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Size: 8 FeetStyle: StandardChange
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on July 2, 2007
Normally I don't review accessories such as these, but it really makes a huge difference with all the crazy different power adapters I have. If you think you don't, remember the chargers for your digital camera or NiMH AA charger.

Most modern compact battery chargers tend to fall out of most power sticks. For example, a AA charger or for your digital camera. Instead, you can angle them at 45 degrees so they will rest on the shelf or floor and not budge. Also, a portable wifi can also sit at an angle, rather than just popping out under its weight. The big adapters are additional supported by other cables that you may run horizontally. Check out the picture I posted to see what I mean.

Every other power stick would only have 1/3 of its plugs usable; not only that, but they would fall out too easily. Not with this belkin.

It actually handles a higher surge than many out there. I've simultaneously powered: my 17" Apple, 24" monitor, three externall hard drives, a monster stereo, a scanner, a printer, a wifi, an NiMH charger, and lithium battery charger, and even an electric razor. Works fanastic without a glitch.

Also shows you if its properly grounded and protected with indicator lights. Organizes wires and through a pop up loop. Protects the cable as well.

Only complaint: I wish the cord was maybe 5 feet longer. I hooked a high quality extension to it instead
review image review image review image
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on January 21, 2014
Five days before Christmas, central Michigan experienced widespread power outages because of an ice storm. We were off the grid for 5 days. On Christmas day, they brought us back up. As things came up, we experienced a power surge, which took out three surge protectors in my home. Two were Tripp Lites and the other was a Belkin. The units were all at least 7 years old (or more).

At first, I didn’t notice that the Belkin was out because it was used on my spare computer in the office downstairs. I immediately noticed (and smelled) the Tripp Lites. They gave their life to save my valuable electronics. I was happy. In researching replacements, I realized that these units were under lifetime warranty. I contacted Tripp lite and promptly received replacement items. No receipt was needed, since it was under lifetime warranty. Again, I am happy.

2 weeks later, I head to the basement and notice that my computer is out. Again, the smell of burned electronics was in the air. The Belkin Surge protector, that is connected to computer, printer and 5.1 computer speaker system, was completely out. I plugged everything back into another unit and noticed that the speaker system was no longer working. The computer and printer were fine. Again, Belkin “claimed” a lifetime warranty and electronics protection. This evening, I contacted them (the call was routed to somewhere in south Asia) and was left on and off hold for over an hour, as they attempted to process my lifetime warranty claim, for a replacement unit. When the rep answered first answered the phone, I explained that I have owned the unit for more than 7 years and I do not have a receipt. However, I know that the unit was under lifetime warranty. She took my information and transferred me to customer service. I waited on the phone for about 30 min before the agent picked up. After placing me on hold 3 other times, he came back and asked me for a copy of my receipt. I explained that I had owned this unit for 7-10 years and no longer had a receipt. He told me that he couldn’t help me. I explained that Tripp Lite honored their lifetime warranty, but you are not? Also, Tripp lite protected my electronics, while Belkin didn’t protect my $100+ 5.1 speaker system. He apologized and told me that there was nothing he could do to further process my claim, if I did not have a receipt. He couldn’t even replace the surge protector, even though it was under lifetime warranty.

I immediately felt compelled to write this review, minutes after getting off the telephone call. From here on out, I will steer clear of Belkin products. I plan on sticking with Tripp Lite products instead. Also, I will post this review on this and other forums. Moral of the story..if you chose to purchase a Belkin product, be sure to keep our receipt forever.
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on October 11, 2012
I've had this surge protector in use for my home thearer system for several years. A recent electrical storm and lightning strike came through this "surge protector" and fried 3 pieces of equipment. I submitted a claim to Belkin and received a letter stating that there was nothing wrong with their surge protector and denied all claims. If you think Belkin will stand behind its "Warranty" and actually fix or replace your equipment, I've got a bridge to sell you in NYC. BTW, another company's surge protector (Trip Lite) was hooked to my fax machine which got fried during the same strike and they (Trip Lite) reimbursed me IN FULL for the cost of my Canon printer-fax. Buy from Trip Lite
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on May 7, 2013
I purchased the surge protector by Belkin as it came with a $50,000 product protection warranty. After a few weeks my house had a power surge after a storm that resulted in the blow out of a new flat screen TV, a blu-ray player and cable box. As, requested, I sent the protector to the company, at my expense, and was told they could not prove that the protector was faulty. Those items were plugged directly into the protector and other appliances on other surge protectors were unharmed. I was told that my claim would not be honored. I would say BAD PRODUCT and a COMPANY THAT DOES NOT HONOR THEIR GUARANTEES. Stay away from them.
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574 of 635 people found the following review helpful
on January 10, 2008
most surge protectors list a joule rating, and sadly this product page didn't have one. i checked belkin's site and they didn't have one either!

luckily, i have a friend who works for them, and they let me know the spec. this wall mount protector has a 1080J rating.

hope this helps people.
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428 of 487 people found the following review helpful
on October 18, 2010
I bought 2 of these at full price (49 each) because of the great design and I thought it was very well thought out since the outlets are able to pivot! I thought I'd never need another power strip again after buying 2 of these since they can handle so many things being plugged in at once.

Within 1 month the problem started and unfortunately it is a big problem. The units would start turning off by themselves!
I have used a lot of power strips and surge protectors in the past and I have never had any problem with any before so I never thought this product would give me a problem.
It got to the point where as soon as you pushed down on the power button it would start making clicking sounds and turn off by it's self. Sometimes it shut down at random. This product turning off on my work computers coast me a lot of time and money.

I contacted the company and they sent another batch of these to replace the 2 that were causing the power to go out. The company told me it would not happen again and that mine were just defective. They would not refund my money and only sent more to me. The next 2 they sent me had the same problem within a month and now I'm writing this review to warn people it's not just a few that are defective and it is all of them.

There are a lot of positive reviews about this product but they all must only be from people that don't touch the power button often and just leave it on all the time. The more you push down the power button to turn on the power the more chance my situation will happen to you. The problem with it turning off has something to do with the power bottom being turned off and on.

I recommend a product with a flip switch instead of a button that may have faulty springs under the power switch or whatever is causing the problem I have experienced.

UPDATE: The last 2 they sent me again died. We are now up to 8 dead ones. I have not even bothered to send them back this time because it is pointless and newer and better products are out now.
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119 of 133 people found the following review helpful
on April 24, 2010
I ordered three of these for the Home Theater and office set-ups. I utilized all the strip to minimize "vampire appliance" and turn the strips off every night. All of them failed in less than one year due to the bad switch. It may be the springs under the power button that wears out. It is a design flaw that needs to be address.
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88 of 97 people found the following review helpful
on April 14, 2015
good quality
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83 of 93 people found the following review helpful
on December 7, 2010
I have bought two of these from amazon at two different times knowing I was going to need them. Finally the moment came and I pulled the first one out of the box. These come with an on/off switch. I switch the power on and it is everything I hoped it would be. Then suddenly the power goes off. I push the on button and nothing happens. I push the on button repeatedly and finally I get it back on. Then 5 mins later it goes off again. Rinse and repeat. Now there are times when it says on for hours and then it starts up again.

I take the second one out of the box being glad I bought two. Everything seems fine and then it starts in. Its the same thing. Now understand that I have belkin surge protectors all over my house and the older ones don't have this problem. I have tried these in several outlets with the same problem. I have called belkin tech support to see if there was a trick. They don't know what is wrong.

I just wanted to post this so others would know this is a possibility for them.

I am so disappointed.
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220 of 258 people found the following review helpful
on July 29, 2009
The idea behind this is great, with the rotating outlets for transformers. However, look carefully and you'll see that they've blown it. On each side there are 4 rotating outlets, which are very close to each other. No problem, you might think, since you can rotate them. So let's assume you'll try to alternate one transformer with the outlet stick straight up with the next rotated 90 degrees so that the alternate transformer is plugging in at a 90 degree angle to the first one.

This works, except that if you have a 3-prong transformer there is only one way they will plug in, and that's with the cord sticking out/down, which means that the Belkin won't sit flat but will have cords pointing 'down', forcing it up in the air and putting stress of the cords running from the transformer. If many of your transformers are only 2-prong then you may be able to insert them so that this isn't an issue.

Belkin makes another 12 outlet device that's similar except that it's flatter and doesn't have rotating outlets. It only handles six transformers (3 per side) but they are very widely spaced. Also, it is heavier and seems of much higher quality.
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