I could blame Comcast/Xfinity, I would, but this is not their fault, the internet is still connected to this router. The problem appears to be with the WiFi Radio or an with an internal component. A simple router reset does not resolve this issue either, the only way to fix this is to restore the router to its Factory Defaults, but after several hours, sometimes a day or two, the problem still reoccurs. There is nothing strange in the system log to indicate a problem. I have contacted Belkin for a replacement. Hopefully just this unit is defective, not a defect in the model itself. For now I will keep the 4 star rating.

Edit 10/01/2012 -
I received the replacement Belkin router within a few days of the request, and it has been working without any problem whatsoever. The defective unit I had was just a lemon, this new unit works fine after a little over a month of continuous use. I am even using the eco feature to shut off the radio at night. It shuts off when it is supposed to and turns back on at the assigned time as it should. I really like this router. Now that the problems are gone, I hardly ever think about, which is the way a router should work!
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on August 15, 2013
Are you reading before you buy!!?? Of course you are! Well, Amazon is mixing together all the reviews for the 1000, 1200, and 1800 model routers!!!
I had hoped the reviews would aid my purchase... Nope...!
So now I find that MANY of the various router models do not have discreet reviews, but instead share reviews with other close models!!
Dear Amazon, this is PATHETIC!!
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on July 7, 2012
I just received the Belkin AC 1200 router and spent last night getting my equipment linked up to it. Fairly simple. You need the CD to install software so you can access the website to make any changes in your security settings. Dual Band 2.4 and 5.0 GHz plus Guest settings.

The shape is fairly nice. A blue/purple glow from the front tells you it is working. The is very small WPS button below the status light that you press if you are trying to link a printer to the wireless access point. It is not very easy to see.

One thing that I miss are front status lights of the wired connected devices in the other ports. It is cleaner looking without them but I am a flashing light kind of guy and like to know the status of other network connected devices.
I had to unplug and replug a few Ethernet cables to get everything working properly.

There are 4 wired Gigaport ethernet ports plus 2 USB ports. You can put a USB thumb drive in with music, photos, or an auxillary hard drive in to have access to files over the network easily. Share a USB printer also if needed. It is nice that there are 2 USB ports instead of just one.

I am using this with a Motorola Surfboard cable modem model 6120. When I connected the supplied Belkin cable to the modem the internet status light on the modem glowed amber (slower connection) and not blue that should be for high speed.

Belkin was very nice and contacted me based on this review and sent me out a CAT6 cable that works perfectly.

No on/off switch on the back. If you need to restart the router you must unplug it.

I had to replace my NetGear N300 router as for some reason it kept dropping the wifi connection to my iPhone. After a month of trying to reset all sorts of things I just gave up. I never could figure it out. Anyway the new Belkin router does not seem to have these problems and the iPhone reestablishes the wifi connection automatically when I come home.

I liked my old Netgear N300 router with it status lights, on/off switch, and large WPS button. The dropping of the wifi connection to the phone was my only reason for making a change.

Coverage of Wifi is very good around my home.

Belkin does a nice thing and has default WPS passwords set for 2.4 and 5.0 GHz as well as for guests. it is on a small card that slides into a slot on the bottom of the router

So far so good. As usual the Amazon price is very competitive and beats the retailers.

iPhone connection is picked up as soon as I get to my house and the switch to WiFi is seamless. This has been great as my home has a marginal cell phone signal with AT@T so wifi connection is a must.

I would recommend this router to anyone looking to upgrade and have great wireless speeds. Hopefully this is "future proof" for a couple of years.

After having this for a month it is working very well. All wifi connections have been stable. iPhone recognizes it as a saved network, automatically reconnecting to the router when I get in the house.
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Model: AC1200 Fast Ethernet|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
At least half of the people considering this router are non-technical and just want to either upgrade or replace a broken existing router or upgrade to wireless access in their home. Since the technical aspects of this router's capabilities have been covered very succinctly by several other reviewers, this review is aimed at the non-technical consumer.

In the box, you'll find the router, an ethernet cable, a quick start guide and a power supply. That's it. And that's really all you need. The remarkable thing about this router is that it's designed to be easily set up from a computer, a tablet or even a smart phone!

Here are the steps I took: I removed the card located in a little slot underneath the base of the router and set it next to my tablet. The card has the factory set router name and password on it.

Next, I plugged the ethernet cable included into a port on the back of my cable modem.

Then I plugged this router's power supply into the back of the router and a nearby electrical outlet.

After that, I plugged the ethernet cable into the yellow port (which looks like a phone jack) on the back of the router.

I went to my tablet and went to the wifi/wireless settings and looked for available networks. I clicked on the belkin.6ba and then clicked Connect. This prompted me to enter the password printed on the little card.

After my tablet connected to the router, I was immediately taken to the Belkin website, where it automatically searched for any firmware updates that might be available and then prompted me to register my router.

That's it. I was on wifi within literally 3 minutes. This is a definite plus for people who aren't comfortable with technical aspects of their computer life.

There is a very well-written and easy to understand user's manual available for download at Belkin's website and it's worth looking at. There are various tweaks you can make in your router settings that will give you the best performance for your needs, especially if you have several users and you also stream video or play online video games or have a VoIP phone. The manual tells you exactly how to do this in a very straightforward way. But if this scares the pants off of you, know that you can leave things just as they are and you will still have wifi access.

The AC part of this router refers to the latest wifi technology and can give you much better wireless speeds IF you have devices that use this protocol. Otherwise, the router will work at whatever speed your computer, smart phone, Roku or game console is capable of. So if your equipment isn't fairly new, you won't get the fastest speeds Belkin says this router is capable of. Even so, I do notice faster speeds and less lag when streaming and surfing over the router I replaced with this.

If you do have new devices which can use the AC protocol, this still isn't the router I would recommend because of the port capabilities. I would suggest the Belkin AC1750 DB in that case.

Because of the reasonable price and the ease of installation and set-up, I can recommend this router for non-techies and for people who just want a good wireless router but aren't looking for the fastest AC protocol speeds possible.
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Model: AC 1750|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having recently installed a wireless router that cost almost twice as much as this one, one that would lose signal several times a day I felt I had nothing to lose trying this one. This is my 5th WIFI router in about 2 years. Belkin is a respected name and the Amazon reviews for this model were oddly split between "love it" or "hate it" with a strange skew toward sounding more like Belkin-bashing than discussing specifics of this particular model and its performance.

Since I neither hate nor love Belkin ... I just want a reliable router in my home ... this review will avoid anything but discussing three things:

1. Does it work and does it provide reliable signal quality
2. Is it reasonable easy to setup
3. Does it provide adequate performance for modern WIFI devices

It turns out that this is actually my first Belkin router. The most recent previous ones were from Linksys, Netgear and D-Link. I would still be using any of the above if they worked properly. So right there that tells me that the brand name Belkin isn't necessarily the kiss of death - other brands can be just as good or just as bad. I know, not a ringing endorsement for Belkin or any of the other brands.

The experience starts off on the right foot. The box informatively lists the comparative differences between Belkin's line of routers in this series and the result is this one is their best offering. Upon opening the box the new owner is greeted with large, simple "enjoy!" It's unfortunate how few companies thank customers in any way for buying their products. On the flip-side of that card is a very simple and easy-to-understand road map of initial setup. Belkin seems to take pride in their "Simple Start" which can be accomplished from a computer, smartphone or tablet. I don't think I've ever seen a router designed to be as easy to install.

Inside, Belkin takes the "simple" process to an unusual extreme by already having everything plugged in together to the right plug. All the user has to do is connect it to their modem and they're done (plus adding optional Ethernet cables if desired/needed).

The router comes pre-attached to a weighted base and is designed to stand upright. The back panel is totally standard compared to other brands and models. The slender sliver of a front panel has a WPS button and one single non-flashing status light. Big kudos to Belkin for that. Hopefully the days of geeky randomly flashing front panel lights is gone forever. Hardly any home user of a router has the slightest clue what they mean.


The most important question is how does it perform. Recognizing that there is no such thing as a "typical" installation, that is everyone's modem, computer, apps, devices, etc. will be different what will work perfectly out of the box for one person will fail miserably for another person. Frankly, reading reviews of any router is pretty fruitless because the reader has no idea of the skill level, computer condition, existing software and hardware conflicts, etc. of the review's writer. Belkin has been in business for 30 years, it is hard to imagine that they could continue to thrive if they made junk as some would have us believe. No, in my own setup the router is neither junk nor is it the cure for all that ails the world. It is just a router. I plugged it in and it worked. I personalized it a bit to suit my needs and security concerns and found that easy to do. The next time I used my smartphone or tablet, they worked. I am streaming video and music and it works. I am writing this review on my computer and it works. What more can be said about a router ... the WAY it works is in line with what I would expect from the specs and a reasonable person wouldn't expect the performance of this router to be extremely better or worse than any other router in its competitive spec category.

I found no negatives. As with any electronic equipment, that could change tomorrow and if it does I certainly will add update notes to this review. Because it performs as expected and does so at a price that's a little friendlier than some other brands/models it is rated at 5-stars.
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on September 12, 2012
Don't believe the hype. I read some pretty positive reviews but this router was pretty new when I bought it. I've gone through THREE of these. One I setup for a neighbor and I've replaced my first one due to the inability to port forward.

First of all, the web interface crashes all the time forcing you to pull the blug to reboot it. This means that when it's performing badly you can't remote in to it and do a manual reboot.

Secondly, port forwarding becomes non-existent if you change the IP address out of the range. I always change mine to 1.1 and come to find out this is what caused my port forwarding not to work on the first one.

Skyping with the neighbor who is on 30MBPS whereas I'm on 15MPBS leaves a lot to be desired--this router on both ends. This should in no way be a problem considering we're both plugged in and not even using the wireless. (Yes, I'm on a GB NIC.)

After each setting the router has to do a 15 - 45 second reboot (sometimes more depending on what it is). When setting up the neighbor's router, half the time I changed a setting the web interface would crash and I would keep having to manually unplug it to get it back. I'm not seeing this behavior being specific to any of them so it's overall bad design.

I'm taking my 2nd one back and will probably suggest that my neighbor takes theirs back for a better overall experience.
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Model: AC 1750|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
UPDATE (WARNING-Long Winded Update at that):
----I waited to even write my initial review below since I have to admit, I don't play well with ANY Belkin product. I had ZERO expectations to get this router to even connect much less perform. But as much as it hurts, this router has performed FAR beyond any router I ever tried. I have bought and paid for over $1300.00 in routers trying desperately to find a fast and stable router I can TRUST for gaming & streaming since I retired. I also use COX Cable. The only company I hate more than Belkin:-) But here it is in a nutshell. Not even any $200.00 I bought got me over 3 to 4 bars of signal strength to my living room, never got me faster than 5 Mb/s downstream, 2.8 Mb/s Upstream. THIS router? STUNNING INCREASE. I have had a 100% SOLID 5 bars of signal strength even in my back yard for God's sake...Performance? Unbelievable but almost 24/7 anytime I check it On my PC Laptop, I get 39-45 Mb/s and an average of 6-7 Mb/s Upstream.
----Here is a link to my latest test today using my PC Windows 8.2 Laptop:

----On my iPad 4 I average:
Test Date: Dec 23, 2014 12:09 PM
Download: 38.61 Mbps
Upload: 5.77 Mbps
Ping: 15 ms
Connection Type: Wi-Fi
Server: San Diego, CA
----A detailed image for this result can be found here:

----Bottom line, this new Belkin Router puts any and all I ever bought, ever got to try in the Vine Program to shame. I don't know how, I don't CARE how. I eat my words on everything horrible I ever said about Belkin and will no longer boycott their products without at least giving them a fair chance. That is VERY hard for me to say, but they have earned that from me so there it is. I still just can't believe how amazing this thing works for me. First time ever I can watch ANYTHING on YouTube in max HD and watch the internet connection bar race ahead of my watching instead of the usual stutter & reconnects I have lived with non stop for years in this house. I have to say, this router goes from my overly cautious & suspicious 3 star rating to 5 stars now that I have had ample time to test it. If it fails as I expect it to, I will be right back to scream bloody murder:-)

I asked myself WHY of why do I want to even try possibly the most hated router for sale on Amazon? I guess the answer was simple. BORED out of my mind! Being retired I sometimes walk right into trouble. Actually I do that a lot lately. And if there is any one single thing in this world that can put you over the edge, it is ra router and trying to set one up & configure it. I have heard "easy setup" far too many times to ever believe THAT old line...

I also have an almost hatred for most anything with the name Belkin on it. But I honestly just had to try this. With my new ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem I figured why not throw myself completely off the cliff and just be done with it. With COX Cable and their never ending "we just doubled your internet speed" commercials playing endlessly in my head while in reality I see NO change at all, I figured why not. So, what happened the? Well the surprise is, nothing bad at all. YET anyway. To my utter astonishment, I never even read any directions. I simply unplugged my old router, plugged this one in. Then I reset my modem as well just "in case".

I don't know why, but I then simply followed the onscreen prompts/setup and only changed the SSID (Router name) to the same as I had used on my Netgear Router. As a result, EVERY device I have logged on with the same password etc. NO PROBLEMS! Period. Everything just worked and worked perfectly. Speedtest showed no improvement to be honest, but, no problems either. Now it would be well and good but it didn't end there. When I began playing with other assorted setting like QOS etc, it seemed to have a nervous breakdown. BIG TIME. Also, any time I changed any setting at all it would take 2-10 minutes for that change to take effect with a frozen screen for my trouble.

Long story short. I am in the process of a week long test now. I put everything back to factory settings, when everything worked. As such, all is well and perfectly stable as I continue my search as to why MY internet has not sped up with COX cable's new upgrades. As this causes me any problems OR gets better, I will adjust my rating accordingly. But for now, and to my amazement, all seems well. I have no real idea as yet, as to why it doesn't like me tinkering with "settings". I suspect I will figure that out in time too. But for now, I am just glad that trying a new Belkin product didn't cause my house or computer to burst into flames like I expected....
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on March 23, 2013
Does the job. I have had to fiddle more with this than the old Linksys router that I have used in my office for years. The settings for the various wifi levels have not been stable.

PC World gave it a very mediocre review.

I bought this when this generation was first out and there were not a lot of choices. If I were to buy again now I would spend a little more for a higher level product.
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