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on February 12, 2015
First off, let me just say that this monitor was almost sent back upon plugging it in because for some reason the default "FPS1" profile was selected and had terrible color, just absolutely horrendous. Do not let this fool you, however, the perfect settings are in there somewhere! With the disclaimer out of the way, on to the review!


1. After calibration and applying ICC profiles, the screen looks amazing even at 144hz, which is known to ruin color accuracy. Other than viewing angles, this monitor has deeper blacks and less distortion than my IPS display right next to it, granted it is a cheaper IPS from a couple years ago, but the point still stands. Compared to other TN panels, this one is by far the best I have experienced color wise, and while the viewing angles don't compare to IPS panels it is leagues ahead of comparably priced TN panels. Don't let these other reviews fool you, it took me all of about 10 minutes to find the right settings and apply the ICC profile, not worth even taking half an egg off. I used this link to get my colors just right and to get the ICC profile to work. Although I found that setting the Blue to 90 made things just a tad yellow for my taste, so I left it at 95.

2. This monitor uses the same panel and technology as its big brother the 2420G. The 2420G is twice the price of this monitor, and the only real difference is that the 2420G has G-sync. So for $250 you are essentially getting a $600 monitor without G-sync, what a steal!

3. The profiles on this monitor are very handy for switching between different games I play. Though I usually just leave it on my default calibrated setting 90+% of the time, I like having the option to quickly switch profiles without having to take too long.

4. For anyone worried that they won't be able to reach 144fps in games, do not worry about it! The entire windows experience in 144hz is mind blowing, everything is so smooth and crisp. Typing documents is a pleasure at 144hz, it is hard to describe how superb it looks unless you have seen it for yourself. When I slide windows over to my 60hz IPS panel, everything just seems so laggy and stuttery compared to this monitor. Even if you only hit 70 or 80 FPS in most games you will notice a difference, and the anti strobing effect makes it so I can use the monitor for longer without getting a headache. Explosions and color pop off the screen. Liquid moves at a more fluid and realistic pace making the immersion just that much better. Screen tearing is nearly non existant on this monitor, and I have only noticed it at all in Farcry 4, but that is mostly because Farcry 4 is not programmed very well.

5. The monitor itself is built very well. I prefer the look of this monitor over the other Benq models because it is less in your face with its minimalist design, and I like actual buttons instead of laggy capacitive buttons. The inlaid tray is great for keeping cell phones and the like, I actually have a wireless charging pad I set in there and it fits perfectly. It is awesome being able to rotate the monitor to easily access the ports on the bottom, I've never had such an easy time getting the DVI-D cable in. A DVI-D cable is included in the box, and it is required to get 144hz.


1. This monitor is bulky, and if you have a 24" monitor already be prepared for this thing to feel way bigger. The stand, while very sturdy and strong, is hard to adjust vertically because it is a locking mechanism versus the spring loaded version in the 2420G. I didn't need to adjust my monitor vertically at all, but if some does be warned it can be a bit tricky.

2. No G-sync on this monitor is not a problem for me, but for those that are looking to get G-sync in the future, be warned that this monitor cannot be upgraded to accept the G-sync. I personally think g-sync is a tad unecessary, especially when there is software out there that does nearly the same thing and it is free.

3. This monitor has an HDMI, VGA and DVI-D port only, no display port. This should be a non issue since the only reason to use display port is for g-sync or sound, but this monitor doesn't have speakers and it doesn't have g-sync so there shouldn't be any worries. The DVI-D cable that comes in the box is thick and robust, very well constructed.


This monitor is the best monitor you can buy for under $400 in my opinion. For $250, you get 90% of the software and features of another monitor that costs twice as much, a TN panel which has great color accuracy and viewing angles compared to others that cost more, a strong and sturdy build quality that is unmatched in this price point, and a gaming experience that will change the way you play. Older games that I haven't played in a while breathe new life playing at 144hz, and even demanding AAA titles feel more immersive with a boost in fluidity.

I would have paid atleast $100 more for this monitor and still been extremely satisfied, this thing is a steal. 10/10 would buy again (and probably will)!
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on April 23, 2014
There aren't many reviews of this monitor online, but I still took the leap and purchased it straight from BenQ about 2 weeks ago. I will do my best with this review and you can figure out whether this is for you. My brother uses a Dell U2412M monitor right next to me, and it is priced nearly the same, so it will be an excellent comparison. I will also mention its slightly "bigger" brother, the XL2420Z. Note the quotation marks. I am not using 3d mode because I have an AMD card.


Also, this monitor has BLUR Reduction which is compatible with AMD cards, and better than lightboost!

Initial Impressions:

Unboxing is fairly easy. Comes with all the basic amenities including Power Cable, Dual-DVI, and even VGA(except I would try and avoid this one). I am currently using the Dual-DVI and have it connected to a AMD r9 290.

Setting it up was fairly simple, a monkey can do it. No offense to monkeys, I mean I really don't mean to offend you. Please don't take it the wrong way.

Colors out of the box are pretty atrocious, but there is a big note on it that clearly states that it is set to a specific setting. There are color ICC profiles(and instructions) online at a specific pc monitor review site for 100, 120, and 144hz modes(search for XL2420Z review, it uses the same panel). Unfortunately there is none for 60hz, but I'm sure someone will whip something up. After applying the ICC profiles, the colors look a LOT better, However(to nobodies surprise) my brother's U2412M looks at least 3.476x better(Approximation based on numbers that have been lifted out of thin air).

Now the real question everyone was waiting for. HOW IS THE CLARITY?!:

It is excellent. Extremely clear. Do yourself a favor and head over to the Blur Busters website and download the unofficial program that allows you to alter the Persistence and Crosstalk. They have plenty of articles and tutorials on how to fine tune it, but the blur bluster program is ONLY supported by V2 firmware. If you are using an nVidia card, you can improve the effect through the driver program. AMD users can download the Custom Resolution Utility by Toasty X for a similar effect. What those do is basically override the Monitor Drivers and finetune the crosstalk, making the bands at the top and bottom smaller, but not ridding them altogether which is inevitable. You can set up multiple profiles so when you change the frequency in the display settings, they will be automatically overridden by the profiles.

Now about those bands. They suck. I deducted a star off because of them. In fact, even though they are small and aren't very noticeable, it can be VERY detracting from the experience at times. All lightboost/blur reduction monitors suffer from this effect by the nature of the monitor refresh. Unless they figure out a way to display every pixel simultaneously, this is unavoidable (lightboost v2 maybe?).

Despite all this awesome clarity, it is really hard to run all games at a minimum of even 100HZ, even with my r9 290. Tearing is still prevalent and not many games are truly 120hz supported, which leaves a really bitter feeling in me. On top of that, higher frequencies cause weird effects in games that do not support them. The AMA setting is excellent in some games, and weird in others. This monitor is truly for fast paced FPS games, but here is the downfall: games look amazing at 100HZ(I can't tell the difference above 100fps, and I'd rather have improved color accuracy), but you get used to it really quickly. Also, it is no where near as big of a leap as it is from lets say 30fps-60fps. Honestly, I would love to keep it at 60HZ with maximum Blur Reduction to keep the banding at a minimum, but the flicker gets to me and it really is an eye sore at that refresh rate. You can't notice the Blur Reduction Flicker at 100HZ or up. What I'm trying to say is that if you aren't truly an all FPS player and like to diversify your gaming genre, the U2412M may be the best choice you can make(of course, you need to be at 60fps, sorry console peasant). The colors make it truly immersive and the blur/ghosting doesn't really detract from games like Dark Souls (I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE SECOND ONE, I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE GRAPHICS BACKPEDAL, BRING ME DEATH). Borderlands 2 looks clearer on my BenQ, but it looks beautiful on his Dell.

Oh and I said I would mention the XL2420Z. This monitor has the same panel. You are paying $100 extra for that cheesy magnet switch at the base. If you want it, by all means, throw your money at it. But I can't imagine myself wanting that atrocity on my desk, and I would barely touch it as well. The XL2411Z monitor does have limited hotkeying for 3 buttons which can let you change brightness/contrast/profiles and other things on the fly (AMA is not available to hotkey, which is lame), but that is more than enough for me. I'm happy with the $100 I saved and the guaranteed V2 firmware. Also, since the panel is the same, you can look up reviews on the XL2420Z, and it should be pretty close to what you will expect. Just make sure you are reading a review with V2 firmware, not V1.

Features I have not mentioned are not worth touching IMO. Black eQualizer, Blue Light Reduction, Smart Focus, and there are others. Don't really care for them. If you have any questions, please ask away! I do play on keeping this monitor until someone can release a nice 4k IPS 120HZ Blur Reduction GSYNC/FREESYNC monitor!

*Update 10/11/2014*

I would just like to add that this monitor is still going strong. I mean it better be, I've owned it for only 6 months. I also have settled on 120hz with Blur Reduction OFF. The bands were just too bothersome and too noticeable for me. I did tweak the Toasty X Custom Resolution Utility to include a 72hz option, and in this frequency the color is slightly better and the Blur Reduction Crosstalk bands are not even noticeable! However, my eyes would feel fatigued shortly. I'm guessing that although I don't consciously see the flickering, it is still affecting my eyes. The smoothness of 120hz without blur reduction is fantastic though, so I am still happy with it, perhaps spoiled. I may try the 72hz with blur reduction again in a while.

Also, I do not use the Blue Light feature. I have downloaded a program called f.lux on my brother's recommendation which is better than the built in blue light feature. You may not like it because it adds a serious orange tinge to the monitor, but as a person who spends much of their time on a computer, this is a no-brainer for me.
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on September 20, 2015
An affordable 144hz monitor with fantastic response time and viewing angles. At $280 it is a steal.
It comes with a Dual-link DVI cable (144hz) and a VGA cable out of the box. It has an HDMI port, but will only output at a maximum of 60hz, so DVI or Displayport are your only real options. I have this monitor on a VESA mount right now and I am loving it.

Good colors (adjustment required)
Blur reduction is amazing
Overall build quality seems very solid
VESA mount compatible.

The "FPS1" profile that the monitor is defaulted to has awful colors, and requires changing color profiles. I changed mine using this: (profile) (tutorial on how to apply)

Conclusion: Since the only con was easily fixed, it was not enough to warrant a star off. I will update this review in the future accordingly.
review image
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on May 4, 2016
I bought this gaming monitor as a gift for my husband. He plays Call of Duty with a team and has noticed a significant difference in his playing since using the monitor. He loves the feel of the monitor and the weight to it. He loves that he can adjust the monitor up and down and tilt it too. Overall, he is pleased with it and I am the best wife for buying it! Win-Win!
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on September 24, 2014
I've been using this monitor for 3 days for both desktop and gaming use.

For the last 7 years, I exclusively used a Dell 3007WFP-HC (IPS, 60Hz, 2560, 102% NTSC color). I currently have the 3007 sitting right next to the XL2411Z for side-by-side comparisons.

What people say about the color is true. I followed the calibration advice and installed the ICC profile from TFT Central... but blacks aren't that deep inky black you get with IPS. Colors don't pop. It's like those allergy commercials where they peal away a gray film on the video to reveal reality. Except, you can't remove that gray film from the panel.

I'm also personally struggling with the downgrade in resolution. A 24" 1080p monitor feels like a baby monitor compared to 30" 2560... but this is a personal issue.

I wanted to try 144Hz and I'm glad I did! I experimented 144Hz, 120Hz, Motion Blur On/Off and I tried the other features too. I couldn't have imagined the difference having only used 60Hz for the last 7 years. It is PLAINLY much more clear in 2d on websites and windows. I can spin them in circles really fast and track the text with my eyes and its crystal clear the entire time. If I do that on the 3007, it just isn't totally clear. I couldn't have understood it without seeing it.

In Battlefield 4 for example, I can snap really hard to my right, aim and shoot - and it's completely clear the entire time. Screenshot clear. There is no 1/8 to 1/4 of a second of blur there I would get on the 3007.

The "instant mode" option also makes the hand-eye coordination sensation so much better. With this feature as well, I could not have understood the difference until experiencing it for myself. I never felt like I had input lag on the 3007... until I used this. It can seem at times that the monitor and the mouse are almost directly connected to my brain.

I am rating this monitor 5/5 stars because it does what it was marketed to do, at good quality. Are the colors weak? Yeah, but I knew that going in. Is the resolution amazing? No, but I knew that going in. Is 144Hz amazing, is the motion clear, and is it lag free? Yes, yes and yes!

Other notes:
Mine has no dead pixels.
I do notice color shift if I artificially rotate my head around. That's the underlying technology.
I don't have bright spots or bands. I don't have cloudy or gritty screen coating.
I struggled at first getting a few select applications to work in 144Hz. Internet research provided the answers.
I have noticed quirks as a result of running 2 monitors at different refresh rates. I fixed most of them, but there's still bugs.
Some features are not available in all preset modes - like Black Equalizer. I consider that kind-of stupid but unimportant.
I am not using V Sync. I almost never see tearing - I think because the monitor successfully draws every frame given to it with time to spare.
I am able to hit more than 144 FPS in games @ 1080p because of my computer spec - GTX Titan SLI.
I am using the included Dual Link DVI cable.
I did not use any 3rd party utilities or patchers to modify drivers or motion blur tech.
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on April 1, 2016
This is an expensive, high performance monitor. Well built, intuitive controls, and easy to use. However, it has some real drawbacks/trade-offs for people who plan to use this monitor for anything other than FPS gaming.

1) 1080P is low for a 24" monitor: Please be aware that this is a 1080P with a max of 144hz. (note: you will not find many/any reasonably priced UHD or 4K monitors that are above 60hz, so it is a trade-off). If you plan to do anything other than play FPS or action games, get a BenQ 4K or UHD monitor.

2) Constantly switching cables: This is important to not when trying to watch movies, especially on itunes. Itunes will flake out on you and not show the movie in HD if you are not using the HDMI port. Additionally, the monitor only supports 144hz through DVI-D. Additionally, it does not have a displayport adapter, so you are forced to switch back and forth.
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on May 2, 2016

I went from 11 RWS to 13 and then got matched against Subroza, cj-the-king, marved, wrath, and other cheaters which ESEA fails to catch with it's blatantly garbage anticheat. Nice job letting known cheaters like cool,dukiii and xenn still play ;)

For real though, the monitor is great and here are my settings:

Brightness 85
Contrast 50
Low Blue Light 0
Black eQualizer 0
Blur Reduction OFF
Color Temperatur USER MODE:
R 85
G 85
B 92
Instant Mode ON
Sharpness 5

Picture Mode FPS1
Dynamic Contrast 0
Display Mode FULL

Make sure you plug the monitor into the right DVI port.

With these settings coupled with the standard BenQ ICC Profile it honestly makes my IPS panel look kind of bad...
I have an ASUS MX279 and while the color depth it better on that, this monitor is brighter and seems to produce a much more favorable experience for browsing the internet.

The refresh rate is obviously the biggest advantage of this monitor. You won't notice 5ms to 1ms between monitors but 60 hz to 144 hz is godlike.

I don't use Blur Reduction- it honestly hurts my eyes. It strobes the back-light to reduce blur between frames but I honestly can't see the benefits and it strains my eyes very much.

I'd reccomend buying a VESA mount and putting it on your wall. That way, since the viewing angles are fairly limited for these panels, you can adjust the monitor to be perfectly in line with your vision.

The buttons on the bottom are very good, it's easy to navigate the monitor menus.
On my ASUS the buttons are all touch-pad or something and it's super frustrating trying to navigate menus without any tactile response or feel for what the buttons are actually doing.

Great product!
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on November 10, 2015
So after building my first custom rig and looking at this and other 144hz 1ms response monitors for the last 2 years, i finally pulled the trigger on this one and OH MY GOD I'M IN LOVE. I'm in IT and love everything-tech. and play mainly FPS games like Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and the new Black Ops 3 and sersiouly, if you've ever wanted a 144hz monitor BUY THIS NOW i love absolutely everything about it from being able to download and use different color profiles to being able to mount it onto my Vesa stands, this monitor has made it absolutely impossible to ever go back to anything under 144hz refresh. Its ability to snap from side to side of the screen is unreal and i see everything instantaneously and it's crystal clear. Has already helped improve my K/D ratio and the difference is noticeable. I don't write many reviews but when I do, it's for good reason and I almost bought the Asus-comparable one but ended up going with BenQ because they ONLY MAKE GAMING MONITORS and they know their stuff. Hell for the price of only $207 (currently Amazon Lightning Deal) I'm considering buying a second one at the moment!
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on June 9, 2015
BUYER BEWARE: Once you get used to a 120 or 144 Hz monitor, all other refresh rates will seem terrible, kind of like going from console to PC.
I've had this monitor for about 7 months now. It is probably the best purchase I have made in the last year. Works amazingly. Good range of motion. It is a TN panel so it doesn't have as good of viewing angles as an IPS, but for a TN the angles are superb. Extremely easy to change the refresh rates, with choices of 60, 100, 120, and 144. Note that some games do not support 144 Hz refresh rates. I usually keep mine set to 120 Hz since it is still way better than 60, and I have yet to find a game that doesn't support 120 Hz.
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on February 16, 2016
DAY 1: 1st impressions - Compared to my old monitor (ASUS VH236H) this is quite the improvement. Straight out of the box I can see where users are complaining of washed out colors and the default ICC Profile being a bad choice for what BenQ chose. But to be honest I find that the picture quality to be a major upgrade especially for my gaming. My sole purpose for this purchase was to upgrade my monitor to something that would give me clarity and a faster response/refresh rate for computer gaming (CS:GO). I have to say that this was one of the best purchases I have made and has definitely increased my accuracy and in-game feel for competitive match-making. Previously competitively ranked as LEM after using my monitor for a good full day and top fragging almost every match I am currently now SMFC and I would like to thank the monitor for that. In the beginning it did take a while for my eyes to adjust to the vibrant colors and just get used to the change from my old monitor but this is definitely a quality monitor. The stand is solidly built, no dead pixels, OSD settings is a little funky in the sense it's not the easiest to get through but it works, other than that this monitor paired with my gtx 970 is easily giving me a constant 250+ fps in-game. You may want to read reviews and find an ICC profile that will give you a better look for you monitor. Also if you are running WIN10 and you upgrade the Display Pilot software that is provided by BenQ for your monitor you are denied the ability to use the game-loader function that is previously accessible on the older version.
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