Customer Reviews: Belkin N750 Dual Band Wireless N plus Gigabit Router (F9K1110)
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VINE VOICEon October 26, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have 2 other Belkin routers in this series, the Belkin N600 and N900, so I was eager to compare how the Belkin N750 Dual Band Wireless N Gigabyte Router would perform against them. After using the N750 for a month, there are definite advantages in choosing this router over the other two, but there are also some drawbacks when compared to the N900.

When compared with the N600, the N750's extra USB port, faster 450 Mbps 5 Ghz band, and longer range, make it a much better unit. The N600 is currently $69 and the N750 is $99, and for me, the extra $30 is a small price to pay for the added features.

For the N750 versus the N900, it really depends on if you need the upgraded features the N900 provides. The N900 has a faster 2.4 Ghz band, (450 Mbps vs. 300 Mbps), 4 Gigabyte E ports, and a slightly longer range. I actually didn't notice that much of a difference in range but the 4 Gig E ports are a big plus since my Samsung SmartTV and XBOX 360 benefit from this. The major factor between the two routers is the price difference. At $184 dollars, the N900 is almost double the cost of the N750. The extra cost may not be worth the upgrade for some.

As with the other Belkin routers, unpacking and setup were simple and efficient. A panel holding the Software disc and quick install guide lifts off exposing the router underneath. The ethernet cable and power cord are already attached to the router which saves a few steps.

For the setup, I had the router up and running in just a few minutes. First, I unplugged the modem and my old router, waited a couple of minutes and plugged the modem back in. Next, I plugged in the Belkin N750 router. After inputting the password that's supplied on the note card, I then ran through the web based interface to personalize the router to the SSID and password that I wanted. All of this only took about 15 minutes.

Form factor for the N750 is identical to the other two routers. They all utilize a vertical orientation which is a plus for me but may not be practical for some. The location you plan to place the router must have at least 7.5 inches of height clearance. The router's stand doesn't allow you to lay the router flat.

Performance for the N750 was good. Download/upload speeds were fast and I had no problem streaming HD movies even with multiple iDevices connected to the network. The router also never dropped the signal the entire time I've used it.

Comparing the price and features for the N600, N750, and the N900, I'd say the N750 is the best bang for the buck. You get much more router for a few dollars more than the N600 and you get similar performance when compared to the N900 at almost half the cost. For the average user, this would be the unit to go with.
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VINE VOICEon November 15, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Update 2/17/2013:

I am sorry to say that this router began to fail this morning. First it was loosing printers on the network, then Wifi began to fail and not broadcast any more. I swapped out this router for my old DIR-655 and everything was working fine. I then tried the N750 again, even resetting it to factory and it failed to broadcast over Wifi as well as being accessible using a wired connection. It was working fine last night, was fully secured and I haven't accessed any settings or changes in months nor did we loose power to it, etc.

Up to this date above, it worked flawlessly. I believe the internal hardware is the issue. Bottom line is that even with a full factory reset and then trying to access it by either wifi or wired using the default address and password Belkin includes for default as received, (=out-of-box, prior to any settings changes), it's as if it isn't there on the network and can't be seen and I did attempt the same set-up procedure as when I first got it and it installed fine back when new.

As stated, my old DIR-655 has the very same wifi, security and address settings that I used on the NB750 (same SSID, passwords, etc) and my old DIR-655 router booted up and everything was back working perfectly. Printers now work fine as they did on the NB750 up to this morning.

My rating has dropped to one star accordingly, ...and as many reviewers have stated, it is a good router while it lasts and for me that wasn't very long.

Update 12/19/2012:

No issues once-so-ever nor any complaints. The N750 continues to be our very stable router and not once have I needed to reboot or reset it. We've not had a single lost connection either using our cable modem, zero issues!

Overall performance for our home network and internet has been rock-solid and stable since the N750 was put into service and I then submitted my review.

This router for our household has been stellar and we use it -a lot- for internet, home-networking and movie streaming each and every day/night of the week.

At least for us, the N750 router has most definitely proven itself to be a very efficient and reliable high speed router.


Original review as submitted:

A little background before I offer my perspective on the N750 router:

No review is as helpful as one that's updated as the product continues to be used and often, ratings change for better or worse as more insight about the product comes to light as the hours of use add up.

While first impressions are always helpful, I'm a believer that lasting impressions are by far the best. That said, I promise to update this review as time goes on, as required!

I'm experienced at Macs (10 years) and PCs (25+years) as well as experienced in networking and computer repair, having had a tech background of many years.

I've grown up using B, G, then my previous N+ router, a D-link DIR-655 router that has given me superb service for well over 5 years now and never skipped a beat nor had issues.

I wasn't sure how the Belkin N-750 would hold up against my "old faithful".

The N-750 installed easily and my cable modem communicated w/ the N-750 perfectly to connect. I did not need the installation software that came with the N-750. Set-up for pass-through to my cable modem to set up DNS addresses (I prefer using Googles rather then Comcast's default addresses) and a secured network were straight forward. The N-750 has an impressive menu with a lot of customization, but, much of it can be left at default settings. A guest connection is also available so that users logging in as guests, can only connect to the internet, but, not any other part of your private home network. Shares can be set up for guests if you want to grant them access to some of your network peripherals such as printer, etc., or perhaps a media device connected to your network.

The N750 was installed in the same exact position as my DIR-655 router, that being in my upstairs closet on a shelf that is above the entry door to this closet. All network, cable and modem connections are established here using a wall array of outlets for these services and A/C power as well.

My older DIR-655 has three external antennas on the back while the N750 has 5-6 internal antennas, all in a fixed position inside of course where-as the DIR-655 allows it's antenna to be angled as necessary (vertical wall mount ,vs horizontal shelf mount requires a different antenna angle). The N750 has fixed antennas, but, in it's favor, it has more antennas to presumably allow for more signal radiation and distribution and output (= better reception in the household).

Like my DIR-655, the N-750 was installed in a vertical position with antennas in a vertical axis.

I used a free Mac App to read signal strength and noise levels to compare my old router and the new N750 being reviewed here. My location of both routers is in the very same position (one at a time for connection and evaluation of course) in my hallway closet upstairs in our two level raised ranch home. Other then sheetrock, there is no metal nor foil insulation in or near the closet.

My comparisons of the two routers certainly is not a controlled professional lab test, but, did offer some surprising observations to allow me to find that the N750 outperformed my old router which I (and many owners/reviewers at Amazon) think was one of the best around.

My tests compared my Mac laptop wifi reception within two feet of both routers and then two rooms away on the same floor (about 25 feet).

We have over 8 other wifi networks on our street with some fairly strong in signal strength, so having the 5 GHz (dual)band on the N-750 seemed to me to be a lifesaver to help maximize signal quality within our house.

What I found was quite surprising to me in that the Belkin N-750 outperformed my "beloved" DIR-655 in all of my tests and for the 2.4 Ghz range that both routers were capable of, signal strength on the N-750 was about 30% stronger then on my DIR-655 which has been setup to maximize wifi quality in our house. Noise on my DIR-655 was also elevated by about 15% over what the N-750 signal quality. This may be due to signal strength output being better on the N-750 due to design and having more antenna ":area" to help radiate a better pattern across my house and thus compensate for noise levels in my street and home areas.

In that there are other wifi networks on the street, a weaker router wifi output is taxed in this situation. I think the N-750 was better able to cope with this over-all.

Next I tried the higher 5 GHz band on the N-750 and repeated my "causal" test. Noise levels rose a bit by about 8%, but, signal strength on the N-750 was better then at the 2.4 GHz band that both routers had first been tested at.

The signal to noise ratio of the 5GHz signal on the N-750 was clearly better then it was at 2.4 GHz. I checked wifi band frequency for the other router signals on the street and all were in the lower 2.4 GHz range, with other neighborhood networks seemingly using a single band router and the 5GHz band of my N-750 allowed some room for improvement as what seemed the sole 5 GHz capable router on my entire street.

Mac users can view wifi info using (holding down) the Mac option key and clicking over the WiFi widget on top of screen on desktop!. You'll get all the info including band, channel number, transmit/receive speed and more.

In walking around the house at upper and lower levels (and even my backyard), I noticed no dead zones at all on the N-750, but, some signal drop with the DIR-655 at an extended distance that would tax any router. Signal strength and noise increased of course the further away I got from the router (outside), but, never did the signal drop suddenly due to a dead spot. The N-750 seems to emit a very uniform radiation pattern. The DIR-655 definitely wasn't the winner regarding signal to distance quality. Also to note, we have foil backed insulation in our 6 inch exterior walls. Given that, I was still impressed at what both routers could do when I got outside the house.

I've not done any serious testing on throughput of the router trying to see maximum speeds, considering it is a gigabit router and I am set up for gigabit around my house.

I will say that in doing a streaming of 1080 high def material by wifi (media output was wired to the router and then received by my laptop using wifi), I noticed no stumbling nor any buffering once-so-ever, while in the past, some high def files would stumble a bit using the DIR-655. I tried several short streams, a few being the ones that gave my old DIR-655 some stress in streaming smoothly. The N-750 passed the test here 100%. Not a glitch, pause nor a missed frame. My gut says the N-750 is more robust in the wifi area (especially at 5 GHz) due to improved signal radiation and lower signal noise so to allow flawless streaming of hi-def material without any issues resulting.

My N-750 has been in use now for a month+ (I waited to review until it had some hours on it) and not a single glitch nor need to reboot, etc.. We use WiFi and streaming a lot (Amazon Instant Videos with our PRIME membership). As mentioned, set-up was very straight forward and I did not need any software install to get up and running, Menus are busy and in depth on the N-750 (more then the DIR-655), but, for the most part, quite intuitive to use and navigate around. You won't fall short of full customization and utilization of this router if you do a set up as a newbie or as an advanced network user. Compared to the DIR-655, I found the N-750 is far more flexible in allowing the tweaking settings then my old router.

We use cable (modem) here for internet service (25 mbp/s download) and speeds are consistent to my old router. No differences noted and we are right up to the max speed our internet plan is spec'd at. No issues at all have occurred with the router/modem setup nor other devices sharing the network including printers, video streamers, other Mac's in the household. Haven't had to touch a thing and we've never had any interruptions in connection due to a modem or router problem while using the new N-750.

I own a number of other other Belkin products which have given me excellent and dependable service and the N-750 seems to be another great product that I will plan to use now permanently in place of my old DIR-655.

Have to say this is one fine router for the price and to seriously consider giving it a try. With Amazon, you have 30+ days anyway to return it with shipping included free for your return.

I'm betting though, once set-up and in use, you'll not want to be returning this router. I highly recommend giving it a try.

...and Thank you for reading my review! :)
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Unlike F9K1103 Gigabit, this Belkin F9K1110 N750 Router is lacking Gigabit (1 G = 1000 Mega [M]) Ethernet (wired connection), does not have "Gigabit" in its name ( including the box (see the photos), as F9K1103 (, but instead has four 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports. The N750s are more affordable then the Belkin's flagship N900 & connect at medium speeds (bits per second or bit/s or bps) & over a medium range local area network (LAN). Neither has USB 3.0 (5 Gbit/s), but just two USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/s = 0.48 Gbps) ports. Both 2xUSB 2.0 and 4xEthernet 10/100 Mbps are sufficient for almost all purposes for almost all users.

Most of the advanced service features require installation of the enclosed software. The 20-minute configuration via the application only available on the enclosed CD (mobile or Web-based in the future?) was almost flawless, but it exposed 1 existing bad computer networking setup requiring its reconfiguration. The setup is not possible under Windows XP SP2, Mac OS 10.4 Tiger, Android,... .

A printer and a flash drive worked like a charm once simultaneously connected to the 2 USB ports. So did periodic scanning for clear wireless channels, refreshing memory, clearing the cache. The router reconnects automatically and can be configured for a guest limited access to, e.g. Internet or selected data, and nothing else, that requires the visitors to type a code in the browser. The max. range was just below 290 ft. The throughput over the 100-ft distance was over 100/27 Mbps for 5/2.4 GHz channels. It translates to sending a 1 GB (8 Gb) file within 1.3/5.1 minutes (1 B = 8 b). Multiple simultaneous transfers and streaming went smoothly.
review image review image review image
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on May 17, 2016
This has been working like a powerhouse for the last 3 years, without a break. Has a great range and no real issues to complain about. Other companies MIGHT have a more user friendly software, but it's hard to argue with it's stamina, since I keep reading where people feel like they are lucky if their routers last over a year. I cannot speak to that since this was my first wireless router. If this model broke down, even though there are much newer models, I wouldn't have a problem picking up this older one again, as it does everything even most high-end users would need from it.
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VINE VOICEon October 31, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I love this router, really! It was easy to set up, although I wish Belkin would make it easier for you to use your own password instead of theirs. I'm not a techie and didn't want to spend the time with customer support, so just kept their password. That's the only negative I can think of though - I've tried many routers (all were Linksy's or Belkin), and none have worked as well as this one.

First of all, it immediately increased the speed of my computers - I ran a speed test before and after installation, and it was a very noticeable increase. It also has excellent range. My laptop never worked well in the kitchen before - I was lucky if I got two bars, and the kitchen isn't all that far away from the computer room. Now I get up to 4 bars and my laptop is fully functional and FAST when I'm in the kitchen.

Even better than that though, is that I get 3 bars in the upstairs bedroom - a place none of my routers have allowed me to go before, even with an extender. I owned this routers predecessor, but didn't have good luck with that one, but this one really does what it says it will do.

Another great thing about this router is that I've had it for around 1 & 1/2 months and haven't had to reset it once. This has not happened with any other router - it seemed I was constantly having to reset them.

In my opinion you can't go wrong with this one - a strong and stable connection, speed and range - it's all here. Highly recommended.
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on May 4, 2014
I had some initial problems getting connection, so I call the Belkin Customer Service/Tech Support. The communication barrier added to my frustration; not sure which country the support center is located in, but his only suggestion was to call my internet service provider to fix the problem. Did that, but everything seemed to be okay on their end; still couldn't get the router to recognize my computer. They did suggest swapping out the Belkin LAN cable with the existing one I had; got off the phone and performed the swap. Problem fixed! Apparently, Belkin sent a defective cable. With the exception of having to reboot the computer once to re-establish connection the product has worked quite well. My 4 start rating is based on the poor (pitiful?) customer service; as many of you have experienced, it's frustrating to call for help and get someone who's command of the English language is best served in a fast food restaurant or a coffee shop. Anyway, set-up was easy and the product works well with little to no lag.
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on February 24, 2015
I switched to Charter Cable Internet, and they don't provide a wireless router. This was the one they recommended, so I ordered it. It sometimes seems to clog up, but that may be Charter Internet. I just unplug it from the modem and unplug the modem, and that seems to take care of the blockage. (I use this with a Roku for watching TV, as well as with my Kindle Fire 1st generation and for guests' laptops.)
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on October 15, 2013
I was very surprised that this router could not be made to work with my Arris modem. Belkin support spent more than an hour and a half working on it with me and agreed to replace the router. They did. Exactly the same routine and result with the replacement. Several wasted hours. I am still using an old Netgear router on loan pending a new purchase. The old Netgear has no problem connecting to the Arris., it is just a bit outdated. I saw some other negative reviews of the 750. Should have paid attention. The original router was returned to Amazon with no hassle and the replacement was returned to Belkin but I had to pay the shipping. Lesson. No second chances. If it does not work just send it back to Amazon.
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on May 9, 2014
My old router kept dropping the signal. I figured it was time to just get a new one. I have no computer skills but found no trouble setting this up. It was a simple plug and play set up. It was very easy to set up the password. This is the first router I have ever been successful at putting a password on, so they finally made it user friendly. I have used it for 5 months with no problem. We use up to 2 computers, up to 2 video streaming devices, plus xbox one, and a couple tablets, no problems any more. I am now a belkin customer.
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VINE VOICEon October 1, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I received this unit and replaced a 3 year old Linksys router and a Trendnet 802.11a/b/g wireless hub. First off, it is nice to have one unit do the job of 2, but it out performs both units (at what they do respectively) and eliminates any drop out zones in my house.

Out of the box, the instructions could not be easier. Turn on the computer, hook up the Ethernet cables as instructed and plug in the power. After that a quick instal guide pops up automatically (no disk needed) and walks you through a few key steps and you are done. The only items in the box itself is the unit, the power cord, a Ethernet cable (WAY TOO SHORT!) and some paper work.

Router - I can not explain why, but my connection speed is slightly faster, maybe by 10% when I ran some online diagnostics but I am not complaining.

Wireless - this is where the new unit really shines. My old wireless was fast enough for what I wanted to do, even gaming with the PS3, but the coverage was weak. 15 feet away from the unit and I would start losing the signal strength, by the time I was upstairs I was down to 1 or 2 bars. This new unit is faster, can support more devices with consistent speed and I get great reception anywhere in the house - even out in the garage. I have walked 40 feet or more away from the unit with multiple walls between me and still not one bar of drop; very cool. The security is pretty good so I am not worried about anyone trying to jump on from the street.

All in all this is a great unit. Runs cooler too.
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