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Price:$189.99 - $1,069.04
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on January 2, 2016
The Good the bad and the Ugly. Alright. so I've owned it for a week and a day. I've since mounted it to my ceiling and set it up against an MGM-92 screen. Screen I don't recommend, I just suggest a similar sized screen.

The Good:
-High Definition is real! I will admit I was very skeptical about it being HD. But sure enough it outputs at high definitions. I can plug my laptop into it and see my full screen without it being made smaller. I also have my PS4 plugged into it, and it's amazing.
-Controls! This has so many useful controls. The Keystone helps you align the screen so it looks perfect. There's a flip control right on the remote. Click it and it's already done. So when it's mounted up side down it's just one click away from being complete. Zoom! If you mount this and realize the screen is too small for the output of the projector. DON'T FRET! There's a button for that! Click Zoom and it'll Zoom out. You can press it I think 25 times and then it's back to original size. I was OCD and measured and lined it up so I didn't have to click zoom but it's a great feature to know about.
- Easy to focus.
- Remote is not perfect, but it's very featureful. Pretty easy to use, and I just tried clicking all the buttons ;-) I'll include a picture of the remote.
- Turns off immediately. Press power twice and it's off.

The Bad:
-Built in speaker is a joke. But it is nice that they include it. I've since plugged it into an old used surround sound system. It, Is, Amazing :-P. Just make sure you turn the volume of the projector down to zero when you do, otherwise it sounds not quite as good ;-).
-Fan noise is bearable but it is pretty loud considering. It's about as loud as a desktop computer under load (doing some processing). Or maybe as loud as a table top fan set at medium. Trying to give you an idea. Once the movie/show/game is on, I forget it's there.
-The smell. Wow does this thing smell. Smells like chemicals, and the fan just pours it into my bedroom. I'm sensitive to smells and it made the back of my throat hurt. I took out the filter (Which is removable!! :-) ) and sprayed a little febreze on it. And the smell has subsided a little bit. I'm sure it will improve over time.
-Bright indicator light on top. When I'm trying to sleep the red light is way bright in my face. It turns blue when you have it on, also bright.
-Speaking of brightness. It is not bright on my wall... But I have black out curtains, and as long as the lights are off, it looks beautiful. If I have my lights on I can definitely still see the screen and all but it's just faded. I honestly can't complain at all. Could they have used a bigger LED, yes. Would it have cost more? Probably.

The Ugly:
- Support information is unknown to me. I have no idea how to contact them if I ever have an issue. It's got a 1 year warranty or whatever, how do I get it fixed?? So I bought an extended warranty through squaretrade. It's 25 bucks, just do it :-P A worth while investment, as they're very easy to deal with.

In the pictures you can see I put a piece of cardboard over the light.

** Update: Okay.. so the screen now flickers when I'm using it. I get lines on the screen and it's very distracting. I contacted taotaole and they never got back to me. I'm going to call amazon and see if there's something they can do. Worst case I'll just use the warranty I got for it, but I'd rather have the original company cover it as they made it...
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon December 31, 2015
 I trust this video illustrates some of the features of this product. The #1 feature of this projector is the excellent video quality. I was surprised when I first played a sample .mp4 video file from a USB stick. In fact, the quality was so good, that I decided to move the projector FURTHER away from the screen. For my test shown in this video, I put the projector 17 feet from the "screen" (a white wall.)

After trying out many of the features, some observations:

+ Sharp video image. I think most users will be quite pleased using this for a home theater.
+ I found the video brightness was fine in a slightly dimmed room.
+ You can select video from a USB stuck, or use one of the "Video In" ports.
+ Built-in speakers provided adequate volume and fidelity. Perhaps some users may want to use external speakers, but you don't have to.
+ Remote control was intuitive and simple to use. All the features I tested (volume/mute/stop/reverse, etc.) all worked correctly.
+ There is a level adjustment bar on front of projector to raise the front. You push the lever labeled "PUSH" and the bar pops down. (On my unit, I had to first pry it gently to pull it down; it was fine after that.)
+ There are little "feet" on the bottom of the projector to assist in getting the unit level.
+ The manufacturer responded very promptly to a few questions I had.
+ User Guide is reasonably well-written, and most of the diagrams can be read.

CON: (Minus 1 Star)
- Product has warranty, but User Guide has zero information on how to get warranty service. To be fair, the supplier confirmed to me that the buyer can simply email them and they can supply replacement parts. This is fine, but that information needs to be included in the User Guide, rather than make the buyer go hunting for the information.
- A few diagrams of the User Guide cannot be read because the image is too small. (For example, in the diagram illustrating the control buttons, the numbers cannot be read.)
- The fan is moderately loud--it will not be a problem if you are watching an action movie, but I suspect you will hear it if watching quiet video.
- The 2 remote batteries are not included. For the price, I would have expected the set to include these inexpensive AA batteries.
- The kit doesn't have any HDMI cables (but it does have VGA and the classic video/audio RCA type cables.)

All in all, an excellent product with surprisingly good video that is great for a home video theatre. I found the projector simple to setup and simple to use. Most of the criticisms above are not for the projector itself, but for accessories, and are minor nits.

Sample product for impartial review.
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on December 8, 2015
Great projector! Easy set up! In just minutes was able to setup and start watching Monday Night Football.
review image
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on December 25, 2015
UPDATE: 1/17/16

There is an issue with connecting your TV via HDMI. There was an annoying crackle/pop in the video and audio of both ports, when watching TV. I returned the first unit, and the second one did the same thing. Had to return the second one as well. Bummer.

I researched projectors of every price range for months. I read reviews, watched videos, compared specs and really dug into different brands and their reliability. After a ton of investigation, I determined this Taotaole to have the highest quality, for the lowest price under $400. Considering that it's actual picture quality is darn near HD, I'd say this projector is a steal!

Anything comparable will cost at least $100 more.

Beautiful picture quality, and its adjustable
Great focus and tilting
Easy controls, simple to figure out and use
Decent on-board audio
Multiple inputs: 2 USB & 2 hdmi especially

The fan is loud, but tolerable if you have speakers
A little chunky, hollow and cheap feeling (even though it delivers in picture quality)
(I think mine got banged up in transit) the video kept glitching when connected through hdmi

All in all, I think this is a fantastic buy, and a tremendous value. If yours doesn't get banged up on the way, you will not be disappointed.
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on April 29, 2016
I just received this projector today. I am reviewing it in relationship to $200 range of LED projectors. This projector is pretty amazing for the price. While there are a lot better projectors in higher price range, this one is perfect for the budget buyer. It's 16:9 aspect ratio projects a great image without too many bars. I have it connected to a laptop at 1280x960 instead of native resolution. It fills the projected area better.

The keystone is fairly crappy, it puts some areas in focus while making others out of focus. This is not too bad when projecting movies, TV, and slides with larger text. If projecting games or desktops, keystoning will make some of the screen out of focus. At some angles, it seems you cannot get it's focus tight enough, especially when projecting from a more extreme angle. Again, the keystone probably has a good effect on it. It's fan is audible, but it's very easy to ignore it. The audio on it is actually better than I thought they would be. I still would not use them, I just have my laptop use my surround system's bluetooth audio. The projector does have analog audio out if you want to connect older systems to it. The brightness is pretty good, but you have to be in a dark room to really appreciate it. It's better than any pocket projectors. I've run it for a few hours and it seems to stay pretty cool temperature wise. I really like the near instant on and off of LED projectors.

In the pictures, things seem out of focus, and a little washed out, but that is more my phones camera in low light. I have it on a projector stand, which if I remember correctly, cost nearly as much as this projector. I'm projecting on a slanted wall with my fan clipping in and an AC vent towards the bottom. This is not the room I plan on using this in a majority of the time, but it works out well. I have a led flash light shining on my TV in one of the pictures so you can see the size comparison with a 55" TV. The projection is about 13' away from the wall.

The menu seems nice, and I like that it has auto-shutoff options, so I can use it to go to bed with.

Most projectors seem to report their input as their resolutions, while this accepts higher resolutions, it is slightly better than a true 720p.

It feels solidly built.

If I run into problems, I'll update this review.
review image review image review image
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The easy way to describe this would be is that it is OK value for the money. If you step up to the $500-600 mark you will not regret it, but if you can’t wait and are really cash strapped then it might just do.

I’m just going to rattle of the pros and cons as I see them. I have used ton of projectors in my time so I know what I’m looking for but keep in mind many of my comments re relative to its price (which was never $799 don’t believe that price for a second I’m rating it at $250. If it was up against $799 projectors this thing would get murdered and no one would attend the funeral). I managed to get a 100” projection onto a screen that was watchable as movie projector so I think on the whole its decent but there are some considerations at hand.

Pros -

Good picture. If you feed it a native 720p source you will get a excellent picture for movies / TV etc A HD source downscales it to the projector native resolution OK but your best bet would be from a computer / android box that can output a native 720p signal for the best 1:1 picture. Picture for games isn’t as good and I sensed some input lag anyway on my quick game test although if you tolerant maybe you wont care.

Brightness is decent and can be easily watched in a dimly lit room. Disregard lumen ratings in the the real world it is relative to competing light anyway but this is fine in a dimly lit or dark room.

Plenty of inputs so will take most devices and will allow multiple devices to be plugged in at once.

Blacks and colors are OK for a budget projector. Feed it a good source you will get a decent result.

Native 16:10 which is a big plus. Budget projectors are often 4:3 with a 16:9 mode that looks horrible due to the huge black backlighting bleed. It means it ‘feels’ like the right shape to watch movies and it makes a big difference over other budget projectors. If this projector was native 4:3 I would duck it another star the 16:10 makes a big difference.

As stated got it to 100” and it was still good for movies and fairly sharp once focused. Probably can go a bit further if you have the space can get that throw.

Cons -

Build quality of the focus ring is really cheap and lets the projector down. It’s somewhat annoying really as the rest of the projector has pretty decent build quality it would have cost $1-2 in production to put a much nicer focus ring on and a fraction more for a really smooth one.

Keystone is not good and I wouldn’t recommend touching it which means you will need to get your alignment specific or your image will suffer. The Keystone is also very loose and acts like a lens tilt so it isn’t a digital keystone and I feel it may move around a little.

No throw adjustment meaning you have to manual position the projector from your screen to get the desired image size. This is not good if you have a specific space and placement required but OK if you have plenty of space to move it back and project.

No lens shift so you will have to align it exactly to get the picture where you want it. This also can be troublesome as it want to tilt up a bit and will require a lot of fiddling around to get it close to a framed space.

Noisy but I’ve used higher price projectors that are worse.


I’d recommend this may be worth a look if you are on a budget and are OK with the cons. Solid 3.5 / 5 with value in mind. I don’t think it is a great projector for a screen as the limited setup and adjustment options will drive you crazy trying to align it, but on a white wall that will have a bit more give in the framing and picture size it might be OK. Its your call Bogey,

Product provided for review - its just my opinion.
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on May 15, 2014
Ok, i bought this as refurbished. And this is my first projector. first appearance while trying to configure: theres a bit of a learning curve on the menu. but it is pretty much plug and play under auto mode. It gets hot, like every other projector ive tested out in stores, but cools down in about 5 minutes. Im a dj and ive used it for about 8 hours straight.

the image quality is not what I hoped for, but then again i was hoping for high quality, but i guess i need to spend more... do your research on contrast/ratio. as far as lumens goes, this thing is super bright. can see everything in great detail even with light on. however, its not adequate for outside. Id go with higher lumens, maybe even 4000.

Looks very nice, professional , and even business like.

also review throw, because if you're like me and want 120" screen in your living room youll need to push it back over 10ft, and i have limited space....

so i hope this helps someone of you some way some how.
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on March 19, 2016
This is a great, inexpensive projector with a range of options and really good quality. I bought it for recreational use and I use it all the time for watching movies. I have a very cheap setup for my screen (a white bed sheet), and the picture quality is still very clear and crisp for the size. I love the options that this product gives you for input options and I have used all of them since purchasing this device.

Pros- Great price, lots of options, decent quality picture
Cons- 1, sometimes using HDMI input, the projector will flash and make a popping sound. It only does this with my Playstation 3 though as it doesn't do it with anything else I plug into the HDMI ports. 2, some people claim that it has a loud fan. It's never been a big problem for me though because I am used to computers that are louder than this projector.

I would definitely recommend this projector for anyone looking for a quality projector for a more than fair price. The options and quality far outweigh the minor nitpicks that can be found with it, especially for the price.
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on March 18, 2016
I just powered up the projector today, with the result that I get no light. I hope to discover that this is a user error, but the manual says that the light will start working "after a few seconds" and it didn't, even though the fan spun up. If I can't figure out (or get info on) what the problem is and how to resolve it I will be returning it, possibly for a replacement. I will update this review if the replacement works.

I just powered up the projector today. The result was no light. I am trying to determine if this is user error, but the manual says that the light will start working "a few seconds" after powering up, and it didn't. There is nothing in the very short troubleshooting section about the main light not coming on, which is another reason that I suspect it's a bad unit. I had the VGA connected to my laptop, but even with no input I would expect the light to go on. If I can't figure out what's going on I will return it either for a refund or for a replacement. If the replacement works I will update this review. (If anyone has had the "no light" problem and fixed it, please let me know what you did.)

Regardless of that, though, here are some issues/oddities that you might consider if you buy this product:
> The box it comes it does not have anything I can identify as a manufacturer's name—any name—anywhere on it.
> The box does not have any contact info or address anywhere on it.
> The manual also has neither the name nor contact info for the manufacturer. This includes the warranty card.
> A spare fuse is included but there is no instruction as to how to install it. There is no access that I can find on the shell.
> The screws that hold the shell together are inset about 3 inches! So deep that even shining multiple lights directly down the recess I am unable to determine what kind of screw is in there. Nothing I've tried so far has fit and of course I don't want to risk damage.
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on February 23, 2016
Great projector, room needs to be completely dark to see images well, or very dimmed light. If you have snap crackle pop and flashes when using HDMI like for roku, you need a cable that is supported, HDMI 1.1 - 1.4, not 2.0. I totally didn't notice that in the specks, ordered one, and roku works perfect now. I apparently had the newest 2.0 version. This is my main TV now and I love it.
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