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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 13, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Belkin Matte Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a screen protector with anti-glare properties. I normally don't use screen protectors on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but was curious how well the Belkin would do against glare on the glossy screen.


- Does very well against glare
- Relatively easy to install
- Comes with 2 overlays
- Retains most of the touch screen's sensitivity


- Reduces screen clarity

I've installed a ton of screen protectors on phones, digital cameras, and tablets. In general, I prefer the clear protectors. I tried a "privacy" protector once on my Android phone and hated it. It made the screen dark and made the beautiful screen look dull. I didn't have high hopes for the Belkin Matte overlay, due to my past experiences with non-clear screen protectors, but came away pleasantly surprised.

As I mentioned, I have a lot of experience installing screen protectors, so I know how difficult they can be to get just right. That said, I thought the installation of the Belkin Matte overlay was fairly easy. The included microfiber cloth did a good job of cleaning off the screen before applying the overlay. Following Belkin's recommendations, I peeled the small tab in the corner of the overlay, just a bit, then aligned it to the corner of the tablet, before peeling the rest of the plastic off. This worked out well, except that I thought that the overlay would cover the entire screen, so I aligned it right up to the edge. It turns out, there's maybe 1mm on each side of the tablet that isn't covered by the overlay. I carefully removed the overlay and realigned it so that the uncovered space was even on all sides.

The inevitable air bubbles were pretty easy to remove with the included applicator card. After removing most of the air bubbles, I still had a few remaining dust bubbles. I used the applicator card to carefully peel the corners of the overlay from the screen, then used magic Scotch tape to remove the dust. In the end, the application was absolutely perfect--no trapped air bubbles or dust. The imperfections in the photos (bottom corners) are from trying to place the Galaxy Tab in the Samsung media dock.

The Belkin Matte overlay does a very good job of reducing glare. The glossy glass screen on the Galaxy Tab normally is tough to view in sunny or well-lit environments. With the overlay on, it was noticeably easier to view the screen. The overlay also does a good job of combating fingerprints and smudges. Screen sensitivity was good as well. Unfortunately, as with most matte screen protectors, it reduced screen clarity. This was most obvious with small text on bright backgrounds. Checking email in my Gmail app looked off, but at least I could read it without having to tilt the screen every which way. And that's just the thing with matte screen protectors; there's going to be a give and take. You gain anti-glare, but lose some clarity.

This probably won't apply to a lot of people, but for those that invested in the Samsung media dock for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Belkin matte overlay doesn't appear to be compatible. There's a piece of plastic on each side of the dock that is so precise, that when you go to insert the Galaxy Tab, it snags on the overlay and peels off the corners.

The Belkin Matte overlay for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 does exactly what you'd expect it to do. It protects the screen and reduces glare by a significant amount. It's also pretty easy to install. Keep in mind, however, like most matte overlays, it will impact screen clarity. It's definitely not for everyone, but if you feel like your Galaxy Tab is unusable because of the glare, the Belkin Matte overlay could be your solution.
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on December 29, 2013
I purchased these to protect the screen on my Galaxy 3 10.1" tablet. I have used many Belkin products over the years, so I wasn't hesitant in buying these. When I received them, I was disappointed to find that they were somewht larger than my screen (they actually are made to fit over the complete front of the tablet). I still had to cut them down a bit to make them fit properly.
I read in review before I bought them that because these are a matte finish, there was some loss to color clarity. I have not found this to be true, and have had co-workers comment on how sharp the picture is. The only thing I have noticed is some loss in the sensitivity of the touch screen, but not enough to be damaging or bothersome.
If you don't mind needing to cut the screen protector down a little,
I would recommend if you don't mind a little trimming..
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on December 25, 2013
This went on easily and stayed on-my issue, and it might not be the screen saver, is the tablet I am using, which was issued by my job, is not the greatest, and I need to press a bit harder to type on it. This interfered with that. But like I said, on a tablet that functions well, this would be fine.
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VINE VOICEon March 22, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I ordered this for a 10.1 inch Samung Glaxay but have found it to be useful to protect other devices as well. The sheet can be easily cut (I used a craft cutter for a smooth edge) down to any size needed. The application can be tricky but if done slowly, can be applied perfectly. If you mess it up, the sheet easily peels back off for another try (it took 3 attempts for me). I used a ruler at an angle to prevent any bubbles from appearing.

You really cannot beat this protective sheet for the price. It's worth the time and effort to apply these sheets and save lots of wear and tear on your device's screen.
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on October 21, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a good screen protector. It's relatively easy to apply to your device, and it does cut down on glare when you're outdoors. Finally I'm able to see my Tab in the sunshine. It isn't perfect, but it's pretty good.

Matte means it isn't perfectly clear, so you lose out on some resolution. But if you like taking your device out when you're sitting under a tree working a crossword or reading, this is a big help.
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on April 10, 2012
This product installs with minimal hassle; my girlfriend did it for me, since she has steadier hands, and the whole thing attached seamlessly except where she made a little crease in one of the corners. It has a little bubble there, but off-screen and it doesn't bother me. Even if it did, the product contains two screens, so if you screw up the first installation, you can attempt a second!

This product does not create any significant delay or inaccuracies in the touch-screen functionality, and it mattes the light perfectly; I read ebooks on the subway where bright florescent lights unavoidably shine right onto the screen, and this matte cover has significantly improved my reading experience.
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on March 21, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been a fan of matte covers on touchscreens for a long time and this product is no exception.

As my title mentions, the Belkin protector is great at reducing fingerprints and reducing glare. It is important to note that it does not totally eliminate either, though. Fingerprints become more like a continuous series of smudges on the screen. Glare from lights is still present but much more muted.
In regards to clarity, it is definitely reduced with this matte cover. Additionally, when viewed at certain angles you will catch little "sparkles" of light which I can only guess is some sort of prismatic effect from the process that is used to make the plastic matte instead of crystal clear. The effect is slight and I've already grown used to it but it is definitely something that needs mentioned.

One thing that I *love* about the screen protector is that it feels wonderful to the touch. With the pure glass of the tablet my finger would sometimes stick or drag across the glass. With the protector it's more like a glide with a slight resistance. Imagine rubbing your finger over a linoleum countertop versus a plate glass window. I find this to be the best benefit next to the anti-glare.

Sizing was very good. I put mine on exactly even with left edge of the tablet's screen and there's about 3/32" left on the other side. Top and bottom have less than 1/8" slop. Very nice fit over all.

Protector was easy to apply and there are no air bubbles or artifacts underneath. A cleaning cloth is supplied. *USE IT* Otherwise, anything that was on your screen is there until you remove the protector. A good tip that I learned long ago. Apply your cover in the bathroom with a hot shower running. The moisture seems to help remove some dust particles from the air.

Great product. Wouldn't hesitate to buy more if I ever need to but with two included and the first one so nice I bet they'll outlast the tablet.
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VINE VOICEon March 4, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I applied this to my Toshiba Thrive tablet, which is also a 10.1" screen. This screen protector fits it well, except for just a tiny area at the end where the Thrive has a silver half-moon piece (which is not on the Galaxy) that I could not manage to keep the screen protector off of while keeping it aligned with the rest of the screen.

Due to its' size, this screen protector is not as easy to install as the one I installed on my cell phone. It took 7 times of peeling it back, realigning, adjusting, and trying again.

Unfortunately, two of the corners will not adhere to the screen because those are the spots I had to keep holding as I peeled it back and realigned it with each try. I tried to touch the sticky side as little as possible by just using the edge of my finger, but try as I might a small bit of my fingerprint got on those corners.

Also, while I thoroughly cleaned my screen (three times, actually) before I applied this screen protector, there are still a handful of spots where it will not adhere. They are as small as a pinhead, even after having rubbed them repeatedly with the enclosed application tool (a piece of cardboard).

Despite these issues, I still like having this screen protector on my Thrive - it gives me peace of mind that the screen is guarded against errant scratches.

I also like the matte feeling of the plastic. It seems easier to manipulate some things on the tablet. It also seems to keep the screen cleaner, as the matte finish doesn't seem to pick up the oils off my fingers as easily as the slick screen itself does.

When the screen is mainly white, such as email, facebook, or my Kindle reading app, there is a strange rainbowy pixellation that this protector gives to the white. It can make it a a little harder on the eyes at first, but over time I seem to adjust.

I mostly like this screen protector, even though it wasn't designed for the Thrive. I'm thankful that two came in the package for future use, as I may try applying it and seeing if that gets rid of the annoying bubbles and fingerprints left on the first protector.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The matte finish is new to me, and I have to admit, on our family Galaxy tablet I am not too much of a fan. We use it mostly for smart home uses and with our kids, so I'm okay with this screen guard. If this were the cover on my personal tablet that I use much more, however, I wouldn't tolerate it well.

While the protector seems very durable and the sensitivity is still excellent on our Galaxy, the clarity is horrible. It makes the resolution horribly grainy and cloudy. My husband dislikes it even more than I do, as he's in the a/v industry and can't stand a bad picture on TVs.

Not everyone is as picky as we are, so if you think you wouldn't mind the dulled resolution from this screen protector then I think it would be just fine for the typical user. Application was simple and easy, though you must be sure your screen is 100% clean and spot free before applying. I like that Belkin includes a card for smoothing air bubbles as well as a micro-cloth for cleaning your screen. There is also a second screen protector should we need one, if the first gets damaged.

I think we'll keep using it since the children sometimes use the Galaxy and it's mainly for household use, but this screen protector definitely is not for those who are picky about their resolution. Aside from that, this is a decent product, it simply doesn't appeal to us much when it comes to clarity. The protectiveness, sensitivity, value, and ease of application--however--are all great.
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on February 28, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
At first I was worried that this screen protector would drive me crazy since it was a matte finish. I'm used to gloss finishes on my protectors, and wasn't sure what the impact would be on visibility, and sensitivity. To be honest, the sensitivity wasn't impacted at all in my case. I didn't notice a difference between with and without the cover. I made sure to throughly clean the surface of the tablet before I even started with some light glass cleaner and a towel and then with the wipe that was included. I followed the directions, and had no issues installing the screen guard. The air bubbles that were left were easily gotten rid of with the plastic card included in the packaging. The cover should be a decent protection, but obviously isn't flawless.

The only con I had to this product was the visibility was a little tougher than before mostly due to the matte finish. The finish does help with glare, and isn't noticeable at all in a dark room, but in a well lit room the screen is a little less clear and sharp than it was before. I don't have a problem with that since most of the time I use my tablet at night or outside in the evenings. I don't the the matte finish is bad enough that I'd avoid this product, it just has to be a decision you make. What's more important absolute clarity in all lights, or better glare resistance and less fingerprints? For me, the glare and fingerprint reduction was what I wanted.
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