Customer Reviews: Belkin 11 Outlet Conceal Surge Protector (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on November 6, 2009
Like an earlier reviewer mentioned, I also received the item with a broken cover hinge. Fault goes to Belkin's poor packaging, not Amazon's packing. I didn't want hassle of returning it so I just decided to keep it as I was able to put the cover in place despite only using 1 hinge. The plastic hinge is poorly designed so very likely the hinge would have eventually broken off. Despite this issue, the unit works as it should. The cover does "cover up" the wire mess but the cable routing is very tight so it take some work to squeeze in all the wires. Also, the block spacing doesn't accommodate odd-looking transformer blocks, like those from my motorola charger and USB hub.
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on August 30, 2008
I am happy with this surge protector. The outlets are concealed, the cord management keeps things neat, and it has enough space for the big transformers (power bricks). The extra outlet on the outside is also handy. I would have preferred black instead of white, but that's a minor gripe.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 21, 2011
It's very rare that a well-reviewed Amazon item is a piece of crap, but I guess there's a first time for everything. I ordered two of these to tame a heinous snarl of wires under my desk and my husband's. I had planned to order a couple more if these worked out. Well, I sure won't be ordering more.

We opened the first one, and my husband began to examine it. As he looked at it, one of the two hinges broke. (I must emphasize that he was being gentle. He's an IT professional, and he's accustomed to handling all equipment carefully.) But we figured that, as the item was going to be under a desk, we could live with one broken hinge. We began plugging in a few plugs, and we closed it to see what it looked like with plugs in it. And when we closed it, the cover broke off entirely! "We can return it," I assured my husband, only to look up my order on Amazon and find we were 1 day outside the 30-day return window.

Okay, no biggie. We'll use this somewhere where it won't be seen at all. Of course, the plugs will get all dusty, which is exactly what we were trying to avoid, but whatever. The second one will be fine, I'm sure. Right? So we opened up the second one. I lifted the cover -- very gingerly, as I already knew these things are as fragile as blown glass -- and it came off in my hand. Just broke right off.

We examined the boxes; there was no sign of mishandling or damage. The boxes and packing were in perfect condition. I have to assume these things were broken by the time they left the Chinese factory where they were manufactured.

What to do? I couldn't return the things to Amazon, so I emailed Belkin customer service and politely explained that we had received two defective units, and asked what could be done. Could we return the units to them for replacements or repair, for example? After all, the box does proclaim that the product carries a "lifetime warranty."

Belkin responded to this request with ... nothing. No response. It's been about a month now. Guess we know where we stand. And the "lifetime" warranty? I guess it just means that this product is guaranteed to provide enough outrage and drama to fill a typical Lifetime Network movie.

So the morals of the story are: 1. Belkin doesn't give a damn if its products are defective and you get ripped off. And most importantly, 2. if you order this product from Amazon, open it as soon as you get it and save the packing materials, 'cause I have a feeling you might be reusing them for the return.

Meanwhile, anyone wanna buy a couple coverless outlet strips, cheap?
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on November 9, 2009
It is definitely not an easy task to get this whole thing put together and hooked up. There's not a lot of room for tied up cords, so it's best to tie up a couple and then just stuff the others in the open spaces. It popped open the first time I closed it and doesn't seem to latch securely. I thought I was going to have to tape it shut. With a little rearranging, it stayed closed and hasn't popped open again.

It's pretty long, so placement can be a problem. I had set it up behind my rolling TV stand, but realized that it wouldn't move easily without rollers of its own. So I popped it open the other day, unplugged everything and started from scratch. I now have it end on and put it on the cart itself. I thought at first that the shelf wasn't going to be deep enough. Now it hangs off the back a bit, but that's OK. I have the end with the power switch on the front and all the cords coming out of the back. It looks nice though I wish it were either black or white like my TiVo and Wii respectively instead of that dull dove gray that electronics manufacturers--but no one else--loves.

Oh, there's one other great feature. You can pull the cords out of either side or even the top--and that goes for its own cord too. It might be good to buy a colour coding set as well. Once the cords are all shoved up in there, it's hard to tell what goes to what.

In summary, its difficult to set up, but once it's done, it's done. Not good for temporary set-ups, but great if you want to set it up and leave it.
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on February 3, 2012
I've purchased two of these now and I love them both. It's rare I can purchase a product and have no regrets about it. First off, the price here at is the best I've seen. In fact, I've had a hard time finding this same model elsewhere. Home Depot sells a very similar Belkin 11-Outlet Conceal Surge Protector, but it comes with coaxial surge protection and costs about twice the amount of this unit.

The first unit I purchased I used on my home entertainment system. I have a modern-styled TV stand with tempered glass that's basically three shelves. There is a lot of open space making it difficult to hide cables from open view. With the cables strung through one opening, it was easy to direct everything away from view. I was able to mount the unit on the wall and because it blended in, I was not able to see it from most viewing angles. Also, on most surge protectors the power switch is on the top; on this unit it's on the side. That was a huge bonus considering the household cat loved to jump down on the power button of the old surge protector. Not only that, my old surge protectors only had 8-10 spots; one more can make all the difference.

The second unit I used behind my computer. With my legs fully stretched out I was hitting the power cables with my feet with the old protector. Now the cables are away from view and I have more space and a much better looking computer area. Not only that, but I no longer have to worry about the ridiculous amount of dust the old unit collected.

Belkin coming out with a unit like this is a blessing to me. It has helped solved a huge issue I had and a few I didn't even know I had. The only possible negative I can find is that it doesn't also come in back.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 21, 2011
Loose cords seem to be a kitten magnet in my home so I was looking for a solution to corral things in the neatest, most efficient manner possible. I considered the kind of cord cover designed for babies but this has a sleeker look, a more substantial feel, and also the added benefit of being the cover and multi-function surge protector in one for just two or three dollars more.

Pluses in my book:

The track is large enough to streamline several cords; I've used split tubing to protect what exits and secured that to the wall using zip tie mounting squares+zip ties.

Holds/conceals my Mac power brick.

Has a flat mount profile plug which is part of the best combination of design and features I could ask for - 11 outlets, surge protection, jacks for phone, fax and modem too - sweet!!!!

Other reviews have mentioned issues with the cover, or specifically the hinges seem a little "flimsy"; in my opinion, the cover and hinges seem proportionally sturdy to the unit overall. I will say that after reading their negative comments I was especially careful in opening and closing this unit. If you have to open and close the unit on a regular basis I'm not sure if the cover/hinges would become an issue. For my purposes I really bought this more to keep the cat out of the cords, so the cover doesn't present a problem for me either way.

BTW: If you're trying to keep *kids* instead of kittens away from your cords the cover on here is definitely NOT childproof and you should consider other options.

Very pleased with this purchase and would easily recommend.
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on February 23, 2012
If you are a geek like me, and are surrounded by cables. This is for you.
I brought this for my bed side stand. I plug my iPhone, iPad, Corporate BlackBerry, MiFi Hotspot, Music Player, Alarm Clock.. which used to make my bedside a complete nightmare. After installing this behind the bedside night stand, and using some cable drops like the Blue Lounge Design CD-BL CableDrop Cable Management, the place looks flawless. When the cables are not charging, they drop behind the bed stand without wires in sight. The cables are tucked in neatly behind the bedstand in this Belkin outlet. Peace of mind as well cos its a surge protector.
No clue why people are complaining about the quality and the breakage of the hinges... I never felt that the plastic or the hinges can break if i close it gently.
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on August 4, 2009
Belkin BZ111200-06 11-Outlet Conceal Surge Protector -
Kids are grown and no pets just wanted the cords to disappear. When opening cover the flimsy hinge just broke, so what good is that. I am considering returning it but not sure if this is what's out there and that's that. Covered is wonderful. I have another project, need to do more research.
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on January 27, 2012
I had all these cables and wires underneath with a surge protector and a push on/off switch. It was a mess and i would sometime stretch and hit the surge bar, turning off my internet modem, my pc and everything. UGH. was so frustrating. This eliminated the clutter and the accidental turn off is a thing of the past! Wish I had know about it sooner. DEFINITELY would buy again.
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on March 31, 2012
we've purchased three of these over the last three years (all from amazon) and each has performed quite well. we have not experienced the cover-breakage issue that other reviewers have, although, given the slim design and the way the plastic is molded, i can see where improper packing/shipping could cause damage. however, if handled with care and not used as a daily open/close item, this is one of the most elegant and efficient solutions out there. we have one that's been in use for over three years.

-- ample room for multiple types of cords
-- guide holes to help wrangle wires
-- multiple "outlets" for the cords to exit (top + both sides)
-- main cord originating from the inside which means even that cord can exit top/side
-- side exterior outlet... this is PERFECT for an airport express or laptop brick (but not both as there's only one)
-- lack of branding/logos and overall simple design blend in well with most decors
-- wall mounting tabs on the back should you need to mount it
-- flat wall plug on main power cord
-- as of march 2012, it's 1/2 the initial SRP (twenty-three-clams)

-- exterior outlet on one side only... seems that they could have relocated the main on-off switch and put and outlet on each end for true ambidexterity.
-- true "childproof" lock. the top is click-closed but it'd be great if this could be locked or more securely closed as it would make for a great addition to child-proofing a house.

in my eyes, the cons list it pretty short overall. this has been a great addition to our cable management attempt and everyone who sees it is impressed by its function and aesthetics (as anyone is going to be impressed by such a thing, but we've had several people positively comment on it).

coupled with some cable ties this can tidy up a desk area quickly. i'll attempt to attach a few photos.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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