Customer Reviews: BenQ High Performance Gaming XL2720T 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor
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on April 30, 2013
Bought this monitor the day it went on sell (via BenQ Shop). Unboxed, immediately disappointed by the out-of-box color. Menus were pleasant to navigate so it wasn't a pain to adjust the monitor to my liking. Came with one dead (white) pixel. I can only see it if I'm looking for it so it's not really a problem. Motion is super slick with Instant Mode on and AMA set to High. If you have an NVIDIA video card, you can mix Digital Vibrance in to really get some performance out of this monitor. Overall very pleased with the monitor despite the problems I've had.

The headphone holder on the back of this monitor is overall my favorite feature.

The Lightboost hack is incredible (google it) but I would only recommend doing it if you can get a solid 120fps out of the game your playing. Again, if you have Nvidia you can adjust the color once lightboost is activated within Nvidia Control Panel. You can not adjust monitor color when 3D mode is active (only brightness and contrast).

Here's my calibration settings;

BenQ XL2720T:
Brightness: 100 or lower (your choice)
Contrast: 60
Sharpness: 6-7
Black eQualizer: 10 (+/- 1, your choice)
Colour Temperature - R:86, G:86, B:100
Instant Mode: On
AMA: High

Nvidia Control Panel:
Brightness: +50
Contrast: +50
Gamma: +1.00
Digital Vibrance: +62-75 (your choice)

Lightboost Hack NVIDIA Color Calibration:
Nvidia Control Panel:
Gamma: +1.05-1.09
Digital Vibrance: +95
Hue: +357
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on May 8, 2013
Let me get this out of the way first - yes, it looks quite bad out of the box, with super bright picture and washed out colors. That being said, it looks quite good to me after spending some time and adjusting it. Offers a ton of options with regards to adjusting color, etc. In general to me it looks about as good as you can get with a TN panel.

No dead pixels.

Wired remote to change settings is a nice and useful touch, allows you to work the monitor menu without fiddling with buttons on the monitor itself. The remote has a clickwheel which is used to choose and select options, back button and 3 hotkeys to which you can map different monitor settings, this makes it very easy to navigate through monitor menus and adjust the settings. Hotkeys for different monitor settings are very convenient - I use one for desktop use and two others for two different gaming settings. Also liked how the remote has a magnet inside and attaches magnetically to the base of the monitor. Monitor stand has a handle in case you want to lug it around on a regular basis. In general the design is quite good and definitely above average when it comes to attention to detail.

I also tried ASUS VG278HE - it was quite good as well but had far less options with regards to picture adjustment, thus I decided to go with the BenQ monitor.

This is the first time I tried a 120Hz monitor and there's definitely no going back to 60Hz!

Also wanted to add that HDMI cable is not included - however you will not be able to get 120Hz over HDMI, anyway, and if you are not using 120Hz then why buy this monitor...
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on July 10, 2013
I'll keep this short and simple:


- If you can play your favorite games at 120+fps, this is certainly worth considering. Rock solid display! Great response time.

- The menu "pad" is awesome. It makes menu options easy to pick and choose in any lighting, and it's like having a mouse for the monitor.

- Super bright. You shouldn't have ANY problem looking for brightness to suit your desires.


- Not-too-good color reproduction. This is obvious, though. Not just in reviews, but because it's a TN panel so that's no surprise. It's not "bad", but side by side with my other monitor it's quite obvious. This isn't a deal breaker for me.

- Only 1080p. At 27" display, you can really start to see how higher resolutions become a more enjoyable experience.

I haven't used the 3d on this monitor (yet). But if I play TOMB RAIDER or CRYSIS 3 in 3d some day, I'll make a revision to this review.

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on February 25, 2014
Bought this because its supposed to be the best!

Im so happy with it compared to my t.v

Quick pro/con list

Pro: response time is insane! Widescreen/picture on this thing is just brilliant.
It can raise on its stand about a foot to being completly touching at bottom of stand.

The black equalizer this monitor offers is really a huge plus in dark/bad lighting areas.

No more am I lagging as much or don't register shots on enemies(Cod)

It has 12O MHz for watching sports or fast graphic viewing.

Quality and little things that also come with it: well made and did I mention a place to hang up your turtle beaches/astros/etc. Also has a plastic cover that is scaled to fit around whole screen and stand haha. Plenty of plug ins for just about anything.

Cons: Besides the default screen setting and having to tweak them to my likings... I really have none.. Maybe if It could tilt downwards more at a angle maybe.. It can swivel and tilt upwards as much as you need.. Ok so much for my quick review haha..

450 bucks but I wanted 27inch monitor with 1ms so Its really up to you.

Package was supposed to arrive on a saturday but did not show.
Carrier problem lost in transit but Amazon offered me for refund if I didn't want to keep the package. Hope this helps/helped! Have a ? About it feel free to ask
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on September 23, 2013
I didn't quite understand the need for a 120hz display in gaming until I saw a friend at a LAN party using one. The smooth tracking you get in FPS games is totally worth the cost.

I chose the BenQ XL2720T due to the fact that we use their displays at work. They make a great, high quality business display, so I expected the same in their enthusiast hardware. They certainly did not disappoint. Unboxing was a simple affair with everything laid out logically. The box had plenty of Styrofoam protection, so no worries about your display getting damaged in transit.

Assembly of the base was simple and straightforward. The base stalk has a wide, open hole with red trim for routing your cabling, and a red hook at the top for headphones (one of my favorite features). The base itself has two magnetic ends that allow you to clip in a small, scroll-wheel based navigator for the settings menu. This item actually proved to be very useful later on. At the very tippy-top of the stalk is a carry handle for all your travel and LAN events. Included with the whole shebang is a black plastic cover for the display, which is great for protecting the display when not in use. There's also a hole in the top of the cover for the carry handle, which is a nice touch.

The display's setting menus are very easy to navigate, especially when using the included scroll-wheel device. There's a comprehensive set of dial for color temperature, contrast, brightness, and even a 1:1 monitor emulation. This way, you can force the display to produce a 1440x900 or other resolution at it's native output. I don't have much call for that feature, but it's still nice to have.

I hooked the display up to a 120hz KVM from ATEN using DVI, which worked perfectly. At this point, I found the one glaring problem with this display: the out of box color settings. The color and brightness settings out of the box are just plain awful. Saturation is over the top, contrast feels washed out, there's just too many problems to list. There's another review on here that has a decent fix in the settings, but I still think I'm going to pick up a calibration tool to get it right. If BenQ were to fix this issue, this would be a 5-Star review. However, I'll probably have to put myself another $100 in the hole just to get the color right.

Even with the color reproduction issues, I would still recommend this display. It's extremely well engineered, easy to use, and performs great for gaming use. Just be aware of the color issues out of box, and make sure you calibrate. For me, the 120Hz was a leg up on the competition. Using this in BF3, I was able to drastically improve my KDR and win-rate. I can't say that I've purchased a "Gamer-centric" product before that had such a profound impact on my performance.
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on January 6, 2014
I've tried many different TVs and Monitors over the years of all sizes, panels, refresh-rates, resolutions, and designs; this one is no joke.

The refresh rate - If you're a gamer and you have a beefy rig that can support 120+ fps than you'll love this monitor. Movements and turns with the increased refresh rate look smooth and consistent.

The build - this is one of the most solid monitors I've ever used. The build is sturdy and supports the weight of the monitor well with no wobbling, creaking, or straining.

Rotate - the screen can be turned vertically if you so desire; I develop software for work and having the vertical screen to look at code on this huge screen is really nice.

LED Backlit - this screen can be really bright if you want it to be, very very bright. The range of brightness that you can scale to your liking is remarkable. You can make it as bright or dim as you like.

The panel - Other monitors on the market have stellar panels with incredible pictures and higher resolutions. If image quality is your primary concern than this may not be the monitor for you.

Stock configuration - this monitor looks like garbage out of box, you will need to spend a little time calibrating it and getting it looking just right.

Conclusion - This is a very good gaming monitor; you are getting what you pay for in terms of the build quality and the refresh rate, at the sacrifice of some of the image quality. At the price range < $1000, you cannot have everything (panel quality, resolution, refresh-rate) but you can have most of it.
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on October 7, 2013
I didn't realize how bad the viewing angles were on TN panels. I've always had IPS panels. They say 160/170 degrees for the angles but contrast and color tones shift at about 10-20 degrees. That is probably the worst thing about this monitor. If you are keeping your head stationary while using it, everything looks fine after some calibration.

The monitor is incredibly bright. So bright, that it hurts. I currently have brightness down to 5. It has a great amount of contrast, but I find it difficult to find the sweet spot where I am not crushing deep blacks or washing out bright whites. Again, viewing angle can come into play here.

It has height, tilt, and swivel adjustment. I do not like the curved base. It's unnecessary since I might have a center speaker or soundbar. The back of the base has a nice hook that you can put headphones or 3d glasses on. The touch screen buttons for adjusting monitor settings are tough to use. Especially one button that just refuses to activate.

The custom preset buttons and module are a nice touch, since it's easier to navigate the monitor osd menu with the wheel.

Lightboost is awesome, even in 2D mode using Toasty-X. I suggest anyone who wants to try it needs to recalibrate inside windows because the color gets thrown way off when you turn it on. Monitor color adjustments are unavailable other than the amount of lightboost and contrast. Grays turn purple or lavender, so you really need to have a new color management profile ready for when you enable it.

120hz is awesome. I'm not sure if I can go back to 60hz. I have the BenQ hooked up to my xbox360 which only does 60hz(through hdmi) and there is ghosting in GTA V when the frame rate drops, but not through DVI from my PC in other games.

On that note, HDMI can pass through audio, but most likely only stereo since it has no speakers and just a headphone jack. Luckily, I have an HDPVR, a component to HDMI converter, and an old RCA to mini-stereo plug going into my line-in on my motherboard for audio. So, if you want to multi-purpose this monitor, your going to need a long mini-stereo jack that has whatever you need on the other end going into your speakers or receiver or computer.

I have an AMD video card so testing the 3D could only be done with extra equipment, like a DVI sync stripper and emitter, Xpand glasses, and sview for viewing stereo movies. Worst thing about both glasses I tried is that if you tilt your head counter clockwise, the picture gets brighter, while the stereo effect is maintained. I actually had the glasses tilted on my head so the screen wasn't so dark.

Overall, this monitor is a keeper, and I will continue to hack away at attempting to get it to work in 3D over DVI for games with tridef on my AMD card. Looking back, I could have used the money I spent on the other equipment to buy a samsung s27a950d which is compatible with amd's hd3d. Either way, I like this monitor, and I like customizing.

Can't wait for 120hz IPS panels at 1440p!
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on April 21, 2014
I bought two of these monitors for my son to use with his Xbox 360 and Xbox one and he loves the display, He has abandoned a 55" LED TV to use these tiny monitors because of the quality of gaming associated with these units. They are pricey though.
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on February 26, 2014
This monitor is more than i need for gaming. I use it for CS:GO and your basic websurfing etc..

However from the reviews you will find that the colors are off when you put the monitor on as a new product, as its not precalibrated very well.

I calibrated mine using Colormunki Smile, with programs that are freeware and give better results than the standard that comes with the Colormunki.

Argyll V1.6.3
dispcalGUI V1.7.5.7

I set my monitor for 6500K, luminance 160 cm/m2 as i like it bright for games.

I used:
Brightness 59
Contrast 50
Sharpness 7
Gamma 3
Color Temperature: R97 G86 B76

This setting gave me accurate 6500K on HW settings. I used the programs after this to calibrate the rest.

I got:
Gamut coverage 97.7% sRBG
Gamut volume 115.2% sRBG

Please understand, that just setting the setup in HW does not guarantee your monitor the best settings or 6500K as its allso about your gfx card, and you would need a calibration device to do it properly. My calibration device cost me 89 dollars.
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on February 26, 2014
monitor was delivered on time but had a few dead pixels and a broken menu button. Amazon sent me a new one next day no charge that was perfect. big thumbs up to amazon customer service.

Monitor is truly amazing.does everything it promises and then some.
Has defiantly bettered my fps gaming. Worth every penny
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