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Model: N300 Micro|Change
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on September 15, 2011
Model: N300 Micro|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a very practical adapter for both laptop and desktops due to its size. Yet the size belies its capability: it works better than my much larger (and older) Buffalo USB 802.11g adapter in terms of reception (not to belittle Buffalo brand as they do make great products, but to demonstrate how much technology has progressed by using a reputable brand for comparison). With adapters like these, good reception usually translates into faster speeds, a factor that seems to matter more than anything else.

I am still trying to confirm but this is probably based on the very good and proven Realtek family of wireless chipsets, which along with strong compatibility and instant install over windows 7, also demonstrates an exceptionally good reception and high reliability. All of those qualities are evident in this adapter. The size also suggest that it is a 1T2R design--one antenna for transmission and 2 to receive (1T1R will be even smaller, and 2T2R is much larger). The design is minimalist and the Belkin name gives you confidence over its support. It came in the sensible Amazon Frustration Free package with an installation CD (never needed it) and a printed manual. I used it on my laptop for 802.11n over the past three weeks and it has been nothing but solid. For wireless adapters, dependability and reception are probably the most important. This delivers, in a beguilingly small package.

Update: this unit does indeed have the Realtek RTL8192CU chipset, which is from the latest generation of the venerable RTL819x series, and offers 2T2R MIMO capability (surprising in such a small package). This also means official Linux and OSX support as drivers are readily available from Realtek's website, and even better transmission performance. Linux support is probably of particular interest as many devices--such as media players--usually run on Linux, and *may* (unverified) find support for this adapter as in the past with Realtek chips. RTL818x/819x is probably one of the best and most widely adapted single chip wireless chipset families on the market, and it just got better.
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on March 26, 2012
This thing works great! My 5 year old computer only had wireless g which was OK, but I configured my router to only output the wireless n signal, so I needed to purchase a wireless n adapter. After looking around, I bought this one hoping the range would be better than my built in wireless g card. This wireless n adapter is super fast. Web pages load much quicker and the range is much better too. Best of all is the speed in which it connects to my network. Before this adapter I would wait seemingly forever while my built in card would try to find the network and connect to the internet, but now I can flip my computer on and it's almost instantaneously connected to my network and internet. Very good product!
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VINE VOICEon January 26, 2012
Model: N750|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I tried this device on two laptops using a Belkin N750 Wireless Dual-Band n+ Router.

I first tried the Belkin F9L1103 N750 Wireless Dual Band Adapter on a really old Compaq Presario 700 series which has been maxed out to 512MB RAM and (barely) running WinXP-SP3. This laptop has two USB 1.1 ports and no built-in WiFi. After following the manufacturer's instructions (install driver, plug in device, connect), I was able to successfully load the driver and connect the adapter. I was immediately able to see my own Belkin N750 router - both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. I tried connecting to the 5GHz band first, and achieved a 213 Mbps connection. Unfortunately, I could not access anything on the internet. I tried disabling the adapter and repairing the connection along with rebooting. Still nothing. So I connected to the 2.4GHz band which would only connect at 11Mbps (802.11b speed) for some reason. I still could not access any websites, etc. So the first test failed, but I am reasonably certain it failed because this laptop was using USB 1.1 versus USB 2.0. The Belkin adapter specs do say that this device only supports USB 2.0. Interestingly, the Belkin driver (and device) did not complain about being connected to a USB 1.1 port.

For my next test, I disabled the on-board wireless on my HP EliteBook 8440p and installed the Adapter's driver. This is a much newer laptop with 4GB of RAM and WinXP. With this laptop, I was able to connect to the 5 GHz band at 400 Mbps and the 2.4 GHz band at 54 Mbps. Signal strength was 98% and link quality was around 95%. I had no issues using the adapter on the HP EliteBook.

For my next test, I wanted to see if the manufacturer's claims about backward compatibility were true. So I disconnected my Belkin N750 router and replaced it with an old Linksys 802.11b router that I had in the closet. On the EliteBook, the Belkin WiFi adapter was able to connect at 11 Mbps. This is an important test because some WiFi Hotspots still use 802.11b's (like my local Panera). I also connected to a neighbor's unsecured 802.11g router (at 28% signal strength) with no issues other than being slow.

The adapter itself is sort of fat and has a standard USB connector. With another USB device plugged into the adjacent USB port, the Belkin WiFi Adapter was a bit crowded. The little flip-up antenna seems a bit flimsy, and frequent travelers might want to ensure that this doesn't get broken off.
The driver seems solid, at least on Win7 and WinXP-Pro-SP3. Interestingly though, I get better speeds and faster data rates using the EliteBook's built in WiFi adapter. I routinely connect at 450 Mbps using that, but could not get the Belkin Adapter to connect at that speed. You would think that I could since it is a Belkin N750 adapter talking to a Belkin N750 router (the laptop must have a better antenna).

Overall, if your laptop does not have a built in wireless-N adapter, this is a solid choice. Installation was painless, and as long as you follow the specs, you should be fine.
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VINE VOICEon June 18, 2011
I feel compelled to write a review after seeing the two 1 star reviews before mine. This works flawlessly for me with my ASUS dual band router, no problems at all and couldn't ask for better performance. I'd like to have the little stand that came with the previous model for extended use with a desktop computer, but otherwise I'm perfectly happy.
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on June 21, 2011
I needed to add wireless to several desktops and bought several different products. The Belkin installed quickly and has been delivering 300 mbps performance since installing. I had two desktops sitting side by side and on the other I installed a Netgear WNA3100, an N300 wireless adapter. The Netgear never achieved the performance of the Belkin, 3-4 bars versus the solid 5 bars. Belkin at 300 mbps while the Netgear ranged from 18 mbps to at most 108 mbps. I uninstalled the Netgear, moved the Belkin to the other computer and it continued to function at the same high level. Obviously the Netgear is being returned to be replaced with another Belkin.
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on March 9, 2013
This is the second Belkin N600 I've purchased. The first I got from Best Buy. I bought this one for a second computer. I have no problems with this whatsoever. Plug it in your USB port, Windows recognizes it, find your router in the list, enter your password and you're on the net.

My son and I game a lot and as far as I can tell I have no game lag with this adapter. The signal is good, strong, clear and reliable. This is why I bought the second one. Excellent product and highly recommended.
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Model: N300 Micro|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Summary: A very small and high quality adapter from a name brand. Made and works well.

This is a very small dongle, about the size of your thumb, but some of the competition have dongles which are much smaller. I imagine the downside is that the antenna is almost nonexistent. This comes with an 8" extension so you can try to get better reception. I have a 3' USB extension which gives me even better performance. I am using it on a Sony VAIO GRX690 which was previously running a "G" adapter in the PCMCIA slot.

Like D-Link and Linksys, Belkin is definitely a "name brand" in networking products. That said, the 802.11 "N" is an industry standard so if you are OK with the generics, simply search "usb wifi adapter" and you will see a lot of options for half the cost of this adapter.

If your computer already has a wifi adapter, you will need to consider a few things before upgrading. 802.11 "B" has an 11 Mbit/S speed, "G" is 54 and this adapter can give you 300 - THEORETICALLY six times the speed of "G"

Emphasis on "Theoretical" as it's the weakest link in the chain which determines what you will actually see in real life.

This USB wifi dongle can deliver 300 Megabit/second (Mbit/S) but you may only see a fraction of this speed.

Internet speed is most likely limited by your internet provider. DSL tends to max out around 6-12 Mbit/S while the best cable can deliver somewhere in the 50's If you are running optic fiber (e.g. FIOS) then you might be able to get up to 600. In all instances you have to pay quite a premium to get the top speeds. If you are having an issue with skype or youtube, you may want to find out your current speed and increase that before upgrading your adapter.

If you are streaming movies to your computer from your server, then your network speed is the limit. Most older ethernet is 10/100Mbit/S) or 100 Mbit/S)

Finally, you should confirm that your computer can handle the speed. If your computer is USB 1.1 then the limit is 11 Mbit/S, while USB 2.0 can deliver 480 Mbit/S
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on September 12, 2011
So I purchased a dv8 Pavilion HP Laptop about a year ago, those of you who own it know my pain. There is this lovely issue with the Wireless button on the touch pad, it has this tendency to flicker on and off at random times. Very annoying when you're playing an online game or even using video chat to talk to people. HP was very poor in fixing my issue, for a mere $100 they could fix it, or I could pay for the shipping and the cost of repairs.

Lucky for me I found this Belkin N3000 Micro USB Adapter! I plugged it right in, Windows 7 downloaded the drivers, and I was good to go. After disabling the wireless card from my device manager and setting up the Wi-Fi info on the new adapter, I was good to go. My latency halved (Smaller numbers for lat are good) after installation, and I haven't dropped off the internet since.


Inexpensive: For 30 Dollars I was able to fix an issue that would have cost me $100 for HP to fix, and this issue is known to continue after said fix from HP.
Not in the way: It's a tiny adapter that's shorter than most jump/flash/thumb drives.
Easy to install: You plug it in the USB drive, put in your wireless info, and you're good to go. If the drivers don't download properly, they include a CD to install them. Easy as that.


Tiny: I plan on keeping mine plugged in, but I can see how it would be easy to lose if it wasn't.
Needs USB Port to use: I only have 3 USB ports on my computer, and an E-sata/USB port, one is used for a fan, one for my wireless mouse, and now one for this adapter. I'm running out of ports, but I still have a port left to plug in my Kindle or my removable hard drive if I need to.

Overview: It fixed my problem and was a lot cheaper than the alternative. I recommend the product.
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Model: N300 Micro|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I first networked my home before wireless networks were available. I ran Ethernet cable all over my home, which was quite a pain. Since then, home networking has really come a long ways and wireless is an absolute must. Not only do I use wireless for my laptop and netbook PCs, but using a wireless adapter on my desktop PC frees me to place it wherever I want instead of being tied to the router.

I replaced my old Trendnet wireless USB adapter with the Belkin N300 Micro USB Adapter and have so far been very pleased with it.

The first thing I love is the size - It's only slightly longer than my thumbnail and fits very nicely in one of the rear USB ports on my desktop computer. I have not had any issues with the wireless signal on this adapter yet, despite its size. I know some people think they need a bigger adapter with an antenna to get a good signal, and this might be true if you have your computer in an area with a spotty signal or interference, but in most situations one of these tidy little compact adapters will fit the bill very nicely.

The Belkin N300 adapter does not support the 5 GHz band, only 2.4 GHz band, but then they don't profess to in the specs for the adapter. If you are looking for an adapter that supports dual-bands, then you will want to skip this one.

Setup was easy, but the install was a much lengthier process compared to the Trendnet and Cisco-Linksys adapters I've installed prior to this. This isn't really an issue, but it was unexpected.

Once installed, I was able to easily connect the N300 to my wireless network using WPA encryption. My router is a Cisco-Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N Router.

Having used this for a few weeks now, I can testify that I get a very stable connection with a consistent speed of 144.5 Mbps.

If you are looking for a modestly priced wireless adapter to use only on the 2.4 GHz band, then the Belkin N300 adapter is a good option for you.
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on January 31, 2012
This is quite a wonderful piece of equipment. I am using it with my Belkin N600 Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router and have been running it constantly for the past few weeks without incident. It is able to push through as much as my bandwidth can tolerate. Overall, I am a very satisfied customer.
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