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on March 21, 2012
I had put a fair amount of thought into what kind of case to get for my iPad before it arrived, and finally decided to try this one based on comments I read about the iPad 2 version.

I haven't had it very long but have formed a very favorable impression of it quickly.

The basics: You slide your iPad into one section of the folio, which like many regular cases allows you to position the iPad at several angles by resting the bottom of the iPad section in grooves in another section of the folio.

When the removable keyboard is not attached, this gives you a fair amount of flexibilty on viewing angle. When the keyboard is attached (by Velcro type fasteners), the bottom of the tablet section rests against the back of the keyboard in a typical notebook type setup.

The keyboard itself is very usable; in fact I was surprised at just how easy it was to type on. In a sitting position with the case in my lap, keyboard attached, I approach something like my normal typing speed. I also like the feel / resistance of the keys quite a bit.

Pairing the keyboard with the tablet was simple, and switching between physical / onscreen keyboard is as easy as moving the slider type button on the bottom edge of the keyboad.

The case has a magnetic clasp which is adequate to hold the sections closed, though other cases I've examined have a bit more of a snug, secure feel, and to me this seems more pronounced when the keyboard is not in the case. This is something I expected and a tradeoff I am quite happy to live with - the case works just fine for me.

When the case is closed with the keyboard attached, the keyboard folds on top of the tablet section but does not ever make contact with the screen as far as I can tell.

Overall I'm very pleased and have that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you feel that you made a good purchase.

Edit 03/25/2012:

I wanted to add for those who might not know that turning Bluetooth on (on your iPad), does have a significant impact on battery life.
If I'm not going to be using the keyboard for a while I disable Bluetooth via the Settings panel. I find it convenient to keep the Settings app as one of the fixed icons at the bottom of the screen to make this easier.

Also thought I'd mention that I've gotten quite a bit of positive feedback from friends and coworkers who looked at / played with this setup. At least two have said that they will be ordering one.

Edit 03/31/2012:

One last update due to a question I've been asked several times.

I'm sure most already know, but the keyboard does not have to be attached to the case to be used. In fact, my currently preferred method of using this setup is to detach the keyboard, angle the case to my liking, and use the keyboard or tablet as needed.

This works great when I'm at my desk or have the tablet on the nightstand (for instance) - if space isn't available for that then I just leave the keyboard attached to the case.

I can't resist praising the keyboard one last time, simply because I'm amazed at just how well I can type on it. I actually prefer it to the keyboard on my laptop, which is considerably larger.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have the iPad 2 and a Zaggfolio. I also have the Belkin Pro Color Duo Tri-Fold Folio with Stand, and Targus Slim Case. Honestly, I didn't like the Belkin Folio when I compared between that one and the Targus one. So I'm not too surprised that this Folio/Keyboard combo failed when compared to the Zaggfolio. This product is the epitome of " close, but no cigar."

So the concept is simple. Have one unit that will hold and protect your iPad and give you access to a fully functional keyboard as well. I use this option when I travel and want to blog on the road. I can also use this combo to write notes in school. Basically, it turns my iPad into a light laptop. I really like the Zaggolio for this. The Zaggfolio is one complete unit that holds the keyboard and iPad together in a very protective case. It's easy to pop the iPad in and out of the case and the keyboard is very easy to use. My only complaint is that the "Delete" key is smaller than usual and so I will miss it and hit the " = " button (right next to it) instead. On a full-size keyboard, this would be the "Backspace" key and this key is usually double the width of other keys. This is important to me because I'm a touch-typist of 90wpm - with the Zaggfolio, I keep missing and it's very annoying. Not a deal-breaker - but very annoying. If there was any way to have that fixed, I would.

I went into all that to make the point that the Belkin Wireless Keyboard is absolutely top-notch. I would give it 5 stars. It blows the Zaggfolio keyboard out of the water in that it does not have that one big fault the Zaggfolio keyboard has with the "delete" key. The Belkin keyboard has a proper "Backspace" key of the proper size, so I can actually type more normally. They both have the same push button feedback - excellent. The company's describes this as "A spring mechanism underneath each key ensures a tactile response with every stroke, helping you to type faster and with less error than on a touchscreen. Plus, function-specific keys let you easily copy and paste text, moderate volume and control music." - I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. I love the feel of the keys. I'm one that really likes feedback, that's why I like the feel of keys to touchscreen keyboards. The Belkin keyboard is slightly wider (left to right) than the Zaggfolio keyboard at 258mm (Zaggfolio is 241mm). Beklin's Height (top to bottom) 124mm, which is significantly smaller than the Zaggfolio's 169mm. That's kind of like comparing apples to oranges though. The Belkin keyboard is JUST a keyboard. The Zaggfolio keyboard is also a docking station that allows your iPad to be docked in either profile or landscape orientation - a feature that the Belkin keyboard/folio combo does NOT give you. The keyboard itself is quite compact for such functionality, so if I could find a decent case for it - I would like to keep the keyboard on it's own as a really, really excellent keyboard as far as touch/feel/functionality goes. I haven't used it for long so I cannot speak on the lifespan of the battery at this point. It's easy enough to charge with the included USB/MicroUSB cable. Same way you would charge the Zaggfolio. You can also sync this keyboard to your iPhone. Very easy to sync with iPad and iPhone.

Bottom line - I absolutely love this keyboard. As a portable, bluetooth, keyboard - this one has the best feedback and function. Not sure how long the battery lasts - but other than that one unknown - at this point, I would give this keyboard 4.5/5 stars. A proven battery life and overall durability would bump this up to 5/5 stars. I think Belkin needs to come out with a carry case for this keyboard and call it a day.

Now for the bad news. The "Folio" part of this "Keyboard/Folio" combo is absolutely horrible. I can't even look at it, it is so upsetting. Now remember that I didn't like the other Belkin folio either. I don't think Folio's are Belkin's strong suit. The Zaggfolio and the Targus folio both beat the Belkin folio up and down the street and back. Here, let me list the reasons why:

1. The folio + keyboard combo doesn't even fit together right. It's not a comprehensive unit. If you have the keyboard velcro'ed in and the iPad in it's respective sleeve - if you try to close it, the keys would just be right up into the iPad screen. In fact, most of the keys are pushed in by the iPad screen which makes me worry about the keys and the screen. The folio is also just a soft fabric sleeve with no rigid supports and the whole thing held closed by one little magnetic tab, so the whole thing just moves and squishes around everywhere. It's NOT protective, it's not solid, it's not easy to hold or carry around, and it's not secure. All complete opposites to the Zaggfolio.
2. There is no automatic shut off for the iPad when you close the cover - this is such a BASIC iPad function, I don't understand why Belkin skipped it. The worst thing would be for you come back back to your iPad's dead battery because of this stupid case.
3. Did I mention that the one magnetic flap closure is flimsy?
4. The folio has 4 velcro spots that align with the keyboard to hold it on. This has issues all of it's own! First off, it doesn't even hold the keyboard very well, as I'm holding and moving the folio around, the keyboard keeps trying to fall out. Velcro is loud, so as you're trying to adjust and re-adjust your keyboard onto this folio in the meeting room or classroom, others are annoyed at how much noise you are making. Did I mention that the velcro does not hold the keyboard in securely? This may be a moot point anyways as we get to the next point...
5. If you have the keyboard in the folio as specified by the velcro - the iPad is too upright. In order to have a more comfortable viewing angle, you MUST remove the keyboard so that the stand can slide forward and give you a better angle. Once again - not a comprehensive unit. I might as well just have a protective and function folio + a separate keyboard - that would work much better than this arrangement offered here.
6. It's hard to put the iPad into the skinny sleeve. The folio sleeve is quite thin material and with the amount of force needed to squeeze and push the Ipad into it, I was wondering if something was going to tear or give. The material is so thin and flimsy with no supportive structure to it that it also offers the iPad no protection and it makes me very nervous to have it in there.

Bottom line - I hate the folio. Compared to the other Belkin folio (which I don't even like, but it's better than this one), and the Targus Slim Case (which I really do like a LOT) - I don't even understand how a folio can suck so bad. It doesn't offer any real protection or security and the keyboard keeps falling out of it. It's truly baffling to me why this folio is so bad.

This purchase is truly a mix between the best and the worst. The best keyboard. The worst folio. If were to keep this unit, I would keep the keyboard - try to find a protective case for it, and use it with my iPad in the Targus Slim Case. I really wish the Zaggfolio folk would fix their "delete" key and look at how Belkin did theirs. That would make the Zaggfolio just about perfect. When I'm not traveling, in meetings, or the classroom - I don't need the Zaggfolio - so I keep the iPad in the much easier Targus Slim Case. It would be easy to pull out the Belkin keyboard from a drawer and use it in these cases. Without a case for the Belkin keyboard, I won't be traveling with it, so it would stay at home for now. I would seriously keep the keyboard and try to find a case for it, then trash the folio. I'm not even sure I would be comfortable trying to sell the folio since I know how crappy it is.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been looking at different keyboard cases for the new iPad, and this one seemed to be the ticket. The only thing lacking was BlueTooth 4.0, but none have that option yet.

(When the 4.0 comes out--watch out! It will save your batteries, both on the keyboard as well as the iPad. I'd wait if I were you.)

This case is made of a rough fabric that catches every single piece of dust around. It looks worn out after 2 weeks of use.

The keyboard is comfortable, but loses its connection constantly and I have to reconnect it each time I want to use it. A big pain, and now I never use it.

The keyboard seems to rest away from the iPad's screen. Belkin did a good job of making the ridge around the iPad high enough that it protects the screen from the facing keyboard when the case is closed.

The auto-off does not work. EVER.

It's cumbersome, dusty, and difficult to work with. The auto-off doesn't work. No way would I recommend this to anyone. Opening and closing it is awkward.

I really wanted to write a good review on this. I was so jazzed to see one by Belkin, a company that, in my history, has been pretty darned capable for producing a quality product. But it just doesn't work.
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on December 4, 2013
Belkin tech support is horrible, CSR was difficult to understand, I suspect a call center outside North America. Blue tooth keyboard will not connect to ipad4. This device easily connects to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. Belkin should have set up a conference call with Apple tech support to resolve this problem. I was advised to contact Apple. Hmmmm, doubt I will purchase an electronic device from Belkin again. This product will be returned to Amazon.
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on April 6, 2012
I preordered this case based upon some early reviews from CNET when the iPad 2012 was released. I've owned several keyboard cases for iPad 1 and 2.
The keyboard for the YourType is very comfortable and responsive. I wish it had function keys instead of cut/copy/paste/etc along the top row. Bluetooth connectivity is very easy (as is with almost all keyboards). The detachable keyboard is a nice feature.
The case itself is fabric without much of a hard skeleton. Offers protection against scrapes but won't against knocks or drops. Good point is that is is very snug and lightweight. Downside is the securing mechanism relies on friction with a retainer flap...I suspect that the iPad will tend to migrate over time as the case stretches with wear.
My only real gripe with the case is that I was led to believe that it would have built in magnets to act as a smart cover and automatically turn the iPad off and on with closure/opening of the case. It does NOT do this.
Otherwise, a decent case.

--------After 6 months of use, my worst fears have been confirmed. The fabric has stretched so the iPad no longer sits centered within the case., it slides so far down, the home button is no longer accessible. I would NOT RECOMMEND this case. Belkin must have done something to get it so highly rated.
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on January 22, 2014
The keyboard is attached to the case with four small Velcro strips (visible in the product photograph). When the glue on the Velcro detaches from the smooth plastic back of the keyboard, the entire keyboard falls out of the case.

Belkin customer support -- the usual 21st century minimum-wage drone with marginally-intelligible English -- requires that the entire product be returned at customer expense in order to obtain replacement Velcro.

If you purchase this product, you risk dealing with a flaw that renders it virtually unusable and a company that does not stand behind its warranty.

Caveat emptor.
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on May 21, 2014
I pulled it out of the box and it was defective! I then stayed on the phone with customer servIce for 45 minutes for them to tell me they stArted a claim. Now I have to email my receipt in PDF form and wait for approval. So up to a week on a product that never worked.
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on December 3, 2013
Do not buy this product. I bought it for my son for school just before the new ipad operating system came out. Once it was downloaded it did not work and Belkin would not support the product. I hadn't owned it for sixty days! Amazon, who I normally love, didn't want to have anything to do with it. So I am out fifty bucks. Will make me think twice about online purchases of hardware.
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on December 8, 2013
The on off switch is not working and they have a horrendous process to get any help. No 800 line, no easy email. They send you to a community for help. This is the last time I would buy there product. Still cannot get the on off switch fixed.
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on April 14, 2012
although it works great, within 24 hours of only modest use two of the keys fell off. needed to return
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