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on September 14, 2005
I got this radar as a present from my in-laws. Of course, I knew what I was getting, since that was what I asked them to get for me for my birthday :-) . Anyhow. The first week, my brother-in-law borrowed it from me to go to NYC (we live in Upstate, NY - about 6 hour drive to New York City). When he came back, he didn't want to give me the radar back, that's how much he liked it. He's had a few radars in the past, but he said that this one is by far superior to all the other ones, including the latest one from Passport. The next week, my wife and I took a trip to Niagara Falls, and this little "guy" worked its magic. I could "see" the cops long before they could "see" me. So, here is a little pros and cons list for this item:


Range - like I already mentioned before, it's got a great "range", and gave me plenty of time to slow down before the cops could catch my speed on their radar guns.

Features - it's got "tons" of cool features. You can program it any way you like it. It's also got one of those "safety" features on it. It tells you if there is a construction going on or an accident on a road ahead (this feature is not present in all areas though).

Controls - the controls are totally awesome! Their easy to access and very "user-friendly", meaning that you don't have to read through the manual to figure out how to do something. Even the power cord has a mute button on it! Very sleek!


Price - this is probably one of the most expensive radar detectors on the market. But, if you want the best, be prepare to pay for it.

Summary: It's certainly not cheap, but I think it's well worth the price. Great radar! Highly recommended!
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on July 30, 2006
I have utilized the RX 65 in over thousands of miles of highway driving. It never misses, and it has saved me tickets everywhere. One of the features I like best about this detector, compared to the Escort 8500 X50, which I also own, is the different sounds associated with each radar frequency range. For example, Ka detection emits a chirping sound, different from the warble for K band,and the tone for X band detection. This allows the driver to keep his eyes on the road rather than look at the radar detector. At those highway speeds this is a great advantage in trying to locate the source of the radar.

In informal tests by me, I found the RX65 slightly more sensitive than the Escort 8500 X50, although not by much.

In both cases, according to the some of the radar test web sites, beware that while these units claim invisibility to police radar detector detectors, they in fact do emit slight amounts of local osciallator signal detectable by newer model police radar detector detectors. Professional drivers note.

The new Beltronics STI radar detector, with zero local oscillator EMI, is the one to buy for professional drivers concerned with transmitting any measurable radar detector emissions.
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on December 30, 2014
As a retired highway patrolman, I can tell you what every other law enforcement officer will tell you - RADAR detectors aren't worth squat on an open road - with a click of on and off from the simplest of units, all you will see is a flash, the next will be lights in your rear view mirror. With moving RADAR you have a fighting chance when the officers unit is left on, or when he is stationary and the unit is turned on to active. With that said - if you are around a mile or so away, and the unfortunate vehicles in front of you are in the officers "Zone of influence", you will get the K or Ka warning. So you know the general area where we are cooped - I have found this to be the most durable and reliable. "Why does a retired police officer have to have a RADAR?" you may ask - we opposed to popular belief, cops do write cops - it's the nature of the beast.

This does give you "X-Band" warnings - I suggest that you shut that off. No department that I know of still has those dinosaurs. I used them in 1995, and at that time they were being phased out. "X-Band" is predominately used on those Speed Warning readouts and Traffic Information signs. So you will "POP" "X-Band" constantly.

Between my experience and the RX65 it is peace of mind - I have two RX65's - you would think with the endorsements I give Beltronics they would just "Give" them to me LOL.

The LIDAR (Laser) warning is a nice add - but I don't trust that. I suggest that if you live in a "Two License Plate State" that you purchase a "Jammer" as long as it is legal in your state. In "One-Plate States" leave that front mirrored Georgia Tech or Walt Disney plate off - it's the aiming point for LIDAR, as are the headlights and grille. Jammers actually do work nowadays, but again check your state and local laws. That goes the same for RADAR detectors. Some states its illegal, and some states there are restrictions, especially to CDL operators.
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on March 24, 2006
I'm telling you, if you're looking for a high end professional level radar detector, get the RX 65 Pro. It features a very high-end processor for pinpoint accuracy and excellent distance. The detector is able of giving me on average about 3-4 min lead time on the highway. Considering you're driving anywhere for 75mph-90mph, this is an excellent warning. Basically, it gives you a 3-4 mile range on normal semi-hilly terrain which is plenty enough warning to slow down. THIS UNIT DOES NOT GIVE FALSE ALARMS ON KA BAND. Meaning if you get KA, there's a cop around no doubt. The unit can give flase alarms on K band & X band only because these are waves that are more frequent. Example, trains often use bands similar to X band making the unit go off. Fast food restraunts such as Burger King use wireless headsets similar to X Band making the unit go off. X band & K band can give you some false alarms. However, on the highway this is rare. I've also never had a cop shoot me with anything but KA band. KA is the latest band that police use and it's the only one they really used to my knowledge. When my RX 65 Pro buzzes on KA, there's a cop in the area no doubt.

The only problem I see with this unit is the laser detector. It's very easy to set it off. I called Beltronics tech support because my unit would not stop buzzing with the laser unit. It was constantly going off every few seconds. I found out that my car was giving off some sort of interference which was causing it to give constant false alarms. I turned the laser off because in all reality, laser detection is mostly a gimmick.

Overall, this detector is PERFECT. If you want to play mind games with the police, get this unit. It's also has REAL VG 2 Cloak proof technology that does not radiate or leak. Police won't know you have a detector unit. Worth every penny & more.
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on March 5, 2006
This product, according to RadarRoy website is the best radar detector you can buy. The Valentine V1 is awesome (especially the arrows), but it gives too many false alarms, and the Escort x50 is great, but this edges it out with ease of use...other sites will tell you the same. I've already CLEARY have been saved from one ticket and so with the price of the ticket and traffic school, this thing is alredy paid for and to think it will keep paying for itself. It's so easy to use and works so well. JUST LAST NIGHT I was with my friends Sam and Chris and I got a Ka warning and told them this means police (here in Southern California) and the warning got stronger and stronger and sure enough on the side of the road, at night when it's hard to see them, was a highyway patrol officer. He'd already pulled someone over, but that could have been us without the Bel. But, with this no way, the range is awesome and if there gun is on, you will pick them up WAY before they see you... Really, this is simply a new addition to my must have list of things in life and I would recommend it to anyone else who drives with spirit.

Sam Kochel
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on October 13, 2009
It's been over a year since I got this product. I spent around 340$ to buy it and another 100$ hard wiring and perma-mounting it on my dash. Since then - this detector has saved me from dozens of tickets. Even with a conservative estimate of 150$ per ticket that works out to over 4000 $. More than 10 times my investment. If you like to push the speed limits - this is a must have!

The build quality is good, it's easy to use, detection range is great. There are a lot of false positives (I always have it on highway mode), but you soon learn to tune out x band and listen for the Ka band and to a lesser extent K band. Of course - laser detection is iffy and rather pointless in my opinion. After all once you've been popped the fact becomes academic.

If you rely exclusively on this detector to warn you about speedtraps - this (or any other radar detector) might not help you much. Instead - if you use this as an additional early warning mechanism and augment this by staying alert, keeping an eye out for obvious speedtraps etc - this baby will pay off.

Now to the less savory details. Beltronics customer support sucks. Period. End of story. If you purchase this product from Beltronics directly - they hear you out grudgingly. If instead - you purchase this product from ANYONE else - they just tell you contact the seller. They will not answer even simple technical questions. They will not help you troubleshoot your device. They will not accept returns or honor their warranties. Their stock excuse being the large number of duplicates or rebuilt units flooding the market. The only recourse you have is to go back to the seller. Optionally I guess you could report them to the BBB.

In my case I was lucky, since the seller ([...]) was pretty helpful and replaced the defective piece right away. And I guess any product you get from Amazon has similar protection. BUT if you purchase it from a less helpful / influential seller - be prepared for the worst customer support ever.

With that said - this is a great product. Just be careful whom you buy it from.
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on March 24, 2006
And it should be for the money. BEL is currently running a trade-in program and will give you up to $80 toward the RX65. Since I had a BEL 980 to trade in, I received the full $80 credit. At $249 it was a great deal.

In independent testing (not mine), the RX65 out-performs the Valentine V1 and the Passport 8500 X50 in radar detection performance. However, both the V1 and the Passport outperformed the RX65 in laser sensitivity. If you want laser detection you should choose one of those models. Because of the nature of laser, I'm not as concerned about detection. Even with better performing detectors, by the time you detect it it's often too late. I will invest in a jammer instead. I did not factor this into my rating as it's not my research. My rating is based on my personal experience with the RX65.

Like my old BEL 980, it picks up radar (X, K and Ka) waaaaaaay out. It gives you plenty of time to adjust your speed as neccessary. The addition of the POP detection is a key difference between the RX65 and my old 980.

The AutoScan feature does a great job in eliminating false alarms without having to reduce the detection sensitivity. I leave it on AutoScan.

The automatic muting is really nice. It allows you to keep the detector on full volume. It will beep a few times and automatically reduce the volume to a less annoying level. You can also mute the detector from the 'smart plug' (at the cigarette lighter) rather than have to reach for the detector. They also have a hard-wired smart plug that gives you more flexibility in the location of the smart-plug device.

The customization features of the RX65 are a key difference between it and lower-end detectors. You can customize the unit to your needs by eliminating bands you don't want to detect, disabling the auto muting, turning on the multiple-threat mode, etc. If you're really a techno-geek you can tell it to display the radio frequency of the radar gun that you're detecting.

If you're moving up from another BEL unit the trade-in allowance makes the RX65 a smoking deal. Even if you're not, the RX65 is probably the best detector for the money all things considered.
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on June 29, 2006
I was a little concerned as to if there would be much of a difference between the Bel RX65 and my old cobra. After driving around town for a few days I was more than impressed. This is the best radar detector I've seen. It Matches up with the Valentine One and, in my oppinion, is better. The range is amazing. I compaired it to my families three other detectors and some friends. None of them matched the distance detected. I tested the range by driving to where there was a fixed sign on the highway that informs you of your speed. All the radar detectors went off, but the RX65 went off over a mile down the road and well out of sight of the radar. The only false alarm I believed to find so far, I now believe to be comming from a real source. The laser alert goes off every day at a bridge off of the interstate. No visable law enforcement was found. The mute button on the adapter is handy if an officer is following you and has constant radar on just so the beeping doesn't annoy. Great product!
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on April 24, 2007
Bel Rx65 Pro. may be one of the best. Unfortunately in NY state, the area is mountainous and full of ups and downs roadways and not to mention spiral roads. The best detection i get is within 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile, just because the mountains or hills hides the cops or shall i say the State Troopers. But on my travel today, it hasn't failed me, "buyag" (thank you God). Everytime it goes off, it gave me a weak signals of Ka band most of the time but gave the officers right away. You won't see these troopers because of the hills. And luckily everytime i get to see these troopers they already had someone in their hands/trap.

NOTE: 1. NY state uses Ka band all of the time and Lasers, with occasional K band.

2. Never ignore weak signals. That will be your biggest mistake

So in conclusion, did the Bel Rx65 Pro. worked? I give it a 5 star in detecting these radars. I give it 4 stars in range.(keep in mind I was driving upstate NY where it's all hills and curves) Do i recommend it? Yes!
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on February 16, 2010
My Radar detector was purchased January 2010. One month later the detector stopped working and would not turn on. I verified it was not the power source or the cable; the unit was receiving power but would not turn on. Well I wasn't too happy but I knew it was covered by a 1 Year warranty. I called up Beltronics only to find out that they DO NOT HONOR WARRANTY CLAIMS for products purchased from!!! Even worse, they wanted $79.99 + shipping to fix the unit. Needless-to-say, I find their level of customer service inadequate and disconcerting given the volume of product they sell through this site. I will not purchase another Beltronics product and would advise highly against it given their lack of professionalism in standing behind the quality of their own product.
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