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BenQ Gaming Monitor RL2455HM (24-Inch LED)
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217 of 228 people found the following review helpful
on February 22, 2014
This monitor is everything that you want in an LCD console gaming monitor. Feels like zero input lag like a CRT (tube). Been playing on a 55" Sony Bravia and thought that I was gonna be sacrificing quality for speed. Boy was I wrong. Some people complain about the color but that's because they don't understand that this monitor gives you full control over the RED GREEN & BLUE (each has a slider from 1 to 100) so just slide the 3 sliders around to find what works for you. Follow my settings and your picture will look mint with accurate colors that will not appear washed out or overly saturated.
Picture mode: RTS 1
Brightness - 100
Contrast - 50
Sharpness - 1
Black equal - 0
Color Temp - Red- 93. Green-89. Blue-97

AMA - High
Instant mode- on

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58 of 61 people found the following review helpful
on January 5, 2015
I was first hesitant to buy this monitor. I purchased a Asus VG248QE a month before and connected to my PS4, the monitor failed and had flickering and screen dulling issues and finally stopped working. I was so upset and disappointed.
I took time again to know which is the best display for console gaming. And I went to the BENQ site and was comparing all the models and checked their reviews and finally narrowed my search to 2 monitors this one and the RL2460T. I liked the design of this monitor and the extra HDMI port which is available to connect your media player (Micca speck D2) after seeing those displays which can tilt and rotate is just a fancy gimmick. So I shelled out my money on BENQ RL2455HM it's the best and performs like a champ and I am astonished by the quality , sharpness and the responsiveness of the monitor. There is never a lag and I tried out all fast paced FPS and RPG games it's responsive and you will never miss the target. Would recommend it to anyone who is a casual, average or hardcore gamer. You will never go disappointed.
review image review image review image
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136 of 151 people found the following review helpful
on September 24, 2013
I purchased this monitor after heavy debating between a Viewsonic and a similar Asus model. Of all three, the BenQ was the most costly, but in the end I'm glad I made my decision.


Lightning fast Response Time; After doing my research online comparing response times and refresh rates, I found out that the difference between 1ms and 8ms is a HUGE difference.
Before this display, I used a Sylvania 22" HD TV. Now, TVs aren't meant to have lightning fast response times and refresh rates, but this one was a solid 8ms/60hz so it worked for the 5 years I had it.
After getting the BenQ in, I set it up and immediately noticed significant changes in my performance on games like Call of Duty and even Payday 2.

Easy setup; getting this out of the box and on my desk took no longer than 5 minutes. The stand and base interlock very easily and it's a very sturdy setup. No wobbling or anything like that.

Easy navigation; the buttons on the side of the display have their own shortcuts that you can customize for things like volume and which input you're using. The buttons have a definitive click to them and they take some getting used to in terms of totally finding everything and tweaking to your likings, but it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to get a feel for it.


Speakers; I had recently gotten a new pair of speakers for the monitor, and boy did I need them. The speakers on this monitor are very tinny sounding and lack any kind of power. They're only 2 watts, and they sound exactly like cellphone speakers. This might be a huge deal to people who don't have external speakers or a headset to use.


No remote controller support; I found in many instances that I would have to physically get up out of bed to lower the volume if it was too loud. (FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS) but this is only a minor problem.


Washed Out Color - I use to feel like the color was washed out, but I found a solution. I believe the monitor is still too bright, but the ECO setting makes things PERFECT. It lowers the backlight and saturates the colors and makes them look beautiful. The brightness is perfect for all games I play currently and I haven't turned back yet.


Overall it's a great monitor for the price, even if it is lacking in some respects. I hope this guide was helpful and informative.

6 MONTH UPDATE; I'm updating this review on April 5th, 2014.

Over the past 6 months, I've had nothing but good things to say about this monitor. I have not had any problems with it at all and I use it 7 days a week. Sometimes the monitor is on for 24 hours or more at a time and it's still going strong! I've fixed certain visual problems that took a star away and now I believe this monitor is PERFECT for the price, especially because it's on sale right now! (04/05/14)

Here are my visual settings for a perfect display;

ECO setting;

Sharpness: 1
Color Temperature: R 95 G 93 B 97
AMA: High
Instant Mode: On

Picture Advanced: HDMI RGB PC Range; 0~255
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on March 17, 2015
If you are a console gamer, then you will not regret buying this monitor. Let me rephrase that, you will absolutely LOVE this monitor.

Pros: The monitor looks fantastic. It's not as flashy as some of BenQ's XL series monitors, but it is definitely an attention grabber. It appears to be built very well and the hard plastic shell makes it sturdy and durable. The monitor is ready to go out of the box. Literally, I did not have to change a setting. Instant mode was on, low blue light was on, the black levels were set correctly, and the monitor was already in FPS mode. I looked for a setting to change and couldn't find one. One of the best things about the monitor are the colors. Despite it being a TN panel, the colors are actually pretty damn good. The customizable options are also there for anyone who wants to play with the settings and the menu panel is easy to navigate. I was previously playing on an Asus vx248h monitor and this was a step up in image quality. The 27" screen also seems huge (in a good way) over a 24" screen. I will likely use this monitor for many many years to come. If you are a console gamer, don't waste the extra money on an XL series monitor. Buy this one. Some additional pros are two HDMI ports, built in speakers (that are pretty decent), 1ms response time, and of course virtually zero input lag.

Cons: There really aren't too many "cons" about this monitor, but rather some things I am picky about. First, the stand makes it seem like the base is rubber so that your controller grips to the stand and will stay there. This is not the case. Only the top rounded section of the base is rubber. So if you bump your controller slightly it will lose its grip and slip off. If the monitor is on the edge of a table or desk, you are likely better off resting the controller somewhere else. The retractable headset hook is a bonus with the monitor, but it would have been much more convenient if it was built into the side of the monitor instead of on the back. This is how some of the XL monitors have it, so not sure why they went with putting the hook in the back. The only real issue I had with the monitor is the lack of tilt and height adjustments. However, for the price of the monitor I can live with the way it is. I can adjust my own position if needed.

Summary: Overall, this is the best console gaming monitor on the market. With all of the more expensive PC monitors you are paying for features that consoles don't support. So, if you love gaming on an Xbox or PlayStation you should look no further than the RL2755HM.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on December 26, 2014
Worked as advertised. Previously owned a 21" Acer, and the difference is staggering. Every game I play (LoL, Diablo III, SCII, FFXIV) looks better with more detail and color. This is the perfect monitor if you're a gamer on a budget and you're looking to upgrade like I was. Some of the negative reviews I read prior to buying are true, but over-exaggerated. Such as:

The glare you see when you change you're viewing angle. It certainly is there, but I don't often view my monitor at those angles, so it's kind of irrelevant. If it's a big deal to you then get an IPS panel instead of the TN panel that this monitor uses.

The speakers are terrible. True, but what did you expect? And who uses built-in monitor speakers anyway? Not you, that's who. The point is that nobody cares about those speakers. I'm glad they're there in case i'm in a pinch, but I have no intention of ever using them.

IT'S WAY BRIGHT! Also true, but a simple adjustment to the settings can fix that. Just be careful not to dim it too much or you'll lose some of your color quality. The biggest problem I had with picture quality was caused by the AMA setting. I'll be honest, I don't know what that is, but when it's on you're guaranteed to get ghosting on everything. If you're having this same problem as well, than simply turn it off in the settings menu and the problem will be fixed instantly. One last note about this topic: It took me a couple of hours of adjusting and testing to get my settings just right (this also involved moving around light sources within my room); but once I was finished I was very pleased. There are three save modes you can use to quickly swap between settings, which is also super useful since certain games will look better with different settings.

This is the first time I've bought a BenQ product, and I am very pleased with what I've purchased (especially considering the price). I will be recommending this monitor to my friends in the future.
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18 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on June 29, 2014
This monitor is 75hz. I've ready MANY reviews and none agree. I tested mine... IT runs at 75Hz. I kind of wish i would have ween with a 1440-1600p monitor, but that would have made it much more expensive. I will eventually use this as my Alternative monitor, when I do upgrade to a 1600p. However I have Zero dead pixels, and the colors are great. I love it..
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on May 12, 2015
I have been looking for a good gaming monitor for a long time. I did my homework, I looked at reviews, videos, and even asked at Best Buy to which one to get. The answer that I kept getting was BenQ. I am a console gamer with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and saw that this was the monitor built for consoles. On Amazon I saw that the 27 inch model of the BenQ RL Series was coming and knew that I wanted to get it. So when it was released that day on here I bought it for a really good deal. It was shipped out and delivered quickly, which made me very excited. However, I am a college student and did not get a chance to set it up and check it out right when it was delivered. School is now out for summer and I got to hook it up and play on it. After about a week of playing Call of Duty and other shooters I can tell a HUGE difference with response time when playing. That was one of the many reasons why I bought this monitor. I was originally playing on a 50 inch Sony TV and very glad that I made the switch to this monitor. There was one thing that made me nervous about getting this monitor and it was the picture quality. I kept reading some reviews saying that "the colors are washed out and it didn't look that great," well I am here to tell you that is not true at all. I used some of the settings online and found the best picture quality. It looks great on both my systems all you have to do is mess with the settings a little bit. I have never owned a gaming monitor, but after playing on the BenQ I am very happy with it and would get another one in a heart beat. I can't speak for other monitors and how the stack up, but if you plan on getting this one you won't be disappointed.
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29 of 39 people found the following review helpful
I'm so happy I finally ordered this monitor after doing some research. (Some quick history) I was playing my Xbox 360/One console's on my regular HDTV, a big old 47" Vizio "Smart TV" at 120hz with all that smooth motion stuff and while it had "Game Mode" it just made the games I played "not quite so awful" when on Game Mode, haha.... After my research I discovered my TV is up there in the top 5-10 worse possible LED HDTV's amount of input lag on many, many sites. Sad thing is it has beautiful picture, but now it's just for TV and occasional Xbox One blu-rays...... the lag was 350-650ms purely on HDMI input lag (with Game Mode on and all settings off, etc). It looked nice, but I had tons of issues playing NBA 2k14 online without serious lag issues and it nearly made shooting the ball impossible. Titanfall online was cool but so hard to get a kill... I'd totally see the guy first and lock on and shoot him first yet the weird lag would literally take at least 1 full second, maybe 1.5-2 full seconds from when I tapped shoot to when it actually shot (that 1-2 second lag was when playing online, with about 0.5 seconds lag offline... to the point I stopped enjoying it.

I got this monitor the other day after deciding I wanted something easy, simple, cheap, but solid and meant for what I need. And I was a bit weary at the start, when something says it has 1ms response GTG it makes you think "impossible", and while I'm not sure if it's gone from 450ms on my big screen to 1ms on this BenQ monitor, it sure does feel like it's a brand new system, no joke. Now I'm coming from a big screen Vizio that had so much processing video and audio via HDMI my online record was like 33% wins, basically winning 1 for every 2 losses.... It was nearly impossible to play defense on the Vizio because of lag, as well as getting players shot timing release correct being nearly impossible online.

The box came quick, score, and I was really impressed with the packaging and actual monitor itself. At this price I felt it would be cheap/flimsy plastic or something, but its a well constructed monitor. It's got a great base, a stand that snaps into the base and then the monitor slips right on top of that, all really secure. The buttons on the side are very intuitive and easy to use, being able to set and save your gaming profile or your PC profile (monitor settings). It also came with a solid RGB cord as well as a nice DVI cord as well. So I put it together and was ready to go, already impressed with what I had bought.

I turned on my 360 with HDMI and launched the system on...... and WOW. Seriously. The games and operating system run so much faster than I ever realized on the 360, and the picture is very very clear and colorful and sharp. My first game I played I was literally laughing loud, realizing that I just dropped 400ms in lag give or take, maybe more. It feels instantaneous, and the game plays so fluid no. NBA 2K14 is a complex and fast, competitive game and being able to use dribble moves now without worrying about running into an opponent on some weird random animation is just amazing. I have some friends that are like superfreaks on this game who will play me and beat me by 20 at the minimum always in the past. 3 of those guys I've played since and either beat by a few points or barely lost... all a result of the amazing monitor doing what it's supposed to do.

Even with HDMI video and audio at 1080p it runs flawlessly, and I've become this defensive stopper the past 3 days and I am in love with this monitor forever now. 6 minute quarters online, I am shooting about 10% better overall (from 40% to 50%+), as you can use the shot stick to create the spin shot and release the stick when the player flashes for 0.1 seconds, and I can actually use that function now, working perfectly! I used to be awful at free throws (like 65% bad average) and now I am hitting every FT basically. I always used to get out-rebounded because my timing was always off and what I understand now is it was always late jumping. Right when I played my first game I was actually doing really bad in the 1st quarter because everything is so extremely responsive and amazing. I was hopping for rebounds like 1-2 seconds early now, as it actually hops each time you tap Y.

But by the 2nd half I was dominating the computer on the hardest level, and doing combo dribble moves combined with change of pace/speed I feel like I'm in full control of the guy and as a result I am getting way more dribble drives that finish with dunks, and running the fast break is just crisper. Everything is so responsive, I just can't say that enough.

Then opened up TitanFall and my Xbox One and to my surprise I wasn't as bad as the big HDTV made me think I was, especially with the smart pisol (I'm not a huge FPS guy but most sports games have become so advanced that one tap of a trigger or button can result in getting dunked on. But all the sudden, I load the game (having not played it for a month or so) and it felt like a solid game actually with beautiful graphics and the ability to jump and fire and run, without weird lag. My first match was ok, adjusting, but no joke my second match online was the best game I'd ever played on it totally destroying people with that smart pistol auto aim thing. It's no different than what I did before on the other TV, it's just responsive so as a result I've greatly improved on it.

For console gaming, this gen and next gen, this monitor is great. I like to keep things simple, since most all games run at 720p or 1080p now and at 60hz/60 frames per second. The underrated part of this monitor is the picture quality. I was expecting stuff to sorta be washed out like RGB Xbox 360 Cord/Output that use to run nice on monitors, but was really greyish and washed out. Not this baby. It seems like the image is printed on the screen its so clear, crisp, beautiful range of colors, and with no slow down. I can't believe I didn't find out about this monitor a year ago, haha.

If you have a Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, or PS4 and you are playing on a big screen with lag (or something with lag that's just too obvious and can not get over the difference. If you already use a monitor for console gaming then it won't be a huge different probably, but if you are using a LED HDTV that's bigger than 32"/37" (especially the 40-60" range) and experience a lot of issues and input lag for gaming on your consoles, this is the perfect answer.

Speakers are meh, but it has a line in as well as a headphone/line out which is nice. That's the only weakness, weak speakers, haha. I haven't really tested it on PC much, though I hooked it up to my laptop via RGB (not DVI the higher quality) and set the desktop on the BenQ to 1920 X 1080 as that's its native resolution. It looks beautiful, and I watched the movie "Gravity" on it (a blu ray) and I felt like I was watching it on a high end amazing brand TV. For movies you want to set it to "MOvie" setting and turn on some of the picture features or raise the black equalizer and stuff, but 24'' is a lot bigger than I was thinking and it was superb.

The monitor does exactly what you think it does and I'm just another satisfied customer. I recommend this to anyone looking for a gaming monitor for their console, last gen or next gen... the picture is beautiful with colors and crisp smooth images, like no blur, great contrast, and lightning fast response time that I still can't get over!

It's already stepped up my game, it's amazing when you realize you've spent almost a year playing with 1.0 - 2.0 full seconds of input lag when playing online, making things insane (on a cheap old Vizio 47"). This thing could of cost $280 and I'd be satisfied.

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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on March 22, 2014
Lets be clear, this is a TN panel. TN panels are good at only one thing, handling fast motion. This monitor does everything it is hyped about. I found the Black E Q to be very limited in use. I bought this for response time and 0 input lag. I was able to get the colors set to where they are decent enough for gaming purposes. I would not try to use this for any graphics/photo work or even everyday use. I bought this for the sole purpose of use with an XB1. I play COD, HALO, FIFA, MADDEN, and FORZA exclusively online only, so no delay is important. I have not been disappointed.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on March 31, 2015
Very solid build quality. Thick matte black plastic houses the panel and forms the bezel. The bezel does not squeak or flex when squeezed against the back panel. It screams quality.
The power indicator light is understated and does not blind you.
The 1ms response time is definitely noticeable.
The color vibrancy is about average, nothing super special, but nothing to complain about. Black contrast, however, is just fantastic here.
The unit I received had zero dead, stuck, or hot pixels.
Light leakage (to be expected on a TN panel) was minimal, in fact it was the best I had seen in a TN monitor.
Speakers are very good for a monitor mounted 2w speaker. Definitely usable since you'll likely be sitting close to the monitor.
2 HDMI ports convinced me to move my PS4 to my computer desk.

The biggest con, for me at least, is that it does NOT display 75hz at any resolution over 800x600. They really should not list 75hz on the page if it cannot use this refresh rate at any modern resolution. I bought it under the premise that it would be 75hz, so I have to return it.
The wake up/start up time of this monitor is just a tiny bit longer than I would have liked, about 3sec.

There is a purple logo screen on start up. This can be disabled via a secret menu (hold the menu button while starting up the monitor).
My particular unit was able to successfully operate at 66hz @ 1920x1080 via Nvidia custom resolutions.

Bottom line:
If you intend to use this with a console, it is probably the best money can buy before you hit a point of diminishing returns. If you want to pull double duty for console and PC use, it does really well too. BUT if you are primarily a PC gamer looking for higher than 60hz (66hz custom) refresh, this won't do that at 1080p. I dinged a star for not specifying the usability of 75hz. Other than that, it is a fine monitor and I am sad to see it go.
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