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Size: 24"Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
To start, I haven't done a lot of recent comparison shopping for monitors, and I had the privilege of getting this monitor for review. That said, I have used and seen a number of monitors at work and at home, so hopefully I can help you as you do your shopping. I use two 24" IPS panel monitors at work, and this monitor replaced the 22" VA panel that I was using at home.

In short, I really like the on-axis image quality, am a bit disappointed in the off-axis quality, really like the clean look of the monitor, and wish that it had more adjustment options (like height, rotation, pivoting). I recommend that you give it consideration.

Before getting into specifics, here's a quick note on LCD panels (and you can look up a lot more details online). The three main categories are IPS (In Plane Switching), VA (Vertical Alignment), and TN (Twisted Nematic) panels. TN panels are the least expensive and have very good response times, but they are the worst of the three for color reproduction, contrast, and viewing angles. VA panels, which this monitor uses, have better color and excellent contrast, but the colors shift as you view them from an angle. IPS panels are usually considered the best for color accuracy and viewing angles, but they are also the most expensive.

This monitor has a very good on-axis (i.e. you're looking straight at it with no angle) image. Very good. Contrast is excellent with whites and blacks looking true, and colors are also excellent. I have not compared the colors side-by-side with another monitor, so I'm going off of memory. However, after looking at the same background images and icons for months on my old panels, I didn't notice anything stand out when I connected this one. Last year, I got a Dell TN panel, and it was immediately and blatantly obvious that the colors were off. There are also several built-in picture modes that you can choose from, along with quite a few available image adjustments (brightness, contrast, color temperature, etc.), so you can tailor it.

Unfortunately (but true to VA technology), the image quality degrades as you start moving off-axis. The image gets somewhat washed out and the colors do shift a bit. For normal computer activity in which you're stationary, this monitor can work great. One thing to note is that the stand doesn't offer any height adjustment, so you might need to set it on something if you don't want to have to look down at an angle (like I'm doing right now). Also, I will watch Netflix while I do other things in my office, so the off-axis degradation became obvious to me.

The VA panel on this is much better than the TN panel on one of my Dell monitors. Much better. Colors are much more true, and the off-axis viewing is significantly better.

It took a day or two to get used to a white frame versus the black ones that I've used for many years, but I really like it. Then again, I used light-colored monitors for several years back when they were the norm. :) The whole monitor has a nice, clean uncluttered look to it (I don't use that green accessory, btw). It's refreshing.

This thing is quite a bit thinner and less bulky than the Dell 24" monitors that I have at work. The Dells have their pluses, but for a nice setup at home, I'd pick this BenQ over them due to it being much easier to move around. I was shocked by how lightweight it is, but it isn't flimsy.

I'll admit...I'm baffled by the green accessory. Maybe very cool and useful to others, but I don't like the looks of it. Without it, the dimple in the base doesn't stand out, so it's not a con to me.

Not too shaby, with VGA, DVI, and HDMI. I wish that it also had a DisplayPort input, but I'm using a DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter that works great. I've used all three inputs, and they all provide a good image. The VGA input has an "Auto Adjustment" feature that worked well for me. Initially, the image was fuzzy until I used that, and then it was nice and crisp.

The headphone jack could be useful if you're using the HDMI input, but I think most people won't use it. I also wish that it had USB jacks.

There is one issue with this monitor that has nothing to do with VA panels or the features listed, so I want to point it out (and other reviews have, too). The monitor typically goes into standby mode just fine...unless the last input that you used is the HDMI input. If that's the case, then it will continue to flash "No Signal Detected!" until the monitor is shut off (manually or using the built-in shutdown) or until a source is turned back on. Depending on the HDMI switching option that you choose, this flashing with either just be that message, or it will be the message with a bright blue screen. A bit annoying. I haven't found a way to stop this, yet, and I contacted BenQ and will update if/when I hear back.

(*) Excellent on-axis image quality, with good color, contrast, and clarity
(*) Convenient resolution of 1920 x 1080, so you can watch 1080p HD video without any cropping or stretching
(*) Attractive white frame and stand with a very uncluttered, clean look (I don't use the green accessory)
(*) Lightweight and very easy to move around
(*) VESA mount holes on back

(*) Image quality degrades once you get just a few degrees off-axis
(*) "No Signal Detected!" flashes continuously until monitor shuts off if the last used input was HDMI and no other inputs are active
(*) Supplied stand only allows monitor to be tilted. You can't adjust it up or down, rotate it sideways, or pivot the monitor 90 degrees like some other monitors let you do
(*) No integrated USB ports (I've grown to like those on my Dell monitors)
(*) The menu buttons are just raised dots on the right side of the monitor, and it takes longer for me to find them than the regular buttons on my other monitors.
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on September 27, 2013
My only issue with this monitor was getting the display to appear from my MacBook Pro. You need (for those MacBook models with he mini port option) to also order the HDMI - mini port connector OR the DVI to mini-port connector. But even then, it took some figuring out that once you have it all hooked up, you need to select the HDMI (or DVI) output option from the monitor. On the front of the monitor to the far right side, there are 4 little bumps in a row. You need to select the HDMI option from here, and THEN it will display from the Mac. Otherwise, I just kept getting no signal message from the monitor even though I knew the Mac saw the monitor.

Anyway, hope that helps save someone some frustration! Otherwise the monitor works great, looks beautiful and I am very happy with it.
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on February 8, 2014
My computer "battlestation" is all white, from the speakers, the desk, to the pc case. Had to snatch this white monitor to match. It's very stylish. Price is decent. But the picture quality is not as great as other monitors for 2/3 this price. I know cause I have 3 other 23" dell monitors. Colors aren't the most vibrant and a little saturated, and contrast ratio is not the best. Definitely not suitable for any kind of professional graphic work. I guess most people buying this monitor seek some degree of style, and I can totally live with the image quality. The 24" 16:9 ratio is great, probably my second preference after 24" 16:10 but those are hard to come by nowadays.
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on December 13, 2012
OK, so i really think that this is absolutely a great product. other reviews made no justice with it.
but first i need to mention a weak point: this really makes no sense to add a regular analog monitor cable and dismiss the HDMI cable. so you get this great looking monitor and you need to wait until you get to buy a new cable to use it... benq, common ,it is a digital world!
but lets focus on the good things:
First: it looks amazing, i know that for some people its not the most important value but i want it to look good in my room even when it turned off. all these black/grey same old monitors out there looks quite the same and this is really original (in bright white). plus, you can't really see them in the picture but i was really surprised to find the small touch setting buttons hidden in the front panel.again really good and original design. i agree that the little green thingy is a bit unnecessary but i found out that my iPhone can sit nicely in there.
Second: the build quality is superb! the thing is sturdy, and everything feels really good. i have another viewsonic monitor and it's not even close in built quality.
Third: the picture quality . well, as i said , i have a viewsonic vp2365 led monitor which is excellent for graphics and text
and i must admit that i see some minor differences: the text is not as crisp as in my viewsonic and the view angle is a bit narrower in the benQ. that said, i did not set up anything yet in my macbook pro in order to see a better text, so this can get much better ,and again, the contrast vivid colors and picture quality are really satisfying as is.
and the last thing: the price: i mean, you cant get much more then this at this price point a specially if the design and quality makes a difference for you. i'm very happy with that purchase.
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Size: 24"Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a nice monitor when a stylish look is the priority. However there are two annoying things about this monitor that would keep me from recommending it. 1. The green accessory holder on the left is useless, it is loose and you'll end up throwing it away and use the dimple left behind instead to store little objects. 2. When the laptop goes into sleep mode while using HDMI as the laptop connection method, this monitor flashes "signal not detected" and there is no way to get rid of this message (I tried every menu option). Most other monitors know how to go into standby mode, but not this one. Because of the annoying signal message, I prefer my Samsung monitors for this reason alone. This monitor does not have a DisplayPort connector. The picture quality is decent on this VA technology display, although my Samsung TFT and PVA displays have less harsh glare under higher brightness settings.
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on May 31, 2014
So I bought 2 of these for my setup. I love my monitors and is way better than what I was using (hp w2072a) My games look amazing and even watching my shows and movies in cinema picture mode looks great. I would recommend this product for sure and setup is easy.
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on January 25, 2015
Well, I owned the previous model from 2009 of this monitor line as well. I had to sell it when I moved, and at new place I decided to buy the monitor from the same Eco-line, but newer. And I must say this one is way better for the same price than the previous one.

+++Flicker-Free!!! And it really is. For me this is very important, because I spend 8+ hours a day, and other monitors with PWM make my eyes hurt badly. This one is not!
+ Non-glare screen and the monitor body itself. White color.
+ VA panel, colors and angles are quite good. Decent responce time, no discomfort by playing Quake-like fast paced FPS.
+ In comparison to previous model the body is more rigid, it doesnt bounce when you accsionally hit the table.
+ I personally like the special mode with low blue light, i.e. this guy doesn't try to keep you awake whole night.

- The quality of audio output from HDMI is just bad. Although this is the last thing look for in monitors.
- They could also put white HDMI cable in box, not only VGA.

This display worth every buck spent on it, I'd buy it again.
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on July 10, 2013
I'm really happy with this product.

I have a white PC system & this monitor looks great with the entire setup.


- Nice 24" diag. screen size.
- Great 1920x1080 VA LED picture quality & performance.
- 3 video ports, including HDMI, DVI-D, and standard VGA D-sub.
- Clean design, with no stickers, emblems, or highly visible typeface on the case.
- Medium white in color. It's not as brilliant white as advertised, yet it's not too warm either.

Other details...
- With Windows 8 I didn't need to install any drivers.
- The little power light is light green in the lower right-hand corner.
- The green plastic thing on the base, seen in some pictures, is purely optional to use.
- The vertical standee is off-center yet I don't even notice this when staring at a lit screen.
- It only tilts vertically. No horizontal swiveling, 360 degree rotation, or height adjustment.
- There are 4 VESA-mount screw holes drilled in the back.

I can easily recommend this monitor to anyone who is interested.
review image
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on September 13, 2014
I unfortunately wasn't impressed. The colors are not even close to being accurate. I do like the look of the unit. It has a "Mac" vibe for sure but unfortunately it just doesn't cut the cake, especially when doing photo/video editing.
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VINE VOICEon November 20, 2012
Size: 24"Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This monitor replaces a 5-year-old Dell LCD flat panel that's approximately the same size and resolution. Admittedly, I'm not current on monitor technologies or market status, since I really haven't needed one. It's probably for mainly that reason that I was so surprised with the BenQ LED display.

The first thing I noticed was that the BenQ monitor weighs less than half as much as my Dell. I mean really, it's trivial to carry it. It's also quite a bit brighter than my old display. The soft feel of the exterior is nice, and although I don't really care one way or the other about exterior color, someone looking to use the display with a Macbook might appreciate the fact that the color matches the laptop. Personally, I'll be using it for a PC (black tower on the floor) and a Macbook Pro (aluminum finish), so obviously I don't care much about that.

I'm not completely in love with this display though. Not yet, anyway. There are a few things missing that I might be able to overlook, if everything else works out perfectly. Namely a lack of speakers (the competing ViewSonic VA2406M-LED has them), a lack of USB ports (my old monitor had a built-in USB hub), and a lack of a Thunderbolt connector (for Thunderbolt-enabled Macs you must purchase a separate adaptor). Also, the included stand does not allow for any height adjustment.

I can overlook these relatively minor issues if the color is right. Currently, it's not. Maybe I'll need to buy some 3rd party color calibration tool in order to get this thing to be accurate. Right out of the box though, the color accuracy is poor, leaning heavily toward blue. It's most obvious with photos. Comparing the iPhone 5 and 3rd gen iPad (both highly regarded for their nearly perfect color accuracy, as a quick web search will show you) to this monitor's screen, all viewing the same image, will show you exactly how far off the color really is on the BenQ.

Now, this is on the PC. The claim in the product description suggests that there's some additional color matching capability when the monitor is connected to a Macbook. I have not yet been able to verify this, since the "Mac compatible" monitor did not come with a Mac compatible cable. I'll leave that experience to a subsequent update, once I've had a chance to pick up a cable and try it out.

Still, I'm disappointed in the performance on the PC. I'll need to keep tinkering and see if I can get better results somehow, and I'll also add that information here if I come up with something.

One last bit, the platform-agnostic measure of viewing angle. The description claims a significant viewing angle, which may technically be true -- but don't expect plasma TV quality viewing angles. Moving your head around to the side of the screen, it doesn't take long at all to notice that the colors become more washed out. The screen might still be readable, but it's not nearly as pretty.

Finally, I'm not sure about the price. As of this review it's around $230, while the similarly featured Viewsonic that I linked to above (which has integrated speakers and is also Mac/PC compatible) currently runs for a full $70 less.
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